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Chapter 49: Injury

Teo: “Mr. Henry, this map is really well-charted.”

Henry: “Oh, is it?”

We are currently on the mountain-roads of Altohern…..well, the “mountain-road” is just the path that Mr. Lad and Mr. Gawain’s party had walked over the years.

As we walked from the foot of the mountain and up to its mid-region, Teo was comparing the map I copied to the actual geography and complimenting the cartography.

Teo: “I took a quick look around away from the path, but it was exactly as the map said. I did make a few adjustments and corrections though.”

Henry: “That’s great! Could you compile the sections you corrected? It’ll help me have more intel to give back to the Silver Fangs and Glow Lance.”

Teo: “Understood.”

And in exchange, they will hand over any corrections to our maps. Any territories where strong Demonic Creatures reside can change their terrain and geography often, so redo’s of these maps are frequent and for that reason, it makes current information even more valuable.

Cyril: “The areas where we are allowed to gather resources are far from here, correct?”

Cyril takes a peak at the map from beside Teo and is a little disgruntled at the fact.

At my last meeting with the leaders, my party will have to circle around the mountain to the other side in order to reach those destinations.

Henry: “It couldn’t be helped. They had seniority over the closer regions, and even if it’s a little farther, we were given locations with more resources in general.”

Cyril: “I know but~”

Henry: “All the other parties are all men, so if you just use a little womanly charm, maybe you can help change their minds?”


And a loud smack on my back echoes throughout. Well, I’m wearing my adventurer armor and gear, so Cyril’s slap would just feel like a bump in the wind to me…

Henry: “What was that for?”

But I see Cyril very red in the face throwing up a huge fuss.

Cyril: “Wh, whーwhーwhat do you mean by womanly charms?! What are you thinking, Henry?!”

Henry: “.........I just meant you can pour them a drink at the tavern or something along those lines….”

Cyril: “~~~!!! Hmph! Sorry for hitting you then!”

So I need to credit her for still being able to apologize, but…..I didn’t understand why she thought I meant something else. Do I really look like that cruel of a party leader that would try to take advantage of young girls like that?

Jend: “Hey, Henry, you know how Cyril is. You need to be more careful with your words.”

Henry: “Yeah, that was my bad. Sorry, Cyril.”

Cyril: “Ergh! Just leave it alone, Jend!”

And we were being pretty noisy as we traveled, but I could tell by each of the party member’s way they walked and looked around the area that none of them were letting their guard down.

……’s kind of sad that I’m running out of things to teach them.

And as we approached the midpoint of the mountainside…

Henry: “Here they come…”

Drawn by our voices, the Frost Ogres lumbered slowly towards us.

I saw a total of 3.

There were also 5 Ice Boars and around 10 Winter Wolves with them. There were also 3 Snow Fairies with the group that had wings that were the color of snowballs and looked transparent and camouflaged.

Typically, Demonic Creatures don’t form packs with other types, but if your magic trait is identical, then there is more harmony when a variety of types gather, and when you come to these corrupted magic territories with a distinct magic trait, you will see more diverse groups like these.

This was something Mr. Lad told me over and over till my ears fell off.

Henry: “They’re coming!!”

I yell and warn the group.

And against the Demonic Creatures charging in, we also charged head long into the fray.


3 Ogres are a little too many, so I made sure to throw my spear to take one down before we crossed blades, but once we connected with their group, the battle became chaotic, and I didn’t get a chance to take another one down.

Henry: “Jend! Take care of your side on your own!”

Jend: “I know!!”

I took on one Ogre, all the Winter Wolves, and 2 Ice Boards.

Jend took on an Ogre and the rest of the Ice Boars.

The Snow Fairies who could fly completely ignored our vanguard and went straight to our rearguard and threw Ice Arrows towards our backlines.

A certain group of Demonic Creatures cannot only fire off raw magic power, but also use spells like this.

………...but of course, Ferris who’s carrying a shield isn’t allowing any of those attacks to pass through.

Teo: “...........hyu!”

