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Chapter 65: I Hear the Reason and Watch the Live Performance

Ms. Lotte’s Outdoor Live Performance did not last longer than an hour.

It would be problematic if they continued, and Ms. Lotte’s schedule is chock full and overflowing with appointments today.

While we were going around the Festival, I heard from her that she was visiting the local Grandes Church, had a meeting with the Governor, checked out the Live Performance venue, and was going out to slay some Demonic Creatures - and that was just her first day.

Even though she came as a Singing Celebrity, I thought Demonic Creature Slaying was unusual, but this is actually the reason why Ms. Lotte does Live Performances in these rural areas.

There are many small towns and villages where strong Demonic Creatures spawn nearby, but they do not have any Adventurers who can take care of them.

Sometimes, there are travel issues. The roads may not be well maintained, or it may be that it’s too hot or too cold, or simply by plain bad luck, they cannot get Adventurers to gather there.

Ms. Lotte strategizes her Live Performances to visit those kinds of areas and goes around taking out the immediate threats around them and secures their safety.

And the people who live there no longer have to live in fear of the Demonic Creature’s threat and enjoy a spectacular Live Performance. Ms. Lotte is happy to make fans in these distant parts that would otherwise never hear her songs. “It’s a win-win,” is what Ms. Lotte tells me.

…...but I can’t help but feel that it’s just mostly Ms. Lotte volunteering to do some charity work that no one else is wanting to take on.

So that’s why Ms. Lotte received permission to enter the Altohern region from the meeting with the Governor, and with cheerful enthusiasm, she went and defeated the Demonic Creatures near the summit.

Apparently, she found Giants, Snow Queens, and an Ice Dragon (wait, there was one?) and slayed about 100 of them in total and came back.

As she returned, her fans welcomed her back into town, and Ms. Lotte shouted to them saying…

[Oh~ I’m so glad there weren’t any Highest-Tiers~ That’s a huge relief for Charlotte~]

We’ve gotten used to her stage personality but….

Cyril: “’s just one giant fake act.”

It was the day after Ms. Lotte said something that was undermining her true strength - the night of the 6th Day of the Flower Festival.

I was walking with Cyril and heading to Ms. Lotte’s Live Performance, and I talked to her about what I saw, and Cyril was flabbergasted at the news.

Henry: “Yeah, but hey, we already defeated it. If they found out that an actual Highest-Tier was at the summit, people would be more than concerned.”

Cyril: “ you think another one will pop up? To be honest, even though I fired my Spell at it from really far away, it still scared me to death to face it.”

Henry: “I don’t think so. It would be a nightmare if that was the case. At the very least, this is the first time in Flowtier's records that one was identified. That’s going back at least 300 years.”

Looking at the Grandes Church records, you would see a Highest-Tier appearing around this area, and the records can be trustworthy in the last 300 years at least. But going back farther than that, even in the fairy tale days, you can’t find any mention of anything like Highest-Tiers appearing.

The True Dragon Feedlefare who was the start of the Flower Offering Festival could be considered a Highest-Tier, but it’s not technically a Demonic Creature.

Henry: “Besides, if you go to Ligaleo, you’ll face at least one once a week. I’ve defeated 14 in the past, but that was of course, with a solid party.”

Cyril: “WHAT?!”

Henry: “Last time, I was paired with Ms. Lotte, who I was not used to, and I messed up and took a hit, but as long as you have your roles well defined, it’s not too hard to win. Even if I went Solo, as long as I’m fully prepared, I can at least stop it in its tracks.”

Well, to be fair, because the Highest-Tiers appeared so often, the knowledge and tactics of how to deal with them expanded exponentially which contributed to our win-rate.

The Highest-Tiers are most definitely fearsome creatures, but even more than that, we simply had no information pertaining to them before.

We didn’t know what kind of attacks they would do. Where were their weak points and what was effective against them? What about their physical strength? Speed? Reaction time?

There was no way to prepare to fight Highest-Tier Demonic Creatures because they were so few and far in between. And besides the lack of information, you wouldn’t encounter the same one for at least 100 years in most cases.

……...but now, they appear once a week, and they appear at the frontlines where Adventurers are gathering in numbers.

In other words, we were able to begin beating the crap out of them and while doing so, we gathered as much information about them as possible.

And as a result, the fame and wealth that usually followed defeating a Highest-Tier evaporated into history. But you’ll still get annihilated if you underestimate one.

Henry: “So I can protect you, but that’s only while you’re in Flowtier.”

