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Chapter 64: The Singing Celebrity Arrives

The third and fourth day of the Festival ended without any unexpected surprises.

There were parades down streets that were heavily decorated with flowers. There was an annual award ceremony to the person who was deemed to have grown the most beautiful flowers of that year. There was the Flower Girl Contest, and a hedge maze made of flowers.

Ms. Lotte enjoyed every bit of it, and Cyril and I also enjoyed the events with her.

On the evening of the fourth night, we met at the entrance of the Flowtier City.

Charlotte: “Well~ it’s been too long since I enjoyed a Festival like this. It was tremendously fun. Thank you.”

Henry: “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Cyril: “Yes. Oh, and thank you for paying for our food during the Festival.”

Cyril bows her head respectfully.

That’s right. Ms. Lotte paid for most of our food while we toured the Festival. I hurriedly follow after Cyril’s example and lower my head too.

Henry: “Thank you so much. You could always subtract the amount from the Quest reward, Ms. Lotte.”

Charlotte: “I won’t do such a stingy thing as that. I have plenty of money, and I don’t really get chances to use it that often.”

As a Hero of Legend Adventurer, she also has income from her Celebrity activities.

…….I’m pretty certain that her income would match that of a small Governor’s annual budget.

Though I’ve been saving up my money from the frontlines, my savings would probably pale against what she amassed over these years.

Cyril: “Was your official arrival tomorrow?”

Charlotte: “Yup, yup. They said that I need to at least look like I arrived here from outside of town. I’ll go to the town of Rezel, and tomorrow morning, head to here from there.”

The town of Rezel is about a day’s journey from Flowtier. It’s smaller than Flowtier, but it’s a relatively successful town.

……..departing now, you would normally get there by tomorrow, but with Ms. Lotte’s speed, she could easily get there before it gets dark.

Cyril: “Is there really a reason to go that far? I feel like you could walk out a little ways and then come right back.”

Charlotte: “I have some passionate fans that will be waiting for me by the roadside. If there’s anyone who has confidence in their running skills, like a soldier or Adventurer, they’ll probably be waiting for me at Rezel. Around this area, there’s only one main road that goes from Flowtier to Rezel anyways.”

Cyril: “Sheesh.”

Cyril cringes at the image that arose inside her head.

……..yeah…….I don’t know how or why they can be so passion-driven, but if you are a fervent fan of Ms. Lotte, that much can be expected.

There were many more visitors and tourists attending the Flower Festival this year than any other year, but I’m sure there are some who are just here for Ms. Lotte’s live performance.

Cyril: “I feel bad for you.”

Charlotte: “Don’t worry~ regardless, I do this because I enjoy it.”

Cyril: “I see~ hm...yes, I guess being so adored and praised must be fun. Henry, you can adore and praise me as much as you want.”

Henry: “Yeah right.”

And I lightly chop her head.

Of course, it shouldn’t have hurt at all but…

Cyril: “Owie~ …...Ms. Lotte~ Henry is bullying me~”

Charlotte: “Oh my, you poor dear.”

And Cyril went crying to Ms. Lotte, and Ms. Lotte is petting her head and comforting her.

…….during this Tour Quest, the two seemed to have gotten really close. Cyril started calling Ms. Lotte the same way I do, and Ms. Lotte has been answering in kind with much love and affection.

Both use songs to create Spells, and even without that, their personalities mesh well together. It’s unbelievable how well they get along.

Cyril: “Ms. Lotte, please teach Henry a lesson.” Charlotte: “Of cou~rse, you leave it to me.”

I hear her small knuckles crack as she starts coming towards me.

Henry: “HUH?! WーWーWait?! Ms. Lotte! Don’t you think that’s a little childish?!”

Charlotte: “Hehehe...anyone who bullies my little Cyril will face my wrath… this!”

Ms. Lotte takes my hand.

And with a quick movement of her arm, my feet float off the ground….and I’m hovering in the air.

Henry: “WHAT?!”

I was completely upside down in the air, but then I landed on the ground on my feet without any injury.

……….sheesh, that scared me….

DーDid she just throw me? I couldn’t feel her strength at all.

Henry: “WhーWhat was that just now.”

Charlotte: “Just a little trick. The kind that uses your opponents strength and not yours…..a trick like that.”

I know a few countermoves that are similar in purpose, but this one held something more terrifying underneath.

Charlotte: “Well, it wouldn’t be bad if you learned something like this. If you go up one more, techniques like this will be common. Oh, and don’t worry. I made sure that no one saw what just happened.”

If I go up one more, isn’t that the very top?

But she wanted me to experience that I guess.

…...that almost made my heart stop, but I guess I should be....thankful?

Charlotte: “There you go, Cyril. I taught him a good lesson.” Cyril: “Ya~y, thank you!”

GAH! Don’t applaud Ms. Lotte like that.

Charlotte: “Alrighty then. I guess it’s time I should go. I will see you two again.”

Henry: “Yes, we will see you at your performance.”

Cyril: “Good luck~! Do you best~!”

Ms. Lotte waves her hand and begins to run down the main road.

Closer to town, she held back, but she suddenly burst with unbelievable speed after a certain point.

But no one is even noticing her passing, which is what differentiates her level from Ageha’s.

Cyril: “Well, there she goes~”

Henry: “Yeah, let’s go back.”

Cyril: “Yes.”

We both turn back to the City of Flowtier.

…….I wonder what tomorrow’s going to be like.


The next morning.

I woke up without a hangover for once and felt refreshed.

