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SRALL c123

Chapter 123: Departure.

One week has passed since Mr. Riol arrived.

During that time, Mr. Riol never took the time to look around the Flowtier City, and he invested every second to teach Lana as much as he could.

And he consumed the entirety of his days at Flowtier for that purpose, and the time came when the Great Sage was going to return to Ligaleo.

Riol: “There are many things I still wanted to teach you, but if it’s you, Miss Lana, then I’m sure that you will be able to learn these things even on your own.”

Lana: “Yes, I will not forget the things you have taught me this past week.”

Behind the Grandes Church, with some arrangements from Mr. Castello, the head of the Church, he prohibited anyone except those involved from entering the training grounds, and this ad-hoc master and disciple, Lana and Mr. Riol, were saying their parting thanks.

Riol: “Oh, yes yes. As you confirm that hypothesis of yours, please let me know the results as soon as possible. If your expectations are correct, then there will be a revolution.”

Lana: “Ha ha ha….you are overexaggerating way too much.”

I don’t know what they are talking about, but Lana did not take Mr. Riol’s words very seriously. Mr. Riol just shrugged his shoulders with an “Oh well” in return.

Nord: “.......Mr. Riol, thank you very much for everything you have done for my daughter.”

Linda: “And I would like to express my gratitude as well. Thank you so much. I can’t believe my daughter would be taught by someone so famous.”

Riol: “No, no. It was an enjoyable time for me as well. Mr. Nord, Mrs. Linda, thank you for the delicious food at the inn.”

And Mr. Riol, Mr. Nord, and Mrs. Linda also said their parting thanks.

And that’s not all who are here today.

Alvare: “Cyril, do your best.”

Asteria: “And be careful to not get hurt, okay?” Cyril: “Yes! I’ll do my very best!”

………and in the end, my Party will be traveling with Mr. Riol, so everyone who came to see us off were also here too.

Cyril had the most amount of people seeing her off. And though he must have a mountain of work, the Governor and Lady Asteria were also present to encourage Cyril andーー

“Cyril, don’t forget to bring us back gifts, okayーー?”

“It’s going to be a long trip, so you better make some progress with that Mr. Henry.”

“Good luck!”

…….and many of her friends are also here.

But progress, huh….I don’t even know if there will be time for that. I scratch my cheeks awkwardly as I overhear some of her friends’ words.

Ricardo: “Jend, come back here as a greater man than you are today.”

Jend: “Yes, Master!”

And Mr. Ricardo, Jend’s sword instructor, is also here. He told me that he had a farewell party with his friends last night.

Teo also had her family come see her off.

Ferris: “I feel a little left out, Mr. Henry.”

Henry: “Yeah, that’s natural.”

And Ferris and I, who don’t have that many acquaintances here, are left to bide the time till we leave.

And I did say my farewell to Mr. Thomas and Mr. Fregg. They have their jobs though, so it can’t be helped if they can’t come to see me off.

But we are finally reaching the end of our farewells and parting words.

Mr. Riol is writing autographs for one of Cyril’s friends and also to the Governor, but after that’s done, we’ll probably be off.

Cyril: “Is an autograph really something worth havingーー?”

After she finished talking with her friends, Cyril curiously asked me the question.

Henry: “Well, he is a Hero of Legend after all. Once you become a relatively famous Adventurer, you might find yourself in that situation a lot.”

Ms. Lotte who is an actual celebrity is on a whole new level, but Sir Ezeal, who is like the national hero, and the Saint of Salvation (lol) gets asked for autographs often.

And it’s not just Heroes of Legend. Any Adventurer who accomplishes something great becomes the center of people’s attention, adoration, and admiration. The bards will make songs about you, and you can become instantly famous.

Cyril: “I see~ that’s awesome! I’m going to become a famous Adventurer that everyone wants an autograph from! Maybe I should start practicing my autograph signature?”

Henry: “If you’re going to waste time doing something meaningless like that, practice your staff techniques.”

Cyril: “What do you mean meaningless?!”

Cyril tries to pinch my arm as hard as she could……but with her strength, it only tickles.

Cyril: “Besides, what about you, Henry? You defeated a Demonic General after all, and weren’t you the talk of the town at one point?” Henry: “Me? Oh, um…. well, let’s see……”

It’s a little hard to explain.

It’s true that I’ve been on articles on the Adventurer’s News more than a handful of times, and I don’t know about my reputation outside the city, but people knew me for my strength and skills within Ligaleo.

But I wonder why… I don’t remember getting any kind of special attention like that. …….well, it can’t be helped. I’m pretty boring compared to the others. My general looks and my fighting style fit that category.

………….ugh, that’s a depressing thought.

Cyril: “..............I’m sorry I asked.” Henry: “Why? Why are you sorry, huh?” And sensing my mood, Cyril apologized, but I squished both her cheeks together with the palm of my hands.


Henry: “Hmph, there.”

Seeing her face morph to something hilarious made me feel better. She began punching me furiously, but I accepted the hits without bothering to guard.

Henry: “Hm?” I felt some stares this way. ………and I saw some of Cyril’s friends whisper to one another as they pointed towards our way. I think some are blushing and squeeling quietly.

………oh crap. I usually ignore it if it’s people I don’t know, but I feel like they might have gotten the wrong idea just now.

