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SRALL c124

Chapter 124: The Rescue

The scenery flowed very quickly behind them at incredible speeds. Even though it’s been only a minute, the Flowtier City disappeared behind them in the horizon, and as they saw new towns appear, they soon disappeared as well.

Mr. Riol’s {Guiding Bird} Spell is incredibly fast as always.

Cyril: “Wow~~ we’ll be there in no time at this rate.”

Henry: “How much time do you estimate that it will take until we reach Eastflair, Mr. Riol?”

I has Mr. Riol who is holding the Spell together with his Spell Call Stone Staff. Normally, a Spell of this complexity and magnitude will take the entire focus of the individual casting it, and it would be a taboo to distract the Spellcaster in that case but…….for Mr. Riol, it was something he could do with relative ease.

Riol: “Let’s see. Well, there are many in the group who are not accustomed to flight, so assuming we take more breaks………around a half-day or so. We’ll be there by evening.”

Henry: “A half day, huh.”

Of course, that is unbelievable traveling speed. Normally, it would have taken us 2 to 3 days of running to Northerntier, one of the 4 Corner Cities. We would then have to schedule a trip on the Teleport gate which would take at least 2 days. Though we are not in a hurry, being able to cut down so much travel time is still a plus.

Jend: “This is amazing, Mr. Riol. By the way, how many people could you take with you at once?” Riol: “About 30 probably. It will depend on how I am doing that day and can be a little more or less.”

Jend pops the question, and Mr. Riol answers.

Jend: “If more people could do this kind of Spell, they could travel or carry imports and exports so much more easily.”

Riol: “Yes, that’s true. And I don’t mind teaching this Spell, but I have not come across anyone who could learn it. I wish I could simplify the Spell Construction more but……as you can expect, it’s not that easy.”

Jend is very good at carrying on a conversation, and Mr. Riol loves to teach people things. Their personalities are very compatible, and they continue to chat happily.

Now then, how is everyone else doing?

Henry: “.......Teo, you’re fidgeting a lot. Do you need a bathroom break?” Teo: “No, I do not. I do not mind the height any more, but I get restless with my feet so far off the ground.”

Henry: “Ohhhh, yeah, I get that.”

Right now, Mr. Riol has used his Magecraft to make us almost weightless. So it would almost feel like we’re floating in water. We could move a little bit if he wanted to by moving our arms and legs, but we technically are not standing on any firm ground.

Now that she mentions that, I’m getting curious about this sensation too.

Teo: “In these circumstances, a meditative position is best.”

And as she mumbles to herself, Teo crosses her legs in midair and began to take deep breaths and closed her eyes.

Henry: “.......are you really comfortable like that?” Teo: “I am.”

It looks like a really uncomfortable position no matter how I look at it, but I guess it can be for some people?

I wondered about it and did a little meditating (or tried to at least), and Teo completely ignored her surroundings and remained concentrating on her posture and breathing. Well, if she is feeling comfortable doing so, then just let her.

Henry: “Cyril, Ferris, are you guys okay?” Cyril: “Yes, I love this feeling. It’s like being on a cloud.”

Ferris: “I don’t like it or hate it. I am a little restless too, but I can ignore this much. I’m sure with Teo’s refined senses, it would be more difficult for her to adjust.”

Hmmm, looks like there are no issues here.

Cyril: “But we’re traveling so fast, but I don’t feel the wind at all.”

Henry: “Well, simply put, it is a {Flight} Spell, but Mr. Riol put together many more kinds of Spells together.”

As Mr. Riol mentioned before we left, there is a Camouflage Spell concealing us from view from underneath, and other Spells that prevent the winds from reaching us. He also casts a Spell to blow the wind directly behind us to propel us forward, and there are also a barrier to prevent attacks. Finally, I think he also adjusts the temperature as well.

I was curious too and asked about it in the past, and I received an hour of Mr. Riol’s lecture, and this is all I remember.