I was planning on teasing Ms. Lotte as she entered town and headed towards the City’s main entrance.

Her arrival is supposed to be around 10 O’Clock. Just in case she arrived earlier, I came 10 minutes before 10 at the front gate. I’m sure Ms. Lotte entering town won’t be too rowdy.

……….but I was proven completely wrong.

“Is Little Charu not here yet?!”

“Hey, move over a bit. I need to squeeze by.”


……...there were many men waiting to greet Ms. Lotte and were throwing up a huge ruckus.

Of course, the City Soldiers were trying to get them to line up in an orderly fashion but…

“Excuse meー! Please stop pushing! The arrival time of Lady Charlotte is still some time in the future! We will announce to the group when we see her……’s dangerous so please stop pushing! Stop….Stoー....I SAID STOP PUSHING DAMMIT!!”

Oh, he snapped.

“Hey! Stop acting like idiots and embarrassing yourselves, and present yourselves more like true fans of our Little Charu!”

And one person stood in front of them all, feet apart, shoulders back, arms crossed and started lecturing them.

…….that’s……...that’s definitely Ferris.

I see Jend standing naturally behind her.

I look away and hide my face so no one thinks I’m related to them.

……… please stop making eye contact with me Jend. Even I wouldn't know what to do if I were in your position…..

Yeah, at this rate, I’ll be so far back that it’ll be hard to even see Ms. Lotte’s face.

I guess I’ll find a way to kill some time around here.

Henry: “Hm?”

From far away, I hear a stampede-like rumbling.

And it was heading to Flowtier with amazing speed.

“Oh! There’s Lady Charlotte! Whatever! You guys do whatever the hell you want!”

And the soldiers give up holding back the fans.

And with that, the fans begin pushing their way through the main gate.

Henry: “......maybe I should try going up?”

Right now, all the people around me are focused on getting out of town.

I secretly cast [Physical Enhancement] on my legs and jumped up. I landed on top of the City Walls.

“WHOA?!” Henry: “Oh, sorry for startling you.”

I accidentally scared the guard on top of the wall. I apologize immediately.

“ know this is a restricted area….”

Henry: “Oh, is it restricted? I’m so sorry.”

“Well, if it’s you, I guess it’s okay, Mr. Henry.”

Oh, he knows who I am? ……..ohhh! I remember now. When we went to get permission to go to the Altohern Region at the Governor’s mansion, he was one of the soldiers standing guard there. Cyril greeted him, and his name was……

Henry: “Was it Mr. Geo?”

Geo: “Yes, I’m honored that you remembered my name. …...we are truly grateful for your help in the incident with the Giants.”

Oh, I haven’t been scolded because of that. It feels good to be thanked genuinely.

Geo: “I’ve only heard rumors, but I still can’t believe you went up against a Upper-Tier, Upper-Class.”

Henry: “Well… be honest, I’m more scared of what’s coming toward us right now.”

I point to the object on the horizon heading directly for us.

Mr. Geo chuckled in agreement.

The view is spectacular from up on the wall.

I can see Ms. Lotte running full speed towards us. She’s still far away in the distance, but I can see her smile even from here, but she’s waving at the fans at the main gate, and I think she’s even singing a song while she’s running.

And behind her, I see about 100 beefy, sweaty men screaming “Little Charu~!” like lost lambs, and are approaching the city with Ms. Lotte at an incredible speed.

……..I think Ms. Lotte’s casted her Song Spell and boosted the ability of the men behind her.

And in front of the gate is a mad celebration as her fans are going bananas at Ms. Lotte’s arrival. Although they were pushing and shoving before, they’re now a terrifyingly unified and organized group.

I thought I saw one of my Party Members within that horde, but it is most definitely a hallucination caused by the trick of the light.

Henry: “”

Now I know what Hell on Earth looks like.

My brain is trying to process what I’m seeing, but my defensive mechanism is trying to kick in so I can lose consciousness and close my eyes.

Although I'm at a loss for words at the entire ordeal, Ms. Lotte comes near the Flowtier gates, and stops shortly before, and so does the men behind her.

I swallowed hard at what was to come next.

And with the biggest smile ever, Ms. Lotte shouted,

Charlotte: “Hi~ everyone~ Thank you for welcoming me here~! Your Charlotte Fine has finally arrived! I think I’m a little tired from the travels~ hehe!”

Cringe. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

………..but apparently I was the only one who felt that way, and the rest of her fans roared with cheers and great fanfare. I hear something like, “You worked so hard~! Thank you~!”

Are you serious?! You think she could ever be tired just from that?! I don’t even know if it’s possible for her to ever tire out!

Charlotte: “He~y everyone~ are you overflowing with Little Charu energy?!”



……’s no use. I’ve been to her live performances before, so I thought I was mentally prepared, but……..unlike the Live Performance Theatre where you can expect unordinary scenes like this, when they do the same things out in normal public, it makes me feel dizzy and light-headed.

Charlotte: “Alrighty! Then to mark my arrival at this wonderful City of Flowtier, let’s sing one song~!”

The crowd of fans completely lose it as they cheer.

But, it’ll be a little bit inconvenient if she sings directly in front of the main gate, so they go off a little ways to do an outside Live performance.

Oh, Ms. Lotte just winked in my direction.

………”you better come and listen”, huh. Fine, fine. I’m coming.

And just like that, the Hero of Legend, and Singing Celebrity, Charlotte Fine’s public appearance at Flowtier began.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 5: Flowtier Flower Festival

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