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Chapter 76: The Reward Item is….

Yuto parted with Thames and was running at full speed back to his room.

He took off his armor and sat on the floor.

Before he forgets a single word that Thames said, he immediately began performing the [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State].

With a sudden inhale and a very slow exhale, Yuto closed his eyes, and concentrated on doing the breathing properly as he focused on one singular point.

But at the beginning, many different thoughts surfaced and floated up in his mind.

Things that happened today, the pain in his hands, his conversation with Thames.

No matter how many thoughts he erased, another thought rose and replaced it one by one.

Yuto: “.........ergh….”

It’s difficult to erase all your thoughts.

But Yuto continued the exercise and diligently followed Thames’ instructions to perform the [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State].

And after a while, thoughts stopped from appearing in his mind.

He was sitting in a completely dark world, and all he could hear was the sound of his own breathing.

Yuto: “...........oh…..”

But as soon as he let his mind pay attention to his circumstances, thoughts began rising up again.

Yuto: “.......I messed up….”

He cleared his thoughts once again and began the [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State].

At first, it was only for a small period of time when he would sit in that world of pitch blackness - a world completely void of anything.

As he continued to increase his concentration to keep that state intact, he was able to remain there longer and longer.

As Yuto concentrated and focused, from his bag, Pino popped out his face.

Pino doesn’t quite understand what his master is doing with his eyes closed.

But for the time being, Pino climbs up his master’s body.

He climbed because his master’s body was there.

Reaching the top of its master’s head, satisfied with his accomplishment, Pino began dozing off there.

Yuto performed the [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State] for quite some time.

And from the darkness, Yuto let his consciousness resurface.

Yuto: “Fwew……..I wonder how the Quest went….?” When Yuto pulls up the Quest List, he saw that the [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State] Quest was gone.

Thames taught him the correct way to do so.

Yuto didn’t know where Thames was now, but he held out his hand to give her a high-five.

Yuto: “Miss Thames, thank you so much. Thanks to you, I was able to clear this Quest!”

He finishes sending his prayer of thanks, and Yuto switches the screen to check his Status now.

>>Level 34 → 39

>> Skill Point: 20 → 35

>> Specialty: [Focus] NEW


As soon as he got a glimpse of his Status, Yuto’s eyes brightened with delight.

Yuto received an amazing amount of Levels and Skills.

And in addition, he now has a new Skill.

Yuto: “The Level and Skill must be from the [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State] Quest, the [Middle-Class Difficulty Sword Swings].........oh! And the Insta-[α] Quest too.”

Along with the [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State] Quest, Yuto had also cleared the Middle-Class Difficulty Sword Swings Quest.

In addition, he also cleared the Instant Dungeon [α] Quest.

Because of that, he received a ton of points as a reward.

Yuto: “Plus, there might have been a Boss Slaying Quest too…”

The Chain Quest originally said to “Challenge the Instant Dungeon [α]”.

Judging from how Quests were going so far, there was a good chance that challenging the Dungeon triggered a Boss Slaying Quest and Clear the Dungeon Quest too.

Yuto did not check his Quest List while inside the Dungeon.

Because of that, he will never be certain of what Quests could have appeared, but he has gained a lot of points. Thinking that there were Quests he cleared without knowing was probably a safe bet.

Yuto: “So the Specialty [Focus] is……..I think the ability to boost an ability for a very short period of time.”

From his long career as an Adventurer, he drew out knowledge from his experience to remember what the Skill [Focus] does.

[Focus] is a Specialty Skill that allows the user to increase an ability for a short period of time.

If you could do 3 attacks with a strength of 10, by using [Focus], you can now do 1 attack with a strength of 30.

But as a result, because you used a much more powerful strike, depending on the situation, you may not be able to immediately move after performing that attack.

There might be other benefits from this Specialty Skill, but Specialty Skills have even less information known about them than other types of Skills. It will be difficult gathering more information about it.

This was all Yuto really knew about the Skill.

Yuto: “The repercussion of using the Skill is scary, but this also expands my combat options too...”

Yuto is certain that at times, he will need to use a stronger attack than normal, and in those times, he will learn the true value of this Skill.

But as far as how and when to use the Skill, Yuto will continue to think on it carefully long term.

Now that he confirmed his Status, Yuto checks his Inventory Screen next.

On the screen, Yuto discovers a familiar looking scroll in his Inventory.

Yuto: “WHOA!!”

Yuto excitedly taps on the Inventory icon.

And on it, he reads [Occupation Assignment <Spellcaster>] on it.

Yuto: “Spellcaster?!”

Yuto heard a strange voice escape his own throat.

He was surprised that he received a 2nd Occupation Scroll, but even more, the scroll was for a Spellcaster Occupation.

Yuto: “I never thought I would receive a Spellcaster’s Occupation Scroll…..”

Yuto is a swordsman. He was expecting a reward suitable for a Swordsman, so he was not expecting a reward catered for Spellcasters.

But now that he thinks about it, since the day he received the Skill Board, the Quests and Rewards were never solely just for Swordsman.

Because he bought and used 100 Spell Scrolls for a Quest, Yuto received a Spell Learning Scroll.

So receiving this [Occupation Assignment <Spellcaster>] is not a complete surprise from that perspective.

Yuto: “Hmmmmm….what should I do…….?”

Feeling himself calm down, Yuto puts a hand on his chin to think.

If he uses an Occupation Scroll, he will be assigned the Occupation written on the scroll.

But if someone with already an Occupation uses it, what would happen?

Will it overwrite the existing Occupation? Or will it reject the Occupation Assignment of the scroll?

Yuto: “If you could change Occupations depending on the situation, that would be really handy…..but I doubt it would conveniently work that way….” After thinking about it for a while, Yuto returns the Occupation Scroll back into his Inventory.

For a Yuto who uses a Katana to fight, a swordsman is the ideal Occupation.

There is no reason he could find to forcefully overwrite that to a Spellcaster.

Even if his Occupation remained the same, there is a high likelihood that the Occupation Scroll would disappear.

That would be a huge waste.

There may even be a time and place where he or another person will need to use it.

With that thought in mind, Yuto decided to postpone using the Occupation Scroll.

Next, Yuto goes back to his Inventory screen and taps on the icon of the Instant Dungeon [α] Boss Drop.

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Thanks for the treat.


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Thanks for the chapter


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George Zachariah Parel
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Couldn't it be that a person can have more than one occupation at a time?


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Supriyo Pal
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Thanks for the chapter. How will he use the spell caster occupation I wonder?

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I think he'll give it to a new party member maybe. They need 2 more members by my count to be more well rounded. A mage type and a tank.

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