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SRALL c142

Ch. 142: The Meeting of the Two

In the afternoon, Mr. Derrick explained the schedule for the next three months.

Henry: “Hmmmm…” After Mr. Derrick left the classroom, I continued to review the printed handout once more and nodded as I read.

Other classes probably have a different curriculum……but this Class 10 course has a lot of flexibility. Or rather, it’s way too flexible.

Class will only be 3 to 4 times a week. It will be divided up between the morning and afternoon, and one will be for practicing Spells and the other for studying. Depending on the day, they will switch which comes first.

On top of that, you are…….free to do self-studying. Attending class is also optional. It is up to you.

If you wanted to ask Mr. Derrick for a personal lesson since he holds the Special Class certification for the Kroseid Style, he is willing to help. If you want to get together with higher skilled classmates and learn from one another, that is okay as well. You are also free to attend any courses being taught at the Mages Tower. There are no restrictions on using the library.

……..for those who are really looking to improve themselves, the environment is optimal for growth, but on the other side, if you don’t know how to train, these 3 months will fly by without much progress.

So in that case, I looked at the syllabus and list of courses for those trying to achieve 1st Class Kroseid Style certification, so I’ll attend these for sure………but what should I do now?

Emily: “Mr. Henry, you’re looking really intently at that syllabus, but what courses do you plan to take?”

Emily, who was sitting next to me, spoke up and asked.

But even though she’s confident, I think obtaining the Special Class would be difficult for Emily. Between the 1st Class and Special Class, the difference in strength is not that big, but a Special Class is someone who can teach others…it’s in essence a Magecraft Teaching certificate.

But you don’t have to be a Special Class to be able to teach. In fact, in private school, the teachers that teach the Kroseid Style there will most likely not have the Special Class certificate.

But the difference will come out in your pay. With the Special Class certification, you will be paid at least 3 times higher.

Normally, a person who has gained plenty of teaching experience in their 40’s and 50’s would try for this certificate.

That’s why Mr. Derrick, who is in his mid-30’s, having a Special Class certificate is a very impressive feat.

Putting that asideーー

Henry: “Then Emily, do you have any courses you’re interested in?” Emily: “For me, above all else, I will be taking the [Physical Enhancement Practice Course]! My grandma has always told me that a true lady is an expert with fists and kicks, and as a Magecraft Spellcaster, you have to be able to kick without ruining the folds in your skirt! That’s what she told me to learn.”

…….????? Now that’s the first I’ve heard. It’s true that rearguard members need to be able to protect themselves, but why go as far as to learn martial arts? But from the way Emily is admiring her grandmother, I can’t sense a hint of doubt in her words.

And what kind of kick would not ruin the folds of a skirt? Does she plan to do a series of low kicks?

………..oh, is this some big misunderstanding that I should address? I make quick eye contact with Fred who is sitting opposite of Emily.

Fred: (It’s the role of veterans to instruct newbies, right? I’ll leave it to you.)

Henry: (Wait, wait, wait. Sometimes, it’s easier to receive advice from someone who’s closer in age. That’s a proven fact.)

Fred: (No, no, no.)

………well, it’s not like I can actually hear his voice, but this was the back and forth I felt like we were having silently.

Well, it can’t be helped. I opened my mouth to try and explain.

Henry: “HーHey, Emily…”

Emily: “And also, [Magecraft Engineering Theory 1], [Magecraft Engineering Theory 2], [Magic Power Recovery Practicum]. Oh, and also, [Magecraft Artifact Construction Practicum].......but this actually costs money. Oh well, other than that~~”

And though I was about to chime in about the martial arts, I was suddenly interrupted with a barrage of very advanced course names that sounded really useful. And she was exploring a wide variety of areas as well.

She’s practically filling in every minute of free time in between classes. But if she really does take all these courses, she won’t have any breaks.

Fred: “Emily, are you sure you want to take all these courses? It’ll be exhausting.”

Emily: “Oh, Fred. Of course, I’ll be okay. That’s because…..I’m a genius!”

And Emily laughs to reassure Fred.

Henry: “.....just make sure to not overdo it and get sick.”

Fred: “Well, she’ll be taking some courses I have, so I’ll keep an eye on her. But we should get going. The next class is coming in.”

Oh, yeah. That’s right. It’s been 10 minutes since Mr. Derrick’s class was done, and students with textbooks are starting to come into the room.

Emily: “So this is all for today. …….hmm, Mr. Henry? Fred? Since we got to know each other, why not do something together afterwards?” And as Emily stood up, she fixed her skirt as she made the suggestion.

………this girl, she’s being too naive. You should never go out with two guys you just met. It wouldn’t be surprising if something happens in these situations.

Henry: “Emily, Emily. Hasn’t your grandmother told you that men are like wolves or something like that?” Emily: “Oh yeah ……she said if a wolf appears, gracefully kick them in the nut sack, and as soon as they show an opening, pound them with Magecraft Spells. That’s what she taught me!”

ーーI felt chills run down my back!

Emily: “Before, there was one guy who just wouldn’t give up, so I kicked him so hard, he couldn’t get up for a while so I didn’t use any Spells!”

