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Alchemy BOX c117

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Ch. 117 A Small Adventure 5

Luke: “A Monster with one eye, a horn on its head and is bigger than a human?” As we returned to a port where the ships were docked, Luke, Miss Sia, dad, and Uncle Gonzo were there waiting for us.

Boss: “[ Behーー ] (That’s an Ogre Eye.)”

Boris: “[ Peh? ] (Ogre Eye?)”

Luke: “Sia, what are they saying?” Sia: “They say it’s Ogre Eye.”

Luke: “Wait, an Ogre Eye? Isn’t that a variant of Ogres that’s classified as a Giant Type Monsters?”

My dad replied, “Yes,” to Luke’s question.

Luke did not need Miss Sia to translate that. He can understand our yes’s and no’s.

Ahhh, I wish I could talk to Luke without bothering Miss Sia to translate all the time.

Luke: “Hey now. Isn’t that a Mid-Tier Monster? Did Boris really defeat it by himself?”

Boris: “[ Pehーーーpehーpehーーー] (That’s right! I took it down!)”

Sia: “ーーーis what Boris said.”

Luke: “WーWas the horned Sheepoo that strong of a race? Besides, it hasn’t been even an year since Boris was born, right?” But I really did defeat it.

Boss: “[ Behー behー Behー ] (Boris, show me your status).”

Boris: “ [ Pehー …….pehー] (Dad? …….oーokay…..)”

Status, appear!




Horned Sheepoo

Age 0


Strength: 122

Stamina: 124

Agility: 73

Dexterity: 44

Magic Power: 65


Horned Destruction 1

I read my Status to my dad. Then, my dad looked really surprised.

Boss: “[ BEH?! Beh-beh-beh…….Beh!] (It can’t be that highーーoh!)”

And realizing something, my dad looked at his own Status.

He was just as shocked as when he heard me say mine.

Boris: “[ Pehー peh-pehー?] (Dad, what’s wrong?)”

Boss: “[......behーー] (It’s the fruit.)”

Boris: “[ Peh? ] (Fruit?)”

Boss: “[Behーーーbeh-behーー. Behーー. Behhーーbeh-behーーーbehーーBeh-behーー] (The Status Fruit. I was being too careless. Of course, if we consume that much, our Statuses would end up like this.)”

Boris: “[ Pehー? ] (What do you mean, dad?)”

My dad let out a deep sigh as he looked up into the sky.

Boris: “[ Pehーーpeh-Pehーー? ] (Was it wrong to eat the blocks of carrots that Luke gave us?)”

Boss: “[ Behーーー. Behーーbeh-behーーBehーーbeh-BehーーーーーBehーー] (No, it wasn’t wrong. But because we ate so much, we far exceeded a normal Horned Sheepoo’s status.)”

Boris: “[ Pehーーpeh?] (So does that mean that I’m strong?)”

Boss: “[ Behーーーbeh-Behーー ] (Yes, you are. You are too strong.)”

Cool! I’m really strong!!

If I’m strong, I can protect Gina, Neese, Carol, and Casper!

Luke: “I see, I see. Oh……so this is all my fault. Ummmm, should I stop giving them the carrot blocks?”

Boss: “[ Behーー.....Beh-behーーbeh-Behーー! (No……now that we’ve come this far, we will strive to be the strongest Horned Sheepoo!)”

Sia: “Ummm, he said become strongest Sheepoo.”

Luke: “I see. The strongest, huh? I wonder if Horned Sheepoo evolve if they get strong enough? Like, Goblins will become Goblin leaders, and eventually become a Goblin King, right?”

Sia: “Sia doesn’t know.”

Luke: “.......I see. Anyways, let’s head home. We’re here to pick you up because you all hadn’t come home, and Boss hurried us here.”

Oh, so that’s why everyone was at the beach.

It is evening already. It’s been getting dark earlier and earlier now.

Gonzo: [ Then we shall be off ]

Gonta: [ See you later, everyone! ]

Boris: “[ Pehーー, pehー ] (See you, Gonta!)”

Kurasuke: [ Byeーー ]

Kensuke: [ Bye byeー ]

We all parted ways, and my group headed towards town.

Luke had come by horseback, and Miss Sia sat behind him. My dad and I ran alongside the horse.

During that time, my dad was very quiet.

Boris: “[ Pehーー peh-pehーー ] (Dad, are you mad that we went so deep into the island?)”

Boss: “[ ……Behーー?] (Was your opponent strong?)”

Boris: “[ Peh? ……..pehーー Peh-pehーー! ] (Huh? …….no. They were really weak!)”

Boss: “[ Behー ] (I see.)”

And dad was quiet again.

Maybe he really is mad?

As I worried, my dad slowed his running down to run beside me.

Boss: “[ Behー ] (Boris).”

Boris: “[ Pehー? ] (What, dad?)”

Boss: “[ Behーーbeh-BehーーBehーーbehーー ] (Because of the Status Fruits, even though you are a child, you have become very strong.)”

Boris: “[ PーPehー? ] (OーOkay?)”

Boss: “[ Behーーbeh-behーー BehーーBehーー ] (But that is not strength you earned. It was given to you.)”

Given to me? By Luke?

Boss: “[ Behーーbeh-Behーー BehーーBehーーBehーー ] (And don’t be overconfident. This world is full of Monsters that are much stronger than you or I. ]

Boris: “[ PーPeh…..] (OーOkay….)”

Boss: “[ BehーーBehーーBehーーーBeh-behーー ] (Never think an opponent is weaker than you. Until you understand that, you cannot think of yourself as truly strong. ]

And with that, my dad picked up the pace and ran ahead.

Truly strong? I didn’t understand what he meant. Maybe it will make more sense when I am bigger?

By the time we got to town, it was very dark.

Luke: “Oh, what happened to the fish you were trying to catch?”

Boris: “[ …….peh. ] ( ……..don’t ask).”

Sia: “He said don’t ask.”

Luke: “Why?” Boss: [ Behーー ] (The Ogre Eye must have got to them first.)”

Boris: “[ Peh! ] (No!)”

They did eat a lot of the fish but…….but………

While we were taking them down, all the fish ran away!!

I’m going to catch them one of these days!!


[From Boss’ Perspective]

Evolution…….is that truly possible…..?

Long ago, my father once told me.

There once was a legendary Sheepoo who lived long and held great power.

He had a partner that helped him grow and then eventually evolved.

That Sheepoo was able to soften or harden their wool freely, and awakened to manipulate [Earth], [Wind], and [Light].

Normally, a male Sheepoo will use [Earth] and the females will use [Wind], but with an evolution, they can now use both and [Light] on top of that.

I’m certain that Sheepoo must have been very strong.

My son has been eating the Status Fruits since he was bornーーhe has a better chance at evolving.

But can you truly call that strength?

I have been teaching him what strength is butーー

Maybe we need to do actual combat training from now on?

This would be good to discuss with Luke.

He has been busy leading this whole island everyday.

As my honorary comrade, I would like his insight on this matter.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 6: Interlude

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MR. cool
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