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Chapter 50: A Sudden Change of Events

A month passed since the first expedition to the Altohern mid-regions.

Feeling a lack of skill, strength, and ability for the first time, Jend and his group displayed an exorbitant amount of motivation, and almost doubled the rate of their previous growth spurt.

……….it was expected. In hindsight, the Demonic Creatures they fought before were all tiers and classes beneath them.

Now facing more formidable enemies, it’s more accurate to say that they were learning to truly utilize every bit of strength and potential they held inside.

Of course, there is no such thing as an inviolable safety margin in an Adventure. So they learned to recover from injuries and retreat and have the group prepare counter-attacks when needed with smoother transitions when it occurred.

Nowadays, I’ve been intentionally lessening the follow-ups I performed for the group, but I saw no issues arise from it.

From this, my estimates and hopes that I couldn’t send them to the frontlines for another year or now, 11 months, were being overhauled and shortened dramatically.

And so, this was a critical time for our party.

Cyril: “Is it a cold? How do you feel?”

Henry: “..........tired…..”

Cyril came by to see how I was doing, and I could only respond with a dry, raspy voice.

Since yesterday, I thought my body was feeling a little heavier and my throat was hurting but…

...the next morning, I woke up with a noticeable fever.

I thought at least one of us would get sick from the constant influx of going to the winter mountainside of Altohern and back to the hot summer days of Flowtier back and forth but….

Jend: “Yeah, I never thought Henry would be the first to cave in.”

Henry: “...........I know right. How am I the first one….”

I should have the most stamina out of the group.

Lana: “Of course you are. You don’t look after your body like the others and drink too much. …, I asked my father to make you a milk porridge.”

Lana was worried that I hadn't gotten up on the morning of an expedition and came up to my room and found me in this condition. She carried a bowl of oatmeal porridge on a tray and brought it to me.

She also contacted the different party members, and I can’t be thankful enough for what she did.

Teo: “Lana, what did you mean when you said Mr. Henry didn’t take care of himself?”

Lana: “I could think of a number of things. He doesn’t sleep regularly or on a schedule. He eats too much and drinks too much. And even then, he won’t stop training excessively, and it’s only on the day before an expedition that he straightens out.”

Ferris: “Mr. Henry, as someone who is involved with medical care… should take care of your own body better.”

Henry: “..........yes ma’am.”

At Ferris’ words, my shoulders sag as I nod in agreement.

It’s true that I’ve taken advantage of the Flowtier culture and way of life a bit too excessively and let my guard down. I can also come up with too many instances where Lana’s words apply.

Yup. It’s a good time to reflect and change. Henry will change.

Cyril: “........but, if Henry is out, what should we do about today’s expedition?”

Ferris: “We can cancel or postpone.”

Ferris suggests cancelling the expedition, but Jend interrupts.

Jend: “No, we should be able to handle this ourselves. In the future, when we go to the frontlines, Henry won’t be with us, right? Then we also need to start learning how to fight with just the four of us.”

Teo: “I think he has a point. I have also learned the geography and terrain of the Altohern mountain, so if anything happens, we can retreat.”

Jend seems firm on his stance, and Teo supports his idea.

Cyril: “What do you think, Henry? You think we can do this on our own?”

Henry: “Hmmmm, let me think…….”

Ummmmm, in reality, they have accumulated enough skills, strength, and experience to do it on their own.

I do have some reservations, but in most cases like this, 99.9% of the time, all the worry would be for nothing. If I have to stop them if I’m not 100% certain of their safety, they shouldn’t be Adventurers in the first place.

Henry: “........shouldn’t be a problem, but just be more on your guard this round.”

Jend: “Yeah, of course.”

I guess it’ll be fine.

And because we’re talking, I’m starting to feel worse. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten sick like this……….

Henry: “Sorry, I’ll eat this porridge and go back to sleep.”

Jend: “Yeah, no problem. Sorry to barge in like this when you’re not feeling well. We’ll get going now.”

Henry: “Alright, be careful.”

I watch Jend and the others leave.

And with that, I gobble down the cooled milk porridge.

Lana: “When you’re done, you can just leave the plates there, and I will pick it up later. Mr. Henry, just make sure to get some rest.”

Henry: “Yeah, of course. Lana, thank you and sorry for all this trouble.”

Lana: “No no. You’ve been here quite a long time now, and you’ve also been a solid patron of our diner. You’ve contributed considerably to our profits this year.”

Should you really say that to your customer so honestly?

………..but I’m definitely not a typical customer by any sense of the word, so I think that’s why she can be so blunt and honest with me.

Lana: “Do you want me to get you some medicines?”

Henry: “Ohー that’s okay. From my experience, I just have to eat and sleep, and I’ll get over a cold like this in a day.”

Lana: “Okay, if you say so.”

And with that Lana left my room.

I take one last spoonful of the milk porridge.

……...ohhhhh this is one of those kind and loving tastes that seeps into your very being. There were a lot of vegetables that were finely cut and well cooked and as far as nutrients go, it was packed with them.

Even if I get sick, I typically don’t lose my appetite.

I finish eating, and place the bowl and utensil on the nightstand beside the bed.

And I cover myself with the blanket and sheets and close my eyes.

Henry: “Are they…..going to be okay?”

As I’m trying to sleep, I think about Cyril and the others on the expedition.

I don’t think anything will happen. If the usual enemies appear, then they might sustain some injuries, but they should be able to get back in one piece.

The only thing I’m worried about is when the atypical enemies or unexpected circumstances arise.

