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Extreme Flame Wizard c130

Ch. 130: The No. 1 Wizard

Elina: “I’ll be out front. You two support me from behind!”

Rania: “GーGot it!”

Without waiting for Rania’s answer, Elina initiated her [Physical Enhancement] {Active}. Howell’s Spells are mostly [Earth] Type Spells. Because of that, his specialty is not [Healing] Spells, so they would have to make the most use of that advantage.

Elina: “{Plant Parasite}!”

With Elina’s incantation, 4 flowers bloomed from the ground and fired seeds towards Howell. But walls grew up out of the ground at the same time to stop them.

Elina: “!” (*sfx exhale)

Elina jumped in and slashed. With her {Physical Enhancement} behind the strike, she was able to swing as she accelerated, but it only struck and slightly scarred Howell’s stone armor.

Nie: “[Those who crawl through the earth] {Grab hold and restrain}”

Howell’s shadow suddenly melted and changed shape as it grabbed his feet and tied him down.

Howell: “Hm?! [Magnetism] {Katetsura Magneteika}!!”


And with a sharp sound, Howell’s body bounded into the air.

Howell: “I see! I see, I see! That is pretty good team work!!”

And as he stood on the ceiling, he looked down upon the 3 women.

Rania: “ him down!”

With Rania’s command, 3 spheres appeared. As it rose and floated around her, it immediately darted to Howell with amazing speed, connected, and exploded! The stone surface was carved deeply and fell.

Howell: “I see! I know of that! A [Homing Bomb], is it not?! Although you can find it in the relatively shallow floors of Dungeons, it has very high explosive power and is a must have for going into labyrinths!!”

But from the explosive fire, Howell appeared without any injuries.

There, Howel seemed to blend into the roof as he surrounded himself with the blackened rock.

Elina: “[Thorn Spear] {Plant Lance}!”

Elina cast her Spell.

<KYUDO!!> (*sfx)

And a thorn that could easily pierce iron grew out of the ceiling and struck Howell.

<GIGIN!!> (*sfx)

Sparks fly as an impossible sound emits from a plant and rock colliding as both parties cast their Spells.

Howell: “.......hmmmmm, it’s not enough.”

Howell looked a little troubled as he spoke.

Howell: “You are not weak, but you are not strong either.”

And he descended upon the ground.

Howell: “But as for me, I have no need to attack you back! HA HA HA!”

And enduring all the attacks thus far, Howell roared in laughter.

Nie: “EーElder Sister…..whーwhat is this person?!”

Rania: “........I don’t know….”

The Black and White Sisters’ voices trembled as they spoke.

Nie: “ be frank, he’s not just strong…..” Nie spoke as she watched Howell swing his arms in a round motion.

Nie: “......<he’s on a completely different level>.”

Nie grasped her staff with a sphere on the end and gripped it tightly.

Rania also did not expect to meet a Monster who can survive from being cut in half, and struggled to keep her nerves calm and head cool.

Howell: “For a man such as I, I would prefer if we both part ways here with both parties unharmed!”

Elina: “..........but then, brother, you will revive that [Curse], will you not?” Howell: “Yes! That is part of my research!”

Elina: “..........then we cannot.”

A “what-if” cannot change the past.

No matter how much you desire it, the results will not change.

But every human being inevitably thinks about it.

“What if” Howell did not give that [Curse] a will? The Human Stagnation would have been able to maintain itself for long and could have disappeared.

“What if” Howell did not give that [Curse] a will? Would they have been able to continue the [Gu] ritual for years?

“What if” Howell did not give that [Curse] a will? Would that have prevented people from dying in these mines?

Countless “what-ifs” rush through Elina’s imagination.

Howell: “Hmmmm….why is that not allowed? I did not perform these rituals. The casualties of the mines were not Wizards. It makes no difference!”

Elina: “You are desecrating…..the dead…..”

As Elina spoke plainly, Howell only tilted his head in bewilderment.

Howell: “What are you saying? The dead tell no tales. The dead do not speak. You are only imposing your selfish perspective upon them.”

Elina: “But there were casualties from the accidents in the mines!”

Howell: “Yes, but a fatal accident in the mines is not rare.”

Elina was left speechless for a moment at Howell’s honest words.

Elina: “What……..what are you saying, brother?” Howell: “If they are going to die in the mines, what does it matter if they die from an accident or a curse?” Elina understood then that she and her brother would never be able to understand one another.

Elina: “..........I understand. That’s enough.”

Howell: “Oh?! Do you finally understand?!”

Elina: “I understand now that we will never be able to understand one another. That’s why I will capture you here and hand you over to father.”

