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SRALL c143

Ch. 143: Days of Training

We were in the corner of the Practice Field No. 3 of the Mages Tower. Class 10 was in session practicing our Spells outdoors.

…….I slowly take in a breath as I concentrate.

And feeling myself reach a certain level of concentration……I pour Magic into my feet and jump high into the air. Going up about 20 meters (~65 ft), I take the metal plate with a Spell inscribed on itーーa Spellcall Stoneーーand pronounce the incantation.

Henry: “[Light Ledge] {Plateau}”

Though I failed the previous 2 attempts, this time I succeeded. Below me, a platform made of light appeared with a diagonal about 1 meter (~3 ft) long. The platform was able to sustain my weight, and about 10 meters (~30 ft) above in the air, I was able to take a look around at my surroundings.

Henry: “........this is going to be incredibly useful….”

As a test, I jumped once more. As I reach new heights, I cast another [Light Ledge] {Plateau}. Repeating this process……I was able to climb extremely high into the sky.

But from what I can sense, if I was to really kick off this platform, the [Light Ledge] {Plateau} will most likely break.

But, even soーー

Henry: “[Light Ledge] {Plateau}”

I cast the same Spell again, but this time, I create the platform right above me. Unlike before, the size was just big enough for my foot. I jumped to flip upside down so my legs were above me andーー

Henry: “There.”

I place a foot on the [Light Ledge] {Plateau}. I brace hard against it, and kick off as hard as I can and shoot towards the ground.

Henry: “Yes!”

I launch out of the air and fly towards the ground.

Before I hit the ground, I flip my body to land. I feel a <THUD> as the impact ripples through my body.

……..the durability of the [Light Ledge] {Plateau} depends upon the size and how long I need to keep it up. If I just make it just big enough for my foot and only keep it up for a split second, I can push off of it with my full strength.

It’s a huge advantage to be able to make a mobile platform like this with just one Spell. I can think of many ways I can use this.

I can use this to gain higher ground, and I can survey the area from high above too. I can avoid stepping into swampy footing or change direction while I’m still jumping in mid-air. If I place it in front of me, it could even be used as a simple shield.

……since this Spell was in development, I held onto this opinion, but this really is a very useful and handy Spell Inscription.

Henry: “Mr. Derrick, I’m definitely incorporating this Spell.” Derrick: “YーYeah?” Mr. Derrick strained a smile as he nodded.

But then he grunted in frustration and scratched his head.

Derrick: “People who are vanguards really have amazing physical abilities. I can use the sword too, but I’m typically supporting from the back, so I tend to admire people like you. How high above were you just now?” Henry: “Maybe about 100? But I think people in the rearguard who can support us with so many different Spells is pretty amazing too, so I guess it goes both ways.” Derrick: “I guess the grass is greener on the other side, huh. Good, looks like the Spell is initiating with no issue, but continue practicing and test the Spell to reduce any chance of errors.”

Henry: “Yes, sir.”

I can handle 6 Spells. Each one of the Spells are useful but pretty boring, and I’m not in need of new Spells…….but with a new Spell in my repertoire, it really does expand my options significantly.

So that’s why I’m discussing with Mr. Derrick on what new Spells I should try out and test.

I asked him if there were any new Spells recently developed, and what he told me about was the [Light Ledge] {Plateau}.

Under Mr. Riol’s guidance, this was a new Magecraft Spell Lana created. It has already been approved as a new Kroseid Style Spell.

But this was a difficult Spell to master, and it was classified as a 2nd Class Spell, and in truth, a 3rd Class like myself shouldn’t be allowed to try it. …….but under the direction of Mr. Derrick, who is a Special Class, they lent me a practice Spellcall Stone and was allowed to try the Spell out.

Derrick: “But this is your first time trying out the Spell, but you’ve already gotten a solid grasp of it.”

Henry: “Haha….well, I was actually involved in the development of this Spell.”

I was the main tester while they were creating the Spell Inscription.

Derrick: “? Oh, you said you knew the Mage, Lady Emile.”

