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Extreme Flame Wizard c66

Chapter 66: Book 3 Prologue [The "Hero’s" Cover Up Story]

This is a long forgotten fairy tale.

A piece of history left behind 100 years ago.

No one knows what is fact or fiction.

All who knew the truth have passed away.

But this was a fairy-tale fable made as a cover-up by the Hero himself.

From that point alone, it is worth listening to the tale.


The smell of blood and burnt corpses.

No matter where you go now, the stench of death clung to your body.

“Ha ha. This is amazing.”

The “Hero” stood on a point that could overlook the City’s Walls, and he laughed.

The city was completely surrounded by countless armies who were waiting and waiting for the [King] to deliver the signal to charge.

“Hmmmmmm~ Can we really win against that~?”

On the very last territory remaining for humanity, the “Hero” smiled in a jovial, carefree manner.


5 years ago, in the northern lands, one king was born.

At first, they said that it was just a man.

But could that really be true?

He was said to be a [Demon Race], and [Elf] or a [Dwarf] by other rumors.

There was no way to be certain of the facts, and there is no point now to find out the truth either.

As soon as the [King] was born, a [Declaration of War] was given to a country.

No one took it seriously. They thought that it was nothing more than the ravings of a madman.

No one had any concerns in their mind.

Butーーin 2 weeks time, that country fell into demise.

The [King] overtook the fallen country and its 150,000 citizens, conscripted all of them into his army, and declared war on the next country neighboring them.

The next country only lasted 1 week this time.

After 15 countries were completely wiped off the map, the remaining countries frantically created an alliance and created an army in order to take down one man.

It was already [1 year] after the King was born. The alliance was formed much too late for it to matter now.

The word “obliterated” was most appropriate to describe the battles that came next.

The armies of the [King] did not die.

To be accurate, <even though they were already dead>, they continued to fight.

The King’s army was the army of the dead.

The [King]’s Magic Type was a [Unique Original] : [Immortal Undead].

He had the ability to raise the dead back to life and make them his puppet.

It was a lost ability that made something from absolutely nothing - the Magic of Miracles.

His Spell was later known and called as such from that time onwards.

The [King]’s armies did not die, and those who were slain by the [King] were given new life and served in his army.

And before an army that kept doubling after each battle, humanity was helpless.

A [King] that was like a Demon. The [King] of Demons.

Hence, he was called the [Demon King].


“Sir ‘Hero’, please restrain yourself.”

A young girl who was standing behind the smiling Hero sharply chastises him.

“Oh come on~ Someone who’s supposed to be the hope of humanity should be laughing especially in a time like this.”

Glorius, the [Omnipotent].

He was born in this world with an [S] compatibility in all Magic Types.

Humanity’s strongest man laughed as he replied.

“ you think...we can win?”

Glorius: “Um~ well, I’m not sure.”

The “Hero” glanced at the Zombie Dragons that resided in the far back of the army.

15 in total.

Dragons are known as the strongest race.

Even as corpses, their strengths were unparalleled.

Glorius: “I think...we can win.”

It was a lie.

At the very least, the “Hero” and his party have recorded 15 or more losses to the [Demon King].

They couldn’t challenge him directly.

They could not breach the armies of the undead that wouldn’t die with swords or Spells.

Even if they could overcome the hordes, their stamina would be drained.

And on top of that, they would have to fight with the 4 Pillars that serve the [Demon King].

Under those circumstances, the best they could do is run around and avoid death.

Hence, they are here in this situation today.

“.........why……….why is the [Demon King’s Army] not attacking us?” Glorius: “Who knows? Maybe they’re enjoying the view.”

And the Hero laughed again at his own comment.

Glorius: “You have to admit, there’s no way for humanity to win.”

He shrugs his shoulders.

A 10 km (6.2 mile) diameter circle. That was all that remained of humanity’s territory.

The rest of the lands were completely covered by the Demon King’s armies. The dead corpses became part of the landscape, and a cursed taint spread across the earth.

The tainted, cursed ground no longer supported regular wildlife.

