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Alchemy BOX c68

Ch. 68: Sharing Everything in Halves

It was 3 days after Nina and Carol gave birth to their babies.

Luke: “Looks like it will be a rare sunny day.”

Sia: “Uーk, we go and find herbs for mama’s milk.”

Luke: “Milk?” Since it was sunny, I was hoping to complete the roofs of the incomplete houses when Sia came by.

By reflex, I stared at her chest, but of course, she wasn’t talking about herself, so I returned my gaze to her face.

Luke: “Oh, you’re talking about Nina and Carol.”

Sia: “Yea, yea. Forest on the other side of mountain, there is herb for breast milk.”

Luke: “But it’s been raining so hard that we couldn’t go there, right? Hmmm, Gredd, what’s on the work agenda today?” I called out to Gredd who had already begun his work early this morning.

From throughout the town, you can hear the noise of a hammer clanging against walls and posts.

Gredd: “Hmmmmm, well, we have enough wood supplies for today. I can’t say the same for tomorrow, but you can leave it to me here if you need to go, Governor.”

Luke: “Got it. Okay, then let’s go.”

Sia: “Yeaー!”

Eri: “Waーーーit just one second!!”

And then Princess Aires came by at that moment and stood with her arms crossed.

Eri: “I am coming too.”

Luke: “Huh? But we’re going to the forestー”

Eri: “I am coming along too!”

Doesn’t look like she’ll be willing to stay behind…

I gazed at the workplace to see if there was any job she could do, but the Dwarf there shook their head.

“We already informed the good Princess of the materials, the numbers, and the dimensions we need. All that’s left is for the Governor to prepare the materials butーー”

Gredd: “If we don’t make progress with the work we already have, we can’t make room for it in the storage shed.”

And they only further encouraged the Princess instead.

Luke: “But Princess, on the other side of the mountain in the western forest, there will be higher ranked Monsters than here.”

Eri: “Sir Luke, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, I can use Fire Type Magic.”

Luke: “Huh?” Seeing my shocked expression, Princess Aires began reciting a Spell incantation.

She braced her right hand towards the sky andーー

Eri: “[Fire].”

And completed her Spell.

A fireball the size of a soccer ball flew up into the air at the same time.

“ “ Whoooaaaa ” ”

Sia and I both applauded at the performance.

It is a Low Class Magic Spell, but it’s no mini-fireball.

Eri: “Right now, I can cast [Fire], [Fireball], and a small-scale [Fireburst]. These are my 3 Spells currently.”

Luke: “Even if it’s just 3, having an area Spell will be very useful……oh, well…”

Eri: “Hehe. I heard you well. Just now, you said that I would be very useful to you.”

Ohー shoot.

I accidentally spoke my thoughts out loud.

Eri: “I am also very good with a bow!”

Luke: “Oh, a bow?”

She took my hand and led me back to the inn. She ran up the stairs and came right back down.

Eri: “This is my bow.”

Luke: “Whoa. It’s a beautiful and strong-looking bow.”

If this was a game, it would be classified as a Rare or Legend or maybe unique. She brought out a bow of that kind of class.

Eri: “Hehe. This bow actually has Magic Power contained inside of it.

Luke: “It’s an enchanted weapon?!”

Eri: “It comes as a set with the quiver, and arrows can be loaded automatically.”

Dangーー the Isekai world, that would be a cheat weapon.

But this is the Princess of a nation we’re talking about.

There’s no way I can take her with meーー

I look at the Knights who are currently inside the dining hall which also doubles as the Knights’ offices.

They are looking at me as well.

We held the gaze for a while.

And finally, they let out a sigh and shook their heads side to side.

Luke: “(sigh).......fine. But please make sure to not leave my side. Is that okay?” Eri: “OーOf course. I will never, ever leave your side, Sir Luke.” And with that, Princess Aires grabbed my arm and held it tightly.

Wait, you don’t have to be that close.

Sia: “GRRRR”

Eri: “Sir Luke just asked me to stay close. Please don’t interrupt us.”

Luke: “Princess, Sia, please work together and get along.” Sia: “Yea”

And with a satisfied smile, Sia came around to the other side and wrapped herself around my other arm.

Wait, that’s not what I mean.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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