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Alchemy BOX c114

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Ch. 114: A Small Adventure 2

Boris: [ (Gonnnntaーー Let’s hang outーー) Pehーーー]

The Adventurers were also visiting Uncle Gonzo today.

Even though they know they’re going to lose, I wonder why they even bother? “W…….we surrender…….”

Gonzo: [ Hmph. You lasted 10 minutes this time. Not bad.]

Uncle Gonzo complimented the exhausted Adventurers.

Only 10 minutes? Is that good……?

Oh, but Uncle Gonzo is not like any other Monster on this island.

He’s a lot stronger than my dad, and even stronger than Kurasuke and Kensuke’s mama.

Gonta: [ Borisーー hey, do you want to go to the beach today?]

Boris: [ (Yup, let’s go. We need to keep showing Kensuke around the island so he feels right at home!) Pehーーpeh-pehーー]

Gonta: [ Oh! I’ve got an idea! Let’s get some Status Fruits from Luke so Kensuke can get better faster! ]

Boris: [ (That’s a great idea!) Peh!]

Maybe instead of fruits, we can have Luke enchant a fish?

We’ll have to ask Luke when we get there.

Gonta: [ Dad, we’ll be going!]

Gonzo: [ Very well. Do not forget that eating more than 2 of those pseudo Status Fruits is very bad for you.]

Gonta: [ I know, I know! But do you really think eating more than two makes your stomach hurt? ]

Gonzo: [ Ask Lou Quain about that. ]

Gonta and I headed for town.

The Adventurers who were sitting down to rest asked Uncle Gonzo, “Mr. Gonzo, you can speak the Monster language?” but of course he can!

Uncle Gonzo and Gonta can speak the Human tongue. And among the Dragons, there’s apparently a very special Dragon tongue too.

Gonta cannot speak it, but Uncle Gonzo can. Gonta said his dad will teach him eventually.

I wonder if there’s a Horned Sheepoo tongue too…..


Luke: “A special one for Kensuke?”

Boris: [ (Yes!) Pehーー!]

Gonta: [ We thought it would help Kensuke recover faster, so can you enchant a fish with that? ]

Luke: “Hasn’t he already recovered?”

Boris: [ (But we want him to be even better!) Pehーーpeh-pehーー! ]

Gonta: [ Kensuke’s much smaller than Kurasuke even though he’s the older brother. We feel bad for him. ]

I can understand what Luke is saying. I wonder why? But Luke cannot understand anything I say.

I wonder why? Gonta was helping translate anything I said to Luke. Miss Sia wasn’t here today.

Luke: “Just because you eat one of those, I don’t think it makes your body bigger. But that’s fine. I can make you one.”

Gonta: [ Please use a fish! ]

Luke: “We don’t have any live fish in town.”

Boris: [ (That’s fine. As long as it’s fresh, Kurasuke and Kensuke can eat it.) Pehーーーpehーpeh-pehーー ]

Gonta: [ That’s fine. As long as it’s fresh, Kurasuke and Kensuke can both eat it. ]

We were all in the mansion that we all helped build for Luke.

While we waited, we could see all the human women who were working and looking at us.

“They are so cute!”

“I’ve never seen a Horned Sheepoo or a Dragon so close!”

“Isn’t Sir Luke amazing? I know Horned Sheepoos are gentle Monster creatures, but a Dragon! He even has a Dragon serving him!”

We’re not servants…..

But……father and Uncle Gonzo, and even Aunt Kumi like Luke a lot, and even received names from Luke too.

Father told me that to accept a name is to “create a bond” with that person.

I don’t really understand it, but it’s like becoming friends. So that’s would be like me, Gonta, Kurasuke, and Kensuke.

Luke: “Heーーy, Gonta! We only have fish that’s already been cooked, but is that okay?” Luke brought over a plate.

A delicious scent filled the room. It was what the humans called a stewed fish!

Gonta: [ That’s okay! I’m sure it’s yummy! ]

Boris: [ (Me too! I like it too!) Pehhhhーー ]

Luke: “Okay, then wait here. I need to make sure no one is looking.”

Luke walked back into the mansion, and after a while, came back out.

Luke: “Okay, here it is. One slice of fish has one enchantment, okay?”

Gonta: [ What about this one? ]

Luke had two packages wrapped. The one he gave to Gonta was the one with the enchantment.

