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Chapter 74: Spread the Word of the 50 Gard Bread!

Yuto headed straight to Plutos’ backyard after he parted with his Party members.

He is going to continue the Weekly Quest [Middle-Class Difficulty Sword Swings].

Yuto: “That last fight really emphasized the importance of being able to continually swing your weapon fight after fight…”

Inside the Dungeon, Eliz was consistently casting {Stamina Charge} to keep Yuto from feeling tired.

Because of that, Yuto didn’t feel any fatigue during the battle from beginning to end.

And because of that, he was heavily dependent upon Eliz and placed a large burden on her.

At the end of the endless battle, that was the reason why Eliz was the most tired out of the whole group.

If Yuto’s body was trained to not tire out so quickly, he can reduce the number of times Eliz would have to cast Stamina Charge.

He can reduce the weight on Eliz’ shoulders.

If he practices his sword swings using a real blade, then he would increase his body’s stamina, and as a result, Eliz’ burden will be lighter.

But to do so….

Yuto: “I need to….work much harder…”

Yuto concentrates and begins swinging his sword.

1,000 times. 2,000 times.

No matter how hard it is to breathe, even if his arms no longer rise, Yuto continues swinging his sword with the determination and resolution he has slowly built and continually accumulated all his life.

Yuto: (If I can do this regularly, then I can help Eliz and reduce her strain!)

The thought alone was enough to push him past his discomfort and pain.

Yuto: (gasp…….gasp……) <FUH!>” (sfx exhale)

At around 3,000 times, Yuto crumpled to the floor to sit down.

Yuto: (gasp…..gasp….) ugh…...maybe….I overdid it...a little…”

Yuto looks down at his hands.

There, he saw the pattern of the Katana’s handle clearly engraved on his hands and blisters erupted revealing the raw skin underneath.

Yuto: “It’s been a while since I saw my calluses turn to blisters. My skin's been so thick, it should’ve been tough to tear through them.”

Yuto trained so hard that his hard-earned calluses were shaven right back down to the skin.

Yuto: “I bet I’m going to be sore tomorrow…”

Yuto strains a small smile.

He manages to move his stiff hand and returns the sword to its sheath.

Yuto: “Ow…..this is going to be tough just getting back to my room…..”

The sun has already set, and Yuto heads to his apartment with faint, drunk steps.

During his walk, he sees the back of a familiar figure.

The tail elegantly swung side to side, and the ears busily pointed towards every side passage on the road.

And the thorny atmosphere she’s directing in all directions is…...undoubtedly, Thames.

Yuto: “Miss Thames!”

Thames: “.......ugh….”

As Yuto waved his hand towards her, Thames visibly scowled and spat on the ground.

But not being bothered by her attitude, Yuto jogs towards her.

Yuto: “Are you on your way back from a Dungeon expedition?”

Thames: “..........what’s it to you if I was. That’s my business.”

Yuto: “Oh, yes.”

Thames’ voice was far more agitated than usual.

Looks like she’s in an extremely bad mood today.

Seeing Thames like that, Yuto looked upon her with pity.

He takes out a 50 gard bread and holds it out to her.

Yuto: “Please, if you like, you can have this.”

Thames: “What? Why you giving me bread.”

Yuto: “I thought that you must be hungry.”

Thames: “What?! No I’m not!”

Thames’ shoulders rise in irritation.

And Yuto tilts his head at her reaction.

Yuto: (I thought it was because she was hungry that put her in such a bad mood…..oh! Right! She’s hungry, but she’s being polite by refusing!)

Yuto: “Then let’s split this bread half and half!”

Thames: “WHY?!”

Yuto: “Oh, if half is not enough, then let me give you this whole one.”

Thames: “I’m telling you that I don’t want it!”

Yuto: “I have a lot of 50 gard breads so please, it’s okay for you to take this one.”

Thames: “Are you even listening to me?!”

Thames snarls and peels her lips back to show her fangs.

Thames is adamant about not taking the 50 gard bread.

Yuto feels a little resentful by the rejection and puts the bread away in his inventory.

Yuto: (Getting people to accept the 50 gard bread is so tough….)

That’s when Thames’ brows perked up for a brief moment.

Thames: “Hey, hey. What happened to your hand? It’s a mess…”

Yuto: “Huh? Oh, this…..hahaha. I got absorbed into my training and swung my sword too much.”

He injured himself from practicing too much.

Yuto felt embarrassed by the fact, and hid his hands behind his back.

Thames: ‘....................”

Yuto: “Is something the matter?”

Thames: “It’s nothing…”

Thames turns her head the other way.

Although Thames said it was nothing, she had a pained expression on her face.

As she tries to part ways, Yuto follows after her.

His intuition told him that he shouldn’t leave her alone.

Thames: “.......why are you following me.”

Yuto: “Ummm….”

Thames: “Sorry, if you’re trying to hook up, look elsewhere.”

Yuto: “ThーThーThat’s not it!”

Thames: “Then what is it…”

Yuto: “Well, that’s…..”

Yuto is a man, and Thames is a woman.

And Thames is not a member of Yuto’s Party.

She’s just an acquaintance.

It would be difficult to follow after her without a valid reason.

Yuto desperately thinks and from his empty brain, he pulls out a conversation topic.

Yuto: “Oh, that’s right! I had something I wanted to ask you!”

Thames: “.......what is it….”

From Thames’ eyes, a murderous instinct trickles out.

Her eyes made it clear that a stupid question would be answered with her fist.

Yuto: “Miss Thames, do you know how to do a [Singularly Concentrated Meditative State]?”

Thames: “...............what?”


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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

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