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SRALL c122

Chapter 122: The Man Named Riol

Riol: “Thank you for the dessert. It was quite delicious.” He savored the chocolate cake slowly, finally finished, and put the plate down, and Riol put his hands together and bowed slightly.

Looking at this, his gentlemanly character is pretty obvious.

Cyril: “Hmph, Henry, I can still feel the cream all around my mouth. I think you should think about how to give somebody a bite better!”

And Cyril was still complaining about how I stuffed her face with the cream puff.

Henry: “I will consider the appropriate improvements to my actions at a later date.”

And Cyril glowered at my response.

Cyril: “ you don’t feel any guilt at all?”

Henry: “In the end, I only got a single bite of the chiffon cake and cream puff. Don’t think that I forget things like this when it comes to food.”

Cyril: “But it was you, Henry, who pushed the whole thing into my faceーー”

That’s because you wanted me to do something really embarrassing.

But I slightly regret giving the whole cream puff to Cyril. I should probably go buy some on the way back.

Riol: “Ha ha ha. What a wonderful thing to see them getting along so well.”

Teo: “......they behave during expeditions, but in all other times, it’s always like this and gives us headaches.”

Mr. Riol laughed very elegantly, and Teo was rubbing her temples with both hands. ……what? Isn’t this quite normal? Riol: “Putting that aside, I need to do something in return now for bringing me a treat. Here, I’ll prepare some of my special coffee.”

Lana: “Coffee? But Mr. Riol, we don’t have any coffee beans or tools to make coffee. Are you going to use the Tavern kitchen?”

Riol: “Hmmm, yes, I have been so focused on teaching Miss Lana the theories, that I have failed to demonstrate any of them. This is a good opportunity. Let me show you.” Mr. Riol picked up a staff that was leaning against the table. This magnificent staff had many detailed and complex designs written all over it, and it is Mr. Riol’s most precious Spell Call Stone. The design across the staff is actually countless Spell Inscriptions, and the Staff has been crafted and combined carefully with a very rare black crystal ball at the end.

…….and the crystal ball at the end began to shine.

Cyril: “? Henry, what is he about to do?”

Henry: “Just watch. It’s pretty amazing.”

I had an idea as to what he was about to do, but I left Cyril, who had a question mark above her head, without a straight answer.

Riol: “There.”

And with a light tap, Mr. Riol hits the ground with his staff, and light began flooding out of the crystal ball at the end.

The flooding light began filling the air with mysterious signs and symbols, and I recognize bits and pieces of it. The Kroseid Spell Inscriptions begin to fill the entire room.

The Spell Inscription is so vast that this shouldn’t be something an individual person could handle.

After taking an extensive amount of time, several first-rate Mages would have to fully understand the Spell construction, use rituals and mediums for support, and then they should be able to initiate the Spell. It’s that complicated.

Lana: “........[Existence] {Esse}, [Here] {Naae}, [Distant] {Longe}?”

Riol: “A-ha, Miss Lana. You have been able to read as much. There are, of course, other aspects, but the key points are indeed there.”

………’s supposed to be quite the sophisticated Spell construction. Though, anomalies like a person who can easily initiate it and someone who deciphered it on a first glance are with us right now.

Riol: “Now then, just watch as I finish things up, here.”

The Spell Inscription was now fully unfolded, and the middle of it suddenly [opened].

The place beyond it was an difference landscape.

Lana: “Oh…”

Lana let out a voice of surprise. That’s because she was well-acquainted with the place. It was one of the rooms she would clean every single day.

……… was the room Mr. Riol currently rented at the Bear’s Keg Inn.

Riol: “Hmmm, I could have probably made the door smaller.”

And Mr. Riol reached in to grab his bag, and once he got the coffee beans and the tools he needed, he placed the bag back in his room.

Once he was done, the Spell Inscription that filled the room began to fade, and the dimensional door also closed.

Cyril: “WhーWhat was that, just now?” Riol: “Hm? Miss Cyril, have you never used a Teleportation Gate before? The base theory is the same as that. I connected this space with a separate space that was marked. …….well, if it’s just me using the Spell, I would just be able to cover this city though.”

The Teleportation Gate is that thing where it takes 10 Mages to operate, and what they now call the Teleportation Station is also stuffed with equipment to maintain that Spell Inscription, and they also use a butt-ton of catalysts and mediums too……….and with all that money invested beforehand, you are finally able to start utilizing it.

Teo: “.......that’s quite amazing.”

Riol: “No, it’s not as useful as you think. It’s just something you can do as a party trick. In the end, I could have just walked there to get my things.”

