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SRALL c151

Ch. 151: The Meeting

Sunwest falls in the direct jurisdiction of the Royal Family, and thus, a representative was sent on their behalf.

The representative served as the Council Leader of the Sunwest Business and Finance Committee that managed the city’s economy.

And the Mages Tower that resided at the center of the city. The Red Dragon Knights, who are currently patrolling the city for any threats. And the Grandes Church, who upholds the God of Battle and its believers, the Adventurers ー is the National Religion and holds a mobile and flexible force at its command.

The leaders of each of these major organizations were all gathered together at the City Council Meeting Room. Of course, this was about the potential arrival of the Demon General.

And the Green Dragon Knights Order was not present. They were performing extra patrols in order to keep people from panicking and maintaining order within the city.

“ then, time is precious, so let us begin at once.” The one who opened the meeting was the Sunwest City Council Leader. Sir Broto Luhen held the status of Baronet and began the meeting.

“Yes, according to our calculations, the General may arrive tomorrow or the day after, but Demon Generals often exceed our expectations. It’ll be safer to have a plan in place as soon as possible.”

The one who agreed was Zerato, the Head of the Sunwest Branch Red Dragon Knights Order. The woman who was probably the second in command was nodding in agreement.

“Yes, indeed. As for me, I would like for all my faculty and students to be able to resume their research and studies. We will offer our full support with that goal in mind.”

“Of course, the Church feels the same as everyone else.”

The current President of the Mages Academy, Jeremiah. The Head Priestess of the Grandes Church, Salena.

I think……….shoot, I can’t remember if I had their names right. We all introduced ourselves, but there were so many new people, I’m not confident if I remember all their names.

“But even if we wanted to come up with a plan, we need to learn more about this Demon General. There are too many things we do not understand being in the backlines.”

“I feel the same as well.” ……….and other people who attended spoke up. I can’t remember any of the names other than the main representatives.

All that I know about the person is that they have plenty of experience as an Adventurer, and they are here with Academy President Jeremiah and Mr. Derrick.

Salena: “Yes, as for that…….Lady Saint, could I ask for your assistance?” Yuu: “Yes, I will be glad to.” With Priestess Salena’s recommendation, Yuu answers with her amazing Saint smile.

The orderly meeting attendants all wash over with “As expected of the Saint of Salvation”, but as for us, who know what Yuu is really like, we are more amazed at her amazing acting.

And the reason why Ageha, who is also a Hero of Legend, was not asked was because…….well, she’s not as well known.

Yuu: “The Demon General………is probably thought of as a General of the Demon Country’s Army. But they actually do not lead soldiers. They lead Demonic Creatures instead, and is the leader of that horde.”

“.........I heard that the rumored Demon General was cornered by the Great Hero and barely escaped with his life to the backlines alone. Without his subjects, wouldn’t he be an easy target to finish off?”

Yuu: “Yes, except the Demon General…….is able to utilize the Corrupted Magic in an area to give birth to Demonic Creatures.” A shocked gasp and grumble spreads through the meeting attendants.

Looks like there were many who didn’t know this fact. Well, it’s not like it’s advertised either.

Yuu: “He can create Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures…….as for the numbers, this depends on the Demon General, but the General in question, Gizehride can create 2,000 if he was in his best state. Since the Corrupted Magic density in this area is not as potent as Ligaleo, he shouldn’t be able to create that many but……” And Gilverte, who actually stood a head above other Generals in individual strength, could create 300 at once. But in his case, he brought Demonic Creatures from the Demon Kingdom, so that didn’t matter so much.

Zerato: “ most 2,000, huh. That doesn’t bode well for us. I don’t believe our Knights would not be able to handle them, but with that kind of number, we have to expect some to break through and enter the city.”

The Head of the Red Dragon Knights Order grimaces at the prospect. A formal Knight of the Red Dragon Knights Order is able to take on a mid-tier upper-class single-handedly. That is their standard. They could handle an Upper-Tier with 2 or 3 Knights, but they don’t have enough to hold back 2,000 at once.

A regular soldier would have to get custom weapons and armor and be in a formation to handle an Upper-Tier Demonic Creature……..and even then, they have to expect casualties.

