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Extreme Flame Wizard c129

Chapter 129: The Request and the Wizard

Igni: “.......I’ll walk Yoori back to town.”

Elina: “Yes, that’s a good idea. We’ll join you part of the way.”

Igni placed a gentle hand on Yoori’s back once he stopped crying and looked at the tunnels of the mines. When they were outside, night had set and it was pitch black. Countless stars shown in the night sky.

Igni: “It’s beautiful.” Igni whispered the words.

The 3 behind them were also awed by the sight and nodded. The sky has not changed since that day, but Yoori’s heart has changed. He had changed from the person who followed his instincts and murdered people. He had changed from the child who was afraid of his powers and could only choose to kill.

Igni: “Then let’s go, Yoori.” Yoori: “........yeah.”

If they were to report these developments to area’s Governor, Seta, Igni wondered if anything would be done. Using children for a Ritual is very close to forbidden rituals and spells. Though it is something that every country is doing behind the scenes, they are able to do so with the assumption that the news will never go public.

It would be problematic to see a town brazenly commit these atrocities within the country’s borders.

But that will have to wait. Right now, Igni’s priority was to help Yoori get some rest.

Igni: “Yoori, how are you holding up?” Yoori: “IーI’m fine.”

Igni: “Does anywhere on your body feel numb? Do you have any place that’s hard to move?” Yoori: “I think…..I’m okay.” As they walked slowly, Igni checked on Yoori several times. But he could not help but be worried. Yoori hasn’t cast an Attack Spell for years, and he recently broke that trauma. It wouldn’t have surprised Igni if Yoori suffered some sort of whiplash from doing so. Psychological injuries can translate into physical injuries.

That’s why Igni supported Yoori just in case Yoori lost his strength or balance as he spoke to Elina.

Igni: “Elina.” Elina: “What is it?” Igni: “<I’ll leave the rest to you.>”

Elina: “Of course. You can count on me.”

And Igni and Yoori parted from the others.

And Elina and the other two turned around after watching Igni and Yoori go back to town.

Yoori: “Sorry, Igni. Sorry for causing you trouble.” Igni: “Don’t worry about it. We’re friends, aren’t we?” Yoori: “Yeah, friends. That’s true.”

And Yoori let out a small sigh of relief.

Igni: “So what do you want to do now? Where do you plan to sleep?” Yoori: “.........yeah, we’ve already decided whose turn it is today, so tonight, I’ll sleep at <my mother’s> house.”

Igni: “Hey…….are you good with that?” And Igni looked worryingly at Yoori. If was after a very stressful incident. Even if it’s part of the town’s tradition, it would still be very painful for Yoori.

Yoori: “Yeah, I’m good.”

And with slightly puffy eyes, Yoori responded.

Yoori: “I…..was the one who survived that.”

Igni: “.............”

Yoori: “That’s why…..I have to do my best for everyone’s sake.”

And Yoori smiled ー not a weak smile, but it was one filled with determination.

Igni: “Yeah, I see.”

And Igni felt a little relief as he nodded.

This was a path Yoori chose himself.

He weighed his options, gritted his teeth, and seized this choice with both hands.

Igni: “Then I’ll at least walk you there.”

And as his friend, Igni felt that his role was to stay by Yoori’s side and encourage him.


Nie: “Um, is this…..really okay?” Nie asked Elina cautiously as they descended down the path from the mines.

Her question contained many meanings, and Elina didn’t know exactly what Nie was asking about but nodded anyway.

Elina: “There’s no issue.”

Nie: “But……………”

And as they walked, Nie could not help but hold a bitter expression.

Elina: “As far as Yoori goes, Igni is there. There’s no safer place than that. You understand that, right?” Rania: “Well, that’s true. I never thought Igni would be that strong.”

And Rania relaxed and responded with both hands resting behind her head.

They just witnessed the pinnacle of mastering a Spell. Seeing the ultimate work of a Wizard, it would be impossible not to feel awe and excitement after that.

And that’s why they were the ones who Igni asked to take care of the rest.

Nie: “ we…..really need to go through with this?” Nie spoke uncertainly, and Elina drew her sword out as she nodded again.

Elina: “Of course. What was my father’s specific request?” “‘Remove the cause of what made the mines unusable.’”

And in Nie’s place, Rania spoke out.

And quietly, she drew her short sword from her waist.

With a buzz, the lines engraved on the sword begin to glow blue. It was her sword she achieved from the Dungeon ー The Sword of Judgment Urnes. She poured her Magic Power as she readied her weapon against the enemy.

Rania: “Elina, are you really okay with this?” Elina: “What do you mean?” Rania: “Well, because our opponent is…….”

Elina: “It doesn’t matter.”

Elina spat the words out harshly but quietly.

Elina: “This is a request directly from my father, and now, Igni is relying on me to carry his part.”

Rania: “I know you’re acting all cool and tough, but it’s the latter right? The reason why you’re so pumped up right now?” Elina: “Ugh! <cough cough cough>”

Elina clears her throat, and initiating her Magic Power, she walks out into the open.

She didn’t think that she would have to come here twice in a day, but it couldn’t be helped.

Rania: “And? What are the conditions?” Elina: “Kill him.” Elina answers Rania without hesitation.

Nie: “AーAre you being serious?!”

Elina: “.............if we don’t go in with that intention, we’ll be the ones who’ll be killed.”

And they stood before him.

“Hm? What’s this? Oh, Elina! Why hello! And behind you is……..ohhhh! I’ve heard of you. Aren’t you the blooming “Black and White Sisters”?”

Elina: “........why…….are you here, Brother Howell.”

Howell: “Why? What a silly question! I wouldn’t have to waste my time explaining myself to you, do I?!”

Human Stagnation refers to the negative emotions that bleeds out from people and <stays accumulated> in one place. It is a very strong negative energy and power. Because of that, it is <naturally impossible for it to become sentient on its own>.

That is…….unless someone intervenes and nudges it in such directions, that is.

And that’s why the Human Stagnation in these mines began holding a will of its own.

Then who was it that gave it such incentives?

Howell: “What, I am just here inspecting its progress! The Curse in this area has weakened dramatically. At this rate, it would disappear. That would be <such a waste> so I came to feed it some more!”

Elina: “.......and that is causing disruptions in the mines, brother.”

Howell: “Yes! So that’s why I came here to release it to the outside world.”

Elina: “..............why?” Howell: “Can you not think of the many ways you can use a Curse that can think on its own?! Elina, I thought that you would think more like a Wizard now………but you’re still no good. You understand nothing.”

Elina: “Rania!”

As Elina shouted, Rania drew her sword and slashed horizontally.

Rania: “I send judgment upon all of creation, Polos Ultines!”

And with her authority, she released the power of her Magic Sword.

Everything in Rania’s sight has now come in range of her sword.


And Howell was cut horizontally in half.

Howell: “[Stone Armor] {Tetsura Amdo}!”

And before Howell’s body hit the floor, he completed his incantation.

The rocks engulfed Howell at amazing speed, and Howell continued his casting.

Howell: “{Heal}”

And his torn body began regenerating inside the stone cast.

Howell: “A nice reaction. But a demerit for having no follow-ups!”

And Howell roared with laughter as he took his fighting stance.

And to complete the final goal of the request, Elina made her move.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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