Howell: ‘........hmm, that would be bothersome. I would not be able to continue my research if that happens.”

Howell mumbled quietly to himself.

Howell: “But…..well, that’s if and only if I am captured.”

Howell: (Fortunately, I have Potions on hand that can manipulate memory. If I can capture Elina and her group and have them drink it, all will be settled.)

Howell: “Hmmmm, I really did not want to fight under these conditions to be truthful….”

Howell sighed deeply as he raised his hand.


It was…….simply one-sided.

In the first 10 seconds, Howell took down Nie, and in two moves, he took out Rania who came to help in 2 moves. And in 15 seconds, he took out Elina and stood there alone.

Howell: “Hmm, you are not weak. As expected of you.”

And he dispelled the {Heal} that he was continually casting on himself. His upper and lower half of his body finally connected together as one piece.

Nie: “........too……strong…..”

With her right arm and left leg broken, Nie could no longer speak her incantations due to the pain and mumbled the words to herself.

Rania had her lungs damaged and her breaths were shallow and labored.

But Elina had the worst injuries.

In the first 3 seconds, both her eyes were gouged. The next 7 seconds, all four of her limbs were broken.

In the final 5 seconds, her spine was broken.

It was all because she was a [Life] Type Wizard.

Nie and Rania’s wounds can be easily healed by a Potion or a Healer.

But without either of those available, the damage Howell gave was enough.

But Elina is different.

With compatibility to the same [Life] Magic Type as Edward, this Magic Type is meant for healing injuries.

Hence, Howell had to injure Elina to this point.

Elina healed her eyes first.

As she was healing her spine, Howell noticed and looked down upon her.

Howell: “......hmm, I would not do that if I were you. It’s the same as saying you want to continue this fight with me.”

Howell <was being considerate> of Elina when he spoke.

Howell: “I have made sure the injuries are not fatal! Once you drink a Potion after you lose your memory, you would suffer much less pain this way!!”

But Elina moved forward with healing her legs after she was done with her spine.

Howell: “ Were you that hard-headed, Elina?” And Howell broke Elina’s leg once again as it was starting to mend.

Elina: “..........!!”

A silent scream escaped from Elina’s throat.

Howell: “Elina, you would not be able to win against me. Do not fight battles you cannot win.”

And that was Howell’s brotherly lecture towards her.

It could have been his way of his love towards his sister.

But even under tremendous pain, Elina endured and mended both her legs.

Elina: “..........he asked me…to take care of it…..”

And using her sword as a crutch, she stood up.

Elina: “Igni asked me!!”

Howell: “” A rockless soundlessly appeared and pierced Elina’s right leg.

Elina: “UGH!!!”

Elina: “Not yet….! I…..I can still fight!”

And Elina cast an incomplete Spell towards Howell.

But Howell blocked the Spell with little effort.

Elina: “........Igni is the only one who approved……”

Elina loses her balance.

Howell determined this to be due to the injury on her leg and drew closer.

Elina did not miss this <opportunity>.

Elina: “I…….am No. 1!!!”

A reckless charge. Sacrificing her right foot, she focused all her {Physical Enhancement} on her left foot and Elina’s slash may have been the best swing she ever performed in her life. Both Magic Spell and Swordsmanship came together as one, and as a Magic Swordsman who combines both, she delivered her utmost strike.

And she swung knowing that with one swing, her left foot’s bone was crushed under the pressure.

She swung to carry on Igni’s request.

Howell: “A good strike! Elina!!”

But that strike did not reach Howell, who was a graduate of Rolmod.

Elina is still a 1st Year at Rolmod Wizard Academy.

In contrast, Howell graduated and is currently putting his life on the line on the frontlines in a military organization and is a tried and true elite who is moving up the ranks.

Howell: “That’s why I’ll end it with this!”

Howell cast a Spell that would blow away Elina’s lower body. This would force the tenacious [Life] Type Wizard to pour all her resources into healing and make it impossible for her to fight.

And it swallowed Howell’s Magic Power andーー

“[Return] {Fire}!!”

The Beginner’s Spell, {Fireball}, completely decimated it.

“You did well, Elina.”

And the boy, who shouldn’t have been there’s voice, echoed throughout the chamber.

Yes. Elina’s strike did not reach Howell.

But it did reach one person.

Someone who is more than capable of turning the tides ー the only person who could do so.

“I’m sorry. I can’t use Healing Magic so I can’t heal you.”

A boy with scarlet red hair was there.

He stood between Elina and Howell and shielded Elina as he stood in front of her with both legs braced and spread apart.

Igni: “That’s why I’ll end this on your behalf.”

And he faced the giant before him.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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