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Alchemy BOX c113

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Ch. 113: A Small Adventure 1

*NOTE: From Boris’ Point of View (PoV)

Boris: [(This is how you do it) Unpehー]

Gina: [(Ohh!) Peh]

Boris: [(Now you try) Unpeh-pehー]

Today, Boris was responsible for teaching his younger brothers and sisters, Gina, Neese, Carol, and Casper, how to harvest carrots.

As the eldest, Boris felt that it was his responsibility to teach his four siblings properly.

Boris: [(Hey, don’t eat the leaves) Pehー]

Gina: [(Whyーー) Pehー]

Boris: [(If you eat the leaves, it’s harder to harvest the carrots!) Pehーunpeh-pehー]

Sheepoos do not have fingers like humans. If they were to dig carelessly, the carrots underneath would snap easily.

Boris carefully taught each of his siblings the do’s and don’ts of carrot harvesting.

Boris: [(Put all the harvested carrots inside the bucket) Unpehー peh-pehー]

[ [ (Okayーー) Pehー ] ]

They carried the carrots inside a bucket that was made by Luke. He even made it bigger to make it easier for Sheepoo to carry.

They filled the buckets with enough carrots for their parents and themselves. After placing 10, they grabbed the buckets with their mouth and headed to the well.

“Oh, if it isn’t the big brother! Are you going to teach your younger brother and sister how to wash carrots?”

Boris: [(That’s right) Unpehー]

Luke’s Knights were gathered around the well.

I know a lot about Knights. Knights will protect their Lord, and when human countries go to war, the Knights are the ones that fight to protect their country.

Gonta’s father, Uncle Gonzo, knows a lot of things, and he told me about Knights.

But these Knights were doing farm work and even built houses.

Does Uncle Gonzo really know what he’s talking about?

Gina: [(Brother?! HーHow do I clean the carrots?!) Pehーーpeh-pehーー]

Boris: [(Oh, sorry, sorry. First, you need to take the carrots out and place it in this larger bucket] Unpehーーpehーーpehーー]

At the place where vegetables are washed, there was a shallow basin placed there.

Next to it was Luke’s “water spout” that he made with Alchemy. When you pump the handle up and down, water comes out.

Boris: [(See? Place your foot here and make this handle go up and down.) Pehーーpehーunpehー]

Neese: [(Ohhh!! Brother, let me try!! Let me try!!) Pehーーpehーーpehーー]

Boris: [(Water will only come out while you move the handle, okay?) Pehーunpehーー]

Once the water starts pouring out, you take the carrots by the leaves and swirl it inside the water a few times.

Once you clean off the dirt, you carefully place it inside a clean bucket.

Gina: [(But all the adults were eating the carrots with dirt on it) Pehーー]

Neese: [(What?! YーYou can eat dirt, brother?) Peh?! Pehーー]

Boris: [(You can….but… tastes really bitter….) Pehーー Unpehーー]

I’ve eaten carrots with the dirt still on it too.

Eating the dirt doesn’t make your stomach hurt. It all comes out with your poo……but it doesn’t taste great.

If you can eat it without the dirt, then that’s better.

Neese: [(Brother, why do the adults eat it with the dirt still on the carrots then?) Pehーーpeh-pehーー]

Boris: [(Well, Neese. Before I was born, there was no humans living on this island.) UnpehーpehーpehーUnpehーー”

Neese: [(Really?!) Peh?!]

Gina: [(But there’s a lot of them now) Pehーー]

When I was born, it was just Luke and Sister Sia ー just those two.

Oh, but Sister Sia isn’t a human.

Gonta, Kurasuke, and Kensuke can all speak the human language. I wish I could too.

Us Horned Sheepoo have higher intelligence than other monsters, we are considered Magical Beasts, so maybe we’ll be able to talk to humans one day.

I need to ask father about that later.