Teo gives her compliments, and Mr. Riol answers her while opening up the jar filled with coffee beans.

Riol: “Besides, the true usefulness of the Kroseid Style begins from here. I would like you to observe the fruits of my research after countless years of study and experimentation.”

Mr. Riol smiles slyly as he chuckles. ……….the true usefulness, huh.

Cyril: “Ohhhーー Now Miss Cyril can’t help but feel excited now. If it’s more amazing then before, I wonder what it’s going to be like.”

Henry: “, Cyril. Don’t worry about paying attention to anything from this point on.”

Cyril: “Huh?”

Mr. Riol struck the ground with his staff, and this time, the Spell Inscription that appeared in the air was much smaller than before. There, Mr. Riol poured the coffee beans inside.

Cyril: “What?”

The sphere-shaped Spell Inscription began heating the beans immediately.

Lana: “MーMr. Riol, what are you doing now?”

Riol: “Hm? What do you mean, Miss Lana? As you can see, I am roasting the coffee beans.”

Mr. Riol hummed a tune while he made adjustments to his Spell Inscription.

Riol: “If you use Magecraft, you can make much finer adjustments than using a coffee bean roaster. If you want to make the best cup of coffee, you should all learn the Kroseid Style.”

And not surprisingly, his logic and reasoning flew way beyond anyone’s imagination. And besides, the only person that can make that kind of fine adjustments is just you, Mr. Riol….

Lana: “.......MーMr. Henry, I thought Mr. Riol was pretty normal for a Hero of Legend….”

Henry: “Oh, Mr. Riol is excellent at acting normal.”

In comparison! I’ll never say who I’m comparing him to though!

As I watched a little exasperated, Mr. Riol finished roasting the coffee beans and placed it inside the coffee bean grinder.

Cyril: “OーOh, umm, Mr. Riol, are you not going to use Magecraft to grind the beans? You were speaking of making fine adjustments while roasting, right?”

Riol: “I quite enjoy the sound and feeling of grinding the beans. Coffee is not just about drinking, but it is important to learn to enjoy the process of making it.”

Cyril looks at me for help, but I quietly make a hand gesture to leave it be. There’s no point trying to argue with someone as deep into the hobby like that.

And as we wait, we finally get to the drip process.

Riol: “Now then. This is a crucial point. When preparing the coffee, you must use the ideal temperature and flow rate……..I will demonstrate to you something that is impossible to do with a kettle.”

With that said, Mr. Riol created boiling water with Magecraft and began pouring it over the beans.

Lana was just simply confused, but Cyril, Teo, and I just looked on with understandable disappointment in our eyes.


After Mr. Riol was done pouring the coffee, we all chatted together.

And besides Mr. Riol and myself, black coffee was too bitter, so they went downstairs to borrow some milk and sugar.

Riol: “I see. So you are heading to the Grand Mountain of the God of Mines.”

Henry: “Yes.”

And the conversation began to shift to what our Party was going to do next. We will most likely be heading to Ligaleo within this year, and Mr. Riol was interested in hearing our plans.

Henry: “Mr. Riol, have you ever been to the Dwarves’ Mountain?”

Riol: “I have. The Dwarven Town inside that mountain is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.”

………over half of the Grand Mountain of the God of Mines is actually Demonic Territory. They left the Demonic Territory there so that Golems that drop high grade and precious metals will spawn, but of course, you can’t live in a place like that.

But Dwarves are a race that tends to enjoy craftsmanship, and apparently, they have been longing to live close to that area where they can farm precious metals.

And then, a long time ago, a crazy leader of the Dwarves said, “Then why don’t we just dig a hole inside and live there?” or something like that.

……….and I don’t know how it all came together, but that blind statement became reality.

Nowadays, the area is now incorporated into the official Varsaldi Empire’s map, and the Dwarves have been unofficially been recognized as the official residents of the Grand Mountain of the God of Mines ー that is how important the settlement has proven itself to be.

Henry: “And after we get our gear upgraded there, Cyril and I will go to the Mage’s Tower in Sunwest, and learn combat-oriented Magecraft and Magic there. Teo and two other Party members who are not here will go to Eastflair to study martial arts.

Riol: “Oh, that is very good. The tower is full of teachers who have not abandoned to continuously refine their knowledge and skills. I am sure that you will benefit greatly from the experience.”

Henry: “........I thought you might have some connection to that place, Mr. Riol.”

Riol: “I am one of the original Founders. Having someone with a long lifespan stand on top would cause the organization’s structure to be too rigid, so as soon as they were on their feet, I left for that reason.”