Jeremiah: “I will place our Mages and focus on defending the City. If we can reduce their numbers…..” Salena: “We have 23 Heroic Warriors based in Sunwest, and Adventurers who are willing to volunteer. It may still be a difficult battle, but that should be enough.” Academy President Jeremiah and Priestess Salena both speak in turn.

Luhen: “I see. Then let us focus on defense overall to hold the enemy back, and during that time, send a communication to the Capital. We will call over Sir Grandezeal and his Black Dragon Knights, and……” Yuu: “.......forgive my interruption, but that will not work.”

Luhen: “? Why is that, Lady Saint.” Being denied the most obvious solution, Luhen voices his confusion.

Yuu: “The Demon General is able to release the Corrupted Magic he has stored inside of him. ……..he would be able to easily overwhelm this area with Corrupted Magic to the point where the Teleportation Gate can no longer function.” If he does so, his [Depletion] would be accelerated, but if he doesn’t, we would concentrate our forces here and win. He would know at least that much.

………but if he uses his Corrupted Magic power for that purpose, then we would be at a great advantage. It reminds me of how incredibly useful the Teleportation Gate really is. We won’t be able to utilize it directly, but in this way, it’s indirectly assisting us in this battle.

Luhen: “.......I don’t know if we’re talking about a Demon General or a Highest-Tier Demonic Creature anymore….” Yuu: “If it was something as easy as a Highest-Tier, we would not be having this much trouble.” Though Yuu was chuckling while she remarked, the atmosphere of the Council grew steadily heavier.

But this was not an empty threat. It’s only a hard fact. ……..and well, it can’t be helped. All the information we have to provide about Demon Generals will only put each person here on edge.

And it was the Head of the Red Dragon Knights Order who brightened up to change the mood of the meeting with a, “And so?”

Zerato: “We have most of the information already on hand, and this is all within the realm of our expectations. So? The group that will directly attack the Demon General is the two heroes andーー”

Henry: “Oh, yes. I’m Henry.” Zerato: “Mr. Henry, the Heroic Warrior.” The Head of the Red Dragon Knights looked me up and down as if to assess my worth.

With his gaze, the rest of the Council turned their gaze to me.

And I can obviously see doubt in many of their eyes.

………….well yeah. It’s an important battle that will determine the fate of this City. To have some unknown Adventurer step in like this would end up with doubts like this.

Though being a Heroic Warrior is a nice, effective title to have for any City, there are 23 Heroic Warriors residing in this City. Of course, their is a great difference in strength even among Heroic Warriors.

If we had time, I could do an exciting demonstration of “this is how strong I amー!” but I don’t want to waste my energy, and this is not the time nor the place.

Salena: “As for Heroic Warrior, Henry, we have full approval from the Grandes Church in Ligaleo. In addition, he also has a record in slaying a Demon General, thus, he was chosen……” Zerato: “Wasn’t the slaying of a Demon General greatly due to fighting alongside Captain Grandezeal?”

That was a very accurate and severe rebuttal. With that, he cut down Priestess Salena’s recommendation to have me included.

………..the Red Dragon Knights Order is renowned for their bravery and courage to slay Demonic Creatures and has a number of strong and famous Knights in its order. From their organization’s perspective, in a situation like this, they would expect that their Knights would take the front lines.

And to be fair, from the way Captain Zerato has been moving, I can tell that he is quite strong.

Ageha: (Haha~ they don’t think you can do it~)

Henry: (Shut up~)

Ageha, who was sitting next to me, jeered in a voice that only I could hear, and I retorted immediately.

…………..but really, what should we do about this? I hate to have the Council come to an impasse just because of me.

Derrick: “ーーmay I have permission to speak?” And it was Mr. Derrick who raised his hand to ask for the floor.

Sir Luhen nodded, and Mr. Derrick proceeded.

Derrick: “This is just a coincidence, but Henry is a student in the short-term course that I am instructing. During the course of my instruction, we have conducted many combat-training style spars and practices, so I know his strength well. With that assessment in mind, I will be frank………Zerato, I’m sorry to say this, but Henry is stronger than you.”

Zerato: “............Derrick…….” Captain Zerato glared back at Derrick bitterly, and after a few secondsーー

Zerato: “...........fine, fineー whatever. If Derrick says so, then it must be true. Besides, I can’t reject the Church’s recommendation without proper reason or proof. I’m sorry I muddied our discussion. I look forward to seeing Heroic Warrior Henry’s contribution to this upcoming battle.” And laughed lightly as he spoke.

