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Ch. 82: The Aftermath

The blizzard continued to increase in ferocity.

Hati, still in her large form, spread her wings to protect me from the snow.

Werner: “Thank you, Hati.” Hati: “This is nothing, my Lord! Hati cannot allow the newborn Dragon to catch a cold either!”

Seeing a Dragon younger than her, it must have tickled Hati’s motherly nature.

Werner: “Pardon me. Is a Healer here?” Captain: “Yes, there is. Sir Werner, are you injured anywhere?” As I suspected, since this was a military maneuver, a Healer was also dispatched.

Captain: “Could you treat this Dragon’s wounds?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll start the treatment immediately.”

The Captain called out to his group, and a Healer came running over.

The Healer was a young, kind-looking woman.

But she is still assigned as the Healer for the Royal Magecraft Knights.

She must be quite capable on the battlefield as well.

Werner: “It’s this Dragon that needs the treatment.”

I open up my coat and show the Healer the Dragon.

“I see. A Dragon’s child. Please leave it to me.”

I tried handing over the Dragon to the Healer whenー


The sleeping Dragon let out a small cry and clung onto me.

“That is okay. Please hold the Dragon in your arms.”

Werner: “Thank you.” The Healer began casting Healing Spells on the Dragon I was holding.

The Dragon’s wounds began to slowly heal.

As I gently petted the Dragon, the Captain began to ask me questions.

Captain: “Excuse me, Sir Werner. Would you be able to enlighten us on this situation?” Werner: “Yes, of course.” As I held the Dragon who was being healed, I relayed to him all the details from the beginning.

How we recognized that a Dragon was roaring.

Once we arrived, we found a Giant Magecraft Artifact moving.

I also explained what I knew about the Artifact, and what I suspected was its purpose.

Captain: “A bomb large enough to take us as well as the Capital…..I see….” Werner: “I suspect that the enemy has begun commencing sabotaging the Capital.”

Captain: “How dreadful….”

Werner: “And Hatiー”

Hati: “These humans, right?” Hati dumped two men in front of us.

Both were completely unconscious.

Werner: “When I tried to approach the Artifact, they began attacking us.”

Captain: “Ah, I see.” Werner: “Hati managed to capture them. Hati, how did you do it?” Hati: “Hm? Hati grabbed them, and they tried to self-destruct, so I yelled into their ears.”

Werner: “Oh, that would do it. I doubt that I could stay conscious if you did that to me.”

Hati: “No, no, my Lord. There’s no way. My Lord would be able to withstand Hati’s roar with ease!”

Though Hati was confident, a Dragon’s roar is intertwined with Magic.

Anyone who hears it would fall into a state of terror ー a Spell that affects the mind.

If you receive a Dragon’s roar, and an Ancient Dragon at that, from close range, there are very few people who can stay conscious.

Hati: “Captain, what should Hati do with these? Should Hati continue holding them?” Captain: “Thank you, but that is unnecessary. Lady Hati, we will take care of the rest.”

Hati: “Then Hati leaves it to you!”

The Royal Magecraft Knights came over, and taking the men from Hati, they quickly and efficiently began restraining them.

They placed an Artifact that seals Magic, and binded their hands and feet. They also placed a gag into their mouths.

The work was brief, and now they were unable to move or end their own lives.

Werner: “They are quite good at that.” Captain: “It is the first lesson you learn as a Royal Magecraft Knight afterall.” And the Captain laughed merrily.

Being able to quickly restrain people was apparently one of the most fundamental skills you learn as a Royal Magecraft Knight.

Once they were done, the Captain bowed his head towards Hati.” Captain: “Lady Hati, if you had not caught these men, it would have been difficult for us to have done so. Thank you very much for your assistance.”

Hati: “Hehehe, it was nothing!”

The blizzard continued getting more intense.

If Hati had not caught these two men, their tracks would have been buried underneath the snow.

As the Royal Magecraft Knights took the two men awayー

“Sir Werner, the Dragon’s treatment is complete.” Werner: “Thank you very much.” The Healer was completely out of breath.

“This is not an ordinary Dragon. Even at this size, it has astounding power.”

Werner: “How can you tell?” “Well, the greater its power, the more power we have to use with Healing Spells.”

Werner: “I’m….very sorry for the trouble.” “Oh no! Please! I didn't mean it like that. It was good training for me after all.” And the Healer smiled reassuringly towards me.

After that, I passed the Barrier Generating mechanism that currently surrounded the remains of the Giant Artifact to the Captain.

Since the Artifact was so large, it would take a while to investigate or transport it.

I did not want to stay here until the investigation was complete, so I passed him the activation mechanism, and leave the aftermath to him.

Werner: “About the Dragon Hatchling…”

Captain: “No, I understand. Even we would not want to force information out of a newborn Dragon.”

Werner: “Thank you very much.”

Captain: “As for the Dragon child, I will leave that to you, Sir Werner. If it is able to speak, please ask of its circumstances on our behalf.”

Werner: “I understand. If that happens, I’ll also write down everything I found out about the Artifact and send that to you.” As I was disassembling it, I had already finished analyzing it.

I had a good understanding of the Artifact as a whole.

Captain: “Thank you. That will be greatly helpful.” And leaving the rest to the Knights, Hati, the baby Dragon, and I decided to return home.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 2

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