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SRALL c144

Ch. 144: Cyril’s Training Part 1

We were in the living room of our rental home.

We sat around the dining table and chatted about all that happened that day.

Cyril: “Ohー so Mr. Fred was finally able to get a strike in on you, Henry.” Henry: “Yeah, it was sooner than I thought. But why would his spear techniques improve faster than his Magecraft when he’s here to study Magecraft?” Cyril: “Haha, I guess he hasn’t completely lost his main objective, and Mr. Fred came here to become a stronger Knight, correct?” Well, yeah. There’s nothing wrong with improving your overall strength……but isn’t this something Fred should be paying me for then?

But these thoughts were a waste of time, and I munched down mouthfuls of Cyril’s special pasta. Dinner today consisted of pasta with a tomato sauce and salad.

Cyril: “I know I was the one who cooked it, but don’t you get bored of eating that much of the same thing?” Henry: “No, it’s delicious, so it’s okay.” I had an extra large serving of pasta on my plate. There were at least 4 or 5 servings total. With this much pasta and one type of sauce, it could be a little bland, but with powdered cheese, you can shift the taste, and I also have pepper and hot sauce on the side too.

Henry: “So what happened to you today, Cyril?” Cyril: “We wrote poems and meditated and did stuff like that. But I really don’t think it fits my style at allー”

Cyril is taking the All Magic Course.

In the beginning, they have you try all sorts of techniques to help you concentrate.

Every Magician has a technique or two in their own styles to help them concentrate. For Cyril and Ms. Lotte, it’s singing songs, but you can play instruments, repeat a very specific physical move, do a karate chop at a 45 degree angle 10 times…..etc., etc. In short, there are any number of methods you could use. In some shady religious cult groups, they use certain kinds of risky medication.

But there is not a limitation for using Magic saying that you can only use a very specific method of concentration. All of these practices are purely just methods in guiding your mentality in a state where you can use Magic.

…… other words, there may be a method that might be more efficient or effective than what you were previously using.

So, all in all, that’s why they recommend to their class to give everything a try.

Cyril: “But….well….I’m glad Karin found the meditating to be effective. I don’t think using medications like that would be too good for your body…..”

I heard the story from her before. The Night Black Style Magic or the name of the style is something brooding like that is used by one of Cyril’s classmates, Lady Karin. Apparently, she was taking medications that elevated her mood, so she can use Spells.

Though the medicine itself had low addictive properties, and at times, doctors would administer the same chemicals as medication. As long as you didn’t consume a large amount at once, it was a relatively safe medication, but I’m glad that she found alternatives.

Henry: “So for you, it was dancing that worked.”

Cyril: “Yes. It’s not as effective as singing, but I learned that I can cast simple Spells with dances!”

This is a good find. Dancing will also draw attention to you, but you won’t be advertising your position by making noises with your singing. Because of that, the Demonic Creatures would be drawn to Cyril more, and we had to be extra attentive to her situation.

And there are geographical locations where you shouldn’t be breathing the air so much…..especially in places where there’s large amounts of poison gas in the air. In those places, singing just wouldn’t work.

Cyril: “Hehehe, maybe with this, I would become a very famous, superstar idol bard like Ms. Lotte? I’ve now started down the path of fame, and like Ms. Lotte, I can dance and sing at concerts.”

Ms. Lotte’s dance is more of a martial arts form than a casual dance……

She would, at times, incorporate into her moves a hidden martial arts move, so martial artists from around the continent would gather to watch and observe her moves, so they can get a glimpse of that. And as a result, they would become a huge fan of hers. Those kinds of stories floated around Ms. Lotte all the time.

But a singing and dancing idol, huh…

Cyril: “?” …..she probably could do it if she wanted to but….

But this strange image keeps coming to mind.

Cyril, who is beginning to glow with Magic Power as it concentrates with every move and melody on center stage.

Our Party members would be the ones playing whatever instruments on stage with her. ……umm, Jend apparently plays guitar as a hobby, and Ferris has taken piano lessons. Teo, who probably doesn’t have much music experience would hold a triangle, and equally talentless me would…….only be able to use castanets.

The crowd would be going wild with each song and performance, and the Magic Power would continue to concentrate and rise. Suddenly, a Highest-Tier would attack us from nowhere and……Cyril would release her Spell to blast it away.

And the crowd would explode into an applause as they shout a chorus of “Encore, encore, encore!”

Henry: “I must be exhausted from all the training……..”

Cyril: “AーAre you okay, Henry?” Henry: “No, it’s nothing. Just had a weird image pop inside my head.” Once I finish eating dinner, I’ll head straight to bed.

Cyril: “? Uh huh….well, besides that, on the way back here, I saw this really cute pussy cat, and it was so friendlyー”

And we continue to chat about this and that about nothing particularly important.

…….but man….we’re here to train and study, so I don’t mean to be so relaxed butーー

I can’t help but feel really happy right now.


Cyril: (Henry, Henry. Do you have time right now?)

I was in the library of the Mages Tower. There wasa self-study area, and I was reading through a study guide on passing the Kroseid Style First Class test, when Cyril contacted me.

Henry: (? I’m just studying on my own right now, so yeah, I do have time butーー)

Cyril: (Then if it’s alright with you, could you come to Practice Field 6? We’re doing a Magic Class practicum, and right now we’re going to practice coordinating with vanguards or something like that.)

Henry: (Understood. I’ll be right over.)

If it’s a lesson about that, I’m interested too.

I placed my writing tools and textbooks into my bag, and turn off the light above my desk.