Even if they could defeat the Demon King, they would be faced with a monumental task of dealing with so little to live off of.

And that’s <ONLY IF> they could win.

Glorius: “This is absolutely hopeless for sure~”

The Hero laughs again.

If he didn’t, his will to live would crumble instantly.

His family, his friends, and his comrades all faced death.

And even more soldiers continue to die.

And having the entirety of humanity’s existence placed on his shoulders, the Hero has kept himself from losing his mind, because he had little to no sanity from the start.

“There you are, Glorius.”

Glorius: “Hey, it’s Cain. Are you doing well?”

The “Master Swordsman” Cain Esmeralda.

Even humanity’s greatest swordsman can do nothing against an army of hundreds of millions.

Cain: “You aren’t going to sleep?” It is already deep into the night.

The moonlight is the only source of light helping them to see in this darkness.

Glorius: “I would sleep if I could, but that was before I got a ti~ny glimpse of this view.”

Cain: “..........yeah.”

Is there any one thick-skinned enough who can sleep inside the last bastion of humanity while being surrounded by hundreds of millions of enemies who churned and crawled around the surrounding terrain?

Cain: “Tomorrow will probably be out last fight.”

Glorius: “Don’t say such depressing things, Cain.”

Cain: “.....I’m sorry.”

In response to the unusually cheerful Hero’s voice, the “Master Swordsman” lowered his voice apologetically.

Glorius: “How many are left?”

Cain: “100,000. Out of those, 50,000 are injured.”

That was humanity’s last remaining strength.

Glorius: “Hmmm~ This is really hopeless~”

With that, Glorius laughed again.

Glorius: “What about the Healers?”

Cain: “They are working themselves to the bone…...but they’re too busy taking care of the corpses of our dead.”

Glorius: “Ah….yeah….”

An average corpse would usually rise and begin their activities under the [Demon King’s Army]. Because of that, they have to cremate the body and crush the remaining bones to dust.

Going so far, even if it was given [life], it would not be able to move.

It was a despicable way of handling the bodies without an ounce of dignity.

But if they did not do so, humanity would have perished already.

Glorius: “Did the Generals of the Elves and Dwarves make up with each other?” Cain: “Do you think they’ll ever, Glorius?”

Glorius: “Nope.”

Both the “Hero” and the “Master Swordsman” laugh merrily at that.

Even if 90% of humanity disappears...

Even if they are only given a sliver of territory that is barely enough to sustain them...

People still do not know how to cooperate with one another.

Cain: “Glorius, at least go see the princess.”

Glorius: “Hm? She’s not asleep?” Cain: “She’s waiting anxiously for you.”

Glorius: “Alright. Then I’ll head over. Take care of things here.”

Cain: “Yeah.”

With that, the “Hero” descends down the observation tower.

He heads to the fortress in the center of the city.

And he is specifically looking for one particular girl inside there.

“Sir ‘Hero’!”

“Sir ‘Hero’!!”

As he walks through the city, a soldier with bandages wrapped around his body, and another soldier who lost all 4 limbs calls out to him. If not from them, then others survivors who were on the edge of despair.

“Can we win…….? Can we win against the [Demon King’s Army]?” Glorius: “We will win.”

What shallow and meaningless words those are.

How many times do you think they lost already?

Isn’t there an insurmountable force waiting to crush them outside those walls?

“It’s because I am the [Strongest].”

But as the [Hope] of everyone around him, he is not permitted to doubt.

No matter how many people around him die, no matter how many children die, he will not put on any other expression other than a smile.

That is what it means to be a “Hero.” “Sir ‘Hero’! Please talk to this underground mole! He won’t listen to anything I have to say!”

“WHAT?! Sir ‘Hero’! Please scold this useless, hulking giant! They are looking down on us Dwarves!!”

As soon as he enters the fortress, the Generals of the Elven and Dwarven armies come running up to him.

Glorius: “Ha ha. You two get along so well.”

“ “ HOW?!?! ” ”

Glorius: “And today will be the last time I see you guys fight.”

