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Alchemy BOX c67

Ch. 67

Luke: “No, this isn’t good. The twins are tied up together inside the stomach.”


I pulled my hand out, but I did not have a baby Sheepoo in my grasp.

If I forcefully yank one out, the two would get stuck in the birth canal, and we would not be able to extract them out.

And there’s also the chance of breaking bones if I tried to do so.

What should I do…..

Eri: “SーSir Luke……”

Luke: “How can we save both……from what I know, giving birth to twins means…..oh…”


What if we do that? Aren’t twins usually born through a C-section?

I felt like I saw that on TV in my previous life.

Luke: “Nina, we will need to cut open your stomach.”

Boss: [BEH?!]

Both Boss and Hanna shook their heads furiously side to side.

Eri: “Sir Luke?! If we do that, we might be able to save the babies, but then Nina will….!”

Sia: “Uーk, is there no other way?”

Luke: “It’s true that if we cut open Nina’s stomach, her life will be in danger. Even if we wanted to stitch the wound back together, I don’t have that kind of skill. Butーー

There is a way to 100% save her life.

I reach into my Item Box Bag.

And pull out the item that was kept there until a time of great need.

Though it was transparent, the liquid brightly shimmered ーー the Elixir.

Eri: “YーYou’re going to use that?!”

Sia: “Oooohhhh”

Luke: “If I don’t use it now, there’s no point. You two, please help me.”

It’s a precious potion, but when am I supposed to use it if I don’t use it now!

Sia: “Okayー”

Eri: “IーI understand.”

The two of them took off their coat, and along with my coat, I washed and dried them in the Alchemy BOX.

We place the cleaned coats on top of Nina, and I collect all the metal items I have on me to make a knife.

Luke: “Sia, I will cut open Nina’s stomach. I need you to take one baby out, and I will take the other baby out.”

Eri: “What should I do?” Luke: “Princess, I need you to handle the Elixir. Once both babies are out, I will cover her with the coats to put pressure on the wound. When that happens, take that andーー”

Eri: “I’ll pour it onto her, correct?”

I answered her with a nod.

Speed is everything. Every second that ticks by is a second that is putting the baby Sheepoos’ life in danger.

Luke: “Here we go!”

“ “ Yes! ” ”


Nina also prepared for the cut.

I placed a hand on her stomach and tried to determine where to cut.

I would like to just go for it, but if I do so, I may hurt the baby Sheepoos inside.

Where? Where should I cut?

As I wandered back and forth in my indecision, Hannah came over.

She took her horn which was a little shorter than Boss’s, and guided it as if to say, “Right here.”

Luke: “Thank you, Hannah. Can you also tell me when and where to stop the cut?” Hannah: [Unbeh]

Pressing her horn on me, I cut into Nina’s stomach.


Luke: “Nina! Hang in there! You’re going to become a mom! You need to hang in there!”

I quickly but carefully cut open Nina’s stomach.

I saw a sack-like thing inside, and something was moving inside it.

I carefully cut the sack andーー

Luke: “Sia!”

Sia: “Yeaーー!”

Sia opens the sack wide, and looks inside. She quickly sticks a hand in, and after searching for a moment, she pulled out one baby.

I immediately reach in and pull the second one out.

We place the coats to cover them, and I leave the baby I pulled out to Sia, and I close the cut on the uterus.

Luke: “Princess, place a few drops here first!”

Eri: “YーYes!”

She opens the cap to the bottle, and places a few, small drops on the uterus.

Luke: “Okay! The wound closed up! Next!”

Eri: “Yes!”

I pull on the sides of the stomach to close the wound I opened.

There, the Princess placed a few more drops.

Something sizzled and steamed as the wound immediately closed up.

Luke: “Nina, how do you feel? Is there any place that hurts inside your stomach?”

Nina: [Beh~]

I wonder if she’s trying to reassure me.

Nina rubbed her head against me, and then began to look upon her babies with concern.



We hear weak, quiet voices emerge.

Sheena and Hannah were licking the newly born babies.

Luke: “Looks like they’re okay. Hey, Nina, you bled a lot just now. You need to lie down and rest.”

Eri: “She’s probably fine, Sir Luke. The Elixir has the ability to restore blood loss as well.”

Luke: “RーReally?! Is that true?”

Eri: “Yes. I did a lot of research on the Elixir when I was still in need of it.”

She must have been quite nervous because sweat was dripping off Princess Aires’ forehead as she smiled.

After that, we lined up next to each other and gazed at the Nina and her babies.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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