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SRALL c138

Ch. 138: The New Residence

We took the map from the Business Branch of the Mages tower, and we walked for about 10 minutes.

Though Mr. Riol’s house was a bit smaller than other homes, it was a very neat, tidy, and fashionable location.

Cyril: “WOWー! What a nice house!”

Henry: “Yeahー We need to make sure to tell him thanks the next time we see him.”

It was a red roof with white walls. The yard had flower beds with a variety of colors, and a maintenance miniature Golem was watering the plants.

As for the yard, the semi-eternally functioning Golem that Mr. Riol designed, maintains it.

Cyril: “I heard about the Golem from the Tower, but it’s so cute. I was imagining something more bulky like the ones we had to fight at the Dwarven Mountains.”

Henry: “Of course not. A Golem of that size in a town like this would just get in the way. That Golem’s the right size in that sense.”

Artificially-made Golems are extremely useful in performing simple tasks. ………but the maker of a Golem is usually the elite of the elite of Magecraft Spellcasters and is even more restricted to those with knowledge about how to create Golems, and lastly, the materials to create one is extremely expensive.

Henry: “........oh, the key, the key.” We also received the key from the Tower, and I take it out of my pouch and open the front door.

We were hit by a musty scent of dust.

Cyril: “Ah, I guess without someone living here for a while, it would turn out like this.” Henry: “True. I guess we should clean at least the bedrooms and living room.”

I was expecting this. On the way here, we visited a general store to buy cleaning towels and buckets.

Henry: “So we’ll place our luggage here and…….well, we can take a look around each room first.”

Cyril: “Yes, it’s time to explore!”

Cyril seems really excited.

…….well, we’re going to be spending the next 3 months here, so I felt some excitement too.

We go around checking each room in a circle.

The first floor has the living room, kitchen, restroom, and bathing room with a fairly large storage room.

The second floor has the master bedroom, two guest bedrooms, and a library.

It has the basic furniture like beds, tables, and chests with drawers. The kitchen has two Magecraft Artifacts used for cooking, and though it’s about 2 design generations behind, they are still top of the line.

It’s true that with a little cleaning, we can start living here immediately.

Cyril: “I wouldn’t feel comfortable using the Master bedroom, so we should use the two guest rooms.”

Henry: “Yeah, let’s do that.” Cyril: “Okay!”

Cyril began rolling her sleeves up.

It’s time to clean.

Henry: “[Fire] {Ignis} + [Water] {Eedle}”

I create warm water with Magecraft and fill the bucket. I throw in the cleaning towel and wring out the water.

Cyril: “, Henry. You have amazing strength. You didn’t even use any {Physical Enhancement} but that towel is about to rip from your wringing.”

Henry: “I can wring it and tear it if I wanted to.”

But it’ll be a waste so I won’t.

Cyril: “But shouldn’t we start with a broom first?” Henry: “................yeah, we should.”

I place the cloth on the rim of the bucket, and instead, take a broom in hand.

Henry: “Okay, let’s clean the guest bedrooms first, and after that, clean the living room……and that should do for today.”

Cyril: “Okay! I’ll do my best~! Let’s goー!”

And with a cheer, Cyril raises her fist into the air. She’s really pumped up. It’s inside the house, so that’s fine, but she would do this outside without any embarrassment. …….sometimes, I wish she would learn to be more……calmer….

Cyril: “C’mon, Henry! Let’s do itー!”

She wants me to do it too?!

I don’t want to . It’s too embarrassing….

Cyril: “Henry?” Henry: “Whーwhat?” Cyril: “C’mon, yeahー!”

ShーShe’s being unusually persistent.

Having her stare intently at me as if to protest at my attitude, in the end, I had to give in.

Henry: “......yーyeahー.”

Cyril: “Hmmー it’s a little lacking, but that’ll do for now. C’mon! Let’s start cleaning!”

Henry: “.......I’m already exhausted….”

And I sag my shoulders as I walk to the guest bedroom.

Cyril: “Whatー? C’mon! You’re not excited? You should be like, ‘Yeah! Let’s go~!’ like that.”

