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Alchemy BOX c69

Ch. 69

We went to go look for the herb that would help mothers develop more breast milk, and Boris, Sheena, and Gina also joined us.

Gina: “Un-peh, un-peh”

Luke: “Gina seems to be in a good mood.”

Sheena: “Beeehhhnnn”

Sia: “Gina, first time, going here.”

Luke: “I see. But Gina, don’t go wandering off alone.”

Gina: “Peh~”

And as if to say that he will protect her, Boris stood nearby Gina.

Boris’ horns have begun to grow, but only barely. To be honest, it’ll probably be useless in battle.

In the end, protecting them will be up to me.

When I received the title of Baron from the Tronstad Kingdom, they also awarded me with a special sword.

The sword was made of Silver Mithril ー a mineral well-known in the Fantasy world.

The decoration was minimal, and Gredd told me that it was made for combat.

That’s why it was a good sword.

I’m also learning swordsmanship from other Knights and Adventurers.

I think I’ve gotten a little stronger.

Luke: “Oh, if it’s made of Silver Mithril, the mineral itself is supposed to conduct Magic much better, correct?”

Eri: “Yes, that’s correct. The bow I carry has one part made of Silver Mithril as well.”

Sia: “Mithril is ama-zing~”

Luke: “You know about Mithril too, Sia?! If you know about this, I guess it’s common knowledge to everyone.” Sia: “GRRRRR.”

Sia puffed her cheeks out against my words.

But honestly, it can’t be helped.

Though her body developed, her personality inside was still the same.

“The Princess’ bow’s enchantment is slightly different. There is a specific Magic Spell casted onto it. But if we were to enchant this sword…..”

Of course, we could use the BOX for that and makeーー

A Flame Sword!

That would most definitely be awesome!

Eri: “SーSir Luke……..please don’t keep staring at me with those adoring eyes….”

Luke: “Oh, I’m so sorry. The thought of a Magic Sword came to mind, and I couldn’t help but imagine how awesome that would be.”

Eri: “ that the only why you were looking my way?” Luke: “Yes. Huh? What other reason would I have, Princess?” That Magic Spell I just saw, I want to enchant it with that!

That was why I was looking at the Princess butーー

Eri: “FーFine. I understand. Sheesh. And well, what Spell were you expecting?” Luke: {Fire} is a single target Spell, correct? What about the {Fireball}?”

Eri: “Normally, you would expect to fire off many fireballs against a single enemy…..but at Royce’s level, you could expect him to fire multiple fireballs at multiple enemies.”

I can finally understand how incredibly skilled Royce is.

When I go back to the castle, I’ll need to ask him for some Spells to use for enchantments.

Luke: “Since I don’t know what effect the enchantment will actually have, let’s go with the regular {Fire}. Is that okay?” Eri: “Yes, of course. Then could you prepare the BOX? If we’re going to do this, then I’m going to concentrate more Magic Power than usual andーー”

Just in case, I made the BOX 160 cm (~5’ 3”), and the fireball I received was actually twice as big as the one I saw before.

Now, we place the Mithril Sword inside.

And we enchant.

When I pulled the sword out of the BOX, the blade was now encased and emitted a reddish, orange marbled light.

When I felt the blade with my fingertips, it was not hot.

I placed it back inside the BOX to assess it.

[The Fire Mithril Sword. Its blade is surrounded by flames, and it will add fire damage to anything it touches. If you concentrate and cast {Fire}, you can launch a fireball. But once you launch, the effect on the blade will disappear.]

ーーis the voice I heard inside my head.

So I can’t say, “Fire” then. I need to be careful.

Boris: “Unpeh!”

Luke: “What’s wrong, Boー, Sheena, have Gina stand behind you.”

Sheena: “Behhhh”

In the western forest where giant trees stood tall, there was something flying somewhere in front of us.

I thought it was a large bird at first, but I was wrong.

Luke: “A moth, maybe?” Sia: “Mothra Kaiko. It spits a pretty thread.”

Luke: “Mothra? Ohhh, I remember now. Huh? Then wait one sec.” I take out the BOX and ready it.

Luke: “Princess, can you shoot an arrow that would barely glaze its wings?” Eri: “Of course! There!”

The Mothra Kaiko flapped its wings hard into the air, and it felt Princess Aires’ arrow brush against its wings.


Enraged, it began spitting out spools of thread. I caught this in my BOX.

I wonder if it’s thinking, “Why isn’t my attack working?!”

Or something like that.

It began to shoot its thread more and more furiously.

The Mothra Kaiko’s thread is like very fine silk.

But unlike silk that can easily stain when exposed to water, this thread was resilient against water, and was hard to stain.

Luke: “A perfect material to make a raincoat!!”

Mothra: [ZU……Zumo…….]

Expending all the thread in its body, the Mothra Kaiko flew weakly away deep into the forest.

I wished it would have spit a little more thread.

But as I watched it goーー


Luke: “Ack?! There’s a huge group coming at us in revenge!”

Eri: “Sir Luke! I see a pack of Red Wolves over there. They are a Fire Type, and my Magic will have very little effect against it.”

Sia: “Sia will do it!”

And Sia leaped forward. And a group of Mothra Kaiko began spitting thread out towards me.

Thank you!

Thank you, Mothra Kaikos!

As I collected thread, I began to transform it into something like a ball of yarn, and once it got big, I took it out and collected more thread.

One by one, the Mothra Kaikos ran out of thread and fell to the ground.

But I soon realized that we were surrounded by Monsters all over.

Sia had already defeated 5 Red Wolves, but there were still more remaining.

There was a centipede that was 3 meters (~10 ft) long, and a Slime that was about 1 meter (~3 ft) big. Andーー

Luke: “Whー. How… is my step mother in a place likeーー”


Luke: “Oh, it’s a real Orc. Sorry for mistaking you.”


I should forgive me since I did apologize sincerely.

There were several dozen Orcs that attacked us, and they helped me assess the usefulness of my new Flaming Mithril Sword.

I wonder why? Every time I cut down an Orc, I feel so much better.

During that time, Sia finished off the Red Wolves, and the Princess took down the Slime with her Spell.

And Borisーー

Boris: “Un, unpehー”

And let out a roar, and with his horn glittering, he charged at the centipede.

Crashing into the centipede, it flew backwards into the air.

Luke: “That’s amazing, Boris! As expected of a big brother!”

Boris: “Peh, Peh-pehhhh”

He blushed as his white face turned scarlet.

As we defeated everything except the exhausted Mothra Kaikos, they retreated back deep into the forest.

I hope we meet again after you recover your thread supply.

As it suddenly quieted down, we found the herb that would help Nina with her breast milk production and returned home.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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