…….the library on the 13th floor of the Mages Tower has the lights dimmed to protect the books, but at each seat, there is a Magecraft Artifact that can shine a light.

I weave through the sea of students who are studying and reading, and in my periphery, I see the towering bookshelves filled with books as I exit the library.

This entire floor is a library, so as soon as I step outside, the stairs are right in front of me. I begin to descend step by step.

Henry: “...........urgh, could I just jump down from a window or something?” I grumble as I continue down the steps.

……of course, there’s a chance that someone might walk right underneath me if I jumped down the side of the tower, so that wouldn’t be allowed, but if I officially learn [Light Ledge] {Plateau}, I would be able to stop myself before hitting anyone.

I make note of that use in my head as I arrive on the first floor. Practice Field 6……would be the east end.

Following my memory and instincts, I head towards Practice Field 6, and seeing me, Cyril cries out “HEY~!” and waves her hands frantically at me.

…….I told her that doing stuff like that is really embarrassing, but I know it’s no use.

Cyril: “Henry, thanks for coming out on a short notice.”

Henry: “Ohー that’s okay. I was curious to see how an All Magic Class Course was taught too.”

As I looked around, I saw two girls that were very close in age to Cyril. I couldn’t tell which was which, but one was Karin, and the other was called Monica, I think.

And the woman behind them was……this would be course instructor, Ms. Elenoir.

Cyril: “Karin, Monica, Ms. Elenoir. This is my Henry.” Henry: “Hello, my name is Henry. It’s nice to meet you.”

I bow politely as I introduce myself.

“She said, ‘my’, did you hear that, Monica?” Monica: “Yes, they must be really close.”

Cyril: “Sheesh, don’t tease me. Oh, Henry, this is Karin, and this is Monica.” And the two also greet me too.

Karin had bags under her eyes and carried around a lumpy, wooden staff…..she had quite an odd, mysterious aura around her.

And the very serious looking one who also had a sword on her belt was Monica.

…….although they were all very different from Cyril, since they were close in age, they looked to be getting along really well.

Elenoir: “I am Elenoir, Mr. Henry.” Henry: “Yes, nice to meet you.”

I also greet Ms. Elenoir, the course instructor.

And once we were done with introductions, Ms. Elenoir coughed to clear her throat as she began class.

Elenoir: “Now then, everyone. As we discussed before, today, we will be learning the basics of working with others. Magic, by its very nature, will leave you defenseless while you are concentrating. Because of that, it is essential to understand how to place yourself within a party so that you can be easily protected…….this is critical for all Adventurers.”

Yep. She’s right. Magecraft doesn’t leave you as unguarded as Magic. This is the most fundamental of fundamentals, and very important to know.

Elenoir: “There are people who can perform other duties perfectly while they are focusing on their Magic concentration, but these are exceptions to the rule, so do not try to copy them.”

……….like Ms. Lotte, who can sing, cast her Magic Spell, and go into close-range combat on her own.

Normally, just moving around somewhat would be the limit for most Magicians, but Ms. Lotte’s movements are that of a martial arts master. And in fact, she moves better while she’s singing.

As I nostalgically thing about Ms. Lotte, Ms. Elenoir continued to explain the basics of what a Magician needs to pay attention to.

……this actually helps a vanguard like me. It was as if Ms. Elenoir was putting into words everything I knew by instinct.

Elenoir: “But I understand that maybe showing you an example would be easier than just talking. Let’s have Miss Cyril, who is currently in a Party with a Heroic Warrior, show us an example.”

Cyril: “Hehehe, you can leave it to Miss Cyril! During my adventures with Henry, I’ve never once received a blow or damage, so this is my area of expertise.”

Elenoir: “Um, Miss Cyril? That is probably…….well, never mind.”

Ms. Elenoir decided against speaking any further.

…….and well, she does know the basics, but that is also thanks to how hard everyone else in the Party works too, is what she probably wanted to say.

Henry: “Ms. Elenoir, even if we wanted to show an example, how will we do so? Do we just need to show how an Adventurer moves during a regular expedition?”

Elenoir: “Oh, we have an opponent for you. See there? He’s warming up right now.”

At the edge of Practice Field 6, there was a man swinging his sword, and noticing Ms. Elenoir looking his way, he walked over here.

Oh hey.

Henry: “Mr. Derrick? What are you doing here?” Derrick: “Oh, Henry, it’s you. What do you mean, ‘What?’ It’s normal for me to help out other instructors in other courses.”

……..yeah, I guess so. Today, Class 10 is not in session, but the Course Instructor, Mr. Derrick still has other duties and responsibilities to perform.

Derrick: “Elenoir, I know we’re practicing coordinating between a Magician and a Party member, but……..I didn’t know my opponent would be Henry.” Elenoir: “Yes, one of my students, Miss Cyril, said he was part of her Party, so that’s why I asked him to come.” Derrick: “.........that’s fine, but Henry, you better go easy on me. Watching all your spars, I’m no match for you. If I lose to you alone, there would be no point to this exercise.”

Yeah, that makes sense. But I think Mr. Derrick’s pretty strong too. If he decided to just pepper me with Spells from a long distance, I would be hard-pressed to beat him.

Elenoir: “Is he that strong? ……then Mr. Henry, please do as Mr. Derrick requested. Otherwise, I would like for you to think of this as a combat exercise.”

Henry: “Same as a combat exercise…..okay, I understand.” Well then.

Let’s do my best.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

Musical Instrument: Triangle

Musical Instrument: Castanet



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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