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Alchemy BOX c115

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Ch. 115: A Small Adventure 3

Boris: “[ Pehーー ] ( Woooooowーー )”

Gonta: “[ Amazing!]”

Right now, Gonta and I were inside the ocean!

Boris: “[ Pehーpeh-pehーー ] ( We can breathe underwaterーー)”

Gonta: “[ So this is what it looks like inside the oceanーー]”

Kurasuke: “[ Yesh ]”

Kensuke: “[ Yeth ]”

Using Auntie Kumi’s magic, we were able to breathe under water normally.

Boris: “[ Pehーpeh-peh-pehーー ] (But Auntie, if you had this Spell, you could have helped Luke when he was making the fisheries.)”

Kumi: “[ Hehe. Well, it is magic, but I also need a catalyst for this Spell. The catalyst is that seaweed you all ate. ]”

Kurasuke: “[ Yesh. That seaweed does not grow in this area. ]”

Kensuke: “[ It grows in the ocean where I was cap-churred. ]”

Kumi: “[ We use this Spell because there are times when an infant Kraken may have difficulty breathing under water. ]”

And she explained that that’s why Kraken’s will choose oceans with seaweed to raise their children.

Kurasuke does not need this seaweed anymore, but they were worried about Kensuke because he was only eating a little bit.

Gonta: “[ Let’s go find a really good one! ]”

Boris: “[ Pehーー ] (Oh, Gonta!)”

GーGonta is swimming?!

He was using his wings which were still pretty small, but inside the water, he looked like he was flying!

That’s not fair. I wish I could swim too.

But the last time I tried to swim, my dad and I almost drowned, and it was freezing when we got out of the water.

Our coat was soaked, and our bodies got heavier and we sank.

Kurasuke: “[ Boris, let’s goーー”

Boris: “[ PーPeh! Pehーー ] (WーWait!)”

Kensuke: “[ Boris can swim tooー ]”

Boris: “[Pehー PehーPehー ] (No I can’tー I don’t have wings like Gontaー)”

Kurasuke: “[ Then I’ll help pull you, Borisーー ]”

Kensuke: “[ I’ll help tooーー]”

Kurasuke pulled my right foot and Kensuke pulled my left.

My body began rising off the ground.

Boris: “[ Peh! Pehーー ] (Wow! It’s like I’m flyingーー)”

Gonta: “[ Okay! Let’s go! ]”

Gonta began flapping his wings harder as he began to move.

But as he began swimming, he quickly turned his head around.

Gonta: “[ Oh, where can we find good tasting fish anyway? ]


From the north end of Luke’s island, we swam around to head to the west of it.

And as we arrived on the far west end of the island, we saw it!

Boris: “[ Pehー! Peh-Pehー?! ] (Wow! Is that a cave inside the ocean?!)”

Kurasuke: “[ The hole is connected to the lake on the islandー ] “

Kensuke: “[ Momma is too big and can’t fit, but inside, there ish a lot of deli-shus fish! ]”

Kurasuke: “[ Momma caught one when she reached inside once. ]”

Kensuke: “[ But since then, all the fish swam deeper inside the cave, and now she can’t reach them. ]”

So the two wanted to explore the cave, but it was so dark inside that they got scared and came back.

They thought about going to the lake and entering the cave, but Auntie Kumi said there’s a lot of dangerous monsters on land, so that would be too dangerous.

Kurasuke: “[ But with 4 of us, we’re not scared! ]”

Kensuke: “[ Gonta, Boris, please go with us! ]”

Gonta and I looked at each other as we made a decision and nodded our heads.

Gonta: “[ Delicious makes it right! ]”

Boris: “[ Pehーー! ] (Delicious makes it right!)”

“ “ [ Deli-shus makes it right!! ] ” ”

And under the banner of justice for all delicious foods, the four of us courageously headed towards the cave!!

The hole to the cave was rather small, but we’re small too! But we would have to go in there one at a time.

And then the problem came up.

Gonta: “[ Whーwho’s going to go in first?”

That was the big question.

Gonta: “[ Oh! LーLet’s do rock paper scissors! ]”

Kurasuke: “[ Rock paper shi-ssors? ]”

Gonta: “[ Yeah, Luke taught me. This is rock, this is scissors, and this is paper. ]”

Kensuke: “[ Let’s do it! ]”

Boris: “[ Pehーー ] (I won’t lose!!)”

I knew how to play rock paper scissors too. I was watching when Luke and his friends were playing.

Okay! First, let’s go with rock!

“ “ “ “ ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!! ” ” ” ”

Oh, Gonta, Kurasuke, and Kensuke were all rock!

Kurasuke and Kensuke both used five of their arms to make it look like five fingers!

Gonta: “[ So that means Boris lost. ]”

Kurasuke: “[ Boris is scissors. ]”

Boris: “[ Peh? Peh? Pehーpeh-pehーー ] (Huh? What? I’m using rock too.)”

Kensuke: “[ D-at’s scissors ]”

Scissors? No it isn’t! It’s rock! ……..oh.

I looked at my hooves and realized what they were saying.

It was scissors.

With my hooves, all I can do is scissors.

Boris: “[ PーPeh! PehーーPeh-Peh! ] (GーGonta, you cheated!)”

Gonta: “[ Huh? Howー? ]

Boris: “[ Pehーpeh-peh-pehーpehー peh-pehー ] (Just because you’re scared to go in, you chose rock paper scissors because you knew I would lose!)”

Gonta: “[ Huh? ……oh……then I’ll go in first. I’m the child of super strong Dragons, so there’s nothing I’m afraid of! ]”

Boris: “[ PーPehーpehーpeh-pehー! Peh-pehー! ] (IーI’m a brave child of Sheepoos, so I’m not scared either! I’ll go in first!)”

I kicked the ocean floor and charged towards the entrance to the cave.

IーIt’s okay! There’s nothing to be afraid of!

I’m a brave Horned Sheepoo after all!!


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 6: Interlude

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