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Alchemy BOX c108

Ch. 108: Reunion

Eris: “Ahhh!! Sir Luke?!”

Sia: “U, Uーk?!”

“Sir Baron, whーwhat are youーー”

The ocean water flowed into the donut shaped inner reef. That means it’s connected to the ocean.

Then I just have to dive in to get a closer look!

Even after I dove into the water, the Kraken’s child did not respond at all.

First, I need to treat it with a Potion.

If I use it under water, will the Potion get diluted and lose its effectiveness? For now, I poured out all the bottles of Potion I had on hand onto the creature.

…….looks like the old scars won’t disappear.

Dang it. I guess we do need an Elixir….

Luke: “Just wait, I’ll bring yourーー”

ーーmom here.

But I held back the words.

If this wasn’t Kumi’s child, then this child would suffer more from the disappointment.

Kumi and Kurasuke both said he was dead.

It could be another Kraken’s child.

In order to figure that out, I needed Kumi.

I can’t move this Kraken. It probably can’t even swim on its own.

Then I needed Kumi to stretch her arms and carry it back to the ocean.

I sucked in a deep breath before diving back into the ocean.

I looked around the circular reef to see if there were any holes.

There!! Found it!

Luke: “*exhale* Once more!”

I dove back into the cave and swam forward.

Oh…..does this cave get full and empty depending on the tide?

I found pockets of air where the roof was higher.

It was big enough for a small boat to fit inside.

As soon as I reach the ocean, I grasp Kumi’s arm as she lifts me up out of the surface.

Kumi: [WhーWhat are you thinking, Mr. Luke?! That was quite reckless!]

Luke: “Kumi, I need you to reach your arm into that cave. I’ll lead your arm.”

Kumi: [What?! Mr. Luke!!]

Luke: “Just stretch your arm and reach inside. I’ll pull your arm to where it needs to go. Once we’re there, I need you to carefully bring back what I lead you to. Can you do that for me?”

Kumi: [What? Huh?]

Leaving Kumi confused and bewildered, I dove back into the water. I grasped one of her tentacles and swam forward.

The tentacle unraveled and stretched as I held onto it. I lead it back to where I was earlier.

I found the Kraken’s child and let Kumi’s arm come in contact with it.

Her arm twitched as she came in contact.

She slowly and carefully felt the child once more.

The child may have realized what was happening and opened its eyes.

Luke: “It’s okay. Just hold on for a bit longer. We’re going to go underwater, okay?” [.......a……….a……]

I tapped Kumi’s arm, and she grasped the child and dragged it under water.

Luke: “I’m going to follow it back to the ocean. Everyone else, I need you back on the ship.”

Eris: “OーOkay. Let’s go, Sia.”

Sia: “But!”

“Please be careful, Sir Baron.” I inhale deeply and dive back under.

I saw the Kraken child being slowly drawn out of the cave.

I followed after it and made sure that arm did not bump into rocks along the way.

I had to swim to the surface for another breath and swam after it again.

Soon, the Kraken child was out in the ocean.

Its body was drawn towards Kumi.

She carefully, very carefully held the child dearly.

I knew by then, who the child was.


Luke: “Kumi, how is your son?”

I was pulled onboard to the deck of the ship, and I spoke to Kumi from there.

Krakens can breath above water. They have both gills and lungs and can breath above ground or under water.

The child Kraken’s body had been too badly injured and would not be able to endure the pressures under water. Kumi was holding her child just above the surface of the water.

Kumi: [He’s very weak……]

Luke: “If only we had an Elixir……”

We used the Elixir on Carol. But that was not a wrong decision.

It was a situation where she absolutely needed one.

Kumi: [An Elixir…….I do have an ingredient that might be useful!]

Luke: “What?! YーYou do?! You have a Flower of Life?!”

Kumi: [NーNo. No that. I don’t know what that is, but I have the [Tear of the Deep Sea].]

Tear of the Deep Sea?

Oh, that’s right. Elixirs can be created from many different ingredients.

Or at least, that’s what the Alchemy book said.

Luke: “Kumi, I’ll prepare to create an Elixir. Can you give me the Tear of the Deep Sea?”

Kumi: [But…….the [Tear of the Deep Sea] can only exist under the ocean. And besides that, in order to make an Elixir, you would need a variety of tools……..oh!]