Henry: “Haha…”

Mr. Riol’s wife, the original Magecraft Master who developed the Kroseid Style, is someone I know, but this Spell was created by a natural born genius out in the wild.

…….but that would just confuse him if I mention it, so I kept quiet.

And though Lana was the one who did most of the work, she was introduced to Mrs. Emile during the process, and the quality of the Spell Inscription was refined further.

Derrick: “But though not many people are using it yet, I think many vanguards would love this Spell - [Light Ledge] {Plateau}.”

Henry: “Yes, I fell in love with it on the first try. So, Mr. Derrick, I want to incorporate one more Spell into my repertoire, but do you have any recommendations?” I prod Mr. Derrick for more insight.

Though he is mainly a rearguard, Mr. Derrick has studied many styles of Magecraft combat as a Special Class. He would be able to identify a more appropriate Spell than if I tried to think of it myself.

Mr. Derrick groaned quietly as he thought andーー

Derrick: “Well, let’s see….. Why not try a higher ranked launch type Spell? [Launch] {Velos} is an easy Spell to master, but on your level, I would suspect that its power is lacking, no?” Henry: “Ohー yes, now that you mention it….”

I’ve been relying on my spear throw to cover my range attacks, but now that I think about it, it would be useful to have an option to do a long range attack without letting my spear go.

Henry: “But a higher rank? That would beーー”

Derrick: “[Snipe] {Sagita} or [Barrage] {Volley}. It’s usually good for a single target, but if you’re going for accuracy and power, [Snipe] {Sagita} is my recommendation. If you need to hit more targets at once, [Barrage] {Volley} would be better. Both are 2nd Class Spells.” If it’s 2nd Class………well, I should be able to use it while I’m out at front.

Compared to Emily’s [Scatter] {Barrage}, in a hand-to-hand combat where every moment counts, I wouldn’t have the time or focus to cast it.

Derrick: “Well, I’ll see if there’s any other Spells that might be suitable for you. Today, just keep practicing [Light Ledge] {Plateau}.”

Henry: “Yes, thank you so much.”

And I bow my head with gratitude.

Derrick: “No need. This is my job. Besides…..” And Mr. Derrick pointed to something behind me.

I got the clue and knew what was coming, so I let out a sigh as I turned around.

Fred: “........Mr. Henry, could we go another round?” Henry: “Fred, just in case you’re forgetting, this is a class to practice Magecraft, you know?”

Fred: “I understand, but being able to fight with someone with a similar style and that is above your level is an incredibly rare and great experience for me.”

And this was now the 3rd time someone asked me to spar with them. I let out another exasperated sigh.

……, I know how Fred feels. When I was feeling my skills and strength on the up and up, I would have begged for the same training opportunity.

Derrick: “Would that be okay, Henry? I can still advise on Magecraft Spells after this is done, and I can be more accommodating in other aspects of the class as well.”

Henry: “.........I understand.”

And it wasn’t just Fred who wanted to spar. All the vanguards or those who fought more in the front would inevitably choose me as their sparring opponent.

………being the strongest in the group came back to bite me in this aspect.

But I’m also learning from everyone elses’ strengths, and Mr. Derrick has been even more accommodating in giving advice in return, so I’m not that flustered…..still, it’s tiring.

Emily: “Oh, Mr. Henry, Fred, you’re going to spar with one another?”

Henry: “Emily…” And at the far side of Practice Field No. 3, this part of the field had become Class 10’s main sparring arena. Being curious, Emily, who was practicing her own Spells, came over as well.

Henry: “You want to watch again? I’m surprised you’re not bored.”

Emily: “Well, I never got to see other people fight as much. I’m probably going to have to pair up with someone, so I need to learn what kind of movements the vanguards do.” Henry: “......well, if it’s helping you, I don’t mind but…” In reality, Emily’s skill with the Kroseid Style was well above Mr. Derrick’s, and as far as her Magecraft Skills, she didn’t have a lot of room to improve.

So it’s good for her to study how a vanguard fights………I think?

And since she didn’t like the fact that I’m faster at constructing the Spells, outside of observing the sparring, she continued to practice Spell construction.