Now that I think about it, I’ve been the one going around and dealing with all of those things, and…… a result, I robbed the opportunity for Cyril and the others to hone their own survival skills…

And lastly, with a veteran like me around, they were able to ignore a lot of these what-if’s and potentially dangerous situations and go all-in on every expedition…… In a sense, that means that their ability to redraw valid safety margins and precautions may be close to non-existent.

…………..I keep thinking all of these things so negatively… I need to stop….

Henry: “Let’s stop…”

I think it’s because I’m not feeling so well. That has to be it.

Even from a bystander’s perspective, the Altohern mid-region is a well-fitted spot for their current level and abilities. And that’s even without me.

……...any concerns outside of that would just be me underestimating or looking down on them.

I cut my thoughts away and feel the wave of sleepiness come over me and fall asleep immediately.


Henry: “ Mmmmmmm… (yawn)”

I wake up naturally.

From the angle of the sun, it’s noontime or a little bit afterwards.

…….and I feel….

Henry: “Oh, not too bad.”

I make a fist with a hand and open my palm.

I still feel a little dull, but this can’t be helped.

I place a hand on my forehead, but I don’t feel the fever any more. I think I got over the worst of it, and by the evening, I should be in my full condition.

I get out of my sweat-dripping clothes and change clothes and go down the stairs.

It’s probably nearing the end of the Bear’s Keg Inn lunch time. I want to slide in and get something to eat before it completely closes. My body which was fighting off the cold this whole time lets out a long <growl> and is protesting quite strongly.

I walk into the dining area, and I see that half the seats are open. I was wondering where I should sit, when Lana saw me.

Lana: “Oh? Mr. Henry, are you okay getting up and walking around?”

Henry: “Yeah, I’m much better now. What’s for lunch today?”

Lana: “Our Special Stew and salad.”

Perfect. It’s an easy-to-digest menu item today.

Henry: “Great, let me get an order. Can I get it with an extra helping and one more piece of bread?”

Lana: “Got it.”

Well, I guess I’ll eat….and I still feel a little dull so I’ll sleep once more.

As I ate lunch quickly, I started planning out the rest of my day.

……...and suddenly, the doors of the Bear’s Keg Inn swing wide.


A loud sound clearly rings across the hall. I look over and see that it’s Mr. Lad from the Adventurer Party, the Silver Fangs.

He looks around the room, finds me, and walks over very quickly towards me.

Lad: “Henry, something bad happened. I need you to stay calm as I tell you.”

Henry: “MーMr. Lad? What’s wrong?”

Mr. Lad, who is usually more carefree and laid back is incredibly serious right now.

………..I don’t have a good feeling about this. I heard myself <gulp> and swallow hard.

Lad: “Your party ran into an upper-tier Demonic Creature. They all came back alive, but they all sustained heavy injuries. They’re at the Church infirmary andーー”

My feet kicked the ground as I sprinted out of the door.


Henry: “Are you guys okay?!”

Next to the Grandes Church, there is an infirmary catered towards Adventurers.

There is no Healer on staff, but there is a doctor who can stitch up and mend outer wounds pretty well. If you ever get hurt on an expedition, this is usually where you will be treated.

Ferris: “.......hey, Mr. Henry. Sorry to worry you.”

I was led to one of the patient’s rooms, and there I saw a pale-faced Ferris treating Jend.

Jend had a large hole in his gut. I’m used to seeing gruesome injuries in Ligaleo, but it’s the first time to see one here.

But he’s breathing steadily, so I think he’s not in danger of losing his life. With Ferris’ Magecraft, his wound is slowly but surely patching up closed.

Henry: “Cyril and Teo are…...there they are.”

They were asleep on the beds. I saw a bandage on Cyril’s shoulder that was peeking out, and I couldn’t see Teo’s injuries, but she seemed to be in pain as she slept.

Ferris: “.......I'm sorry. Jend had the worst wound, so I had them drink a mid-tier Healing Potion to stop the bleeding, and they’re waiting for their turn.”

Henry: “What about you, Ferris? Your face is pale….”

Ferris: “I’m good. I healed my wounds first since I’m the Healer, and the reason why my face is pale is due to magic exhaustion. I had to use a lot of Magecraft as we retreated.”

I open my pouch and dig through its contents.

……..found it.

Henry: “It’s a Magic Recovery Potion. Drink this.”

Ferris: “Aren’t Magic Recovery Potions extremely expensive? …...but yes, thank you. I’ll take it.”

It’s true that it is a costly potion, but if it’s for my party members, I don’t have any qualms or regrets using it here.

I know she treated her own wounds first, but Ferris looks quite wilted and spent. This will at least help her recover her Magic Power.

Henry: “.........fwew.”

At the very least, everyone is alive, and no one is in danger of dying.

There’s a lot of questions I want to ask, but that can wait.

Cyril: “........oh, Henry?”

Henry: “Cyril, did I wake you?”

Cyril: “.........whatー happened to your coldー?”

Oh, she’s still drowsy and not fully conscious. It’s like her to ask me about my cold even in this situation.

Henry: “I’m good. You let me rest, so I’m completely over it now. Just worry about yourself for now.”

Cyril: “.....okay~”

I pat her head roughly, and she closes her eyes and falls asleep again.


Mr. Lad said that they were attacked by an upper-tier Demonic Creature.

As an Adventurer, I’ve destroyed the lives of countless Demonic Creatures, so it may not be my place to say this but…

………..we need to repay whoever it was back……….in full.


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Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 4: Further Leaps and Bounds

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