Cyril: “Wow~~”

Henry: “.......well, in Ligaleo, there are many flying Demonic Creatures, so if we had to deal with those, it would not be as pleasant of a trip.”

Mr. Riol would have to change the Spells, and the Spell blocking the wind is usually the first to go. Having your hair blown in the wind like that makes it go all over the place too.

As we chat to pass the time, we enjoy our trip in the sky. Suddenly, Mr. Riol looks distracted and concerned while speaking with Jend, and raises an alarm.

Riol: “Henry.” Henry: “What is it, Mr. Riol?” His tone is serious. Did something happen? I nervously answer him as he calls my name.

Riol: “Two o’clock from our position. It is still a little ways off, but a carriage is being attacked by Demonic Creatures.” Henry: “.........I see it now.”

In front of a horse-drawn carriage on the main road, a large Demonic Creature blocked the path. The guards of the carriage are fighting against it, but even from this distance, I can tell that they’re at a disadvantage.

………we are pretty far from Flowtier. These kinds of situations do not happen in such peaceful territories, but it’s not a rare sight in these parts.

Riol: “The enemy is a Dragonkin. We’re going to assist them.”

Henry: “Understood.”

They are Mid-Tier, Upper Class. They are lizards that are sometimes called Demi-Dragons. They are weaklings compared to the Upper-Tier, Upper-Class Dragons, but they are tough, strong, and even blow fire. They can be a difficult enemy.

Riol: “I will lower our altitude, and fly overhead. I will throw you at it, so just do something about it.”

Henry: “.......could you stop being so reckless with your plans? I got it though.”

I took out my Nyoiten Spear, and changed it from a knife to a Spear shape. From our flying velocity, we’ll be there in a second, so I let the Magic Power flow throughout my body as a quick warm-up.

Jend: “I don’t think we’ll be of any help this time. We’ll most likely get injured being dropped from this height.”

Henry: “Jend, it’ll still be a good experience to be thrown out from this height.”

Jend: “.........are you sure? I highly doubt we’ll gain much from doing anything like that.” WーWell, if you’re fighting with Mr. Riol in Ligaleo, then it’s important experience………and it’s only valuable in that one scenario only…….

Riol: “Henry, 10 seconds till we arrive.”

Before I can reply to Jend, we get very close to our destination, and I nod to Mr. Riol’s words.

Cyril: “Henry, good luck!”

I replied with a nod to Cyril……..and I felt my weight suddenly return.

The {Guiding Bird} continues at the same velocity, and I am thrown off in a diagonal, downwards angle. ………and with Mr. Riol’s impeccable calculations, I am on course to be right above the Dragonkin. He’s done this to me time and time again, and he’s on point as expected.

I ready my spear and make sure I don’t slip off course.


For now, I stab the Dragonkin from behind. Not expecting the attack, it was completely defenseless from my strike.

With the velocity I gained from falling added to the spear, my spear breaks through the hard scales and digs deep into its flesh.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Fire] {Ignis} + [Fire] {Ignis}”


Before it can shake me off, I use my Magecraft to create fire at the tip of my spear and burn it from the inside out.

And even if it boasts in its physical stamina and toughness, the Dragonkin cannot help but recoil in pain at this. I calmly jump and dismount from its back.

“Whaー Huh? What?”

Henry: “Hello.”

“YーYes, hell…..o?”

I greet the guards who were fighting against the Dragonkin in a friendly manner, but they are all completely confused.

I see Adventurer tags, so they must be the same as me. From their gear, they are probably established Adventurers, but a Mid-Tier will be difficult for them.

……..well, here, the Corrupted Magic Power is still lighter. Normally, guards at their level should be able to take care of most problems, but they got unlucky.

Henry: “We’ll talk after this is done.” Though I burned one of its organs, the Dragonkin is still alive. I don’t think it can fight that well after that attack, but it was still glaring intently at us.

Henry: “’s time to finish you.”

I close the distance instantly, and thrust my spear into the Dragonkin to end its life.


