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Alchemy BOX c109

Ch. 109: Reunion 2

Luke: “A ship? … it a merchant vessel?”

It was five days after we rescued Kumi’s son and returned to Tristan Island.

We did not depart immediately back home to give her son a chance to recover, so it took longer than expected.

Looking towards the port, we saw one unfamiliar ship docked there.

Eris: “It looks to be Rotonoa’s ship.”

Luke: “Oh! Then I wonder if it’s about the air conditioner.”

Were they able to market it and start selling the product? Then again, it seemed to be way too early for that.

We returned to the port in the rocky area, and Jopin, Roku, and Kurasuke greeted us there.

Luke: “Thank you all for coming all the way here. Kurasuke, jump in the water!”

Kurasuke: [Huh? What is it?]

Luke: “Just jump in! Your mom is waiting for you!”

Kurasuke: [Uh….okay….?]

He jiggled and tilted his body in confusion, but he walked towards the edge of the rocky bay and jumped in.

I didn’t plan on bothering them, and let them have their family time.

Eris: “Hehe, I’m sure Kurasuke is going to be ecstatic.”

Sia: “Uーk, you did good job.”

Luke: “So why is Jopin and Roku here too? Did something happen?” Jopin: “Yes, there are a number of items to be addressed, and I wanted to inquire about your schedule.”

Roku: “Mr. Jopin… don’t have to…….ah, well. Anyways, Young Master, let’s just take our time going back to town.”

Roku seemed to be emphasizing taking our time quite a bit from his tone.

Kurasuke: [Mister Luuuuuuuuke!! Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!]

Luke: “What?! Kurasuke?!”

Kurasuke bounded out of the water and came flying towards me.

That’s not good. Even though he’s still a krakenling, KurasukeーーKurasuke is stillーー

Luke: “Hey! Aren’t you getting a little too big lately?!?!”

Kurasuke: [One hundred kilos nowー♪] (~220 lbs)


Not wanting to be squashed, I reached out to grab and catch him first.

……oh? He’s actually not that heavy.

I guess those Strength Stats really do help.

Then again, if I didn’t raise my stats with the Status Fruit, that impact would have broken both my arms.

But oblivious to my panic, Kurasuke looked up at me with his glittering black eyes.

Kurasuke: [Mister Luke! Mister Luke! Could you give my brother a name like me?!]

Luke: “Yup, I already had one in mind.”

Kurasuke: [Really?!]

Hehehe. Of course I did.

Eris: “Oh? Sir Luke, you already had a name in mind?”

Luke: “Yes, I did. Oh, did you already have a name in mind, Princess Aires?” Eris: “IーI was still in the middle of deciding on a name. I was thinking of Barilion, Strasse, or even Reinhart. What do you think?” …….those names sound…….a little too cool, no?

The names Kumi and Kurasuke have a Japanese twist. I think a completely foreign name like that would feel a little out of place.

Well, not that anyone really knows Japanese here.

But I should ask the brother. If he really likes the name Reinhart, then it’s his choice.

Luke: “Kumi, where is your son?” Kumi: [He’s right here.]

Kumi held her son in her arms, and the brought her oldest child out from the ocean.

The son jerked back at seeing us and held on tightly to Kumi’s arm.

The child had not gotten over his fears over humans and did not trust us. That was normal. He went through so much as it is.

Though the Elixir saved his life, he still carried all his old scars, and there was a chunk missing from his body.

Though Kumi told us that a scar like that won’t prevent him from having a normal life, it was still painful to see a child get wounded so badly.

Luke: “So, Mr. Eldest Son, what kind of name do you like?”


Luke: “Princess Aires suggested Barillian, Strasse, or Reinhart. What do you think about those names?”


Not Bari-bari.

Kurasuke: [Mister Luke, what kind of name did you have for my brother?]

Luke: “Hm? Oh, mine? It’sーー”

I padded Kurasuke on the head and looked towards his older brother.

Luke: “I wanted to name your brother Kensuke.”


Kurasuke: [Kensuke?]

Luke: “Yeah, you’re Kurasuke, and you’re brother is Kensuke. Pーputting the two together, you have the Kura-Ken brothers, right?”

It was a little embarrassing sharing how I came up with his name.

Kurasuke: [So with me and my brother, we make a full Kraken!! I like that, Mister Luke!]

Sia: “Sia likes Uーk’s name tooー”

Luke: “Well, wait a second. He should be able to choose the name he likes.”

Kurasuke: [Brother, which name do you like?]

Everyone’s gaze fell on Kumi’s eldest son.

He seemed quite embarrassed by the attention, or he might have been frightened by having so many humans look at him all at once that he hid his face behind Kumi’s arm.

Was it just me?

It looked to me like his white skin was turning a little red.

[IーI likeー...]

We were not able to hear what he said at the end.

Kumi: [You need to speak louder. Make sure everyone can hear you.]

Kumi’s voice was warm and full of encouragement as she pushed her son who spoke in a muffled voice.

Her eldest child fidgeted and played with his hands nervously as his skin flashed red more quickly.

[IーI like…..Kensuke. It sounds cool. I’d like to be Kensuke….]


“Young Master, you think we need to make more of these fisheries?”

Luke: “Hmmm, yeah, I think so. We’ll need the Mothra-Kaiko to help us again.”

“But the Dodorians' harvest is just about to end. If only we could keep some growing in a greenhouse, then maybeーー”

Luke: “Then we should make one.”

Kensuke had been so malnourished, his body was small and frail.

He was born only minutes before Kurasuke as twins, but now Kurasuke was much larger.

From now on, I hope Kensuke will eat lots of fish and catch up to his brother.

As we spoke, we walked towards the town.

From the ports on the rocky shores, we traveled through the tunnel that Gonzo made, and after a while, we saw the newly built watchtower.

Eris: “We shall part ways here, Sir Luke.” Sia: “Bye, Uーk.”

“See you later, Gov’nor.”

“Sir Luke, if you could wait here, we will have someone come and take you to town.”


Wait, why am I the only one that has to wait here?

The Knights who were doing their shift at the watchtower brought me some cold juice and their conversation with me seemed more awkward and forced than usual.

After about 2 hours, I heard the sounds of wings flapping.

“Oh, Sir Luke. The people taking you to town have arrived.”

And began pushing me towards the exit.

Luke: “Gonzo.” Gonzo: [Welcome back, Lou Quain.”

Gonta: [Welcome home, Luke.]

Luke: “Gonta, you’re here too? Thank you. Glad to be back.”

Gonzo: [Now then, hurry up and get on.]

Gonzo placed his hand out, and as I climbed on, I grabbed onto one of his large claws for balance with Gonta.

Gonzo: [We will return now.]

I felt Gonzo lift off the ground, and we were up in the sky in a blink of an eye.

We were high enough to see the entire island, and began descending slowly towards town.

The watchtower was only about 1 kilometer (~0.5 miles) from town. Gonzo did not need to flap his wings once at this distance as we glided down towards the town.

From here, I could see the town well.

There was the Adventurers Guild, and there was the newly built cafeteria. Oh, there ーー

There was myーーhm?

Luke: “Wai……..t…..why is everyone gathered there? They’re all standing around the unfinished mansion.”

Gonzo: [Unfinished? Does it look that way?]

Gonta: [Hehehe, everyone worked really hardー]


Gonzo: [Tonight, we feast.]

Luke: “FーFeast?”

Gonzo: “We celebrate the completion of the Governor of Tristan Island’s Castle…….oh, it’s too small to be a castle. Regardless, we feast in celebration of its completion.]


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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