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Alchemy BOX c118

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Ch. 118: Interlude - Celebration 1

On one particular afternoonーー

Sir Lou Quain, the ruling governor of the island, was busy, as his usual routine, tending vigorously to his vegetable garden.

Luke: “With this, we shouldn’t have to import vegetables from the mainland for a while.”

“Yes sirーー if we can do away with those imports, that would help fatten up your reserves more quickly.”

Luke: “Hahaha, well, I don’t know about that.”

Sir Lou Quain carried on enjoying his conversations with the farmer as he picked up a pumpkin.

Because he was working in the fields, instead of his usual formal wear, he had a simple work outfit similar to what the farmers wear.

Luke: “Heーy, Jopin! When I’m done with this, can you re-check the countingー?”

Jopin: “As you command. Sir, I would advise you to take a short rest.”

Luke: “Hmm……I’m not really feeling tired, so that won’t be necessary. Once it’s lunch time, I’ll go back.”

Jopin: “Then let us plan on returning at noon. I will have the staff have your lunch ready.”

Luke: “Okayー”

*Sigh*.....though he has been bestowed the governorship of the island and also the title of Baron from the Tronstad Kingdom…….

His life is no different than when he was with the Lonneberg family!

Though he was born as a noble, he is being treated the same as a servant just like those times!

Jopin: “No, in fact, he’s having to work harder than those days…..”

My cry went unheard, I counted the puumpkins loaded onto the back of the cart.

I finished the counting quickly, and on the way back to our newly built mansionーー

Roku: “Mr. Jopinーー”

Mr. Roku called me. He was also in the middle of harvesting fruits, and every member of his daughter’s family was out in the fields working.

Jopin: “Hello, Mr. Roku. Are those garapes to be eaten as-is?”

Roku: “Yes, this is the Young Master’s request, and I brought a few clusters to show him.”

Jopin: “Oh, does Sir Lou Quain have a liking for garapes?”

Roku: “Ah, I am not sure. When we were residing in the Lonneberg mansion, all the fruits were eaten by……..”

Jopin: “Oh, yes. You’re right…..”

All the fruits grown in the green house under Mr. Roku’s care ended up in Angelina and Endin’s stomach.

Oh, then maybeーー

Jopin: “It…….could be because our Master is now free to eat fruits as he pleases.”

Roku: “Ah, yes. That could be it. Hmm, could you please make sure that he does not consume too much, Mr. Jopin?” Jopin: “Yes, indeed. It would be terrible if he eats too much and ends up like them.”

Roku: “Well, he is not part of Appunto’s direct lineage, so I think he will be okay, but…..just in case. Let’s be careful just in case.”

It is not uncommon for nobles and those in the wealthier society to consume fruits every day. In fact, it is quite common.

Even so, they would maybe consume an aapple or two a day. Those two were more of an exception.

As we headed back, we recalled many stories from the past.

Roku: “Young Master Luke has gotten quite tall. Did he grow after I left the Lonneberg mansion?” Jopin: “No, no. That surprised me too. When we reunited on this island, Sir Lou Quain was much taller than the last time I saw him at the Lonneberg mansion.”

Roku: “In that case, it must be the food.”

Jopin: “It must be.”

When they were with the Lonneberg family, they were served 3 meals a day, but the contents of each meal was not much.

For a growing boy, it was surely not enough.

Though he was still quite thin, when I saw Sir Lou Quain on this island, he had grown quite a bit in stature.

Jopin: “Well, Sir Lou Quain is only 15 years old, so I’m certain that he will grow even taller.”

Roku: “Yes, you’re right……hmm?”

Jopin: “What is it, Mr. Roku?” Mr. Roku suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

Roku: “Mr. Jopin……is it……are we in the 9th month of the year?”

Jopin: “Yes, it is indeed. But we are nearing the end of the month, and it will be the 10th month soon.”

Roku: “Mr. Jopin…….I can’t believe we both have forgotten…..”

Jopin: “What is this about?” Mr. Roku looked me right in the eye before turning his head and letting out a sigh.

Roku: “Many including us knew, but we only publicly celebrated the Young Master’s birthday in the 11th month.”

Jopin: “Oh……..Ohhhh!!”

Roku: “This is terrible. We were ingrained to think we celebrated the Young Master’s birthday after the harvest period each year.”

ThーThat’s right! Sir Lou Quain was born in the 9th month. We still have some time before the month ends, but we still do not have much time!

WーWe must act now!

Jopin: “Mr. Roku! Please come with me now!”

Roku: “Of course! We will plan Young Master’s birthday celebration, yes?” Jopin: “Yes, indeed. But please keep this matter confidential. This will be a great opportunity to surprise Sir Lou Quain.” Even so, we only have 3 days until Sir Lou Quain’s birthday.

Preparing the food should not be any problem…… Now then, how will we inform the island residents without letting Sir Lou Quain know?

Ah, yes! We will have to consult that person.


*Gasp*.......*gasp*..........mーmy age is catching up to me. I cannot believe that climbing even this gentle slope has taken the breath out of me.

I have left the food preparations to the Head Maid, and I have come to the mountain to the west of town………..but what if he is not present?

“Oh! Aren’t you the Governor’s butler? What brings you here?” I heard a voice call to me from behind, and as I turn around, I see the familiar faces of the island’s Adventurers.

Jopin: “Yes, I had some business with Sir Gonzo. Oh, by the way….”

I decided to inform the group about Sir Lou Quain’s birthday. I emphasized several times to keep this confidential from Sir Lou Quain himself.

“Ohhhh, well, isn’t that fun! Then we will let the ones at the Dungeon know too.”

Jopin: “Oh, will you? Thank you. That will be incredibly helpful. Now pleaseーー”

“Yes, yes. We will keep it a secret from the Governor.”

Jopin: “Yes, please.”

They insisted that I get on my way and with the help of a Support Spell, I managed to finally reach Mr. Gonzo’s residence.

Gonta: “[ Huh? Mr. Jopin? What are you doing here? ]”

Jopin: “Hello, Gonta. Is your father around?” Gonta: “[ Uh huh, he’s taking a nap though. Wait, let me see if I can wake him up. ]”

Ah, so Dragons also take naps too, I see.

But to think that I would be able to see a Dragon up close! …….it’s very atypical to run into a Dragon during your lifetime.

Gonzo: “[ Ah, are you not Lou Quain’s batler? ]”

And without a sound, Sir Gonzo appeared out of the giant cavern.

Jopin: “Sir Gonzo, not a batler, but a Butler, if you please.”

Gonzo: “[ And what business does this Butler bring? ]”

Jopin: “Yes, in factーー”

Normally, it would be unthinkable to ask this of a Dragon…..

If someone heard about this without any context, they would think I was completely out of my mind.


CHONKY LiT (Lost in Translation)

Author likes to add an extra syllable to twist the names of fruits slightly in the ABOX universe. I could do a literal translation of the names in Japanese, but I figured a slight alteration of English would be a better choice..........if I can stay consistent. (-_-; )

Some of the Fruits:

Manngo (Mango)

Sutrawberry (Strawberry)

Garapes (Grapes)

Cuucumbrins (Cucumbers) <-- technically a fruit

Aaple (Apple)

Puumpkins (Pumpkins)

Suggestions are welcome in the comments.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 6: Inside Talk

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