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Ch. 80: The Inside of the Giant Artifact

So I was right. There was an enemy hiding somewhere nearby.

Werner: “But I’ll leave them to you, Hati.” I knew Hati would not be able to hear me, but I verbalized my trust in her and activated the Barrier Generator.

The enemy’s Magic arrows struck the barrier and vanished.

And the Giant Artifacts bulky arms were also stopped by the barrier.

Werner: “This will do.”

The Barrier Generator is able to generate a barrier large enough to wrap around a building.

Though the Artifact is enormous, it is still within the generator’s range.

So I activated a large barrier, and surrounded the Giant Artifact completely.

With it trapped inside the barrier, it would not be able to continue its march towards the Capital.

And even if the enemy nearby sent the self-destruct signal, the Capital will be fine.

I had also activated one more barrier.

The barrier I activated inside surrounded myself and the vent where the blasts of Magic were being fired.

The Giant Artifact’s exterior was quite thick.

But the vent mechanism that fired the Magic blasts were not protected the same way.

The second barrier protected me from the Giant Artifact’s arms, and I can focus on analyzing its structure.


I heard a cry of suffering and sadness echoing from inside the vent.

Its voice was quite loud.

And at the same time, Magic was blasted out from the vent once again.

Werner: “Just hold on for a little longer.”

With the vent so close, the power of the blast was much higher.

I created a barrier with my left hand to deflect it.

Once the blast was gone, I continued with my analysis.

Werner: “.....I see….this is quite the…”

I suspected as much, but the insides of the Artifact were quite complex.

I can’t underestimate the Artifact Artisans of the Galatea Empire.

Werner: “As I thought, the core of this Artifact is using Master Kay’s theorems.”

Now, the possibility of one of Master Kay’s disciple or a disciple of his disciple residing in the Galatea Empire became even higher.

If it’s my Master’s disciple’s disciple, that would make him or her a cousin disciple of mine.

Regardless, he or she has quite the skill.

Werner: “But no matter how skilled you are, I can’t accept someone who does something like this to Dragons.”

The artifacts that manipulated Hati and Corally were also cruel.

And now, I was looking at an Artifact that enslaved a Dragon at its core.

ーーKIIIIIIIIINNNNN *sfx (high-pitch shrill)

Another blast of Magic fired from the vent.

Though it was firing a significant amount of Magic with each blast, the duration in between was quite short.

Werner: “How does this work? How is it not running out of power?” I mumbled to myself as I kept analyzing.

It wasn’t long before I reached the bomb equipped within the Artifact.

Werner: “ I thought.”

It was a much more powerful bomb than I previously suspected.

With this, they could have wiped out the Royal Magecraft Knights.

I first focused on disarming the bomb.

While I proceeded with disarming it, more blasts or Magic came at me.

As I deflected the blasts, I continued to neutralize the bomb.

Werner: “That should do it. Next……”

I wanted to stop these blasts of Magic.

It was too bothersome to continue my analysis with these interruptions.

As I continued analyzing the structure deeper, I studied how the Magic blasts were being created.

Werner: “ they just used my Artifact design as-is.”

It was the artifact that collected and concentrated Magic Power.

It was originally a medical artifact designed to heal people who were in danger of being in a magic exhausted state.

And it was also the same artifact the former Academy President used when he attacked us.

They simply created a larger and more powerful version of it.

Werner: “I thought the number of blasts was way too numerous and frequent but….”

They collected power from the environment and used it as ammunition.

Werner: “They keep using my original designs for these kinds of purposes…..are they trying to make some kind of point?” I felt frustration rise inside of me.

But in the end, this was an Artifact that I designed and built.

I understood its mechanisms and architecture in and out.

Werner: “That should do it.” I quickly broke down the mechanism firing the Magic blasts.

Now, the self-destruct and long-range attack features were completely disabled.

I should next disassemble this outer stone structure.

But it wasn’t just an ordinary stone structure.

Magic Power lines were embedded throughout the stonework, and it strengthened and made the stone harder to destroy.

In other words, this outer structure was another artifact.

And this Magic Power line was laid out from the outside back to its deepest core.

In order to disrupt and destroy these power lines, I could utilize the vent as an entrance, pour power down into it, and carefully break it down from there.

Werner: “The outer shell’s power lines are easy to destroy.”

It was a very simple design.

But simple does not always mean low-grade for Artifacts.

If it serves the same purpose, the simpler design is the superior.

That is how artifacts are.

Werner: “There! That should….whoa?!”

As soon as the power lines were destroyed, the stone structure began to crack and crumble. Large pieces of stone began falling everywhere as it broke down.

Since I was attaching myself to its exterior, I could have fallen too.

Thankfully, the barrier I placed for myself and the vent kept me from falling to the ground.

As the exterior crumbled away, I was able to look at the Artifact’s interior.

Inside the two-legged giant was a skeletal structure made of metal.

The skeleton mirrored the shape of a human.

But instead of the neck, the Dragon was inside one of the ribs.

Werner: “It’s nice to finally meet you.”


The Dragon continued to lament and roared a piteous cry.

Werner: “Don’t worry. I’ll save you.” The words left my lips before I knew it.

The Dragon was much smaller than I expected and young too.

It was smaller than Hati when she made herself small.

And its body was white and reminded me of Hati too.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 2

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