Boris: [(Okay, once the carrots are all clean, place it inside the bucket) Pehーーー]

[ [ (Okaーy) Pehーー ] ]


When we all arrived home, we went straight to father to make the report about our harvest.

Boss: [(Hmmmm, I see, I see. You get 55 out of 100) BehーーUnbehーー]

[ [(What?!) Peh?!] ]

Father placed all the carrots we harvested neatly on top of a clean table.

Boss: [(Someone nibbled the leaves off this one.) Beh.]

[ [ (Ugh!) Peh! ] ]

Boss: [(The tip of this one is broken.) Beh.]

[ [ (Urgh!) Pehー! ] ]

Boss: [(And this one still has dirt on it) Behー]

[ [ (Arghh!) Pehーー! ] ]

Boss: [(You will do better tomorrow.) Behーー]

[ [ (Yes’sirー) Pehーー] ]

Discouraged, everyone shrunk a little.

But in order to eat tasty carrots, you cannot take any shortcuts.

Boss: [(Now then, let’s be thankful for the food we have today and eat) Behー Unbehーbehー]

[ [ (Yayーー!) Pehーー! ] ]

Father gave everyone 1 carrot each.

Although he can be very strict, father is actually very kind.

When distributing the carrots, he starts with the youngest Sheepoo and gives out the prettiest carrots first.

And he would be left with the smallest carrot for himself.

One day, I want to be a Horned Sheepoo like my father.

Boss: [(What’s wrong, Borris?) Behーー]

Father noticed me looking at him.

But it would be too embarrassing to tell him that I want to one day be like him.

Oh! I know what to tell him.

Boris: [(Oh, father, I wanted to ask you something. Why can’t the Horned Sheepoo speak the human tongue?) Pehーーpehーーunpehーー?]

Boss: [(Why do you ask?) Behーー?]

Boris: [(Sister Sia can turn both into Beast form and human form, so I understand, but Gonta, Kurasuke, and even Kensuke can speak the human tongue. I……..I want to…..) PehーーUnpehーーpehーーpehーー]

I want to talk to Luke too.

I want to say thank you to the far-mer humans for growing the carrots. I want to tell them how delicious the carrots they grow are.

That’s why I want to speak human.

Boss: [(The human tongue…….I see. Well……) Behーー......beh]

Father said something to himself, but it was too quiet for me to hear. He gazed outside through the window. In that direction he faced was the town, and so was Luke.

I realized that father wanted to directly speak to Luke too.

I’m certain of it……

Boss: [(Here, have this.) Beh]

Boris: [(A block-cut carrot with a Status Fruit enchantment) Unpeh?]

This was also something Luke gave us.

He told us to never eat more than 2 a day. He said that eating one will increase one of your statuses.

And we’re not supposed to tell other humans about this.

The Status Fruit is something very rare, and it’s very hard to obtain.

Boris: [(Father, can’t luke use the power of his BOX to make a lot of these?) Pehーーpehーーunpeh?]

Boss: [(Yes, he can.) Beh.]

Boris: [(Then if he sells these, Luke would be rich, and he wouldn’t have to keep this a secret anymore, right?) Pehーーunpehーー?]

I remember Luke saying that he needs a lot of money.

And Uncle Gonzo said that rare things can be sold at high prices.


Boss: [(But if he did so, the flow of goods in the human world will inevitably change.) BehーーbehーーUnbehーー]

Boris: [(The flow of goods?) Peh?]

Boss: [(That’s right. If you can easily mass produce rare items, then the value of that item would drastically decrease. And what would the humans who worked hard to obtain that item think when that happens?) BehーーーUnbehーbehーーUnbehーーー]

Boris: [(Uh…..ummmm…..what would happen?) Peh……Pehーー......peh?]

Father just stared at me without speaking.


Boss: [(You will have to find the answer yourself) Beh.]

Then he began grooming the moms fur which was starting to grow long again.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 6: Interlude

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