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Extreme Flame Wizard c128

Chapter 128: Unreasonable Circumstances and the Wizard

The fireworks Igni fired…..or his {Fireball} made to look like fireworks shot into the sky, a similar firework was seen from nearby. That would mean the others are there.

Igni held Yoori in his arms as he cast his [Flame Engine] {Accel Boot}.

They moved directly in a straight line towards where the three were waiting.

Yoori: “...........oh wow…”

Arriving where Elina’s group was, Yoori let out a groan in surprise and shock.

The dense forest was now replaced with a burnt field, and the trees beyond that had been cut down with a clean, sharp blade in a 100 meter radius.

Though they were surrounded by three children, no one could step in any closer and only observed Elina and the other two.

Elina, Rania, and Nie stood in the center of that circle on guard as they waited for Igni to arrive.

Once Igni landed, he let go of Yoori.

Yoori: “Ack….!”

Yoori unsteadily landed on the ground, and looked at the faces of the other three.

Yoori: “ all came here too?!”

Elina: “Of course we did, Yoori.” Elina smiled as she sheathed her sword.

Elina: “Aren’t we friends?” Rania: “That’s right, Yoori! We came here to do something about this, so you could have relied on us more!”

Yoori’s smile brightened with Elina and Rania’s encouragement.

Yoori: “Thank you, everyone.” And as if to encourage Yoori, Igni placed a hand on Yoori’s shoulder.

Igni: “Now that Yoori is safely back with us, let’s go home.”

Nie: “Mr. Igni, about that.”

Nie spoke up a little uncertainly as she tried to tell Igni something.

Nie: “We were pretty <bored> for a while so I investigated this space, but I did not find an exit. It looks like we were able to enter unconditionally, but we can only depart when the Ritual has been completed.”

Igni: “Yeah, I thought as much.” For the kids, their desire was to capture Yoori and re-enact the [Gu] Ritual.

Igni was certain that the kids would have done something to prevent Yoori from escaping.

Nie: “So…… will we get out then?” Igni: “<Tear it down>.”

Nie: “.........what?” Nie tilted her head in confusion.

Igni: “Everyone, stay by my side.” Igni reached a hand and placed it on his chest.

Normally, he would only feel the beat of his heart, but looking deeper, he felt something else.

Igni: (..........Sara, I’m going to borrow some.)

In places where he could not see, there was a [Path] where their Magic Power was connected.

It was a connection that could only be created with the deepest of trust. Igni gently took hold of the connection and created a {Fireball}.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Complete Incineration] {Full Burst}”

What happened to Yoori was unreasonable and unfair.

It was where he was born and grew up that twisted him.

This is the Ritual that has been eating away at him deep inside.

And this curse chained him down.

And that’s why Igni looked at this curse, this unreasonable suffering that fell upon Yoori and smashed his <Magic> against it.

Igni: “[Ultra Sphere Surface] {Tesea}”

It was Igni’s second <Magic> Spell.

By creating a 4-dimensional object and dropping it into the 3rd dimension, an ultimate {Fireball} containing infinite energy drained all of Igni’s Magic Power as it glowed in a complex pattern.

But as if to fill in the void of power it was draining, immense Magic Power flooded into him at the same time to replenish Igni.

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

Everyone’s attention was nailed to the <Magic> Spell.

The infinite power that was contained inside was enough to break the hearts and spirit of the remaining children.

What sustained them was the confidence gained from fighting and killing each other for several years.

And their twisted hope that if they had a rematch with Yoori, they would win this time.

But there, they saw a <Magic> {Fireball}.

No matter how much they tried, wished, or enviedーー

They would never reach the realms of <Magic>.

Spells and <Magic> are fundamentally different in origin.

In the same way, Wizards and Magicians are fundamentally different in existence.

They stray from the human path and reach a hand into God’s territory. It mocks, jeers, and kicks away the fundamental theories of Spells.

Whether they face a God or the devil, they would pick a fight regardless of the reason.

That is the pinnacle of humanity. A tyranny only permitted to the Wizards who have reached the ultimate limit.

Yoori was a Wizard.

That’s why they thought they could win against him.

But Igni was a Magician.

“ is this……even fair….?”

One of the children spoke up, and all who heard agreed.

Violence against violence. Unreasonable power against unreasonable power.

What they witnessed there was the purest form of [Strength].

The flickering {Fireball} collided with the world.

And the brittle world broke down and was destroyed.

When they opened their eyes, Igni and his group realized that they were back at the same location as where they started.

[No] [No!] [That wasn’t fair]

[They cheated] [One more time!]

But the baby fetus was trembling.

And the mouths attached yelled out in desperate protest.

[It’s you!] [If you weren’t there!!]

[Die!] [Who let this one in?!]

[We need a redo!]

Igni let out an exasperated sigh as he asked the fetus.

Igni: “Then do you want to fight me again?”

[...........] [...........] [...........]

[...........] [...........] [.......................]

That was their answer.

All the mouths on the fetus closed, and only dead silence followed.

Yoori: “.........I’m sorry, everyone.”

It was Yoori who broke the silence.

Yoori: “.......because of me, you all….”

But in that very instant, the fetus screamed back in anger.

[Don’t apologize!] [Don’t say sorry!]

[Don’t mock us!!]

Understanding their feelings, he placed a hand on Yoori’s shoulder.

He understood that the children didn’t want an apology.

Because that would only insult their skills and strength.

That’s whyーー

Igni: “Sorry, but Yoori is really strong.”

And Igni spoke up with pride as if to brag.

[Yeah] [You’re right]

[We know that already!]

And though the mouths of the fetus were not appreciative of the fact, the tones of their voices shifted slightly.

Understanding what Igni was trying to do, Yoori nodded to him once.

Yoori: “.....I…..I am strong.”

And Yoori began to speak slowly.

Yoori: “And I’ll…..I’ll get even stronger. So please, I want you to watch me as I do.”

[...........yeah] [Of course]

[We won’t lose next time!!]

What they wanted was to be reaffirmed and convinced.

They wanted to be convinced that who they lost to was stronger than anyone.

And accept that it could not be helped even if they lost.

And they wanted to hear someone affirm that Yoori is indeed strong.

And from Yoori as well.

Yoori: “So everyone, <I’ll see you again>.”

And as Yoori spoke, the fetus’ body began to dissipate into small balls of light and disappeared. The dimly glowing sight reminded Yoori of someone entering Heaven.

[ [ [ Yeah, see you again ] ] ]

And with that, the fetus disappeared completely.

Igni placed a hand on Yoori’s shoulder as he felt it tremble.

Yoori instinctively jumped into Igni’s arms as he burst out in tears and cried aloud.

No one thought less of him for doing so, and the echoes of Yoori’s cries filled the tunnels of the mines.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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