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Ch. 81: The Baby Ancient Dragon

As I observed the Dragon, I spoke my observations aloud.

Werner: “An Ancient Dragon’s…..newborn?”


The Dragon was smaller than Hati when she was in her smallest size, but its Magic Power was equivalent to an Elder Dragon.

And coming this close in contact, I could finally sense the quality of the Magic Power felt juvenile.

There was a large metal Artifact strapped to the small Dragon’s head.

It looked to be the same Artifact as the one placed on Corally.

If I tried to remove it, a needle would shoot out and destroy the brain. I was sure of it.

And unlike Corally, the Dragon also had Artifacts on its arms and legs as well.

Seeing a Dragon strapped to many metal Artifacts digging into its skin was a painful sight.

Werner: “Just hold on for a little longer.”


I inspected all the Artifacts strapped to the Dragon.

Werner: “This is a problem. If we don’t disable all of the Artifacts at once, it’s going to be bad.”

If I disable just one, the rest will activate the safety mechanisms to kill the Dragon.

In order to disable the Artifacts, I continue my analysis.

I squeezed in through the ribs so I can directly touch and to inspect the Dragon’s Artifacts directly.

As soon as I did so, Magic flowed out from me and into the Artifact strapped to the Dragon’s head.

The Dragon attacked me at the same time.

It had its arms and legs secured and restricted by an Artifact, but it fired a Dragon’s Breath from its mouth.

Werner: “That’s quite powerful for your age.”

I blocked the Dragon’s breath with my left hand and continued to inspect the Artifact with my right.

The Magic blasts it was firing before was done through one of the Artifacts.

Since I destroyed that particular Artifact, the Dragon’s attack was not as powerful as Hati’s.

Even so, it was still more powerful than the average Dragon.

If it is this powerful at this age, I suspected that it really was an Ancient Dragon.

Werner: “This should do it.”

ーーー*CLICK-CLANG (sfx)

The metal Artifact strapped to the Dragon clicked and fell to the floor.

A second later, the metal bone structure of the giant began dismantling and crumbled to the floor.

Werner: “Whoa, that was close.” Both the Dragon and I were suspended in midair, so I held it close.


The Dragon cried out with a weak voice and clung to me.

Werner: “It’s…yes, it’s wounded. Just hold on for a bit longer.”

I need to take it to a Healer as soon as possible.

“Ryaー......” And it fell asleep immediately.

Actually, it might have lost consciousness.

But for the time being, it was breathing, and I could feel a pulse, so it was alive.

Regardless, the circumstances are bad.

The Dragon’s body is small, it is injured, and we are still in the middle of a blizzard.

If its body temperature decreases too much, it could die.

I opened up my coat and placed the Dragon inside.

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself and deactivated the barrier surrounding me.

Next, I collected all the remains of the Giant Artifact and activated a barrier around it.

These remains will be key to extracting more information about our enemies.

With the barrier surrounding it, it would be difficult for the enemy to try and destroy the evidence.

After activating the barrier around the Giant Artifact’s remains, I carried the Dragon with me, and deactivated the barrier surrounding the area.

Outside, Hati was still in her giant form, and held a person in each hand.

The Royal Magecraft Knights had also arrived, but looked tense as they held their staff towards the Dragon.

“Sir Dragon! You are in the territory of Humans! Please depart at once!”

Hati: “WーWait! You have it all wrong!”

“Sir Dragon! Release the humans and please depart from these lands at once!”

Looks like the Royal Magecraft Knights believed Hati to be the enemy.

Werner: “Ah, right. I only told Lotte that a Dragon may have appeared.”

When I contacted Lotte, I never thought a Dragon would be encased in a Giant Magecraft Artifact.

That’s why I only told her simply that we believed a Dragon was approaching.

And after receiving the news, the first thing the Royal Magecraft Knights saw was a giant Dragon ー Hati.

So of course, they would mistake Hati to be the Dragon that was reported by me.

The Royal Magecraft Knights have only seen Hati in her small form.

Hati: “Oh! My Lord! Could you please explain to them!”

Hati saw me and called out to me for help.

“Sir Werner! We are glad you are safe! Then…..the people that Dragon is holding….”

And the Captain of the Royal Magecraft Knights also recognized me.

The Captain probably presumed that one of the humans the Dragon was holding was me.

I was the one who reported the Dragon sighting after all, and then I went to investigate by myself.

And as soon as they get here, they find the Dragon holding hostages.

It would not be a stretch to assume that it was me.

If it was the middle of the day with good weather, they would have saw that it was not.

But it’s the middle of a blizzard, and the sky is covered in thick clouds. There is no moon or star light tonight.

There was no way to visibly confirm who the Dragon was holding.

That’s why they could not identify the barrier since it shuts out all Magic and sounds from the outside world.

Werner: “That Dragon has captured our enemies. And that Dragon is my servant, Hati.” “Oh! It was Lady Hati. Please pardon my actions from before.”

Hati: “As long as you know, it is alright!”

And Hati swooped down to land as she forgave him without a second thought.

Hati saw humans as cute creatures, so she went easy on humans in general.

I liked dogs and cats, and even if they made a mistake, I would forgive them since they were cute.

It must be the same as that.

The man leading the Royal Magecraft Knights was the same Captain who we saw earlier.

Werner: “We meet again.”

“Yes, it has been quite the evening.”

He was still in the middle of taking care of the incident where I took down an enemy’s secret base.

But since a Dragon appeared near the Capital, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the Royal Magecraft Knights were mobilized to intercept the threat.

So no matter how busy he was, it was only natural to see him here.

While I spoke with the Captain, Hati came over to us.

Werner: “Hati, who are the people you are holding? Are theyー?”

Hati: “My Lord left it to Hati, so Hati did her best!”

And Hati lowered her head towards me.

I patted her head gently.

Werner: “As expected of you, Hati. You did well.”

Hati: “Heheheー”

“So Sir Werner, about the Dragon you reported.” I can see why the Captain was confused.

Apart from Hati, there was no other Dragon in sight.

Hati: “Oh, My Lord, is the Dragon you are holding the one who was trapped inside?” But Hati noticed the Dragon inside my coat.

Werner: “That’s right. ーーCaptain. The Dragon I reported heading to the Imperial Capital is this one.”

And I showed him the Dragon.

“I see. It’s so small, and yet I can feel a powerful presence.”

Werner: “Yes, but I don’t believe it is a regular Dragon. Hati, do you think this one is an Ancient Dragon?”

Hati brought her nose up close to sniff the Dragon.

Hati: “The smell is an Ancient Dragon. And it must be a newborn.”

Werner: “I see.”

It bothered me that someone would not only trap a Dragon, but a newborn Dragon inside an Artifact.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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