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Extreme Flame Wizard c68

Chapter 68: A New Move and the Wizard

Miko: “What’s up, Igni? You had something you wanted to try out?” Igni: “Yes, that’s right.”

Miko: “Yeah, I can help if you need it.” {Note: Miko is an Ore-girl}

Igni: “Thank you so much!”

Igni and Miko are currently at the [Battle Simulation Training Field].

Or just [Practice Field] for short.

Miko: “But why me?” Igni: “Because I trust you, Miss Miko!”

Miko: “OーOh…’s kinda embarrassing when you say that to my face….”

Miko: “And….so what’re we going to do?” Igni: “I found a new move I wanted to try out.” Miko: “Oh! That’s great! Let’s see what you got.”

Igni begins initiating Magic Power.

Up to here is the same as [Equip Flame] {Ignite}.

But from here…

Igni took the initiated Magic Power…..and reversed its direction to circulate it.

Igni: “Fuh!!” (sfx quick exhale)

As soon as Igni steps forward, Miko and Igni both widened their eyes at Igni's the sudden acceleration and speed.

And Igni’s accelerated body <SLAMS!> into the Practice Field’s wall.

Miko: “IーIgni! Are you okay?!”

Miko hurriedly goes to Igni’s side to check.

Igni: “......thーthat…...really hurt………”

Miko: “Of course it did! AーAre you okay? Are you injured anywhere??”

Igni: “......LーLooks like…..I’m okay…..”

Miko: “Well, that’s a relief……”

Having Miko’s concerned face up close looked cute to Igni.

Miko: “So what was that just now?” Igni: “Well, we just came back from a Quest at the Principality.”

Miko: “Yeah, I heard.” Igni: “And I met a Ninja there.”

Miko: “Ninja?!”

The next moment, Miko picked up Igni’s body and shook him.

Miko: “WーWas there really a Ninja?!”

Igni: “YーYes, there was….”

Miko: “REALLYー?! AWWWW MAN~!! I’m so jealous~ You're so lucky!”

Igni: “Miss Miko…….do you… Ninjas?”

Miko: “YEAH!! I love them!”

Her eyes sparkled brightly with stars as she smiled with the images of Ninjas in her mind. She looked incredibly cute now.

Igni: “So, I saw the Ninja…...use Magic Power like this and…..”

Miko: “So they initiated Magic Power and…”

Igni: “And after that, they circulated the Magic Power within their body.”

Miko: “I’ve never tried that before~ So why does that raise your physical abilities?” Igni: “I’m not sure. It’s amazing though.”

Igni and Miko both discuss the mystery of the whole phenomenon.

Magic Power initiation is the foundation of creating Spells.

It’s just like a warm-up before you exercise, and it’s to help the Magic Power react and course through the Spell logic when the time comes.

So instead of casting a Spell, just circulating that Magic Power throughout your body is puzzling.

Igni: “Next, I’m going to circulate the power more slowly.”

Miko: “Got it. I’ll catch you this time.”

Igni: “IーIs that okay?” Miko: “Isn’t that why you called me here?” Igni: “Well, actually no…I meant to do a practice fight…”

Igni did not expect circulating Magic Power would be this difficult.

Igni: “WーWell, anyways. Let’s start over….ーーHere I come!”

Miko: “I’m ready!”

Igni began initiating Magic Power…...and looked directly at Miko.

He’s circulating it at about 15 rotations per second.

It’s about half the speed of last time.

Igni: “Fuh!!” (sfx exhale)

Igni kicks the ground.

In an instant, he saw Miko’s face right before his eyes and….

Miko: “That was close…”

Miko held him tightly.

Igni: (So soft…..)

Miko: “Are you okay, Igni?” Igni: “YーYes...yes I am…”

Miko: “Your face is red. Are you sure you’re okay??”

Igni: “Yes, I’m fine…..”

Igni: (Oh crap...Miss Miko’s being so kind…..)

Igni’s heart tilts towards Miko instantly.

Miko: “Hey, don’t worry. I’ll catch you every time.”