Cyril: “.......yes.”

Annnnnnd, she’s still working towards going to Ligaleo.

……...I guess it’s okay if I ask now.

Henry: “Hey, why do you want to go to such a dangerous place?” For the first time, I ask without beating around the bush.

I have some guesses, but they all lack a certain something that doesn’t convince me that it’s the correct reason.

A long silence follows. Cyril’s eyes swim back and forth as she speaks worriedly.

Cyril: “That……..that’s still a secret….” Henry: “Till how long?”

Cyril: “You need to gather at least 7 more Cyril points of admiration.”

Henry: “I haven’t heard about those mystery points in a while….”

I sort of remember those points, but I’ve already forgotten when you mentioned it before!

Cyril: “Well, it’s not that I don’t want to say it. It’s not an embarrassing reason either. I swear to the Heavens.”

Henry: “You swore an oath to the God, Grandes. Why are you swearing to a different entity now.”

Cyril: “That’s not the point.”

True. In the Heavens, there is the Sun God Nulvis who values promises and is known as a just and fair God, so those oaths would be acceptable to that God.

Cyril: “.........well, I might tell you some time soon. But if I do, I think it’ll cause you trouble, Henry, and Miss Cyril is full of concerns and worries.”

Henry: “You really think it’s something big enough to worry me?”

I brush it off with a swipe of my nose.

……...but in truth, besides whatever she’s hiding, if she truly wanted to cause me trouble, there are plenty of ways she could do it, but I ignore that fact for the moment.

Cyril: “......I’m gonna tell Ms. Lotte again.”

Henry: “I’m sorry! Please excuse my rudeness!”

She uses one of the methods brilliantly, and I immediately surrender.

Cyril: “Don’t underestimate me too much!”

Henry: “Well, to be fair, you’re totally relying on other’s strengths right now….”

She sticks her tongue at me, and I know we’re on the way to the Live Performance so I better do something to get her back to a better mood.

Henry: “Cyril, you want some cotton candy?” Cyril: “Yes, I do!”

That was easy…


So now we are in the Central Square of the City. We approach the stage which we helped build, and there are so~ many people here. There are many people interested in watching Ms. Lotte’s Live Performance.

And I think there are generally more men around, but on a closer look, I see a balance of elderly and the young, men and women throughout.

Ms. Lotte’s popularity doesn’t cater just to one age group and gender……..but the Governor who is sponsoring this event isn’t taking any entrance fees, so many people are here to get a glance of someone who’s pretty well known.

And Ms. Lotte specializes in turning these curious observers into instant fans.

Jend: “Oh, he〜y, this way, you two! Over here!”

Jend, who was waiting for us, waved his hand as he called to us.

Jend, Ferris, and Teo were already there. Ferris and Teo were in some sort of heated discussion.

Were we a little late to arrive? I wonder if we shouldn't have gotten the cotton candy now.

Henry: “Hey, sorry. Did we make you wait long?”

Jend: “We did!”

OーOh yeah…?

Jend seemed relieved to see us, and I was just about to ask him what happened when...

Ferris: “Ah, Mr. Henry, you’re here. We have a little more than 10 minutes until Little Charu’s Live Performance. …’ll be a little rushed, but I’ll explain the general things to expect and how to perform in each part. Jend, Teo, this will be a review for you, but I want you to listen again from the beginning. Got it?”

Uh, no. I don’t wanna.

Jend: “.....Ferris, it’s my third time now.”


…..I see. Yeah, you can do it, Jend. It’s, uh, that. The things we do for love. Just consider it a trial of surviving your relationship or something like that. That way, things will go more smoothly. Don't think about whether this is something you should be doing or not.

Henry: “Ferris, it’s not my first Live Performance with Ms. Lotte, so I know the drill.”

Ferris: “OーOh, that's right. Mr. Henry is a personal friend of our Little Charu, so that’s to be expected.”

Henry: “I guess? ….she’s more like someone I’m indebted to or a big least, that’s how I feel personally.”

I feel a little hesitant to call her my personal friend…

Cyril: “It’s my very first Live Performance so please teach me everything I need to know!”

Teo: “Me too. Watching Miss Ferris is quite entertaining.”

Ferris: “Entertaining? What are you talking about?”

Yeah, the transformation in Ferris is quite comical. Jend is having a hard time catching up between the gaps in the personalities though.

Ferris begins explaining all the chants and movements associated. She’s even warning the first time participants to refrain from getting too excited and moving too wildly which is probably unnecessary.

