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Ch. 49: The Invitation to the Palace

From that day, I taught Lotte Attack Spells when I needed a break from Magecraft Artifact research and development.

Lotte studied Attack Spells and also diligently worked on creating the Bread-Baking Magecraft Artifact.

Lotte not only had the motivation, but she also had overflowing talent.

She continued to absorb everything I taught her and grew stronger.

A week passed.

Hati and I were having breakfast together eating bread.

Hati: “My Lord! The bread is deliciousー!”

Werner: “Today’s bread does taste better than yesterdays. Is it because I changed the flour we used? ………..Hm?”

Someone was approaching the research lab.

Werner: “We have a guest. I wonder if it’s Lotte.” Hati: “My Lord, leave it to me!”

Hati flew towards the entrance to take a peek outside.

Hati: “Oh! It’s the adorable butler!”

Werner: “Hm? Does he have some business with us?” I turned off the barrier and invited the butler inside.

“Good morning, Sir Werner.”

Werner: “What’s wrong?” “We received an invitation to a luncheon with his Imperial Highness.”

That’s troublesome.

The food at the Palace is amazing, but it’s a very formal dining setting that can feel cramped and uncomfortable.

But if it’s a direct invitation from his Imperial Highness, I can’t refuse.

Well, I technically could refuse, but it’ll get even more complicated and troublesome if I opt to do so.

The only person that would ever refuse with a, “No, I don’t wanna” would be my Master, Professor Kay.

In fact, I saw him do exactly that before.

Werner: “........I understand. I’ll attend the luncheon.”

“I believe that will be for the best.”

Werner: “So when is it?” “It is scheduled for today.” Werner: “...................okay.” That is very sudden. But the Imperial Highness’ schedule is also packed.

There might have been a change in his schedule and lunch today suddenly opened up for him.

And if it’s not today, there might not be an opening in his schedule for months.

As I felt a little down about the whole ordealーー

Hati: “The Imperial Highness always gives out good things to eat, so Hati likes him!”

Hati seemed really happy at the sudden lunch invitation.

Afterwards, I was dressed in appropriate attire and riding the Marquis’ official carriage, I headed to the Palace.


The luncheon participants were Prince Thil, Prince Kraus, Hati, and myself.

Once we were done with the food, Prince Thil left the room.

I was taken with Prince Kraus to a meeting room immediately afterwards.

Though I did not enjoy the formal setting, I hid my dislike of the situation and tried to smile.

This is where the troublesome part really begins.

The luncheon was just a formality. It was an excuse for the Royal Palace to call me over.

Hati: “Will we have snacks to eat?” Kraus: “Of course. We have plenty of snacks ready.”

Hati: “Hati is glad. The snacks from the Imperial Highness are always delicious.”

Kraus: “Your compliments are a great honor.” Hati is my servant, but she is also the Princess of the Ancient Dragons.

She did not seem intimidated by speaking to the Imperial Highness.

Prince Kraus, Hati, and I enter the private meeting room.

Prince Kraus watched Hati munch and nibble on the snacks with a warm smile andーー

Kraus: “Sir Werner, we have sentenced the President and Head of Research to be executed.” Werner: “Executed?” Kraus: “You don’t seem surprised at the mention.”

Werner: “While they were fighting against me, they have both transformed into the Demon Race. In short, they abandoned their humanity and died as humans from that point on.”

Kraus: “Yes, that is certainly true.” The Imperial Highness nodded once in approval as he continued.

Kraus: “The President and Head of Research had ties to a secret organization called the Knights of Lumen.” Werner: “The Knights of Lumen?”

Kraus: “Yes, do you know about the Church of the Holy Light?” Werner: “Yes, I’ve heard of the name. They are a new religious group that has really expanded quite a bit recently.”

Kraus: “That’s right. The organization that is responsible for all illegal activities behind the scenes, and the actual organization leading the Church of the Holy Light is the Knights of Lumen.”

Werner: “There’s really such an organization?”

Kraus: “To put it differently, the Church of the Holy Light is just a front for the Knights of Lumen.” The Imperial Highness looked tense as his expression hardened.

Kraus: “The Knights of Lumen are being funded by the Galatea Empire, and there are signs that they intend to destroy our society and way of living.”

Werner: “........but you have no solid evidence of this?” Kraus: “That’s right. The Royal Magecraft Knights are currently performing the investigation.”

If the Royal Magecraft Knights are on the case, then it should be resolved soon.

Kraus: “Oh, I almost forgot. Once we’re done investigating the Magecraft Artifacts at the scene of the attack, I will have it delivered to the Marquis’ mansion.”

Werner: “Thank you very much.” Both the President and Head of Research carried Magecraft Artifacts that were modifications of my original design.

If the Imperial Highness is willing to let me take a look at it, I’m very grateful.

I may be able to figure something out once I have a look.

Kraus: “Sir Werner, please be very careful going forward.” Werner: “Thank you. I appreciate the word of caution.” I’m certain that the Imperial Prince’s true objective is not my safety but Lotte’s.

He is asking me to ensure that Lotte will be safe and protected.

Werner: “I will also ensure my disciple’s safety as well while she is at my Research Lab.” The Palace will be responsible for Lotte while she resides in one of their rooms.

The best I can do for her is to give her one of my Barrier Generating Artifacts.

Kraus: “Yes. We have also taken every precaution to ensure Princess Charlotte’s safety and well-being.”

Werner: “Thank you very much for your care of my disciple.” With those words, the Prince smiled back at me.

Kraus: “By the way, Sir Werner. This is what I actually wanted to speak to you about…..” My senses went on full alert at the words ー something very troublesome was brewing behind them.

But I can’t frown at the Imperial Highness.

I tried to put on my best smile as I replied.

Werner: “And what might that be?” Kraus: “With the President and Head of Research now gone, there is nothing preventing you, Sir Werner, from regaining employment at the Mages Academy.”

That alone was enough for me to understand what the Imperial Prince was trying to say.

He probably got a job lined up for me at the Mages Tower.

I know that he’s doing this with good intentions.

If I was employed back with the Mages Academy, I would be able to protect Lotte studying at the Mages Academy easier.

I get that.

But this is troublesome nonetheless.

I really liked my present position and way of life right now.

And the Imperial Prince knew of my feelings as he continuedーー

Kraus: “Do not fret. Your title will be a Specially Appointed Professor residing with the Magecraft Artifact Research and Development Division.”

And smiled broadly as he spoke the words.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 2

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