Miko gives Igni a big smile as she says so.

Igni: (She’s seriously really cool right now…….)

Igni blushes.

Igni: “I’ll get it right this time.”

Igni begins the Magic Power initialization and circulates at 10 rotations per second!

Igni: “........!”

But this time, Igni is in control of his body.

He was able to immediately stop right before Miko.

Miko: “You already got the hang of this, Igni?” Igni: “Yes! It’s all thanks to you, Miss Miko.”

Miko: “Then do you want to try it? Do a practice spar?”

Igni: “Let’s!!”

<GOH> (sfx) and within Miko, she unleashes her Magic Power.

Miko: “[Physical Enhancement] {Activate}!”

And without warning, she attacks.

Miko’s fist brushes where Igni was a moment ago.

But Igni saw it coming.

Igni: “Here I come, Miss Miko!”

Miko: “I won’t lose this time, Igni!!”

The two spar and their fists clash.

The other students at the Practice Field stop to watch their fight.

<DON!> <DOONN!!!> <DONNN!!!> (sfx)

Fists clash against fists. Kicks clash against kicks, and explosive impacts scatter everywhere around the field as the two run around.

Miko: “Isn’t this fun, Igni!!”

Igni: “Yes!”

Igni learns the joy of feeling his body move at incredible speeds - the exhilaration!

Miko: “Then, <let’s step it up a notch>”

Igni: “......!!”

Miko disappears.

Igni tries to instinctively look for her but……

Igni: (No! Don’t rely on your instincts!!)

He circulates the magic within his eyes.

Igni: (Turn!! Rotate!!)

The next moment, the world sluggishly moves.

Miko: “Sh!!” (sfx exhale)

Igni: “.......!”’

Miko’s kick hits Igni’s guard!!

Miko: “I'm impressed, Igni!”

Igni: “....I’m starting to understand how to use this technique!”

Without a teacher, without understanding of the mechanisms of the technique…...Igni builds upon each and every one of his experiences and has one hand grasped onto a Skill that would open up an entirely new world.

And he always carried this potential.

Normally, other Wizards would not choose the method of manipulating Magic Power once it was initiated like Igni’s [Equip Flame] {Ignite}. When Magic Power is initiated in any way, it is like a lighted fuse to a bomb.

Rather than handling something so dangerous, it is <normal> to take that dangerous power and fire it away from you as soon as possible - this is the safest and most logical route for any Wizard.

But Igni is not normal.

Because he can only use one basic Spell, he had to step into uncharted territory in order to defeat the Monsters in the [Demon King’s Realm].

Igni: (I need to….increase the rotation speed!)

Igni raises the rotation speed to 20 times per second!

Igni: “Fuh!!” (sfx exhale)

Miko: “You’ve gotten faster again, Igni!”

Igni: “HAH!!” (sfx exhale)

Igni reels back his fist and swings it straight into Miko’s guard with both arms crossed.

But Igni’s fist punches through with burst of explosion ringing the air and strikes Miko with a critical hit!!

Her body flies backwards through the air!


“He’s a 1st Year! He’s the one that destroyed the [Target]”

“He also won the Tournament this year……” The crowds observing Igni and Miko began talking amongst themselves.

Miko: “......that’s an amazing skill…..” Igni: “Yes it is. I’m surprised myself.” Miko shakes off the hit on both her arms and comes towards Igni.

Looks like they’re taking a short break.

Miko: “Hey, Igni. Why didn’t you try a new Spell instead of learning a weird technique like that?” Igni: “I can only use the Spell {Fireball}.” Miko: “Is that even possible?” Igni: “Yes, I’m an [Ultimate Spell Specialized ・Spell One] so….”

Miko: “......whーwhat was that again…..?” Igni: “Huh? I said I’m an [Ultimate Spell Specialized ・Spell One]....”

Miko: “WhーWhat is that?! That sounds so awesome! That’s so cool, Igni!!”

Igni: (Miss Miko……..!!)