WーWell. Now’s not the time. We’re going to the Dwarves’ Mountain, and then the Mages Tower. By the time we return, they would have forgotten all about it.

Henry: “MーMr. Riol, is it about time to depart?” Riol: “Hmm, yes. It is regrettable always to have to say farewell, but we will start heading out now.”

With those words, my Party members gather around Mr. Riol. The other people seeing us off stepped back a little.

Riol: “Then farewell, the good people of Flowtier. It will be goodbye for a while. Thank you for everything.”

Mr. Riol spoke, and hit the ground with his staff.

The black crystal ball at the end began to flood out with Spell Inscriptions that encircled me and my group, and it began to take shape in a form of a bird.

Riol: “Flight Spell Construction : The Guiding Bird, Activate.”

With those words, our bodies lost its weight, and we felt the sensation of some invisible power lifting us up off the ground, and we all began floating in the air.

The {Guiding Bird} Spell. The words itself really don’t have that much meaning. Mr. Riol will create new Spells as needed on the spot, but for Spells that he reuses often, he tends to memorize its construction as it’s more efficient to do so.

And so by naming some Spells, it makes it easier to remember its construction…….apparently.

Jend: “WhーWhoa…”

Ferris: “ThーThis feels very strange…..”

Riol: “Mr. Jend, Miss Ferris, please remain calm. If you move too much, it will be more dangerous for you.”

Jend: “YーYes.”

Ferris: “Under, stood.”

Everyone who is experiencing the {Guiding Bird} for the first time are more or less panicking. Mr. Riol only made us float slightly off the ground and waited for everyone to regain their calm demeanor.

And by the time everyone did calm down….

Cyril: “..........oh wait!! I just realized that I’m wearing a skirt!”

And it was a little late, but Cyril came to realize this.

Riol: “Do not worry. People may panic if they see us flying, so there will be a Camouflage Spell underneath us so they wouldn’t be able to see us from beneath.”

Cyril: “IーI see….”

Cyril let out a sigh of relief. …….but it’s something she should have realized sooner.

Riol: “Now then, everyone. Let’s get going.”

Cyril: “Okay! Everyone, we’ll be offーー!!”

We gently float up into the air, and as our altitude rises gradually, the people that came to see us off are now the size of the end of our pinky. And because of the Camouflage Spell, from their perspective, they can no longer see us.

Teo: “IーIt’s quite…..high…”

Henry: “Oh? Teo, if it was Ageha, she would jump down from this height without a tad bit of worry.”

Of course, if I miss my landing from this height, I would get hurt too, but I wouldn’t mess up in the first place.

Teo: “........of course, I have trained at high altitudes as well. I was just a little surprised because it wasn’t a height I’ve experienced before.”

Henry: “I see. Well, you’ll get used to it quickly.

The other three are also equally frightened from this height, and I speak to them one by one.

………that’s so nostalgic. There was a time when I reacted the exact same way as them.

The memory flashed back suddenly from when I first flew.

It was when I was 18. There was a huge wave of Demonic Creatures.

During that time, I was in a Party with Yuu, Ageha, and other members, and Mr. Riol joined our Party temporarily as we flew overhead of the giant swarm of Demonic Creatures……and in the dead center of the wave, Mr. Riol made us all free-fall right into it.

[It’s a surprise attack from above. Don’t worry. I will support you, and we have plenty of ammunition.]

…… we all began falling, Mr. Riol kindly and fairly treated everyone as “ammunition” as he spoke.

And it was hilarious to see all the faces of the guys who came along because they thought they would be able to safely earn some money as long as a Hero of Legend was around. What was not funny was that I probably had the same expression as everyone else.

……and he most definitely had incredible amounts of experience in battle because he sent just the right amount of soldiers to the exact location they were needed, and we were able to hold off the attack because of that.

Annnnnnd, as you can see, this guy loses all sorts of restrictions and limitations to what constitutes common sense when it comes to battle.

Riol: “Okay, everyone. Have you all gotten used to it? We’ll start moving now.”

Henry: “Yes. Oh, by the way, Mr. Riol, I know this is out of the blue, but can I punch you later? I just now remembered how you took me on my first flight, and then threw me down to the ground.”

Riol: “What is it all of a sudden, Henry? That was so long ago. I apologized later that I acted too carelessly then. As a gentleman, you need to stop resorting to violence to resolve everything.”

Are you saying that the way you just tossed everyone like a human cannonball was gentleman-like? You jerk….

Riol: “And besides, that was a tactic we used many times after that. Why be angry about it now?”

Henry: “Well……true, it was incredibly effective…”

It’s a huge advantage to be able to send reinforcements directly into the enemies’ critical weak point. And while he’s casting the {Guiding Bird}, Mr. Riol can’t use any of his major Spells, but he can still cast Support Spells.

And personally, I always enjoyed doing a surprise attack from above against a flying Demonic Creature-type. It always felt so good afterwards.

Riol: “Now then, let’s stop wasting time, and get going.”

With one swing of his staff, the bird made up of Spell Inscriptions began beating its wings.

And with the sudden acceleration, the City of Flowtier was far behind us in an instant.

Cyril: “WーWow~ It’s so fast!”

Jend: “‘Farewell, my hometown’, I guess.”

And Cyril and Jend both speak out their impressions.

……..and with that, our long journey began.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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