Holy crap. But well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Henry: “Then….could you write us a letter of recommendation….?”

Riol: “I do not mind, but even if they can give you more leeway, I cannot guarantee any special treatment. It’s highly likely that all students learning there are treated at the same status.”

Henry: “That is totally fine. Thank you for doing that for us.”

Here, I can see that Mr. Riol is a little dense when it comes to the ways of this world. The difference between having someone you trust introduce you or not is night and day. It would be super helpful to have that recommendation letter.

I have been helped by Mr. Riol many times, but I have also protected Mr. Riol more than once or twice. Our relationship is still reciprocal in that I will return the favor some day.

………and I understand that I probably owe more than what I can return, but it won’t just be me. Cyril will be with me too. I’d like to make sure that she’s in a comfortable environment to study and learn.

Riol: “But you are leaving in a little more than a week, huh.”

Henry: “Yes, it’ll be soon after you leave Flowtier, Mr. Riol.”

Riol: “If you would push your departure date earlier, I can help you get to Eastflair with me. It’ll only be a slight detour on my route.”

Oh, I didn’t think about that.

If he can take us to Eastflair, the Dwarves’ mountain is actually close as it stands on the border of Alvenia and the Varsaldi Empire. That would be a huge help.

Henry: “Umm, I will have to discuss that with my Party, but if we decide to go, we would love to travel with you. I understand that it might be more trouble for you though….”

Riol: “No, I do not mind at all. Having strong Adventurers owe me favors will be beneficial for me as well.”

…….and I’m going back Ligaleo. I will need to start thinking about returning the huge amount of favors I owe to not just Mr. Riol, but others too.

Cyril: “? Ummm, is Mr. Riol traveling in a Magecraft Vehicle?”

And Cyril popped in while listening to our conversation.

A Magecraft Vehicle. With the power of Magecraft, it is a carriage that can move without the help of horses. They also call it a car for short.

It wouldn’t be useful at all on a bumpy road, but if it’s a well-maintained road, then it is much faster than a horse carriage.

……..but, that’s not how Mr. Riol travels.

Henry: “We’ll fly.” Cyril: “FーFly?”

Henry: “He uses the Magecraft Spell of {Flight}. There are only a handful of people who can use it, but I only know Mr. Riol who can also carry others with him while he does.”

I have flown with him a few times, but if it’s from Flowtier to Ligaleo, it might only take 2 days at most. You can directly fly straight over all the natural obstacles, and Mr. Riol will also generate his own wind to increase his speed.

Teo: “I see. By flight…….there are Magecraft techniques in the Cloud Plains Style that creates footpaths in midair…”

Oh, looks like Teo’s trying to compete a little.

Riol: “Ah, yes. I remember Miss Sagiri also used a technique like that.”

Henry: “Oh thatーー it looks handy, but it’s not one of the Spells in Ms. Emil’s Kroseid Style.”

Ms. Emil, who came up with a Kroseid Style Spell that everyone can us, is more familiar with the Magecraft research, so there’s not a whole lot of support spells for warriors and fighters.

Riol: “But you should be able to create a Spell with the desired effect ー that is the strength of our Kroseid Style.”

And Mr. Riol lets out a disappointed sigh. He of all people has understood over time that the core of his Spell Construction is too difficult to understand for the average person.

Riol: “And I am not as adept in creating a Spell like Emil does……actually, this is a good

opportunity. Miss Lana. Would you like to give it a try?”

Lana: “MーMe?”

Riol: “Yes. It’s actually quite difficult. It will have to be strong enough to withstand a vanguard’s strength, and it would have to be simplified where it can be inscribed on a small Spell Call Stone.”

Oh? Is this a good learning opportunity for Lana?”

Would I be able to fight in mid-air now?

And Lana seems interested in the topic and is thinking through it carefully.

Riol: “If you do complete a Spell, I will go ahead and push it through the Association. It’s tiresome, but I need to at least follow the Association’s rules.”

……..that’s right. The Kroseid Style Magecraft has an organization that manages and supervises its usage. There are certification levels for the users, and they have many rules limiting what kind of Magecraft Spell each level can use.

In general, they determine the certification levels by the difficulty of the Spell you can use, and that’s natural, since the failed combination of Spells could self-destruct and injure or kill the caster.

Riol: “.......and in order to get there, I must continue my lessons with Miss Lana. Let’s end the break here.”

Lana: “Yes.” And the two geniuses began working once again.

………to get out of their way, we excuse ourselves and left the room.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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