Simple-minded Igni’s heart tilted even more into falling in love with Miko.

Miko: “So that’s why you were doing all sorts of stuff with {Fireball}!”

Igni: “Yes! Exactly!”

Miko: “Then you really can’t use any other Spells?” Igni: “None at all.”

Igni’s smile widens from ear to ear.

Miko: “Then Igni. Could you change the shape of {Fireball}?” Igni: “ThーThe shape?” Miko: “Yeah, like….make it into a spear-shaped {Fireball} or an arrow-shaped {Fireball}.”

Igni: “NーNo. That would be impossible…..” Because those aren’t [ball] shaped…..

The prior would be a {Fire Lance} and the latter would be a {Fire Arrow} and those are completely different Spells.

Miko: “IーIs that right……”

And Miko seems a little disappointed.

Igni: (Was there something she wanted to try out?)

Igni: “But on the other hand, <no matter what kind of shape I’m using it for>, as long as I’m using the spherical {Fireball}, I can cast it like that.”

Miko: “Hm? ……...HMM???”

Miko tries to think about this but not understanding, quickly gives up.

Miko: “Well, enough about {Fireball} then. Can I try to do what you did?”

Igni: “Yes!”

Igni begins circulating the Magic Power around his eyes.

Again, the world slows down around him.

Igni: “ it works like this…..”

By initiating and circulating Magic Power in certain areas of the body, that area is strengthened.

It is very similar to {Physical Enhancement}.

But it is different from {Physical Enhancement} at the same time.

Igni: (What is this technique….?)

Miko: “Here I come!!”

Miko shouts, and as soon as she steps forward, she flies into the air.

It was the same as when Igni first tried and went out of control!

Igni hurriedly catches Miko.

Miko: “EEP!!” Hearing a cry that was 100 times cuter than what he would have imagined her shout, Miko snuggly fits into Igni’s arms.

Igni: “Miss Miko, are you okay?”

Miko: “YーYeah, I’m fine.”

Igni: “Your face is all red?! Are you sure you’re okay?!?!”

Miko: “IーI’m telling you, I’m fine…….”

Miko’s face went scarlet inside Igni’s arms.


An Appendix from the Extreme Flame Wizard Author about {Fireball}:

【Scatter Shot】

Inside a {Fireball}, many smaller {Fireball}s are created inside of it, and by giving the main body’s {Fireball} a specific direction to explode, the {Fireball}s inside scatter in that direction.

【Armor Pierce】

By making the {Fireball} heavy with Magic Power, it is then spun at high speeds until the shape begins to bend like a football and increases its ability to pierce the air. It can pierce even Upper-Class Defensive Spells.


By decreasing the power of【Pierce】, Igni increases its range and distance.


A {Fireball} shape that focuses on its concentration and not power. It is effective even against enemies with high fire tolerance, and rather than burning the enemy, this {Fireball} physically punches them.


By registering the opponent’s Magic Power, the {Fireball} will follow after the target. The range is about 250 meters (273 yards). Beyond that range, the {Fireball} will have difficulty tracing the target.


Similar to how the【Scatter Shot】is formed, after it is shot, the {Fireball}s within that scatters also explodes and blows up anything and everything to become an effective area attack.

【Max Giant】

Increasing the size of a {Fireball} continuously.

【Comet Meteor】

A [Disaster-Level] Spell that drops a {Fireball} that is hundreds of meters in diameter at a rate of a few kilometers per second.

【Molecular Minima】

A {Fireball} so small that it cannot be seen by the naked eye.


Next-Tier Spells.

【Rotating Acceleration】

Placing a {Fireball} inside a Magic Power Furnace and accelerating it to the speed of light before firing. It creates a [Epic-Scale] Class Spell.

【Lightning Fire】

Creating molecular sized {Fireball}s that creates friction with the other molecules surrounding them that causes a negative electro-magnetic pull that attracts a lightning bolt with a positive electro-magnetic energy.

【Complete Incineration : Full Burst】

Creates a singularity that formed the universe.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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