Luke: “I gave Boris a non-enchanted one. If we only gave it to Kensuke, it would be unfair to Kurasuke.”

Boris: [ (I wanted some too….) Peh…..]

Gonta: [ But we wanted some tooooo….. ]

Luke: “Hey now……..fine, then ask Kurasuke to help catch you some fish and bring it back here. Tomorrow, I’ll have the cooks make you some, okay?”

Boris: [ (Yes!) Pehhーーー ]

Gonta: [ Okay! ]


We use a “cart” that Luke made for Gonta.

It’s a small horse carriage, but it was made so that I can pull it.

It’s easy to use too. All I have to do is to put my head through this round belt.

Boris: [ (Okay, here I goーー) Pehhhhーーpehーー ]

Gonta: [ Okay, I’m readyーー]

I can actually run really, really fast.

We reached the shores in no time, and we saw Kensuke and Kurasuke there.

Boris: [ (Hey you twoーー we brought you a giftーー) Peh-peh-pehーーー ]

Gonta: [ We brought you delicious cooked fish! ]

The two heard us and came over smiling.

Kurasuke: [ Wowーー what a wonderful sh-mellーー ]

Kensuke: [ *sniff sniff* oh! Oh wowーー! ]

Gonta: [ Kurasuke, yours is over thereーー ]

Boris: [ (I have yours over here, Kurasuke.) Pehーー ]

I gave the package I was holding to Kurasuke as he reached out with his long arms and grabbed it with the suction on his tentacles and began unraveling it.

Wow……it really looked delicious.

Kurasuke: [ It’s tash-ty! ]

Kensuke: [ It’s deli-shus! ]

I wonder if it will help Kensuke grow bigger.

But as Luke said, eating Status Fruits doesn’t mean you will grow bigger.

But I really would like Kensuke to enjoy more and more fish.

But………I can’t swim.

Even if I wanted to get fish for him, I can’t.

And we also have the fisheries that Luke and the other humans help make.

Kurasuke: [ Boris, Gonta, sh-ank you so mu-sh ]

Kensuke: [ Sh-ank you ]

Gonta: [ You are very welcome. Oh yeah! Luke asked us to bring him some fish. ]

Kurasuke: “[ Fi-sh? Big ones? ]

Gonta: [ If we’re going to be eating it, a bigger fish would be better right, Boris? ]

Boris: [ (A big one sounds great!) Pehーーー ]

Inside the fish farm, there are big ones in there too. I wonder if just one of those would be enough to make me full.

Kumi: [ it will take more time to cook very large fish. ]

The waves crashed and washed over the land as Aunt Kumi poked her head out.

Aunt Kumi is too big to go onto land. I wonder if Kurasuke and Kensuke will become that big someday.

Gonta: [ Hmmmm, then how big of a fish should we get then? ]

Kurasuke: [ A medium sh-ized fish is still b-ery, b-ery good! ]

Kensuke: [ Ye-sh it is! ]

A very, very good fish?!


CHONKY TL LiT (Lost in Translation)

Just like English, Japanese has many regional dialects. The most famous dialects are the eastern Tokyo (Kanto) and western Osaka (Kansai) dialects. There are dozens of other dialects north and south, and this could be a minor dialect equivalent to a Bostonian or Cajun accent (they exist, but you rarely hear it if you don't live in that area). Obviously, unless I want Kansai to sound southern and give Kanto a New York accent, I would have to learn how to type that out and re-learn the most commonly used figures of speech and idioms. I grew up in the south. That is not a skill I have (but it would be great if I learn it some day!).

The reason why I bring this up is because the author gave Kurasuke and Kensuke a "baby-ish" accent. This is a common accent given to toddlers by smudging the hard, crisp consonants into mushed syllables. For example, instead of a "s" in "his" (hi-z), the "s" would be smushed to a "sh" to make a "hi-shhhh" sound to represent an underdeveloped feel to their phrasing and pronunciation. I only have cursory experience with speech therapy that deals with issues like stuttering and the inability to pronounce certain syllables. Writing language as a toddler would pronounce it in English is outside my expertise. Still, without making it impossible to read, I tried some smudging. I'll keep experimenting going forward, but writing dialects and accents like this is.........annoyingly difficult. Japanese authors and writers had been experimenting with this since the 1950's so I'm only 70 years behind. Translations of the same kind of language, however, have barely started. Thanks for your patience!


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 6: Interlude

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