Henry: “I don’t know why I should get pumped up about just cleaning.”

Cyril: “What?! It’s not JUST cleaning. Cleaning is a proper job that people do for a living!”

No, wait. You can’t compare professional house cleaners with just cleaning your own house, right? Well, not that I would really know.

Henry: “(sigh).......well, let’s just get this done and over with. It’ll be evening soon……okay!”

I forced myself up and focus on cleaning………and I knew I stopped thinking and stopped caring at this point.


Per Cyril, “Always clean top down because dust will fall, and you’ll end up cleaning twice!”; “Oh, to clean that, you’ll need to use this chemical”; “He he he, if you use this secret chemical (store bought), you can say goodbye to roaches!”; “If you’re moving a drawer, take out what’s inside first!”; …….etc., etc.

Finally, we were done with cleaning. I laid face down on the living room table, and let how useless I was sink in deep.

Henry: “Cyril…….you were right. I underestimated cleaning…..and I had no right saying that.”

Cyril: “Wowー Henry, I thought you were good at most things, but I didn’t think you had this kind of weakness.”

I lived in an inn all my life, so it shouldn’t be surprising.

I can cook while we’re camping, and I can do simple fixes to my clothes and armor to make it last longer, but cleaning was unexplored territory.

Henry: “......but Cyril. I knew you could clean, but I didn’t think you were so good at it.”

Cyril: “I’m not particularly that good, Henry. I think it’s more the fact that you really didn’t know how to do it at all.”

Henry: “YーYeah…?”

That’s called being kicked while still down.

Cyril: “Oh, but you don’t have to feel so bad. You’re capable in many other things, Henry.” Henry: “You think so….?” Cyril: “Hmm, you still seem depressed. Then here, I’ll cook something for you to cheer you up. Just wait here!”

And chuckling to herself, she headed for the kitchen smiling.

……..while I was struggling to finish cleaning my own bedroom, Cyril finished cleaning her room and the living room by herself. She even cleaned the kitchen and went and came back with groceries too.

I thought we could just eat out on our first day of our move, but per Cyril, “It would be a waste to not use such a fabulous cooking facility” and insisted that she cook tonight.

Henry: “Hey~ I can at least help cut some ingredients.”

Cyril: “Then I’ll have you help me starting tomorrow. It’s my first day in this kitchen, and I’m super excited. Just for tonight, let me do everything. Or rather, I’m doing everything, got it?” I shrugged my shoulders and stretched my arms out.

I still have plenty of stamina, but doing something I’m not used to, I was more mentally fatigued.

Since I didn’t want to just sit there and do nothing, I took out the Kroseid Style textbook from my pouch to review.

Right now, I’m a 3rd Class in the Kroseid Style. In the Kroseid Style, each class represents a certain repertoire of Spells you can use, and typically, I would aim for 2nd Class next.

…….but the 2nd Class Spell list doesn’t have anything I’m interested in, so I would like to skip a Class and go up to 1st Class if possible.

And to be frank, there’s no Spell that would really be good enough to replace any of the ones I’m already using. And to be fair, if I was a Kroseid Style Magecraft Specialist, there are plenty of useful Spells, but I fight in the vanguard most of the time, so there’s not really any opportunities to utilize those.

But if I become 1st Class, I will receive permission to use base materials of Spellcall Stones that would increase the power and effects of my Magecraft Spells. Because of that, achieving 1st Class is no easy feat, and if I mess up a Spell, it could explode in my face, so that’s why the restrictions are so tight.

And I have the materials already made by Mr. Gordon. I had a metal alloy made from Orichalcum and Mithril with dust from a powerful jewel. Although it’s only the size of a child’s fist, it cost just as much as my other equipment and gear.

I thought about the precious alloy in my pouch as I flipped through the pages of the textbook.

Cyrl: “~~♪”

And the air was filled with Cyril’s humming.

Since she has to focus and sing to cast her Magic, she is a pretty good singer overall. I relax to her familiar voice and focus on studying the text.

And about 1 hour passed.