As Glorius smiles, both of the Generals fall silent.

The two also recognize the situation.

Tomorrow, this land will turn into Hell itself.

In this last remaining territory, it is not only soldiers here.

There are Elves, Dwarves, the [Beast Race], and Humans.

Everyone is now crowded around touching shoulder to shoulder in these last remaining moments.

If the [Demon King’s Armies] breach the walls, humanity literally will be exterminated.

“Hey, Glorius. The princess is waiting for you upstairs.”

A Mage wearing a Robe greets him heartily. It is the [Sage] Aria.

She is also one of the precious members of the “Hero’s” Party.

Glorius: “Yup, I heard. I came here to say hi.”

Aria: “You mean goodbye?”

Glorius: “Something like that.”

Both laugh at their own comments.

Jokes lose their humor going this dark and deep, but no one can make it through this night if they are not laughing.

Glorius takes the stairs up to the top floor and knocks on the door several times.

“Come in.”

Glorius: “Hey.”

Walking into the room, he sees one girl with her face downcast.

“Sir Hero…..”

Glorius: “Are you well, princess?”

The last remaining Royalty of humanity’s face was clouded with fear and doubt.

“Will……..will humanity prevail…….?” Glorius: “We have to, right?”

The “Hero” laughs.

“Maybe…...maybe we should…...even now…...consider surrendering to the [Demon King’s Army]?” Glorius: “No, we can’t. You already know what happened to the countries that did.”

There were more than a few countries who raised the white flag of surrender before the tremendous force of the [Demon King’s Army].

And by the next day, all were conscripted and became the [Demon King’s].

Glorius: “We……...well, all I can say is that we still have a chance at victory.” “Do you…..really believe so?”

Glorius: “Yeah. The [Demon King] will have to come to the frontlines tomorrow. That has happened in every single invasion without exception. So if everyone can cooperate with each other, we can reach the [Demon King] and……..then we have a chance.”

“Do you… you really believe that that can happen, Sir Hero?”

Glorius: “If we don’t then we all die happily as a group. Everyone will.”

And with that the Hero barks out a laugh.

This plan has been planned, executed on many occasions…….and each time, it failed.

“Sir Hero…...we could hold the ceremony right now if you wish.” Glorius: “The Wedding Ceremony?” “Yes.”

Glorius: “That’s………”

That was supposed to occur after they defeated the [Demon King].

Originally, the Hero planned to take down the [Demon King] within a half year, and the princess…...and many more people believed that he would succeed.

Glorius: “Tomorrow. If we live through tomorrow, then let’s hold the ceremony, princess.”


She nods obediently.

Glorius: “So please get some rest tonight.”

“........yes…..I understand.”

And with that, she lays down on her bed.

Glorius: “Good night.” “Good night, Sir Hero”

Glorius turns off the light of the lamp and leaves the room.

“Sir Hero.”

Glorius: “What is it, Freya?”

It was the same girl that was behind the Hero at the observation tower.

Freya: “I think it is about time that you get some rest….”

Glorius: “Hmmmmm~ do you really think so?” Freya: “Yes. You need to go into tomorrow’s battle in your best condition possible.”

Glorius: “I see. Then I’ll take your advice and get some rest.”

The Hero who had just fought for 72 hours without rest smiled at Freya and headed back to his room.

Glorius: “Hey, Cain. Did Freya come talk to you as well?” Cain: “Yeah. She told me, ‘Prepare for tomorrow.’ That’s all.”

Aria: “You’re going to die anyways right? What’s the point of resting then?” Glorius: “You’re dark as always, Aria.” The 3 who composed the Hero’s Party laugh together.

Before, there was the [Shield Tank] Rock.

But he’s no longer here.

A few months ago, he did not return from a battle.

Cain: “I’ll get some sleep.” Glorius: “Good night, Cain.”

The “Master Swordsman” laid down under his blanket.

Glorius too laid down in his blanket and pulled the sheets over him.