Riol: “Thank you for sharing your meal with us.”

“Of course, of course! You all saved our lives after all! This is the least we can do. Besides, having an opportunity to express my thanks to our Hero of Legend is the greatest honor of my life!”

As Mr. Riol relays his gratitude, the owner of the horse-drawn carriage, the Merchant, Mr. Paul, rubs his hands together as he speaks quickly and nervously. As soon as Mr. Riol told him who he was, Mr. Paul began acting this way.

………well, I’m sure he’s thinking about the benefits as a merchant to have ties with a Hero of Legend. He’s not doing anything illegal, so I just leave them alone.

And it was very kind of him to share some of the food supplies he was carrying in the wagon with us.

Henry: “So Rick, Edward. Did you get a chance to calm down?”

“YーYes. Thank you.” “YーYou really saved us back there. Thank you very much.”

The two guards were trembling inside their gear, but they seemed to have calmed down a bit. I got to learn their names, but they just now loosened up enough to talk.

But that’s expected. From these two’s strength, a Dragonkin would have been the end of them. They’re still young, so the fact that all they did was shake a bit means they have more courage than most.

Cyril: “Henry, all that’s left is to let the soup boil for a bit.”

Henry: “Thanks. Then please serve these two brave heroes who did not run from the Dragonkin today.”

Cyril: “Okayー”

Cyril, who was making the soup, responds energetically.

“WーWe’re not heroes.”

Henry: “No, I admire your courage. In that situation, you both made the Dragonkin stop in its tracks.”

They could have easily abandoned the carriage if they wanted to.

And honestly, in that situation, they should have grabbed Mr. Paul and ran, but saying that now would come across as rude.

Jend: “But a Dragonkin spawned in this area? ……….I know my family wanted to extend our business route to these parts, but I’ll have to let them know in a letter soon.”

Edward: “Oh, no. I’ve never heard of one coming out on the main road. They usually appear in the far depths of the mountains though. Um….?”

Edward instinctively answers Jend who was talking to himself, but I was the only one who introduced myself in my Party, so he didn’t know how to address Jend.

Jend: “Ohーー um, I’m jend. The girl making the soup over there is Cyril, and the tall one standing guard is Ferris, and the little one is Teo.”

Edward: “YーYes, I’m Edward.” Rick: “I’m Rick, Mr. Jend.” And Jend waves his hand in front of him.

Jend: “I’m only 16, so we must be close in age right? You don’t have to be so formal.”

Edward: “Is…that right?” Rick: “But if you’re in Mr. Henry’s Party, you must be really strong.”

Jend: “I can’t say that I don’t have confidence in my skill, but I’m still not at Henry’s level. We have some history together and that’s why I’m in his Party……..but he’s one of my first goals.”

Whoa, having someone tell you that you’re their goal makes you want to straighten your back naturally.

…….and to be honest, with only weapons, Jend is fairly close to exceeding me, but…, I’m still just a tiny bit ahead of him.

But putting that aside.

Henry: “Alright, Jend. I’m going to patrol the area. The Dragonkin might not have been alone.”

Jend: “Be careful…….or rather, I guess you’ll be fine regardless.”

Henry: “No, thanks for the warning.” I’m sure with me gone, it’ll be easier for the other two guards to speak with Jend.

With that in mind, I decided to go scout.

Cyril: “Oh, Henry. If you find any edible herbs, please go gather some. I want some greens in this soup.”

Cyril: “Sure thingー”

I waved my hand at Cyril’s request and ran off into the distance.

ーーand though we had an incident like thatーー

Riol: “Everyone, we have arrived. Here, we’ll land in a spot with nobody around, so wait for a moment.”

As planned, we arrived in Eastflair around the evening.

From the air, I could see many training fields scattered throughout the city.

There were training grounds for swords, spears, bows, and martial arts……and there were many people training in each location.

It is the City of Strength and Blood.

And we all descended into the City aptly named so.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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