…….shーshe’s already had to put it into practice.

Well, if someone tries to kick me there, I would dodge or block……..but just the thought of knowing that that’s the first place she’ll strike makes cold chills run down my spine.

Fred must feel the same way. His smile is not as graceful as usual.

Emily: “Oh, were you two thinking of something inappropriate?”

We both swung our head side to side furiously.

……..well, it’s not a bad idea to hang out with your classmates to get to know them better, but I need to stop thinking about those things. Well, I had no such intention in the first place.

Henry: “Oh, Emily. If we’re all going together, do you mind if I bring my friend along?” Emily: “Oh yes. You told me about her earlier. Yes, of course she can come.”

Now then, let’s see how well Emily and Cyril get along.


We regrouped with Cyril. As I introduced her as my friend, Emily immediately opened up withーー

Emily: “Nice to meet you! I am the ge-nius, beautiful, Magecraft Spellcaster, Emily!”

And made her introduction proudly. …… she not embarrassed? Nope, doesn’t look like she is.

Cyril: “Yーyes? Genius? Beautiful? I see….”

Emily: “Yes, grandma always talked about how much of a genius I am, and how I’m the most beautiful girl in the world.”

……….so it’s that grandmother’s fault! And I know it’s too late to say this, but this girl is really a grandma’s girl!

Cyril: “I see……! But even so, you’re no match for this Miss Cyril right here!”

Cyril made a weird pose with her fingers straightened and arms bent, and Cyril made her announcement as well. She’s probably thinking that she can’t let Emily outdo her, so she’s really pumping herself up.

……..yes, this is my girlfriend. You can laugh.

Emily: “What did you say? I can’t just overlook what you said.”

Cyril and Emily glare and lock eyes. I can see their piercing gaze collide into sparks. ……but frankly, both of them are not intimidating, so from the side, they just look like kids play fighting.

And it was Cyril who broke the silence.

Cyril: “Haha! You unfortunate girl. The only compliments you got was from your own family, but Miss Cyril receives praises not just from her family, but from him everyday!”

And Cyril pointed straight at me.

Fred: “ really say that? Every single day?” Henry: “I don’t recall a single time…….”

Fred swung a very curious gaze at me, but I only groaned as I try to dig into my memory. I do say it as a joke occasionally, but I don’t think I’ve ever said that in a serious manner.

……….well, whatever. It’s embarrassing regardless.

Emily: “You said your name was Cyril? Are you sure that that’s not a lie?” Cyril: “No, no. I can definitely hear him say it. I can hear Henry’s heart say it every day.”

And Cyril puffs her chest out in victory.

……….I really don’t know what she’s saying.

And it wasn’t just me who thought the statement was strange.

Emily: “.........are you okay? Maybe you’re really tired? Do you want some candy?”

And Emily suddenly looked upon Cyril with concern in her eyes, and took out a piece of candy and showed it to Cyril. She gave one to Mr. Derrick, so she must carry around a lot.

Cyril: “Oh, thank you very much. I’ll have one. But it’s not a lie. See, when he’s looking my way, I can tell from his behavior, body language, and eyes.”

Emily: “Ohhーー I understand now. Mr. Henry must have really fallen for you then?” Cyril: “Yes, he did.”

………………wait, wait, wait. That’s not. Wait, no, no, no.

Fred: “Mr. Henry, let’s talk later.” Henry: “Shut up.”

Fred began holding down a laugh, and I nudge him in the ribs pretty hard with my elbow. With a “oof!” Fred fell to his knees.

……..oh, that actually got him good. Sorry about that.

Emily: “Hmmmmmm, well, that’s okay. I’ll concede today and admit defeat. But watch out. Very soon, I’ll repay you two fold.”

Cyril: “I’ll look forward to it! Now then, as far as introductions, I’m Cyril. It’s nice meeting you.”

Emily: “I already said my name once, but I’m Emily. Nice to meet you, Cyril.” And the two grip each others’ hand strongly. Though they were on the verge of fighting earlier, they made up and became friends just as fast.

……yeah, I thought this might happen, but these two really get along.


That night….

Cyril: “Henry, what are you reading?” Henry: “It’s a textbook my course teacher, Mr. Derrick, recommended. [1st Class Kroseid Style Simplified Note and Test Guide!]”

Cyril: “I seeーー”

And with a thumpーー

Freshly out of the bath, Cyril sits right next to me on the sofa. She read some of the text from where she sat, and commented, “hmm, I don’t understand at all”.

She nodded as read some more and gulped down some water. She looks to be in quite the good mood.

Cyril: “But it was so much fun today.”

Henry: “Yeah.” After thatーー

We went to explore the town with Emily and Fred.

Well, since it is part of the Four Corner City, there was plenty of tourist attractions and entertainment. There were street acts using Magecraft Spells, a drama theater, a large department store, and an arcade similar to a casino, but there’s no gambling.

Just making our rounds was pretty fun. Emily had read many guide books for this occasion and led the group as she explained each location.

Henry: “Well, our break is over now. From tomorrow on, our classes will get harder.”

Cyril: “Yes! I’ll do my very best!”


Just like that, a very fun and enjoyable time came to an end.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)




Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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