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SRALL c136

Ch. 136 Sunwest

Henry: “Hm……?”

I awake from my sleep.

The clock on the room says it’s a little before 7 AM. It’s a good time to wake up.

I shake away the feelings of wanting to sleep in more and get up.

Henry: “(yawn~)”

I let out a yawn, lazily climb out of bed, and open the curtains.

Before me was the clean view of the city. The Capital definitely feels more like a metropolis, but…….the city here was more fashionable and chic.

There were more brand new buildings, and every one of them had their architecture well-considered to fit into the bigger picture of the city.


My window was facing the Alvenia Kingdom’s Central Magecraft and Magic Research Facility ー [The Mages Tower]. It sat pleasantly and melted into the city landscape.

The west city of the Four Corner Cities ー Sunwest. We arrived here through the Teleportation Gate yesterday evening. We spent the night at a hotel.

……..of course, we rented separate rooms.

Henry: “Oh…”

As I stood there in my thoughts, I heard light footsteps and someone’s presence approaching my room.

Cyril: “Henry~ Good morning~ Are you awakeー?”

Henry: “Yeah, I’m awake. I’m awake. Wait a moment. I’ll get dressed.”

Cyril: “Okay~”

Cyril would typically oversleep during campouts, but in the city, she would go to bed earlier and wake up early. I quickly got out of my pajamas, got dressed, and opened the door.

Henry: “Hey, good morning, Cyril.” Cyril: “Yes! C’mon, let’s get some breakfast. I’m starving!”

Henry: “Okay, okay. It’s going to be okay without having to rush there.”

I lock my door and walk downstairs with Cyril.

This inn is not quite like the Bear’s Keg Inn where a diner is available on the ground floor, but they do serve meals for the inn guests. It’s the first day, so we spent the night at a slightly more expensive place but…….let’s see how their food tastes.

We were in the main hall on the 1st floor. There were several round tables set out, and on each of them, there was a tag with the room number on it.

So Cyril and my table is……..oh, there it is.

Henry: “Cyril, there. Over there.”

Cyril: “Yes!”

We sat down in the two chairs and one of the Hotel staff quickly brought over a pre-prepared breakfast.

They probably used a householdーーor rather a business-useーーMagecraft Artifact. The food was warm and included an omelet, crispy bacon, salad, a carrot pottage, and a basket of croissants. For dessert, they served fruits.

Henry: “Oh, it looks delicious.”

Cyril: “Henry, you always say that before you eat. Isn’t there some things you don’t like?”

Henry: “Not really…..or I’d like to say so, but……I can’t take Ageha’s cooking.”

Cyril: “Not that you don’t like it, but you can’t eat it?”

But she really is the worst.

When we let her cook, she would produce a medicinal ball that’s bitter that it will squeeze tears out of your eyes, one that is so sour that it dries out your mouth, or one so spicy that you’ll be spewing out fire.

She would confidently and proudly tell us that “it is a secret medicine that is full of nutrition, and you won’t have to eat for an entire day!” and would puff out her chest at the announcement, but no matter how nutritional it is and how it staves off hunger, if you consume one during an expedition, the morale of the Party will break below rock bottom.

We all protested and demanded that she cook a normal meal, and she sullenly cooked a boar over a fire…….but she only cooked the surface and dug into the raw meat with cries of “so good, so good” and continued to eat.

……..and let me add that a few minutes later, being drawn by the smell of blood, Demonic Creatures began swarming the area, and we had to abandon our meal altogether.

And as I spoke episode after episode, Cyril’s smile strained across her face.

Cyril: “Well, that is…ummm, oーoh! But what about days when you were not camping out? Wouldn’t she have cooked something decentーー”

Henry: “I have never seen her pick up a cooking knife outside of camping. ……Cyril, don’t worry about trying to defend her. There’s no point, and it’ll just be a depressing exercise in the end.”

I let out a long sigh as I look back and dwell on that far past.

Cyril: “YーYou’ve gone through a lot….”

Henry: “Yeah…..”

And silence falls upon our table.

Cyril: “WーWell, let’s eat before the food get cold. Wーwow, this looks so good~”

Henry: “.....yeah, it does.”

And our morning had a slight rough start butーー

I diligently brought the fork to my mouth to finish our breakfast.


The Hotel’s breakfast was worth its high price and was very delicious.

My spirit improved dramatically, and after checking out, we headed with light, excited steps towards the Mages Tower.

But…it was a little difficult to walk. Cyril’s had 3 large luggage bags, and I had one mid-sized luggage. For now, I carried all of it, but the weight was fine. It was just bulky and hard to carry.

………and I realize how much we have relied on Teo to carry our belongings up until now. Now that we had to part temporarily, I forgot that I would have to carry all the luggage ourselves.

Cyril: “But since we arrived late in the evening, we weren’t able to take a look around but…it really is a beautiful city.”

Henry: “Yeah, it really is. Apparently, that park right there was designed by a famous architect.”

With a beautiful fountain in the center, there were flower beds lined up all around. The lawn was full of soft looking grass, and it looked like an ideal place to take a walk.

Cyril: “Wow~ it does look nice. ………but it doesn’t compare to Mr. Gordon’s yard still.”

You shouldn’t compare it to one of the top artisans of the world who had no budgetary limitations since it was his own yard.

Cyril: “Oh, then let’s come here for a date during one of our off days. Just because we’re here to train doesn’t mean that we won’t have days to rest, right?” Henry: “That’s fine. But we’ll need to secure our residence first. 3 months might seem short, but it can feel long too.”