Cyril: “{Fire Arrow}!”

And in response, Teo’s arrows and Cyril’s fire arrows take down the Snow Fairies one at a time. The last one is trying its best to fire back Ice Arrows, but the backline looks okay.

These Demonic Creatures are considered mid-tier, lower-class because they can fly and can use long-range spells, but other than that, they are no different from lower-tiers.

Jend: “Aaaaaaaaaaagh?!”

Henry: “Jend?!”

As I parry the incoming Demonic Creatures and turnaround from checking our backlines, I hear Jend scream.

I turn my attention to where he is, and I see one of the Frost Ogres swing down a Ice Hammer and smash Jend against the mountain side.

He didn’t receive a critical injury, but half his body was frozen from the Ice Magic, and he wasn’t able to move.

Henry: “Dangit! [Strengthen] {Hazac}”

I grit my teeth, and strengthen my body with one Magecraft spell and extend my Nyoiten spear longer. I swing in a wide arc and slam away all the Demonic Creatures around me - the Ogre and the Winter Wolves all together.

I just brute forced this attack so it was not an elegant or a refined swing, and only one Winter Wolf died from it, but I was able to gain some distance from them.

The Ogre who smashed Jend was gearing up for another swing, so I quickly ran to his side.

……...but the angle is bad. If I throw my spear now, I could hit Jend who is on the other side of the Ogre.

Teo: “Mr. Henry! I’ll back you up!”

Teo raises her Soul Shooter Magic Bow and begins to pour her magic power into the arrow.

Unlike Cyril, Teo does not have an enormous magic reserve, so she can’t continually fire shots like these, but her godly equipment, the magic bow, has a [Magic Power Equip] ability. The arrow receives several times the regular amount of magic power, and as it shines brightly, it was released and soared straight at the Ogre.


But the Ogre noticed the arrow and braces its hammer against it.

……...but the brightly flashing arrow ricochets off the hammer and although it goes slightly off course, still digs into the Ogre’s shoulders.

NICE! I thought I wouldn’t get there before Jend is attacked again, but I made it there just in time!

Henry: “Over here! ORRAAAAHHH!!”

I roar to grab its attention, and the Ice Boars around Jend also come at me, but I can ignore those completely.

I go straight on into the front of the Ogre and charge in.

It took a significant amount of damage to its shoulder, but Ogres are known for their durability and toughness. It raises its hammer with no problems and prepares an attack against me.

It plans on crushing me from above and swings down the hammer with full force.

Henry: “!”

I twist and turn my body, and as I dodge the hammer, I jab the spear with a single arm straight into the Ogre’s chest.

The Ogre screams in rage, but it won’t die just from this. I take out the spear and spin half-way. I change the Nyoiten Spear’s form into a single-handed sword, and with the momentum of the spin, I take off the Ogre’s head swiftly.

……...yeah, it’s a bit of cheat move, but being able to change my weapon’s range freely means that I can fight flexibly like this.

Henry: “Hey, Jend! Are you okay?!”

I call to Jend who looks like a pseudo ice-sculpture.

……...crap, I can still feel his magic power underneath, so he’s alive, but he’ll suffocate like that.


But my worry was for nothing. With one shout, flames explode and envelope around Jend as he melts away the ice that was trapping him in one go.

It’s probably one way to use the Single Blade of the Fire God Style…….but it’s a little annoyingly loud.

Jend: “Gaha!”

But he immediately throws up some blood.

His armor significantly reduced the damage, but he received a direct blow from an Ogre…….if it wasn’t for his armor, he would have survived with severe, critical injuries.

Henry: “Ferriーーーs!! Jend’s injured!”

Ferris: “I know! But who will guard Cyril?!”

Henry: “I’ll switch places with you! Get ready!”

The remaining Ogre and Winter Wolves are heading this way. And the Ice Boars are heading towards Ferris.


Cyril: “...........{Bright Flood}!”

But Cyril was already preparing a spell and took out the Ice Boars. The last Snow Fairy from had been taken out earlier.