Luke: “No need! All we need is my BOX. We have several empty bottles, and we have plenty of water here.”

Kumi: [YーYes. Yes, that’s exactly right. It is as you say.]

Kumi spoke with tears in her eyes. Holding her son, she dove under water.

In order to prepare the Elixir, I also dove into the ocean.

“Ack!! Didn’t he just change his clothes?!”

“Sir Baron……”

Sia: “Sia will go tooー”

Eris: “Then I must go too!”

“Nooooo!! Princess! Please, Princess, don’t!!”

I heard the screams of Knights behind me.

Luke: “Alchemy BOX.”

I took out the BOX and placed an empty bottle inside first.

Under water, I could see Kumi holding two of her arms together as if she was praying.

Luke: “Daー*bubbles* ーTeaー*bubbles*ーDeeー*bubbles* ーwaー*bubbles*ーMagic?!”

Sia: “Errghh?!?! *bubble bubble bubble*”

Luke: “!! Sia?!?!”

Looks like Sia can’t swim without a tube.

I grabbed her hand as she sank under water, and Kumi also lent a hand with one of her arms.

Luke: “Sia, hold on to Kumi.”

Sia: “Gahー”

Kumi: [It is done. ……um, what were you saying before?]

Luke: “Oh. The Tear of the Deep Sea was made with your Spell, Kumi?”

Kumi: [Oh, yes. That is right. The Tear of the Deep Sea is a crystal made of coral that a Kraken female can produce.]

I dipped my face under water to take a look.

Kumi was holding a navy blue object in the shape of a teardrop.

Luke: “*exhale* Okay. Then before we make the Elixir, let me assess it in my BOX. I need to also check what other ingredients are needed too.”

Kumi: [Yes, I cannot bring it out of the water, so please assess it inside the ocean.]

Luke: “Got it.”

I dove under and took the Tear of the Deep Sea from Kumi’s hand.

I placed it inside the BOX and began the assessment.

[Tear of the Deep Sea. Among the Krakens, the females who have given birth can create this coral crystal with Magic once in their lives. An ingredient for the Deep Sea Elixir.]

The Deep Sea Elixir?

Is it different from the usual Elixir?

But Kumi is only able to make one of these.

I’m glad she waited until now.

I’ll definitely save your son with this.

Okay, I need to know the rest of the ingredients.

Ingredients. Ingredients. Ingredients.

Tell me the ingredients.

[ With the Tear of the Deep Sea and ocean water with all impurities such as trash or sand completely removed can be used to create the Deep Sea Elixir.]

Ocean water with all impurities removed…….okay, I just need to use the Alchemy BOX to separate out ocean water with the rest.


I pushed my face out of the surface to inhale more air, and began the Alchemy process straight afterwards.

First, going under water, I took out several empty bottles out of the Item Bag and placed it inside the BOX.

At this point, there was already ocean water inside the BOX too.

Pure ocean water is probably removing all the plankton and microorganisms.

And placing the Tear of the Deep Sea insideーー

I disassembled and reassembled.

The BOX flashed, and inside, I found a few bottles of transparent, navy blue liquid.

I closed the BOX and ran another assessment.

[The Deep Sea Elixir. It can be used to treat any kind of wounds and even bring back a life that is about to vanish.]

[It is impossible to treat old injuries. Also, if it touches the air, its effects will vanish.]

I took the finished Elixir and turned towards the child Kraken.

His mouth was underneath his head.

I brought the bottle of Elixir next to his mouth……….but wouldn’t the effects be weakened if it gets mixed with the ocean water?

Thankfully, we have 10 bottles.

If the effects are weakened, then we just need to use all the bottles!

I popped the cap of the bottle and brought it to the Kraken’s mouth.

With a pop, the cap came off, and the navy blue liquid began floating out.

With the ocean water, I wave the contents in his mouth. 

Sia snuck up beside me before I knew it and was also doing her best to push the navy blue Elixir into the Kraken’s mouth.

I opened the 2nd bottle.

I do my best to wash it into its mouth.


The child Kraken opened its eyes!

Its eyes no longer looked milky and murky. It was clear and glistened in the light.

It looked up and saw me andーー


And cried out and dashed out of the ocean.

Sia and I watched underwater as Kumi gently… and very kindly embraced him.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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