Cyril: “I see~ …… Oh, I didn’t really inquire about the details. Henry, will you be living in an inn just as you were in Flowtier?” Well, if I was here alone, then that’s fine, but……..

Henry: “What about you, Cyril?” Cyril: “Hmmm, financially speaking, living in an inn for 3 months would be difficult. I spent most of my savings paying for Mr. Gordon’s equipment.”

Yeah, thought so.

Cyril: “Oh, but don’t misunderstand, Henry. I’m not going to mooch off you. It’ll be difficult staying at an inn, but I will be able to afford an apartment at least.”

Henry: “......hey, Cyril….?”

Cyril: “Yes, what is it? Oh, are you concerned if I’ll be able to live on my own? Please don’t worry. I’ve already shown you that I can cook, but as one of Lady Asteria’s maid’s relatives in the Governor’s mansion, I had to help out with the work occasionally. I can do the basic cleaning and laundry and other tasks too.”

Yeah, as one of Lady Asteria’s maid’s relatives…….I almost forgot that that’s her official backstory.

I don’t doubt that she could live just fine on her own, but that’s not what I was worried about.

Henry: “Then let me ask a question. During the night, you’re at your place alone, and you hear a knock. What would you do?” Cyril: “Hmmー? What is it, all of a sudden? A psychological question? I would just open it.”

Henry: “Yup, that’s no good~”

<BOOF> I knock her gently with one of the luggage.

Cyril: “Ack?! Why did you do that?!”

Henry: “No, I’m telling you to be cautious for any visitors during the night.”

I did not think that she would answer so innocently.

Cyril: “.......oh.” Henry: “So that’s why I’m concerned about letting you live alone. That’s just my personal opinion. You are strong, but I’m not sure how you would deal with a human opponent.”

With her strength, she would be able to knock out most ordinary men, but mentally, it’s different dealing with a human opponent versus a Demonic Creature. And especially now, she’s wearing some expensive equipment. If a robber comes pushing through the door, I can’t imagine it ending well.

Henry: “That’s why I’ll be living close, and I will take care of security.”

I don’t like having to do all the household chores, but if it’s for Cyril’s safety, it can’t be helped.

Cyril: “.....soー what about you, Henry? Are you able to handle people when they attack you?” Henry: “Well……I can, somewhat. I’ve done it before.” Cyril: “IーIs that so….”

Oh, Cyril’s smile is straining again.

To clarify, I haven’t killed anyone.

……I have taken down Adventurers who were in the act of committing a crime, beat them up good, and then handed them over to the city constable several times.

And Yuu was in my Party at the time, so if I overdid it, she would help heal them. That’s how I learned to control my strength.

But with all things considered……I decided on not elaborating on the subject.

Henry: “Besides, I was on the front lines against the Demonic Race. The Demonic Race is similar to us and they talk just like us too. You may have to get used to that….or maybe not, but you’ll need to make sure to prepare for that moment.”

Cyril: “ThーThat’s true……”

…..well, she doesn’t have to worry about the Demon Race for now. I can explain that stuff to her more in detail later, and I don’t want her to be distracted by that while she’s training here.

Cyril: “Then once we enroll into a short training course at the Mages Tower, we’ll be looking for a place to live?” Henry: “No. Apparently, they have rental living quarters reserved for those taking these courses at the Mages Tower, so I’m hoping that we’ll be able to rent a room through them. Since it’s the first time coming to this city, we don’t know of any trustworthy realtors”

I’m sure the short-term trainees would be a great target for the scammers.

We can also go to the Grandes Church in this city, but the Mages Tower, who is doing this as a business, should be better acquainted with this process……I hope.

Cyril: “I see~. Oh, we’re almost to the Mages Tower. From here, we can see it really well.”

Henry: “Yeah, that’s true.” Passing by all the tall buildings, our vision widens suddenly.

The Mages Tower lies at the center, and the city encircles it all around. According to legends, a long time ago, a great Mage fought against a highest-tier, and at the final showdown, their Spell created this crater or something like that.

………..and that was about 200 years ago. And because of the after-effects of that Spell or maybe the land’s Magic Power concentration was pretty dense, so the Mages of that day (Mr. Riol included) eyed the territory, and created a Research Organization that would investigate the secrets and truths behind Magecraft and Magic which led to the creation of the Mages Tower.

And after its creation, residences and business began quickly sprouting outward in a circle around it.

And like that, the newest of the Four Corner Cities, Sunwest, was bornーーis what I read on the hotel’s pamphlet.

Henry: “’s huge….”

Cyril: “I think it’s bigger than the Capital’s castle….”

The tower was ginormous. You would think that it would have collapsed from its own weight, but the tower’s radius was at least 2 to 3 times bigger than an average castle.

And there were 2, 4…..8 square practice fields surrounding the Tower. Each one was surrounded by a barrier, and several dozen people were practicing their Magecraft and Magic fervently.

Of course, I’m sure they would be experimenting more complex Spells within the tower, but Cyril and I would most likely be using these practice fields a lot.

Cyril: “Okay, Henry. Let’s go!”

Henry: “Hey, don’t just run off. I’m carrying all the luggage.”

And not being able to hold back her excitement, Cyril began quickly jogging towards the Tower, and I followed right behind her.

…………well now, I wonder what awaits us in this city.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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