Aria: “It will be your last dream. Make it a pleasant one.” Glorius: “Thank you, Aria.” And with that, the two finished their conversation and fell asleep.


The dream was absolutely awful.

The stench of blood and death was everywhere.

It was the unique stench of the rotting corpses of the [Demon King’s Army].

Within the dream, they were crushing the [Demon King’s Army].

Glorius: (Even inside my dream, I’m fighting…)

And Glorius couldn’t help but laugh inside his dream.

Is it because it’s a dream? His body feels light.

Unlike the numerous failed attempts before, he is able to proceed past the soldiers of the [Demon King’s Army] without being impeded.

He would swing his blade, blast his spell, and swing his blade again.

Taking the shortest, straightest route to the [Demon King], the Hero arrives.

Glorius: (Awww man….I wish real life was this easy….)

And as he briefly thought these things, he cut off the head of the Demon King who stood there in disbelief.

ーーAnd then he awoke.


Before his eyes was the Demon King without his head.

In his hand was a sword stained with the Demon King’s blood.

And behind them, Aria and Cain were fighting with the 4 Pillars of the Demon King.

Glorius: “..............what?”

He thought this was a dream.

He thought this was a cosmic irony playing out in his head.

He thought that because he wished to defeat the [Demon King] so much, he made up this illusion to satisfy those needs.

But the Demon King stood there beheaded.


Glorius heard one of the Pillars scream in terror.

The [Demon King’s Army] that was surrounding the last territory of humanity crumbled audibly and disintegrated.

Glorius: (...........what is this?)

Glorius: (What is happening, right now?)


One of the 4 Pillars flew in to hold the Demon King’s body in their arms.

Cain was following close behind to attack, but Glorius shouts at him.

Glorius: “Wait, Cain! Situation Report!”

Aria: “Glorius! What happened…..?!”

Glorius heard the shock in Aria’s voice.

Cain: “..................?!”

Cain stops at Glorius’ words and……...his eyes widen.

They’re crumbling. The corpses of the [Demon King’s Army] is crumbling to pieces.

Glorius: “........we won? Humanity…….won?”

The Hero’s whispered words were nothing less than the truth.

They finally achieved the long sought victory.

No one understood what happened that day, and no one could come to terms with the situation.

That day, humanity was victorious against the [Demon King’s Army].


The following 3 days were filled with taking care of the aftermath of the war.

With the [Demon King’s] death, the [Demon King’s Army] fell to pieces, but starting with the 4 Pillars, the various officers and leaders who still held vast amounts of power were no longer protected from death from the [Demon King], and they generally split into two groups - those who continued to turn their fangs against humanity and those who retreated.

Glorius and his Party continued to slay and cut down the Monsters who continued to fight against humanity.

Without the [Strongest] Wizard, the [Demon King], for the various recruits of the [Demon King’s Army], death became an absolute reality.

The difference in their strength was so disappointingly astounding that now Glorius’ group wanted to scream, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!?!” in frustration at times thinking about how incredibly easy the fight became after [Demon King]’s demise.

The 2 hours that no one speaks of.

The 2 hours when humanity began its last assault against the Demon King’s Army, and the “Hero” arrived to behead the Demon King.

During that time, aside from the Hero, <ALL OF HUMANITY’S MEMORY> was wiped clean.

What actually happened and what actually occurred.

During the period after the victory against the [Demon King’s Army], people spoke in hushed rumors.

Humanity did defeat the Demon King’s Army, but they had paid the price.

40,000 people.

This was the total number of lives lost on their final assault against the Demon King’s Army.

Yes, 40,000 people.

<NO ONE REMEMBERS> the moments when 40,000 lives were lost.

The general public cried out, “THIS IS A MIRACLE OF GOD!”

The general public cried out, “THE DEMON KING FELL TO HIS OWN DEMISE!”

Rumors called upon other rumors, and without anyone being able to regain their memory, only time passed quickly.

It took a full month before they could get rid of the remnants of the Demon King’s Army.

The remaining Monsters had low morale, and defeating them posed no problems.