The smell traveled from the kitchen to the dining area, and my body, which was used up by the unfamiliar task of cleaning, let out a long growl. It was hurrying me to get some food inside it.

Henry: “Cyril, is the food done yetー?” Cyril: “Almost. …….I could hear your stomach from all the way over here. I’m glad that you’re hungry and ready to eat.” So she heard. It’s a little embarrassing.

I scratch my cheek awkwardly as I hear Cyril say, “It’s done~”

Cyril: “Henry, Henry, please help me carry the dishes to the table.” Henry: “Sure.” And on the dining room table, Cyril’s specialty dishes line up.

In the center was a big pot of stew. Next to it were sandwiches with a variety of colorful ingredients, a pork sauté, a salad, and omelets…….

Henry: “......isn’t this a bit much?” Cyril: “Ahaha…..sorry, I went a little overboard.”

Well, Cyril didn’t used to eat as much, but after she began training, her appetite has gone up. And I’m extremely hungry right now.

Even though this meal is more for 5 or 6 people rather than just the two of us, we should be able to finish it with no problem.

Cyril: “Oh, and this too. I actually bought this too. I really enjoyed it when drinking with Miss Yuu.”

And Cyril brought out a wine bottle carefully.

The brand is…..René Stölln. It’s one of Yuu’s favorites, and I remember seeing a few empty bottles when they spent the night drinking together.

Henry: “Well, that’s rare for you to buy alcohol.”

Cyril: “Well, it is a special occasion to celebrate. It’s our anniversary of living together.”

………, seriously. This girl…..she’s not even a little concerned in this situation.

(sigh)........I had my hopes up slightly, but I can’t bear the idea of betraying her trust……yeah, we’ll have to let things naturally progress in that area. Or rather, it better.

Henry: “Ohー but for now, let me handle paying for the groceries.”

Cyril: “Hm? I have enough savings to pay for food.”

Henry: “Just let me.”

Cyril is paying for it, but this is unnegotiable.

Cyril shrugs and picks up the wine bottle in her hand and then freezes.

Cyril: “.........oh, that reminds me. There was no wine opener in the kitchen…..”

Henry: “Hey now.” Argh, I take back all my compliments from before.

(sigh)......well, it’s not considered good table manners, and it may be sacrilegious to do it in front of a wine connoisseur but……

Henry: “Here, let me see the bottle.” Cyril: “Yes?”

I took the wine bottle from Cyril, and taking out my Nyoiten Spear in its knife form and sliced. A moment later, the top of the bottle slid, and……I caught it in my hand. Of course, I wasn’t careless to break the bottle or cause cracks to the glass.

Cyril: “......that’s a pretty barbaric way to open wine.”

Henry: “When we didn’t want to bother taking out the cork, we did this a lot.”

Yuu also did it when she didn’t want to bother. But she was terrible, and when drunk, she would sometimes smash the whole bottle.

I pour the wine into our glasses gently.

Henry: “Now then. I guess we’ll enjoy all your cooking tonight.”

Cyril: “Yes, please do.” Now that I think about it, I have eaten her cooking while camping, and sometimes, she would make a lunch box, but I think this is the first time to eat her cooking for a proper meal.

And judging from past experience, I’m not worried about the taste or quality. I take one bite to my mouth……..and sip the wine.

Cyril: “How is it? To be honest, when we were staying at Mr. Gordon’s place, I had Miss Ricotta teach me some recipes, so I tried to flavor it in a Varsaldi Empire style.”

Henry: “It’s great!”

I saw Cyril clench her fist in victory.

So with thatーー

……..our first day at our new home was quite lively even with just the two of us, and it was a pleasant evening.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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Mar 19, 2022

Wait...... "with just the two of us"??

I thought that the academy would let other people live there too since there're those that didn't book accommodation in advance?

Anyways, thanks for the chapter!!

Chonky ChonkTranslator
Chonky ChonkTranslator
Mar 20, 2022
Replying to

It's the personal residence of Mr. Riol, a Hero of Legend, so I think they made a special exception for Henry and Cyril because of the Letter of Recommendation.

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