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Ch. 84: Explaining from the Beginning

She said from the beginning, but where would that be? I had to pause to think.

I should probably start from before I rescued the newborn Dragon from the Giant Magecraft Artifact.

In other words, from when we entered the enemy base.

Werner: “Let’s see. So when we attacked the enemy’s baseーー”

Bridget: “Hold on, Werner. That’s not the beginning, is it?” Werner: “Hm? Oh, you mean, how did we find the enemy base?” Bridget: “Before that, explain why! Why alone?! Why did you decide to look for the enemy base alone! And finding it is just fine. But why did you decide to attack it alone! Can you explain it from there?!”

Werner: “Oh, yes ma’am.”

My sister was quite mad at the whole situation.

Werner: “ let’s see…..oh! Thank you for bringing the food. It’s much appreciated. Sister, please hold on. It would be sad to withhold food when it’s so hungry.”

Bridget: “......I understand.”

The butler brought the meat to feed the Dragon, and I postponed the explanation for now.”

I placed the newborn Dragon on the table and cutting the meat into smaller pieces with the knife, fed it.

“Ryaー! *munch munch munch (*sfx)”

I placed the newborn Dragon on the table so my sister could see.

Watching a newborn Dragon eat, I’m sure it’ll curve some of her temper.

As I fed the Dragon, I glanced briefly at my sister’s face. She was smiling.

Looks like my plan worked.

With her temper cooled, I began the explanation once more.

In between my sentences, I made sure to feed the Dragon more meat to soften the tense atmosphere.

Werner: “So as for the girl named Corally, if possible, could you put in a word for you? Please?”

Bridget: “I will. Even though she was part of the group, if she was being manipulated, she’s a victim. She also cooperated with taking down the enemy base, right? I’ll make sure to speak on her behalf.”

Werner: “Thank you.”

If my sister puts in a word, it should keep Corally from being harmed.

I also asked the Royal Magecraft Knights.

But if the representative of the Marquis Family, and on top of that, one of the victims of the recent crimes asks, that would be even more effective.

Bridget: “So what are you going to do with that Dragon child?” Werner: “It’s still a baby, so we should return it to its parents, right? I’ll have Hati help me look for the parents.” Hati: “Leave it to Hati! The Ancient Dragon community is small, so we will find them quickly.”

Bridget: “I see. Yes, that would be best.” But my sister seemed saddened by the news.

The newborn Dragon was cute, and I understood her feelings of parting with it.

As I finished my explanation, my sister began angrily scolding me.

Once that was done, the newborn Dragon, Hati, and myself decided to stay over at the main mansion.

As I laid down on the bed, the newborn Dragon curled up on my stomach.

It began snoring immediately.

Werner: “That was fast. It must have been tired.” Hati: “Hmmm, that is true, but Hati believes that it feels safe here.”

Hati came over to gently pet the newborn Dragon.

Hati: “It was caught by bad humans and must have suffered a lot.”

I began petting the newborn Dragon with Hati.

Hati: “My Lord, would it be plausible that the enemy decided to activate the Giant Magecraft Artifact because we crushed their secret hideout?”

Werner: “I believe so.”

Of course, we should wait for the official reports from the Royal Magecraft Knights.

But looking at the timing of the sequence of events, that was most likely true.

Hati: “Since we crushed their hideout, the enemy was forced to make a move quickly. Then the reason why we were able to save this child is because My Lord crushed their base.”

Werner: “A bright side to all this misfortune.”

The enemy was too quick after their hideout was crushed.

The newborn Dragon was already caught and had been strapped to the Artifact and was suffering.

The Giant Magecraft Artifact must have been part of their plans to attack the Imperial Capital.

The plan was probably further down the road, but…..that base must have been very important for them to rush forward like this.

Werner: “It was quite the Artifact. It would be difficult to make multiple of those, and making one would take a lot of time.”

Hati: “So the enemy will be quiet for a while?” Werner: “I suspect as much.”

Hati: “Then Hati can look for the Dragon’s parents without worry.” Hati stopped petting the Dragon and came over near my face.

Hati: “But…….” Werner: “What’s bothering you?” Hati: “The newborn Dragon seems to be a little too attached to My Lord. If My Lord has been recognized as the parent, it would be dreadful to take it away from My Lord.” I think I’ve heard of that. When a chick hatches from an egg, it would recognize the first being it sees as their parent.

Werner: “That happens to Dragons too?” Hati: “It does.” Werner: “Hmmm, but when I saw the dragon, it was already hatched. If it was taken while it was still an egg, wouldn’t it mistake the Artifact Artisan as the parent?” Hati: “........that would be the case, but Hati was just worried!”

As we talked, I felt the weight on my eyelids.

We demolished a hideout of the Galatea Empire and the Knights of Lumen.

We also disassembled one of the enemy’s Giant Magecraft Artifacts.

I doubted if the enemy had anything more up its sleeves.

I can leave the rest to the Royal Magecraft Knights.

They are the elite of the elites after all.

I can finally spend some time making some Artifacts in peace.

As I dozed off with those thoughts, I soon fell asleep.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 2

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