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Chapter 75: Thames’ Internal Conflict

There was a new Occupation section added to the Adventurers’ Status.

Hearing that news, Thames immediately headed to the Assessment.

Thames has trained specifically to be a swordsman up until today.

So she knows she’s a [Swordsman] at the very least. If she’s lucky, she might even get a better Occupation than that.

With high hopes filling up her dreams, the result of that Assessment was something that sunk through even the worst of her expectations.

She was not a Swordsman. She was not even a Warrior.

And she was not Occupation-less.

Seeing her Assessment result, Thames shook in anger.

If this is the result for Adventurers who have continually trained and worked hard, then God must have a cruel personality.

From there, Thames spiraled downwards as if to defy her fate.

The result was something that completely ignored her previous efforts, and in fact, the Occupation represented the opposite of everything she worked towards.

Thames was serious about reaching C-Rank.

In order to get stronger, she discarded her Party. She abandoned her home.

She threw away everything she acquired up until now, and left behind even her precious memories.

She threw away safety. She threw away guarantees, and continued to corner herself more and more with reckless abandon.

Thames believed that true strength waited for her on the other side.

But she did not receive the desired Assessment Results she needed.

She felt as if everything she abandoned in the past came back to stab her in the back.

Thames: “Was I wrong to abandon everything to get stronger……..?” Not being able to sit still, Thames walked the streets of Kronos.

She had no destination in mind.

Just walking through the city helped her take her mind off things.

It was then that…

“Miss Thamesー!”

She heard the voice of the one person she did not want to run into right now.

Thames spat on the ground at the sound of his voice.

The person who just called to her was called Kronos’ Weakest, the Dumpster Scavenging Yuto.

That same guy greeted her and suddenly took out a piece of bread to hand to her.

Thames: (.........I don’t understand what he’s thinking…)

She could not understand his way of thinking at all.

Did she look that hungry to him? But right now, Thames felt no hunger.

She hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday, but she simply didn’t feel hungry at all.

This man always took Thames by surprise.

He’s a perpetual Level 1, and he has continued to train with absolutely nothing to show for it for many years.

Even though he got zero results, he did not vent his frustration on those around him, and he did not quit being an Adventurer.

He did not abandon the people around him, and he did not bend his resolve - not once.

Even though he was mistreated as an Adventurer, even though he was treated unfairly, he never let out a single complaint. (At least, Thames has never heard of a rumor that he ever complained.).

If Thames was in Yuto’s shoes, something would have snapped long ago.

She would definitely complain if the results didn’t follow her efforts, she would have taken out her anger on someone, and she may have quit being an Adventurer.

And if she was ever mistreated by another Adventurer, a fight would have immediately followed.

ーーAnd now, she looked at his hands.

The calluses on his hands were gone revealing the underlying raw skin, and it was a horrific mess.

This wouldn't be possible if you do not swing your sword for long hours. Normally, you would have quit long before your hands got this way.

Why was he able to genuinely go this far without quitting……..?

And though people would pick a fight with Yuto, Yuto would never comply and respond in kind.

When Thames picked a fight with him, he would dodge the invitation like a reed in the wind.

ーーand offered her bread with a smile on his face.

And now, he had this for her.

Yuto: “Miss Thames, do you know how to do a [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State]?”

He said he had a question, and when he asked it, it was this.

Thames was fairly certain that he was about to ask what her new Occupation was.

If he even remotely touched the subject, Thames would have punched Yuto right then and there.

But after preparing herself for the worst, the question was about meditation.

Thames: (What is he thinking?! I don’t get him at all!)

Thames could not imagine how or why Yuto wanted to ask her that question.

In the first place, they’re not even friends.

In fact, you can say that Thames has animosity towards Yuto in general.

Of course she does. Yuto is the one Thames picked a fight with, dueled, and completely lost against.

Normally, you would not ask someone like that a question like this.

He could have asked any other Adventurer he was good friends with.

But being thrown a completely unexpected question out of left field, her anger subsided for the moment.

Thames: “.........(sigh)....fine, if it’s something like that, I can teach you.” Yuto: “Awesome! Thank you!”

With her answer, Yuto’s face brightened by several degrees.

Thames was taken off-guard by his pure, innocent smile.

Thames: “.........aーa [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State] is simple. You first focus on breathing. You inhale quickly and exhale slowly. Repeat this process."

Thames shows him a quick example, and like a duckling following their mother, Yuto copies Thames accordingly.

Yuto: (inhale!)

Yuto: (exha~le………)

Thames: “Close your eyes, and as you repeat the breathing, focus your attention at one point. By doing so, you won’t be able to think of anything else. Once you get to a state where you’re not thinking of anything, you succeeded in reaching a [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State].”

Yuto: “….hm? Isn’t it hard to not think about anything?”

Thames: “It just takes time to get used to it. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.”

Yuto: “And you’re able to do this?” Thames: “Of course I can.” Over the years, Thames has gathered and learned many training methods.

Her parents who are long past never hesitated to give her anything she desired….

[Listen well, Thames. Your name comes from an ancient tradition of the Fang Tribe and means, “Unchanging Merciful Love.” So live according to that name andーー]

Her father’s words unexpectedly resurface, and Thames immediately erases the memory from her thoughts.

Although her mood soured from the memory, Yuto on the other hand looked at her with stars sparkling in his eyes.

Yuto: “Miss Thames, you’re amazing!”

Thames: “......this… nothing. Being able to do a [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State] doesn’t make you amazing…” Yuto: “No, you’re able to do something I couldn’t. Miss Thames, you’re more amazing than I am!”

Yuto’s expression is dead serious as he faces Thames.

He is not just saying those words. He sincerely believes that Thames is amazing.

Currently, Yuto has the higher rank and experience as an Adventurer.

But even so, Yuto is looking at Thames, who is below him, with admiration in his eyes.

Thames: (Why…..?)

Thames: (No matter how you look at it, you’re the amazing one….)

Yuto was able to climb up to C-Rank from E-Rank within a matter of weeks.

As far as combat fighting skills are concerned, Thames was unable to match Yuto at all.

That same Yuto said with utmost seriousness that Thames was amazing. It was not out of encouragement, pity, humility, or trying to get on her good side. He genuinely believed it to be a fact.

And he most certainly did not infer or imply that she was amazing “even though she was lower than him as an Adventurer.”

That……….took Thames by surprise.

The bitter taste of her memory was instantly washed away.

And even more, the despair that etched itself in every corner of Thames’ heart….disappeared.

Thames: (...........what a strange guy…..)

This was the first time Thames held a genuine interest in Yuto.

She could not comprehend how someone could so genuinely compliment another person like that.

Thames picked a fight with Yuto in the past. But as if to have forgotten that past completely, he is now talking with her.

Thames thought about a different strength Yuto held that was different from combat abilities.

She was curious to know….what his source of that “strength” was.

Thames: “..........hey, Yuto. Can I ask you something?” Thames summed up her courage and threw the question at Yuto.


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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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