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SRALL c137

Ch. 137: The Meeting and the Home

We arrived at the Mages Tower.

As we looked up, we felt our necks strain as we searched for the top. As we entered, we followed the signs directing us to the Course Registration Reception, and we arrived at a large hall on the 1st floor.

Glancing at the welcome sign and map, there are other business and administrative offices besides this giant hall.

And inside the great hallーー

Cyril: “Wow~ so many people here…”

Henry: “Yeah, these short-term courses have a specific month when it begins, so right now, you’ll see the most people registering.”

I believe in about 3 days, the 3 month course will begin. If it’s a popular Magecraft Style, they offer the course several times during the year, but if it’s a minor style, they might only offer it once a year.

Well, my Kroseid Style is very popular among Adventurers, so they do it 4 times a year.

Each Magecraft Style has their own reception desk, and I look for the Kroseid Style sign and… I found 3 reception windows with the longest line. That was it.

Henry: “Cyril, I will be lining up over there, so come find me after you’re done registering.”

Cyril: “WーWait, Henry. The registration for Magic… I don’t see it anywhere… Where is it? Is it located separately from all the Magecraft stuff?” Cyril looked worriedly left and right where all the people were gathered but….she was looking in the wrong place.

Henry: “Isn’t it obvious? It’s over there.”

Cyril: “? There’s no one there. Isn’t that registration desk closed….? Oh.”

In this gigantic hall, there was one registration counter with [All Style of Magic] and had no one in line.

Although the other receptionists were ferociously processing the giant wave of participants, the receptionist at the Magic counter was dozing off to sleep.

Henry: “.....I think I told you before, but there are not that many Magic Spellcasters. If you have at least one other participant, then you’re lucky.”

Since Cyril uses it so naturally herself, she may not have realized, but the only Magic Spellcasters I’ve met since coming to Flowtier is Cyril and Ms. Lotte who came to Flowtier for a business trip.

Cyril: “Ugh….thーthat’s a little disheartening but…..wーwell, I’ll be on my way.”

Henry: “Good luck.”

I wave casually as I send her off, and I go to the end of the Kroseid Style line.

…… for Cyril, she had to shake the registration clerk’s shoulder to wake them up, and finally got started with her paperwork. I envy her since she’ll be done way faster than me.

I patiently wait for the line to move. We’re moving bit by bit, but at this rate, it’s going to take some time.

As I was standing there thinking, Cyril, who was looking at various things in the large hall, walked over to where I was.

Cyril: “Henry, I’m going to go take a look around the tower. It looks like you’ll be here for a while.”

Henry: “Yeah, just make sure to check the guide posts and signs. Don’t walk into a prohibited area or get lost.”

Cyril: “I’ll be fine.”

Henry: “And if someone weird tries to ask you out, call me with the godly equipment. I’ll come flying over.”

Cyril: “Sure sureー I’ll be counting on you if that happens.”

Cyril waves back at me casually and walks away.

Is she going to be okay? It’s the first time she’ll be on her own, and I can’t help but feel worried. Yeah, I know I’m being overprotective but……

“Oh wow. What a cute girl. Is she your girlfriend?” Henry: “Hm?” The person in front……a young man turned around to speak to me.

Henry: “Ummm….and you are?” “Oh, excuse me. Since we’re just standing here, I was getting bored. I thought we could chat for a bit to pass the time.”

Henry: “........I don’t mind chatting, but calling someone’s girlfriend cute, it doesn’t give a great first impression.”

“Ha ha ha, you misunderstand. Yes, rightly so. I simply like to speak what’s on my mind. Besides, I’m not so eager to provoke death by trying to take a Heroic Warrior’s girl.”

He saw the tag on my chest, and the young man in front of me smiled gracefully.

He really has a bright personality. And this natural talent to befriend people…..he reminds me of someone. He also looks to be quite popular with the ladies. My instincts are sure of it. He’s handsome, and the slender, light armor is of good quality, but even more, it looks incredibly stylish.

And his weapon was coincidentally a spear ー the same as mine.

……….hmmmmmmm??? No, he definitely feels familiar.

“Oh, pardon me for not introducing myself. I am Alfred Spencer.”

Henry: “.......well, whatever. I’m Henry. An Adventurer. Since you have a family name, you are a Noble……?” “Yes, I’m from the Baron Spencer Family. But I’m just the fourth son, so I’ll have to earn my own living with my own two hands! Right now, I’m aiming to be a Knight. As part of the training, I came here to take a course.”

