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Ch. 83: The Return Home

I rode on Hati’s back, and headed towards the Marquis Mansion inside the Imperial Capital.

Werner: “Hati, this child is an Ancient Dragon, but do you know anything about it?” Hati: “Hati does not know.”

Werner: “Ah, yes, just because it’s an Ancient Dragon does not mean you’ll know about every single Ancient Dragon.”

Hati: “My Lord, I am acquainted with most Ancient Dragons.”

Werner: “Is that true?” Hati: “The Ancient Dragons are small in number, and the community is small as well. In comparison, it will be the same as knowing the Royal Family and all the High Nobilities.”

Werner: “Ahー if that’s the case, then it’s possible to know everyone.”

If you exclude the Lower Nobles and only count the High Nobles and the Imperial Family, then I am familiar with most of them.”

Werner: “But Hati, you don’t know this one, correct?” Hati: “Hati does not. This one is newly born, so that may be why…”

Werner: “I see. Hati, would it be possible to locate its family?” It’s a newborn child. I would like to return it to the parents as soon as possible.

Hati: “Hati will look for its parents.”

Werner: “Thank you.”

Hati: “Do not fear. Hati will find the parents quickly. The Ancient Dragon community is small after all!”

Hati confidently reassured me.

The small Dragon inside my shirt woke up and began moving around.

I patted it gently from atop my clothes.


It cried quietly and then fell back asleep.

I’m feeling sleepy as well.

Werner: “Hati, please land a little distance away from the mansion.”

Hati: “Understood. But may Hati ask why?”

Werner: “If you approach in your current size, everyone will notice, right? I would like to return without disturbing anyone and sleep until the morning.”

Hati: “Ah! Hati understands now!”

If anyone from the mansion, and especially if my sister saw me, I would have to explain the situation to her, and sleep would no longer be an option.” That’s why I wanted to quietly sneak back inside.

Hati descended a little distance away from the mansion and became smaller immediately.

I placed Hati on my shoulder, and keeping the newborn Dragon inside my shirt, we walked slowly back to the mansion in the blizzard.

After walking for a while, we arrived at the mansion, and the gates were closed.

It was deep into the night, so there’s nothing odd about it being shut.

In case of an emergency, there is at least one person in the mansion who is not asleep.

So if I were to ask, they would open the gates. But doing so will alert them of my arrival.

There is a good chance my sister told them, “No matter what time it is, send Werner to make a report back to me.”

Werner: “Here. We’ll just hop over the gates….”

Hati: “My Lord, will not My Lord’s sister be angered by doing so?”

Werner: “If she finds out, yes, but I doubt she will.”

Hati: “My Lord, it is not Hati’s fault if you are scolded.”

The Marquis’ Mansion’s gates were as tall as 2 full grown men.

It was quite high, but I leaped over it.

Werner: “Oh…”

“Welcome back, Werner.”

As I landed on the other side, my sister was there waiting for me.

The Butler held an umbrella next to her, but there was no way to block all the snow.

There was snow piling up on her shoulders.

Werner: “.........sister, you will catch a cold. Are you alright?” Bridget: “I would like to return the same question. Werner, please follow me.” Werner: “Yes ma’am.” Looks like my plans to return unseen back to the mansion and sleep until the morning crumbled into dust and blew away without a trace.

As we walked back to the main mansion, Hati, myself, and the newborn Dragon were taken to the baths.

My sister was concerned because we were out in that blizzard for so long.

I debated whether it was even good for the newborn Dragon to be inside a bath.

But the Dragon clung to me and wouldn’t let go.

Hati reassured me that it would be okay, and I entered the bath with the newborn Dragon still clutching to me.

“Ryaー Ryaー”

The newborn Dragon apparently loved baths. It laid content inside the hot water.”

Werner: “Its wounds have healed, and its body has warmed. I think it will be okay.” Hati: “It is a good child.”

Hati was patting the newborn Dragon on the head very gently.

Werner: “Hati, what do newborn Dragons eat?” Hati: “They will eat the same as what Hati eatsー”

Werner: “Do you have to crush the food to make it easier for them to consume?”

Hati: “There is no need. From its birth, it could eat a whole pig with bones and everything. That is what it means to be an Ancient Dragon!”

Werner: “That’s impressive.” The Ancient Dragons are not only capable in battle, but they are also quite the survivors in the wild.

So that’s why their diet was not limited at all.

With that in mind, I guess raising a newborn Ancient Dragon would not be as hard.

As we got out of the bath, the Butler was waiting for us.

I was certain that he was posted there to make sure that we didn’t escape.

“Sir Werner, I am sure that you are quite fatigued, but the Rome Viscountess awaits you.”

Werner: “I know.”

I gave up my plans of escape and followed the butler.

The butler took us to a meeting room.

Well, this room was used more like a living room to relax.

As I entered, we found my sister sitting on a sofa.

Bridget: “You’re finally here, Werner. Are you hungry?”

Werner: “........a little. Oh, but could you feed this one meat first?” My sister noticed the newborn Dragon clinging to me.

Bridget: “And who is this?” Werner: “A few things happened, and I ended up taking care of it.” Bridget: “Okay, but you will have to explain things from the beginning.”

My sister gave the butler a few orders, and told him to bring some meat.

Bridget: “Werner, you can have those cookies. Miss Hati, please help yourself to them as well.” I remembered how my sister used to bake me cookies back in the day.

Werner: “Thank you.” Hati: “Thank you very much! It is delicious!”

Hati began throwing the cookies into her mouth.

I bit into one and felt the sweetness fill my mouth.

Since I was tired, the cookie tasted even better.


Werner: “Hm? You want this? But they are bringing meat to you….”


Looks like this Dragon wants cookies.

And turning towards me, it held its mouth open like a fledgling bird.

Werner: “Hati, would it be okay to feed cookies to a newborn Dragon?” Hati: “Of course! It is okay.” I split a cookie in half and placed one half into the Dragon’s mouth.

“Ryaー *crunch crunch*.......Ryaー”

Werner: “Was it good? I’m glad you liked it.” Bridget: “’s adorable.”

Werner: “Yes it is.”

As I fed the newborn Dragon cookies, I began explaining the sequence of events to my sister.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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