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Ch. 47 The Purpose of Magecraft Artifacts

I took down the barrier, and let Lotte inside.

Lotte: “Master, good morning!”

Werner: “Good morning, Lotte. Were you okay yesterday?”

Lotte: “Yes, I’m fine. There are no problems! I will be able to perform my duties as before.”

Werner: “I see. I’m glad. Then, please continue as before.”

Lotte: “Yes, sir!”

And Lotte proceeded to make the parts for the Magecraft Artifact that heated water.

This is the same Magecraft Artifact that I attached to the shower in my Research Facility.

Hati: “Lotte! You must eat this!”

Lotte: “What is this?”

Hati: “It is bread!”

Hati pushed Lotte to try the bread that was freshly baked in the Bread Baking Magecraft Artifact.

So I guess we didn’t eat all the bread.

Hati: “How is it? How is it?” Lotte: “It’s delicious.” Hati: “Do you think soー Hati is gladー”

Being in a supremely good mood, Hati patted Lotte on the head.

Lotte: “Miss Hati, where did you get this bread?” Hati: “This is bread that my Lord made with his Bread Baking Magecraft Artifact!”

Lotte: “I see. That’s quite amazing.”

Hati: “Yes, it is! It is amazing!”

And Lotte turned and looked my way.

Lotte: “Master, it was very delicious bread.” Werner: “I’m glad. You’ll find the research notes somewhere around here, so if you’re interested, you can read it.”

Lotte; “Yes! Thank you so much.”

And Lotte returned to her work.

Hati also returned to sit on top of my lap.

Hati was warm, and I welcomed her company during the cold winter.

Hati: “ my Lord, what did you mean by, ‘That’s it!’”

Werner: “Hm? Ohhh.”

When Lotte arrived here, an idea came to mind.

Werner: “Well, so you see…I thought about using a Magic Stone as a means of communicating outside of the barrier.”

Hati: “.........? Hati does not understand.”

Werner: “Well, I don’t really know if it’s possible or not. I will tell you if I succeed.”

Hati: “Hati sees~ Hati looks forward to that.”

Hati swung her tail in delight as I patted her head.

And inside my head, I began putting together my theory.

Werner: “In that case……..if I do this…….it might be possible.”

Hati: “...........”

Werner: “No, we need to relay information to a distant place so…..”

What we would need is a Magecraft Tool that emits information and a Magecraft Artifact that receives that information.

Lotte: “.....Master.”

Werner: “Hm? What’s wrong?” Lotte: “Is it really possible to create a Magecraft Artifact that would allow you to communicate across a far distance?” Werner: “Well, I would have to actually develop the Artifact before I can say for sure, but I believe so.”

Lotte: “Master, do you already have a complete blueprint inside your head?”

Lotte looked very seriously at me.

Werner: “There are many hurdles we must overcome, but I have also several methods to overcome each hurdle.”

Lotte: “IーI see.”

Werner: “There is always a chance that we will run into an unexpected problem, but I think this will work.” Lotte: “Master, you truly are a genius.”

Hati: “She’s right! My Lord is the greatest, strongest genius of this age!”

Hati said this proudly as if she was boasting about herself.

Werner: “Professor Kay is even more amazing, so there’s not much room for me to boast.”

And Lotte took a deep breath.

And locked her eyes on mine.

Lotte: “Master!”

Strong determination burned inside her eyes.

Werner: “What’s wrong?” Lotte: “Would you please allow me to assist in the development of this Artifact?” Werner: “Hmmmm, let’s see….”

Lotte: “.......are you against the idea?” Werner: “I’m not against it. It’s just a difficult choice. I’m not certain if you’ll be able to understand what I’m trying to make.”

Lotte has not learned enough to be able to assist me.

That was my assessment.

Even if Lotte was an exceptional student, she was still just beginning her studies in my eyes.

Lotte: “........I see. I apologize for making a selfish request.”

Werner: “Right now, you need to understand the basics by studying the Magecraft Artifact parts you are making for the Water Heating Artifact.”

Lotte: “Yes, sir.”

Werner: “When that is done, study the mass produced Bread Baking Artifact, and be able to make that from scratch.”

Lotte: “I understand. I will do my best.”

If she can make the Bread Baking Magecraft Artifact alone from scratch, then she would be able to call herself a Magecraft Artifact Artisan.

She would even be able to find work in the first rate Merchant Association like the Oigen Group.

Werner: “Lotte, what made you want to suddenly help with this Artifact?” Lotte: “................I am the Princess of the Lamette Kingdom.”

Werner: “I know.”

Lotte: “And the Lamette Kingdom is on the brink of destruction.”

And apparently, the ambitious Galatea Empire that is trying to expand its borders has their eyes set on the Lamette Kingdom.

And the Lamette Kingdom is also behind in its Magecraft Technologies.

They would be hard pressed to defend their country without assistance.

Lotte: “If we were able to take the technology used in Master’s Artifacts, I’m certain that we would be able to protect my country.”

Werner: “Hm? ………….I see. That could be the case. That may be a possible outcome.”

Lotte: “Yes, if we can communicate over a long distance instantly, then you would change the foundation of our Military Tactics and Strategy.”

Lotte was certain about this.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 2

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