He really didn’t hold back any details to someone he barely knew. He is really trying hard to befriend me…….wait, huh?

Henry: “ Spencer?” “? Yes, but our family is at the lowest rung of Noble society. My eldest brother does finance accounting at the castle, my second brother married into a merchant family, and my 3rd brother is a Knight.”

A Knight……..and a Spencer.

I know I’ve heard that somewhere before…..since I’ve heard of it, it must have been someone I fought with on the front lines…….then it would be the Black Dragon Knights and……..OH!

Henry: “’re……Owen’s little….brother?” One of the youngest members in the Black Dragon Knights. We’re close in age, and we got along pretty well.

“Oh! Do you know brother Owen?”

I think I’ve only heard his full name a few times. But I remember him saying he was Baron Owen Spencer! He brazenly stated that he doesn’t want to be treated like a Noble, and I’ve forgotten all about that up until now!

Henry: “.......well, I was in Ligaleo as an Adventurer till about a year ago. We cooperated with the Black Dragon Knights occasionally, so that’s when I got to know him. We were close in age, used spears as our main weapon, and so we got along pretty well.”

“Wow! What a coincidence.”

Yes, it really is an amazing coincidence. But I see. So he’s Owen’s younger brother. Now that he said that, I can see the family resemblance. ………so his brother was also blessed with great looks.

Henry: “So if you’re aiming to be a Knight, Alfred, you want to join the Black Dragon Knights?” “Yes, but that particular Knight Organization would be very difficult to be accepted into….”

Henry: “Ohh…..”

In Alvenia, each Knight Organization takes after a specific Dragon Color ー red, green, blue, white, and black.

They are mainly separated by roles, and if you want to apply to a Knight Organization outside the Black Dragon Knights, you can go to a Knights School and then apply to enter the organization post graduation…….is what the standard path is apparently.

Of course, you’re not guaranteed a 100% acceptance rate, but it is to open doors for all young men and women to become a Knight.

In contrast, in order to enter the Black Knight Organizationーー

You’ll have to challenge one of the active Black Dragon Knights and do well. If you get through the fight, then you have a personal interview with Sir Ezeal, and then you finally pass. This is the only way to get into the Black Dragon Knights.

Other Knight Organizations will also act as the police and security, so you will have to study the law and other such academics, but……for the Black Dragon Knights who handle the frontlines, your strength comes first, next is trustworthiness, and nothing else matters. It is an almost refreshing simplicity for a group of muscle-for-brains.

……….but knowing personally the Captain’s personality and way of life, this result should have been obvious.

“Brother Owen has been in the Black Dragon Knights since he was 15, but even though I’m 16, I’m still too weak to join.” Henry: “Wait, the Black Dragon Knights are usually for people in their late 20s.”

“Yes, I know that but…..”

Usually, you would gain strength and experience in other Knight Organizations and then see if you can transfer in. For people like Owen who are called the “young generation,” though they might have skill differences amongst each other, they are usually in the group of geniuses.

So for Alfred in comparisonーー

I'll have to see him fight to assess him properly, but judging from how he’s composing himself, he has trained well, but he’s still far from the Black Dragon Knight standards……and I agree with his self-assessment.

It’s likely that because of his brother, he’s raising his own standards, but he would do better to train in another Knight Organization first. Well, I just met him, so I wouldn’t be able to really speak on that subject.

“Mr. Henry, could you please tell me more about my brother? Brother Owen would come back occasionally, but he never shares stories about his experience.”

Henry: “Sure, I’d be happy to. So let’s start with his relationship history…..”

“You’re starting from there?!”

Of course. That’s what I remember most about him. When it was really bad, he would have a different girl walking next to him every single day for a full month.

Henry: “........and as for you, Alfred. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a lady’s man too.”

“IーI like girls too, but I’m in the middle of training right now.”

So once he’s done training, what’s he planning on doing? …….well, Owen had a lot of relationships, but he rarely made the girls upset. If Alfred’s related to that, he must have talent in that area as well.

“And Mr. Henry, you can call me Fred. That’s what everyone calls me.”

Henry: “Understood, Fred. …….so, Owen’s first girlfriend wasーー”

Fred: “.....oh, so you weren’t joking when you said that’s where you’re starting.”

And I spoke with Fred about Owen as we waited in line together.

…….and during my time in Sunwest, this is how I first met Fred.


Fred was quite the great listener, and we almost forgot the time.

We finished registering for the 3 month course at the counter, and I was back with Cyril.