The problem was the tainted and polluted land.

Plants and trees were nowhere to be seen, and any food that was planted wilted immediately.

Fortunately, the number of people who survived was very few.

In other words, they did not have to worry about gathering much food due to the low population.

Glorius: “In other words, we need a festival or a celebration.”

Cain: “What’s with you all of a sudden, Glorius.”

During a serious meeting, the Hero, Glorius, suddenly spoke up.

Glorius: “We defeated the Demon King. But humanity was left only with a victory.”

Cain: “Glorius? Are you still with us? What’s gotten into you?” The “Master Swordsman” Cain was doing the best he could to keep Glorius and the members of the meeting on the same page.

Cain: (Has all the fighting finally gotten to his head?)

Glorius: “We won, but everyone is thinking too deeply. No, they’re <THINKING TOO HARD!!>”

And slamming his fist against the table with a <BAM!!>, Glorius stood up.

Glorius: “We need to… know! Let’s celebrate! Let’s let loose! Let’s be more happy! More energetic! Right now, what people need is to be cheerful again!”

Aria: “What, then you’re ready to do that, Glorius?”

The Sage Aria laughs.

Aria: “The Wedding Celebration between you and the princess.”

But with those words, the entire meeting room now fell silent for a different reason.

Glorius: “........oh―”

They would hold the wedding ceremony if they survived. He did swear that oath the day before the Demon King was slain.

Glorius: “.......she’s….not coming out of her room yet, right?” Aria: “Yeah, not yet.” Aria shrugs at Glorius’ comment.

It’s been one month since the Demon King was slain.

And of course, many people were overjoyed by the news.

Yes, many, many people were.

Because there was only one person who was not willing to celebrate.

The kind princess mourned for the 40,000 who died for humanity, and now was shut inside her room.

Cain: “Glorius, why don’t you go and speak with her?” Glorius: “I have. Many, many times. She won’t open the door for me.” Aria: “Why not forcefully enter? You are the boyfriend.”

Glorius: “There are such things as manners, Aria.”

Aria: “But a month?”

Glorius: “Urgh…..”

Glorius groans.

It’s true. Aria is right. It’s already been 1 month.

It’s just simply too much time.

Glorius: “Fine. I’ll go.”

Aria: “Good. We would expect nothing less. You want us to go with you, Mr. Hero?”

Glorius: “No way. I’ll go alone.”

With that, Glorius left the meeting room.

He headed to the top floor of the fortress to where the last remaining Royalty resided.

Glorius: “..........are you awake?” “Yes……….I am awake…..”

Her voice sounded deflated and lifeless.

For an entire month, she has had trouble eating and sleeping.

Glorius: “.......could I come in?”

“I’m sorry. Sir Hero, I still…….”

Glorius: “.......if you don’t mind that it’s me, I can hear you out.”


The voice in front of the door wavered strongly.

“Sir Hero. Will you…….still love me…….no matter what?” Glorius: “Yeah, of course. Isn’t that a given?”

“No matter what happens, will you…..not turn me away?” Glorius: “Yes, I promise.” “........then……..I will tell you. Please open the door.” Glorius slowly opens the door.

It has been one month since he last saw her, and her face was gaunt and eyes swollen from the tears.

“It was me……..I was the one who did it.”

As Glorius stepped into the room, that was the first remark she made.

Glorius: “.........I guess it would be rude to ask about what.”

“I…….I was the one who killed them!!”

And with that, the tears came down all the more.

“......if……...if humanity…….! If humanity became one…..! We could defeat the Demon King…..!! We could get married…….!! But just for that…..I………...I!!”

With a torrent of emotions flooding out of her, she choked on her words, and the Hero gently held her.

Glorius: “I need you to take a deep breath. Please, can you tell me? Can you tell me what happened back there?”


Glorius: “Spell……?” Glorius tilted his head within his heart.

Glorius: (That’s strange.)

Glorius: (This girl……..I don’t believe she had any talent for Spells…..)

