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Extreme Flame Wizard c67

Chapter 67: The Temporary Club Member Wizard

At the Rolmod Wizard Academy, there is a Student Council.

They are responsible for helping the students be more self-sustaining, self-disciplined, and to build a stronger foundation for Spell-learning, but much of that is an excuse to mask their true purpose - to protect the safety of the students and peace of the school campus.

Miru: “That’s why after school, you will see us patrol the school grounds like this.” Igni: “I see.”

Igni (specifically) knows her best for her overly abundant chest size, but he is currently going around the school grounds with the Student Council President, Miru.

And Yoori is currently going around the school with the Ore-Girl and Miss Miko.

Miss Valia who’s always wound up heavily in bandages was absent, and she may have already gone home.

Igni: “But why are students responsible for the safety and peace of the school premise?” Miru: “Hm? There’s lots of reasons. One is so the school faculty gets time to do their [Research].”

Igni: “Research….”

Igni mumbles as he repeats Miru’s words.

Miru: “Yeah, the Rolmod Wizard Academy is also famous for and heavily invested in their Research! So our teachers will be performing experiments day and night.” Igni: “What kind of research?” Miru: “That would depend on the teacher. Igni, who’s your homeroom teacher?”

Igni: “Ms. Elenoir."

Miru: “She’s most known for her Spore Spell research. Even beyond this Kingdom, I don’t think there’s anyone else in this world who is more knowledgeable and adept at Spore Magic than her.”

Igni: “She's quite amazing then.” Miru: “Yu~p.”

The two are currently walking in the “Old School Building” which is currently an unused facility.

Well, because it’s not used for anything specific, someone might be using it for [something else].

Igni: “Miss Student Council President.”

Miru: “You can call me Miru!”

Igni: “President Miru.”

Miru: “What is it?”

Igni wanted to ask one particular thing that was bugging him.

Igni: “Is there really any point to this?” Miru: “Of course! You’re getting to walk around school with an amazingly cute upper-classman. Isn’t that reason enough?” Igni: “That is true, but that’s not what I mean. When you’re patrolling, do you like….how do I put it…..catch any students in the act?”

From Igni’s perspective, this school is full of students, but they couldn’t cause that much trouble, could they? Miru: “Yup. All the time.” President Miru nodded affirmatively quickly and casually.

Igni: “.......are you being serious?”

Miru: “It’s true that we patrol the school grounds to make sure no students are doing anything shady. But another thing we do is help students who overdo it and need help.”

Igni: “Overdo it?”

Miru: “Yeah. Last week…..ummm….that’s right. It was at the Biology Research Club, but one of their specimens escaped.”

<DOOONNN!!> (sfx explosion)

As soon as President Miru finished those words, a large explosion-like noise erupted as a giant creature’s head tore through the school building!

Miru: “Yup! Just like this!!”

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite}!!”

Igni pumps power into his {Fireball}.

Miru: “Igni, make sure to not kill it.”

“Miru! My bad! Can you do something about that on your end?!”

Looking closer, on the new school building, Miss Miko was waving her hand at Miru and Igni.

Next to her, Igni saw Yoori’s paled, terrified face as he was using some sort of Spell.

And in the sky right now, there were those creatures flying through the air.

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

And Igni shot his Spell upwards.

As soon as it struck the creatures, they were blown back and fell to the ground.

Igni: (Are these……..animals?)

They had the face of a lion and the body of a horse. They had wings growing on their backs and had other various body parts from other animals.

Miru: “Oh, those are Chimeras the Biology Research Club is creating. The creatures sometimes escape so we have to catch them like this.”

Igni: “Sometimes…..?”

Girls were carrying nets and approaching the Chimeras Igni shot down and secured them.

The girls waved a hand at Igni, and dragged the Chimeras away.

Igni: “Was that the Biology Research Club members?” Miru: “Yup! That’s them!”

The Biology Research Club was mostly girls.

80% of this school are female, so that’s not uncommon, and Igni made sure to memorize each of the girl’s faces.

Their faces were recorded and memorized in perfect memory.

Although this would be considered creepy as hell, no one could know what’s going on inside Igni’s head, so there was no one to stop him.

Miru: “So just like that, sometimes there are accidents or unexpected happenings at the club meetings, so we have to help clean up after them. If we can’t do anything about it, we’ll call for a teacher.”

Igni: “I see…”

Miru: “Oh, Igni. Please memorize which part of the building was destroyed. We’ll have to submit paperwork to the Repair Department later.”

Igni: “Understood!”

And Igni sharply salutes Miru.

Igni: (I was worried that it would be boring within the Student Council, but maybe I could stand out more here…)

Igni especially recalls the girls who waved a hand at him.

At least here, he feels like he’s doing some good for the people around him.

Miru: “Oh, that reminds me. Igni, did you already decide on what path you’ll take?”

Igni: “Path?”

Path to where? Miru: “Huh? Did they not tell you when you enrolled? Starting from the 2nd Year, I thought they gave out the assignments.”

Igni: “AーAssignments…?” Igni: (Maybe they did explain it during the Entrance Ceremony?)

Igni paid no attention to the contents of those speeches so he tilts his head and groans.

Miru: “Haha. I see. Judging from your face, you weren’t listening, huh.” Igni: “...........yes.”

Miru: “At the Rolmod Wizard Academy, you’ll be placed on a Graduation Path starting from your 2nd year. You’ll be assigned to learn more about the things that you’re good at.”

Igni: “Things I’m good at….” Miru: “Yup. Like, Miko for instance is in the [Wizard Combat] Path. That’s 100% about fighting and battling. Vanguard, rearguard, that kind of stuff. They learn their roles in battle and in the future, they’ll be Wizards fighting in wars and against Monsters. It’s that kind of path. But you’ll never be out of a job for sure!”

Igni: (Oh…….I’m most likely heading there…..)

Miru: “Other paths are [Support and Assistance], [Alchemist], [Healer], [Intel Gathering], stuff like that. There’s a lot of different paths.”

Igni: “What path are you on, President Miru?” Miru: “I’m [Support and Assistance]!”

Igni: “Oh, really?”

When Igni was invited by the Student Council President to join the Student Council, he investigated Miru’s background.

There, he uncovered incident after incident of Miru’s amazing battle feats and accomplishments.

Judging by her record, it would be pretty obvious that she would be in the [Wizard Combat] path but….

Miru: “Well, it’s because <I already know how to fight>.”

And with a cheerful smile, Miru told Igni matter of factly.

Igni: “IーI see…..!”

It’s true that President Miru is already strong, so she doesn’t need to enroll in the [Wizard Combat] path.

Igni: (So….there is more than one way to determine your path…..!)

Miru: “Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend doing what I did…….oh, WATCH OUT!”

It occurred right at Igni’s blindside.

Something came flying through the window where Miru was standing next to!

Miru pushed Igni down and…

Miru: “[Restrain them].”

Countless shadowy strands emerged from a goopy substance and captured a flying creature.

Miru: “That was clo~se…Igni, are you okay?”

When Miru pushed him to the ground, Igni’s head was buried between two mountains against the Student Council President’s chest.

Igni: “IーI’m…..not…..okay……”

Igni: (I think I can die happily any time now….)

Igni: (If I can die being buried in this……….I’ve fulfilled all my duties……)

Before the almighty breasts, Igni was defeated instantly.

And strangely, to him, it was the most pleasant sense of defeat he ever felt.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 3

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