Now, all that remains is the Ogre and the Winter Wolves.

Henry: “Jend, can you move?”

Jend: “Yeah, no problem. I could run all day.”

Henry: “Your legs are shaking, but whatever. We’re running to Ferris’ position!”

………taking on an Ogre with other types of Demonic Creatures may have been too much for him still.

As I watch Jend run desperately beside me, I feel a pang of guilt from my poor decision-making skills.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Restrain] {Katerno} + [Launch] {Veros}......3 shots!”

I throw 3 twice-strengthened restraining spell.

3 enhanced magic chains are casted like a throwing net, and stops the Demonic Creatures in their tracks.

2 Winter Wolves run past my trap, but Teo strikes both of them fatally with her arrows.

………...and with the Ogres stopped in their tracks, we reach Ferris.

Ferris: “First, show me your wounds.”

Jend: “Okay.”

It’s nothing like my [Heal] {Teol} that patches up light wounds. Ferris’ Healing Magecraft is much more complicated and refined. She has to accurately diagnose the wounds and apply the Magecraft accordingly, or it will fail.

Ferris is helping to remove Jend’s armor behind me, and I ready myself against the Demonic Creatures who just broke through my constraints.

…….but with this much time...

Cyril: “Everyone, it’s going to be a bit hot! {Meteor Flare}!!”

Cyril completes her fireball spell, and just like moths to a flame, she burns the remaining enemies to a crisp.

Whoa...even that tough Ogre had no chance to survive. That’s pretty frightening.

We check our perimeters, but no further reinforcements arrive.

……….so we had some mistakes, but we completed the battle in one piece.


Jend: “Sorry. I let my guard down….no, that was completely my lack of skill.”

Henry: “It’s not just you. My decision was bad too. It’s only your second time to face an Ogre. I should have taken on more of the creatures.”

Jend: “Are you sure….? Yeah, I guess if it’s you, that wouldn’t have been a problem.”

After that, we confirmed the geography and terrain quickly and headed back.

We could have continued our expedition after that, but there’s no reason to push ourselves like that.

And this was the first time we had someone get injured. Yes, we had Ferris with us, and Jend was healed on the spot, but there was some damage done to our group’s overall morale.


Ferris: “Hey, Jend. Your wounds are healed, but you still need to take protein and nutrients. You need to eat.”

Jend: “Hey, Ferris. You don’t have to be like my mom, ya know?”

Ferris: “Hm? Aren't you the one that's going to make me into a mom?”

Jend: “~~~!!”

GAH! They’re at it again! Ferris is actually more on the offensive in this relationship between the two now!

Cyril: “(sigh), sweet treats are the best after an expedition.”

Teo: “.......Miss Cyril, you’re such a child. Alcohol should be your first option after an expedition.”

Cyril: “Teo, you haven’t even reached adult-age, and you’re already talking about drinking.”

Cyril is taking bites out of her cream puffs, and Teo is drinking a Rishu liquor called “Shochu*.”

……….I think Teo’s been drinking more and more recently.

… this my fault for letting her try different types of alcoholic drinks?

Technically, she’s not breaking any laws, but it’s just frowned upon for adolescents to be drinking.

…….but it’s the same for becoming an Adventurer before reaching adult-age too.


……..these guys are not even a smidge worried or traumatized about Jend’s injury. They developed some real thick skin.

I was a little concerned, when my nose started to itch.

Henry: “.......A…….CHU!!”

Cyril: “Henry~ at least cover your mouth when you sneeze.”

Henry: “...ugh, shut up….”

Well, it was cold up there.

I need to bundle up tonight and sleep warm. But unlike the mountains, it’s the middle of summer though, so it may just be another hot summer night.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

Shochu (Shōchū) (焼酎) - Basically the Japanese version of Vodka or Whiskey, but is 50 proof (lower alcohol volume compared to the two) and typically made from distilled rice or barley (and other ingredients are possible). In short, a common, crowd favorite liquor that is stronger than Sake.


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Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 4: Further Leaps and Bounds

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