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Alchemy BOX c107

Ch. 107: What Drifts in the Sea

If you travel west from Andestan into the ocean, you will find a deserted island much smaller than Tristan Island.

On the east of that island, the mines where the Orc mother and son and Lonneberg were sent.

As compensation from Andestan(?), they delivered a large Military Navy Battleship. The only ones who could operate the ship were the Andestan Navy Knights.

In other words, the Knights also had make a transition.

Luke: “Reyerune Elesias, I now appoint you as a Knight of the Tristan Navy.”

Reyerune: “I am honored, sir. Even if it costs me my life, I will protect my Lord and my Lord’s island.”

Luke: “You don’t have to be so formal. So……are we done now?” At the incomplete Governor’s mansion, we performed the ceremony on the 1st floor.

I had to dress up in layers of uncomfortable clothes, and I wanted to change back to my regular clothes as soon as possible.

I looked around to see if anyone objected, and the Knights were all chuckling to themselves.

Luke: “Besides, um…oh yeah! Don’t we need to hurry up and go to that deserted island?”

“As you command. We will immediately begin preparing for our departure.”

Luke: “I’ll leave the details to you! Please have the Knights on land prepare too. As soon as we have all the food loaded, we’ll depart.”

“ “ Yes, sir! ” ”

Well, we’ll have to leave more than half the Knights behind regardless.

It’s a island known to be the Pirate’s hideout, but the Andestan Navy had already occupied it.

It’s unlikely that we’ll get into a fight.

But just in case, we were going to take 12 or 13 Adventurers with us.

And now, it’s become more like a tradition butー

“Gov’ner, will there be a bonus payout?” Luke: “......10 free stays at the Dungeon Inn! How’s that?!”

“With dinner included!”

Luke: “Ugh……fーfine. You have a deal.”

“ “ We accept your mission! ” ”

And this is on top of 300 L payment per day.


Eres: “Sir Luke. How many changes of clothes should we bring?” Luke: “ you plan on going?”

Eris: “Of course I am. So, how many changes of clothes?” Princess Aires was not taking no for an answer.

Clothes? How many changes of clothes? Um….how many do you usually bring on a voyage to a deserted island?

Luke: “We could probably do laundry so just bring 3 days worth.”

Eris: “Understood. Siaー we’ll need 3 changes of clothesー”

Sia: “Okayー”

I guess for those two, this was no different than going on a picnic.

Now then, I need to get ready too.


Eris: “Is that the island?”

“Yes, it is as you say, Princess Aires.”

Among the former Knights of the Andestan Navy, Azelase, the youngest of the Knights, was answering the Princesses’ question.

Well, I say the youngest, but he was 29. He was married, and the proud father of 2 kids.

Eris: “That’s right. Weren’t you ordered by Appunto to overlook the pirates? Is that why you are familiar with their hideout?”

Azelase: “...!! ThーThat is….”

Louiston: “HA HA HA! Please don’t tease them so much, your highness. They were unaware of Appunto’s dealings.”

Eris: “Sir Louiston… wーwell, if that’s the case…”

My Uncle was traveling with us.

For me, that alone made the trip worth it.

During the 3 day voyage, he told me a lot of stories about my mother.

Seeing me do so, the Princess and Adventurers teased me as a “Mama’s boy,” but I didn’t mind.

In my previous life and in this life, I was not blessed with a kind family, but my mother was the one exception.

I knew that she loved me.

That’s why when she died, I grieved for a long time.

My Uncle resembled her a lot and knew a lot about her……

BーBut it’s not like that.

He’s my Uncle and a man!

I’m not going to accidentally call him mom!

Sia: “Uーk, are you okay?”

Eris: “Yes, you’ve been deep in thought for a while.”

Sia: “Uーk does that a lot.”

Eris: “Yes, he really does. It’s fun watching his face though. It changes so much!”

Wow, they’re really just saying whatever they like.

I need to act more responsibly before they start spreading strange rumors about me.

Louiston: “We were informed about the attack on your island.”

Luke: “You were? Ohhh! So that’s why the King’s Navy arrived so quickly.”

Louiston: “That’s right. As soon as his Majesty heard the news, he immediately transported with his Knights by Magecraft device to the East Port where the Navy base is locatedー”

That’s why he was able to catch up to Appunto’s ships.

But well, we took care of them before they arrived. I wonder if I should have let the King’s Navy do the job.

Louiston: “And the one who informed us……was……well, someone unexpected. It was the former Marquis of Lonneberg himself.”

Luke: “Lonneberg….did?” Ohhh, that’s why I didn’t see him on the ship.

Was he angry that they left him behind and reported the Pirates?

Louiston: “Right now, he has been teaching reading and writing to the children who are born in the mines.”

Luke: “Children?! What do you mean by children born in the mines?”

Louiston: “Well, there are also female prisoners sent to those mines. And well, it is forbidden by law butー”

And my Uncle did not know how else to explain.

Even if it’s against the rules, people do what people do.

And if a child is born as an outcome, they’re not going to execute the child just for that. Even then, it must be difficult to know how to handle that situation.

Louiston: “Lonneberg neither had the stamina or strength, so if he went into the mines, he would just be dead weight. That’s why they assigned him as a tutor.”

Luke: “That thing can actually teach children? Are you sure?” Louiston: “From what I’ve heard, he’s doing it very well. It might be a little late, but maybe he finally matured as a father should.”

A little……yeah, very late.

But still….

If that’s what he’s doing, then I hope he’ll pour his love and attention on those kids.

Since they are children of prisoners, I can’t see a happy future once they grow up and are thrown out into society.

But if they receive a decent education, that might help change that outcome.

If that man’s doing something to help others……then that’s fine.

Luke: “Kumi, how does it look over there?” Kumi: [Yes, it’s very peaceful.]

Kumi followed us here and came out as soon as I called out to her. Gonzo, Boss, and Kurasuke are all protecting the island.

Luke: “Uncle, can you tell us now what Creature you are talking about?”

Louiston: “Hmmm, we came this far. I would like for you to see it with your own eyes.”

Eris: “Hehe, I can’t wait.”

Sia: “I can’t wait eitherー”

…..the Princess and Sia were excited.

But my Uncle said the Creature was in a weak state, and there’s always the possibility that it would die as soon as we tried to relocate it.

We don’t have any Elixirs, but I did bring a lot of Potions.

This island had no docks or ports.

It was probably to disguise the island as uninhabited.

We switched to small rowboat, and approached the shores.

There were no beaches, so the Andestan Soldiers who were already on land threw us a rope and pulled us in.

“Please watch your feet.”

Luke: “Thank you very much.”

They led us to a vertical stone mountain and to an area deeper.

There was a hole just big enough for 1 person to walk through, and once we were through, it opened up to a bigger area.

The mountain had a donut hole like opening inside.

The center of that must have been connected to the ocean, and a small pond formed. There, we saw the Creature.

Its skin was a cloudy white instead of being transparent, and its body was covered in wounds.

Even the pointy head he should have had was missing a piece and was no longer triangular.

It was indeed in a poor state, and simply floated with its 10 legs spread outーー

Luke: “.........a Kraken…..”

But it was too small….

It was one size smaller than Kurasuke. There we found a Kraken’s child.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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