“I……..I…….! It was me! <I CONTROLLED EVERYONE>.........THAT’S WHY…..!!”

Glorius: “ can tell me from the beginning. It’s okay. Let’s calm down a little.”

All Glorius could do was try to calm her feelings down.

That’s all.

“I……..My Spell allows me to [Control People]! But when they are under my control, their memories are lost. What…….WHAT A CRUEL AND FILTHY SPELL! WHAT A HORRIFYING AND AWFUL SPELL………! THAT’S WHY……..! THAT’S WHY….!!”

Glorius: “.......that’s why you controlled all of humanity?”

She could not nod in reply and only cried.

“.......I…...I was the one who killed them! I killed those with family members, children who had a future……..! All because I wanted to be with you, Sir Hero………!!”

Defeating the [Demon King] was theoretically possible.

If all of humanity cooperated and worked together as one organism would and supported one another, they would be able to deliver the Hero to the [Demon King]’s location.

If they could do that, humanity would win. But this was just an empty theory.

Reality would not be so kind.

There are Races that cannot get along like Elves and Dwarves.

No one could say with a straight face that all humans get along fine with one another.

Serving under abysmally low morale, starting from the most veteran warriors, they all perished one by one in this Hell and all that was left were the lowest ranking, weakest soldiers.

That’s why it was an empty, useless theory.

But what if all of humanity was controlled and directed by one person? What would happen then? If one human being completely controlled at her will an army of 100,000, and attack the chaotic mass that was the Demon King’s Army? Would you be able to then make an empty theory into reality? “I…….! I…….! I only had this one Spell! I’m able to use this one Spell!”

Glorius: “.........thank you.”

Glorius embraces the girl in a fit of tears and speaks softly to her.

Glorius: “And I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you had to bear this burden alone.”

40,000 people.

In order for humanity to survive, a girl who has barely reached adulthood had to make the decision to sacrifice them.

What did it take for her to harden her resolve?

How heavy was that burden she decided to carry? The Hero strongly embraced the girl.

He held her tight - he held her as if to make sure that she would not break - that her heart would not crumble to pieces.

Glorius: “.......I’m sorry. I did not realize what you were doing.”

“No, it’s okay. Sir Hero, it’s all my fault! It’s all my….!!”

And as she sobbed inside his arms, time gently passed by the two.

There is a Magic Type called [Unique Original].

This gift is only given to a very select few and displays an unparalleled talent.

Just as the [Demon King] who was the principle menace to humanity had one, humanity also had one with the same talents.

The girl’s [Unique Original] was [Heart] {Ludio}.

It was a Magic Type where she could control the hearts of people, and control them at her will.

But she also had one severe limitation as if to scoff at her Spellcrafting talents.

She was only able to use that <ONE SINGLE SPELL>.

That is the reason why she was able to reach that summit, the pinnacle, the ultimate destination faster than anyone else.

She was able to enslave anyone who witnessed her using the Spell.

But that was not all she could do.

If someone was already under her Spell’s influence, she could also enslave those in the sight of the already enslaved -- <people who she has never seen> and incorporate them into her Spell influence.

And the Spell influence spread from 0 to 1. From 1 to 2. From 2 to 4. And it increased without end. It was the ultimate act that completely exceeded the realm of Spells altogether.

The girl’s Spell was the 【Miracle of Enslavement】.

In a weird twist of irony, she was an [Ultimate Spell Specialization] : [Spell One].

And in an age when [Magic] did not exist, one girl used her [Magic].

Because she could not use any other Spells, she mastered the only Spell she had in her possession.

But that is an epic fable that will never be told.

Because now, it is just a mere rumor.

Underneath the gargantuan cover story of the “Hero”, a fact of history was overshadowed and completely blotted out of the light.

To protect the girl from any further manipulation, a man who could accomplish nothing hid the truth.

The girl forgotten by history was the [Extreme] of [Heart] - Ludiela Dearmondo.

People know her as the [Kind] Ludiela.

She was the very first [Extreme] of humanity.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

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Book 3

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