…..looking around, I see similar explanations being done all around the crowds. Ms. Lotte’s fans are diligent in teaching and preparing new fans in the ways of Ms. Lotte’s fandom.

And as I enjoyed watching the crowds and Ferris’ amazing demonstrations, the Square went dark all around except for certain parts.

The stage itself is pitch black. It’s a starry night, but the stage lighting crew made sure that the stage was hidden well in the shadows.

And the center of the stage lights up slightly.

…..within the center of the light was Ms. Lotte in an all-out brilliant stage costume.

Cyril: “Ohhhh…”

Ferris: “That’s Little Charu’s favorite entrance. But not yet. You can’t start cheering just yet.”

Um, pretty sure the first-timers would hesitate to start yelling and screaming regardless.

And it’s true that Ms. Lotte uses that dark stage to the spotlight entrance….but now that I look closely, isn’t that the same defensive light Spell she used against the Fenrir?

…...knowing what it’s capable of, it feels like a real waste or abuse of that Spell. But knowing her, I'm sure she finds the defensive properties as only secondary, and this is the main purpose she uses that Spell for.

And as her concert begins with a very mystical atmosphere, Ms. Lotte begins to sing a song with a gentle melody.

You couldn’t imagine such a powerful voice coming from someone so small and frail, and her singing ability is spot on as the song flows off the stage and into the hearts of the listeners.

…..she likes singing those upbeat, girly songs, but in truth, she has an incredible voice and an amazing talent for singing. She could sing more technical and difficult songs, but she usually starts off with this kind of slow melody.

Looking sideways, I see Cyril, Teo, and Jend's eyes widen seeing Ms. Lotte perform for the first time.

We all drift into the music and lose track of time as we all listened, and the lights came back on when she finished.

And now holding a mic, she changes pace to a brighter, upbeat personality and yells…

[Hey everyone〜! Thank you for coming! For all those who are long time comers and first time comers, I hope you all enjoy!]

And Ms. Lotte literally begins to shine and sparkle.

…..I feel awkward when Ms. Lotte switches into full celebrity mode, but I can see why people are dazzled by her.

[Let’s get this party started with a popular number〜! Everyone〜!]

And here comes the first chant.

…….beginning with Ferris, the fans are flooding with energy as the energy around the whole stage begins to boil over with Ms. Lotte at the lead.

[Alright〜! Great〜! You guys are so energetic! Let’s start the next song, “Love Explorer〜!]

It’s one of Ms. Lotte’s top hits. Even though the singer herself was never in a relationship and has no experience herself.

With silly, comedic lyrics, you're immediately sucked into a bright mood.

And I wasn't the only one. Everybody in the crowd were all smiling.

ーーOhh…, now I understand how deeply depressed I was to hear this song and not even perk up when I first went to her concert.

Cyril: “Henry, Henry! Ms., Little Charu is amazing!!”

Henry: “Yeah, she is.”

Cyril also has a big smile on her face.

…….yeah, she is amazing. It feels good to be here.

Maybe I should loosen up for once. I remember the dance moves that I’ve seen Ms. Lotte’s fans do.

I’ll make sure to not bother the other fans, but I’ll show off what a First-Rate Adventurer's physical ability is capable of!!

And soー

Although I was careful not to bump into anyone, there were plenty of complaints that said watching any person move like that was terrifying…

….and had to apologize a good bit right afterwards.


Swearing to the Heavens, swearing to the sun, swearing to O-ten-dou-sama (お天道様) - This is another interesting cultural tidbits that no one ever thinks about too deeply. First of all, the O-Ten-Dou (the Holy Heavenly Path/Way/Road) is referring to the sun. O-Ten-Dou-sama is in a sense, a deified Sun or a Sun God, but without any religious lore or context. It’s like someone pointed to the Sun and said, “That is the ‘Lord of the Heavenly Path’”, and it stuck and was widely accepted as such. Or at least, the name, “O-Ten-Dou-Sama” was catchy, and it’s hard to not see the sun during your lifetime. “The Sun is always watching” or “the Sun always sees” is a warning to people that your acts of evil will come to light (or by the light of the Sun). The farmers were grateful of course, and Japan’s known as the “the land of the rising Sun.” Why “Heavenly Way” equates to “Sun” other than that the sun is really bright, is a head-scratcher. And because it’s hard to make sense of it (because maybe there is very little sense in it from the start), it’s taken for granted in Japanese culture in general.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 5: Flowtier Flower Festival

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