I parted with Fred a moment ago, but we’re taking the same Magecraft Course together. I’ll see him again soon enough.

Cyril: “Oh~ that person just now. He’s the younger brother of that playboy of the Black Dragon Knights?” Henry: “Playboy? That was the impression you had of Owen? Well, I guess I can’t blame you.”

Cyril: “While we were at the barracks, he asked me out several times. Of course, I refused every time.”

Okay then. Next time I see him, I’ll have to do a “training” session with him and give him a good beating.

Well, Cyril and I were not dating back then, and of course, this is not about any kind of jealousy. If you’re going to try and ask out a member of your Party, it’s common courtesy to at least me first as the Party Leader, and that’s what I’m mad about.


Henry: “But compared to the course registration, the Rental Property desk is pretty empty.”

The registration section of the giant hall on the first floor was crammed with people, but after getting some directions from the staff, the reception counter here was quiet.

Cyril: “I overheard this while touring the Tower, but since they are doing these courses all year, they usually make sure to secure residence much earlier.”

…….oh~ that makes sense.

Crap. I’ve been living in inns for so long, I completely forgot to think about what renting an apartment would take.

Well, I guess we can just ask.

Henry: “Excuse me. Pardon me, can I ask you a question.” “Ohhh, yes, yes. Please wait for a moment.”

A middle-aged woman was reading a complex looking Magecraft Book, and as she closed the book, she turned this way.

“What can I help with today?” Henry: “We were hoping to find an apartment for both of us, or introduce us to a realtor who can help us.”

“Will you be living together?” Henry: “No, we’ll be living separately. Is there a one-room apartment, and a rental room that would be close by?” “Hmmmmmmm….”

The woman groaned as she thought and grabbed a file labeled, “For Single Rooms”.

“ be honest, there aren’t that many rooms left for singles. This is usually the case at the start of the short-term courses.”

Henry: “Ummm, we do have this as well…..”

I quietly handed her a document.

It was the introduction letter I got from Mr. Riol.

I tried to present this at the course registration, but they told me right off the bat, “We do not accept any letters of recommendation,” and returned it promptly.

“Oh……is this a recommendation letter from the 1st Founding Principal?”

Henry: “Yes.” The Mages Tower is officially recognized by Alvenia Law as a College University. Of course, they do not give out degrees to any short-term course students after completing the class.

Henry: “Right now, he’s an active Adventurer, so because of that, I got to know him.”

“I see. Please hold. I will have to discuss this with my manager.”

Oh, they accept letters of recommendation here.

Mr. Riol told me that it’s the Tower’s policy to “treat all students as equals.” So I guess this is slightly different since it’s outside of the course itself…..maybe?

As we wait, Cyril is getting more and more excited as she spoke up.

Cyril: “I wonder what kind of place they will recommend. It’s my first time living alone, so I’m so excited!”

Henry: “Don’t get your hopes up too high. No matter what, it won’t even compare to the Governor’s mansion.”

Cyril: “I know that. But can’t you understand how exciting this is?”

Well, I’ve been living on my own for quite some time now. ………or does living in an inn even count as living on your own? As we talked, the woman at the reception came back.

“Thank you for waiting. I can offer this location at a significant discount….” And on the paper, there was a small house listed there. It was close to the Mages Tower, and it was built relatively recently. It would be hard to believe that this location was offered with a discount.

Henry: “Ummm, I understand that this is not a residence meant for one, but why the discount?” “This is actually Sir Riol’s personal residence. During his absence, the Mages Tower maintains the location, but we do not rent it to anyone. On the letter of recommendation, he had mentioned that you could use any facilities he owns in Sunwest.”

Whoa, really?

“We will have to charge a fee, but you will not have to pay any other fees aside from that. You will find all the furniture and Magecraft Artifacts needed for daily living…….and to be frank, I don’t believe we have anything better than this to offer.” Yeah, I didn’t think so.

WhーWhat should we do….from the layout, we can have our own rooms…..that’s not the problem……the problem isーー

Cyril: “Ohー Ohー it’s a nice looking house.”

………….and Cyril should be the first to pick up why this is a bad idea, but she’s delighted at the news.

“And finally, from our perspective, we would really like to reserve single rooms for other customers if possible……..usually, around this time, there will be a few stragglers that have not secured a residence and comes to us at the last minute.”

Henry: “IーI see. In that case, then we’ll gladly accept.

And feeling a pang of guilt for fitting in that category, I handed back the paper.

And we decided to go ahead and live in that house they introduced.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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