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Ch. 48: Training Lotte, The Disciple

It was just as Lotte said.

If you can communicate with people from far away, it would be easy to better mobilize your country’s military organization.

If only one side had the capability of doing this, it would be possible to completely turn the tables against the Galatea Empire.

Werner: “In that case, I will let you know as soon as the Magecraft Artifact design is completed.”

Lotte: “Is that really okay?” Werner: “I’m certain that the reason why the Imperial Prince and my master asked me to make you my disciple is for that reason as well.”

Lotte: “Thank you very much!”

Lotte looked relieved, but I made sure to add one cautionary piece of advice.

Werner: “But Lotte, at this point, even if I was able to make one, you would not be able to make it or understand how it works.”

Lotte: “........I’ll work harder.” Werner: “Yes, work as hard as you can. It will still take time for me to complete this, so don’t feel rushed.”

Lotte: “Yes!”

Hati: “Yes, yes. Work hard, Lotte.” Seeing Lotte’s enthusiasm, Hati flew over to pat Lotte on the head.

Lotte: “ThーThank you very much.”

Lotte blushed underneath Hati’s hand.

And the way she blushed reminded me of the 60 year old butler that had his head patted by Hati.

Werner: “Ah, that makes sense.” Against an Ancient Dragon, there’s no differences whether you are a young girl or a 60 year old man.

Hati: “What makes sense, my Lord?” Werner: “No, it’s nothing.” I speak once again to Lotte.

Werner: “Well, I did say that you may not be able to understand the Artifact, but in all fairness, I don’t even know if I will be able to make the Artifact.”

Hati: “Even if it’s you, Master….? I see. That’s how difficult this task will be.” Werner: “It is difficult. And it will take much time before I will be able to complete it. So Lotte, you have plenty of time to work hard and study.”

Lotte: “Yes!”

And that day, Lotte continued to make the parts for the Water Heating Magecraft Artifact.

I did note that Lotte’s overall skill was very good.

And I continued to work on developing a Magecraft Artifact to be used to communicate outside of the Barrier.


One week later, Lotte made a Water Heating Magecraft Artifact from scratch.

I inspected the Artifact part by part.

There was some room for improvement in some places, but overall, she made a complete Artifact.

Werner: “Lotte, this looks great.”

Lotte: “Thank you very much. If there is anything lacking, please feel free to share it with me.”

Werner: “You could sell this one. I think you’ve done a fine job.”

Lotte: “But compared to the sample Artifact you made, I could see that there is a difference in quality.”

Looks like Lotte is holding herself to very high standards.

Werner: “........hmm. I see. In that case…..”

I began pointing out the parts that could be improved upon to Lotte one by one.

Lotte listened to each of my explanations intently.

Lotte: “Thank you very much. Compared to Master’s Magecraft Artifact, I knew there was something lacking…….but my skills are still too low to identify these things.”

Werner: “That is normal.” Lotte looked a little discouraged at my statement.

Werner: “There is a saying, ‘Sharp eyes, slow hands.’ It’s a phrase that be used to insult someone, but anyone who builds anything should have sharp eyes and slow hands.”

Lotte: “Are you the same, Master?”

Werner: “Of course. First and foremost, your ability to assess things with your eyes will develop. Your hands, meaning your ability to actually make things, will develop much later down the road.”

Lotte and Hati, who was now perched on top of Lotte’s head, were both nodding together.

Werner: “Once you no longer have sharp eyes and slow hands, it’s a sign that you will no longer grow or improve. Or that is what my Master, Professor Kay, told me.” Lotte: “I will engrave your words into my heart.”

Hati: “Yes, those are good words to know.”

Hati continued to nod strongly in agreement on top of Lotte. Werner: “Lotte, you can do whatever you like with that Artifact. You can keep it as a souvenir or give it to someone if you like.”

Lotte: “Yes, I would like to keep this one.” Werner: “I see. Then you do that.” Your very first Magecraft Artifact you make will have much sentimental value.

There is no shame in holding onto it.

And next, I gave Lotte another assignment.

Her objective was to create a Bread Baking Magecraft Artifact from beginning to end.

Werner: “You can ask me any questions if there is something you don’t understand.” Lotte: “Yes!”

Lotte began reading the research notes pertaining to the Bread Baking Magecraft Artifact.

And she did come and ask me questions when she got stuck.

When I answered her questions, she intently listened to every word I spoke and took notes.

She is a very diligent student.

And I continued to develop a method of communication to be able to use to communicate with people outside of the barrier.

Frankly, I am not making much progress.

Because the development was not going as planned, I wanted to do something else to take my mind off the project.

Werner: “........Lotte, have you trained with your Attack Spells?” Lotte: “Recently, not really.” Werner: “I see. …….it’s important for you to be able to protect yourself, so let’s do some Attack Spell training.” Lotte: “Thank you very much.”

But I heard a hesitation as she spoke.

Lotte: “Um, Master, sir?”

Werner: “Hm? What’s wrong?” Lotte: “Master, you are very strong, correct?” Werner: “I am, somewhat.”

Lotte: “Master, you have told me to understand the principles and theories when creating a Magecraft Artifact. And that if you truly understand the principles, then you do not need Magecraft Artifacts in the first place.”

Werner: “.......yes, I certainly did say that.”

I remember saying something like that when I defeated the President and Head of Research.

Lotte: “So that means, if I am able to master Magecraft Artifact creations, I can become as strong as you, Master?” Werner: “That is true.” Lotte: “Oh! I’m sorry for being so cheeky! It’s not that I don’t want to practice Attack Spells with you……” Werner: “There’s no need to apologize. If you have doubts, speak your mind. I will make mistakes at times too.” Lotte: “Yes.” I thought for a moment on how I should answer.

Werner: “..........what I said before is correct. Or at least I think so. But my Master also did beat Attack Spells into me as well.” Lotte: “Did he really?” Werner: “Yes.” There was even a time when he threw me into a cave where he knew an extremely dangerous Monster lurked around for several months.

But I believe he was still watching me from somewhere afar where I couldn’t see him.

Otherwise, that training would have been way too risky.

Werner: “To learn how to use Attack Magic, is to also be able to inspect Magical Principles from a different perspective. That’s why I believe it will be useful for making Magecraft Artifacts.”

Lotte: “I see.” Werner: “Besides that, mastering how to make Magecraft Artifacts and getting strong that way will take too much time.”

Lotte is a Princess, so her life will be in constant peril.

And besides that, according to my Master, Professor Kay, Lotte is also the Hero.

Then it would benefit her to be able to learn how to use Attack Spells.

Lotte: “I understand. Please teach me how to use Attack Spells as well!”

Lotte now looked more determined than ever.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 2

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