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Alchemy BOX c116

Ch. 116: A Small Adventure 4

Boris: “[ Pehーー ] (Whaaaaaat, nooooooo…..)”

We mustered our courage and entered the cave, but half way through, the path was closed.

We…….we were this close!!

Gonta: [ WHAT?! But we worked so hard! ]

Kurasuke: “[ NーNooooooo ]”

Kensuke: “[ Did a w-rock fall? ]”

Light was creeping through the cracks and small open spaces. There must be so many delicious fish on the other side!

We were so close.



Boris: “[ PEHーーーー] ( I WANT TO EAT FISHーー!)”

I lowered my head and headbutted the rock.

But inside the water, I couldn’t charge fast like I wanted.

My horn thudded but didn’t do anything against the rock.

Boris: “[ Pehhhhーー pehーpeh-pehーー ] ( I wish I could do {Horn Destruction} like my dad……)”

Gonta: “[ Yeah, but don’t you need to run like really fast to do that? ]”

Boris: “[ Pehーー peh-peh-pehーー ] ( Yeah, I can only move slowly like this in the water, so I can’t do it.)”

Kurasuke: “[ Really? We can swim like zoooooom! See? ]”

Kensuke: “[ Kurasuke, d’at’s because we’re ocean creatures. Boris and Gonta are land creatures. Land creatures can’t move quickly inside water. It’s common sense. ]”

Kurasuke: “[ Brother, you’re so sh’mart! ]”

Kensuke was smaller than Kurasuke, but he’s still the big brother.

I’m a big brother too, so I need to teach my little brother and sisters many things.

Gonta: “[ That’s it! Why doesn’t Kurasuke and Kensuke pull Boris and help him charge that rock? Would that work? ]

Boris: “[ Peh! ] (Oh! That’s a great idea!)”

Kurasuke: “[ Whaaaaat, that won’t work. The cave hole is too small. Kensuke and I can’t fit next to Boris and swim inside. ]”

Kensuke: “[ Even if we tried to push, brother and I can’t swim in a line. Our arms would get in the way. ]”

Ugh….I guess that won’t work….

Kurasuke: “[ But if we use thatーー] “

Kensuke: “[ The water gun might work, yes. ]“

Gonta: “[ Water gun? ]”

We all headed back towards the entrance.

At the entrance, Kurasuke and Kensuke swam behind me.

Kurasuke: “[ Okay! Here we go. ]”

Kensuke: “[ It’s going to zoom! Okay? ]”

Boris: “[PーPeh…] (OーOkay…)”

“ “[ Ready. Set… ]” “

Kurasuke and Kensuke both spoke together and right afterwards, I saw water flowing past me.


Boris: “[ PEHHHHHーー ] (AHHHHHH!!)”

I was sent blasting forward through the water at incredible speeds.

The cave was not that big, and I was able to flow straight forward.

Will this work?

No, I’m going to make it work!

Boris: “[ PーPehhh! PEEHHHH!! ] (OーOkay! Here we go! {Horn Destruction})!”

I’m going to blast through that rock just like my dad!!

I gritted my teeth as something began shining above my head.

<DOGONNNN!!> (*sfx: impact)

An explosive sound blasted into my ear as I felt the impact.

The rock crumbled, and without slowing down, I was able to reach the other side.

Boris: “[ Pehhhh!! Peeeehhh-peh-pehhhh!! ] (I did it! Look you guys! I did it!!)”

I turned around to shout back at my group, and I also heard their voices.

Now, we’ll be able to catch all the delicious fish!!

And I turned my head around to face the front. Then a white rope began descending on top of meーー

Boris: “[ PEH?! PEHHHHH!! ] (WHー AHHHHH!!!)”

I was caught.

Oh! I know what this is! Luke would ask the Mothra Kaiko for their thread to make this. He called it a “net.”

It was made the same way as Luke’s.

Wait, then is this net Luke’s? Boris: “[ Pehhーー Pehhhh, Peh…….peh? ] (*gasp!!* Hey, Luke……wait, you’re not Luke.)”

The thing pulling me out of the water was not Luke.

They had a horn just like my dad. They looked bigger than humans and wasーー a monster!

Boris: “[ Peh! Peh-peh-pehhhh!! ] (LーLet go of me, One-Eye Ogre!)”

[ Ah? ]

[ Ungah….Ungah-gahーー ]

Oh, these Monsters don’t have a high level of intelligence. They’re speaking so bad, I don’t know what they’re saying….


[ Ungah. Ungahhhhー ]

[ Ungah-ungah. Ungahfuhhhー ]

Big? Looks delicious?

Wait, are they talking about me?

Are they saying I look deli….what……?

[ Ungah-Ooooohhhーー ]

Boris: “[ PEHHH?! Pehーーpeh-peh?! ] (AAACK?! Are they going to eat me?!?!)”

I don’t want to be eaten! I came here to eat fish, but not to get eaten!!

“[ Let go of Boris!! ]”

Gonta flew out of the water with a splash.

Gonta then, opened his mouth and used his {Dragon’s Breath}.

[ Ungahー ]

The One-Eye Ogre flinched away from the fire and let go of the net. Gonta’s flames burned the net away at the same time, and I was able to escape.

Kurasuke: “[ Don’t bully Boris! ]”

Kensuke: “[ Take this! ]”

Kurasuke and Kensuke poked their heads out of the water and blew out jet black ink.

Oh no! I’m the only one without breath attacks!

Ugh!! But I have this horn instead!

I climbed onto land, and testing the ground with my hooves, I kicked the ground hard!

Boris: “[ Pehhhhh!! Pehhhhh!! ] (Here I come!! Wham!!)”

I see my head light up once more. I feel warmth spreading from the tip of my head as more and more power was gathered.

I charged and struck the One-Eye Ogre, and with a <BAM!!>, he flew backwards.

He flew and struck a big rock and didn’t move at all.

Gonta: “[ My turnーー ]”

I heard Gonta’s voice as a large blast of flames passed through the air.

The flames struck another One-Eye Ogre, and it turned its whole body into coal.

Oh no! The forest might catch on fire!

Kurasuke: “[ Extinguish the fire! ]”

Kensuke: “[ The island will burn down! ]”

Kurasuke and Kensuke hurriedly splashed the ocean water onto the fire to put it out.

The last One-Eye Ogre was caught in the waves sent by Kurasuke and Kensuke and was washed away somewhere.

Fwew! Now we can finally catch the fish!


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 6: Inside Talk

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