Henry: “It’ll be dangerous to watch up close, so keep your distance.”

We came to the arena where there was a line drawn across in the ground, and I warned Emily just in case. There are other people outside of Class 10 who are interested in watching Fred and I spar, so I pointed to an area far enough away.

Emily: “Okay, okayーー Oh, and Fred, do your bestー”

Fred: “Oh, thanks for the encouragement!”


Henry: “Why are you just cheering for Fred? ………it’s not like I’m jealous or anything but…” No, I’m not jealous. That’s definitely not it.

Emily: “Because Mr. Henry, you’ve only lost to Mr. Gimm once, but otherwise, you’re on a winning streak. I’d like to see at least one fight where the underdog wins.”

Henry: “Is that it?”

But I’m taking all my spars seriously too!

Fred: “Haha, but Mr. Gimm’s win was because anyone would have had trouble seeing that Spell for the first time. Even Mr. Henry couldn’t avoid it.”

Henry: “......well, I technically lost, but if it was actual combat, I would have healed myself and continued fighting.”

I’m not making excuses. This is not an excuse at all.

……..Mr. Gimm is a Knight in his 30s.

His favorite move is to initiate a Magecraft Spell from inside the ground. On our very first spar, an ice arrow that shot out of the ground from where I stood caught me totally off guard. It grazed my shoulder because Mr. Gimm wasn’t intending to injure me severely and intentionally missed.

Apparently, he combined several Magecraft Spells to make this possible, but he wouldn’t tell me his secret when I asked.

……..and Mr. Gimm is even on the sidelines watching, so I concentrate on my upcoming fight with Fred and face off with him.

Henry: “Alright, let’s go, Fred.” Fred: “...........yes!”


Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Restrain] {Katerno}!”

Fred: “?!”

As Fred drew back his spear, I launched a chain made of light at him.

I held one end with one hand, and the other end wrapped around Fred’s hand to limit his movement.

And to make him lose his balance, I pull on the chain andーー

Fred: “...!! Why you!”

And the chain abruptly disappeared as I disbanded the Spell. Suddenly being jerked free from the chain, Fred stumbles ー his expression already realizing his mistake.

Fred: “[Explode] {Bao}!”

But before I delivered the finishing blow, he tried to push me back with an explosive Magecraft Spell…….but he’s being too naive. He tried to avoid the blast and overcompensated. He prioritized casting the Spell over correcting his stance, so now, he really couldn’t move, and I pointed the tip of my spear at him and paused.

For a few seconds, we remained in that position.

Fred: “........I surrender.” Henry: “Good jobー”

Fred surrendered, and I lowered my spear.

Derrick: “Good work, you two.”

Mr. Derrick, who joined the sidelines during our fight, applauded as he approached where we stood.

Derrick: “Fred, that last [Explode] {Bao} put you in trouble. From your position and distance to your opponent, you should have pointed the blast towards yourself to push you further away from Henry faster.”

Fred: “HUH?! Point the blast at myself?!”

Derrick: “Well, for you, instead of [Explode] {Bao}, use [Wind] {Gale}. That would be better.” Fred: “Well, either way, I would be self-destructing……”

Fred kept grumbling about this butーー

Henry: “Fred, frankly, these are the basics of basics. You saw how I used [Restrain] {Katerno} on myself to tie myself to you, right? It’s not about the Spell. It’s about how you use it that’s important.”

Fred: “.......really?” He’s being a little too hard-headed. But that’s the reason why we’re trying to teach him by beating him down to soften that head of his.

Derrick: “I’d like to see you try that…….but it’s already noon. This afternoon, we’ll be training your brains. Make sure to take a break in between.”

And Mr. Derrick dismissed class and sent the students away.

Training our brains, huh.

I scratch my head as I call out to Fred.

Henry: “...Fred, this can wait until the afternoon class, but yesterday, there were a few places I got stuck in the textbook andーー”

Fred: “Oh, yes. You can count on me.”

Fred definitely has the smarter brains, so during study time, I count on him instead for help and support. Emily too.

…….and well, like thatーー

Our days of training were passing by quickly one by one.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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