SRALL c125

Henry's Party arrives at Eastflair~

SRALL c124

Henry's Party flies with Mr. Riol~

SRALL c123

Henry's Party departs with Mr. Riol~

SRALL c122

Henry discusses his plans with Mr. Riol~

SRALL c121

Mr. Riol helps Lana with her research~

SRALL c120

Henry has a surprise visitor~

SRALL c119

Henry and Jend talk to a Black Smith~

SRALL c118

Cyril's Birthday~

SRALL c117

The End of the Year~

SRALL c116

Henry is studying Magecraft with Cyril and Teo~

SRALL c115

Henry and the Party are training~

SRALL c114

Snowball Fight Tournament~

SRALL c113

Henry needs help from Jend~

SRALL c112

Henry goes to the Governor's mansion~

SRALL c111

Henry's Party continues to train in the Flowtier Forest~


Henry and Cyril hang out~

SRALL c109

Henry reports the news to his Party~

SRALL c108

Henry invites Cyril for a talk~

SRALL c107

Time for some Hell-Mode Training Sessions~

SRALL c106

Cyril explains her situation~