…………he was really fast in changing gears. Well, that helps us, but it seems a little too early for him to step back.

Yuu: “And, it is a little late, but in case something like this happened, Sir Captain Grandezeal has written Henry down as his own recommendation.” Zerato: “...........Miss Lady Saint, could you have mentioned that from the get go? There’s no way a Knight of any Order could argue against the Great Hero’s recommendation.”

Yuu brought out a letter of recommendation, and Captain Zerato looked a little annoyed as he replied.

Sir Luhen coughed once, to gather the attention back to him.

Luhen: “If Captain Zerato approves, then a non-combatant like myself has no objection. How does everyone else feel?” The Council members and attendees all looked at one another, and no one spoke of any objections. Seeing that the top Knight changed his opinion about me, the doubts against my ability lessened significantly.

Luhen: “Then let us move forward with our overall battle arrangements. Firstly, as far as the Knights Order and their objectives………” And from there on, they moved into discussing the meticulous details.

……………since we had no experience leading or organizing armies, Yuu, Ageha, and myself only spoke when they needed insight on the Demon General, and the meeting continued on and on.


The meeting was over after 2 hours.

After that, the leaders of each organization returned to their group to relay the play, and explain our overall strategy.

I used the restroom in the Council Hall, and stretched my arms to loosen the tightened and cramped muscles I got from sitting in that meeting. In the hallway, I saw Mr. Derrick and Captain Zerato chatting.

Derrick: “Oh, hey Henry.” Henry: “Hello, Mr. Derrick. And Captain Zerato too.” Zerato: “Hey.” Captain Zerato nodded approvingly at me.

Henry: “Do you two know each other well?” Derrick: “Yeah, there are times when I help train the Red Dragon Knights Order to help with their Magecraft.”

Zerato: “Because of that, there were times we had a chance to talk, and now we occasionally go out to drink.” I see. So that’s how they’re connected. Since Mr. Derrick is an exceptional instructor, I’m sure he’s had many opportunities like this to make connections.

………..oh, that’s right. I almost forgot.

Henry: “Mr. Derrick, thank you for speaking up on my behalf. …………but I guess it’s strange to say this in front of Mr. Zerato.”

Mr. Derrick let out a sigh as he whispered, “Oh, about that.” He looked around to make sure that no one else was around. I wonder why?

………..? That was not the response I expected.

Derrick: “Henry, that little act we did was all planned by Zerato. I only did what he told me to do. Besides, in actuality, you and Zerato are about even. If you consider the ability to smoothly coordinate in a military squad, I would have recommended Zerato instead of you.”

Henry: “Huh?”

………… it surpassed the unexpected, and now I don’t know what he’s talking about.

I highly doubt that a Knight who climbed his way up to become a Branch Manager would have chickened out from a fight.

Zerato: “I wouldn’t lose to you on a one on one fight. ………..but there’s no way I could beat you with the Saint backing you up.” Henry: “Oh, you know about that?” We’re not keeping Yuu’s Enhancement Magecraft a secret or anything, but it’s not a famous story either. Yuu is too famous for her ability to heal, and her Adventurer stories are actually less well known.

Zerato: “There was a time when I went to support the troops at Ligaleo. ……….well, coincidentally, I got to see Mr. Heroic Warrior here fight against the Demon General. That’s about it.”

………..that’s right. During the big fight, I remember hearing about a Knights Order from a different town who came to support us.

Henry: “Oh, that’s…..well…..thank you very much.” Zerato: “It’s nothing to thank me for. It’s true that you have a better chance of winning than me.” But we were able to smoothly determine the course of action because of his help.

Zerato: “..........but I meant what I said about Captain Grandezeal’s recommendation letter. If she would have presented that from the beginning, I wouldn’t have had to go through all that trouble. Please tell that Miss Lady Saint well for me.” Oh, is that right…..

…….but that Great Hero title is really amazing. Knowing how that old man really acts, I sometimes wonder why people trust him so much though.

I tilted my head to think about that as I parted with Mr. Derrick and Captain Zerato.


The next day, it was a little before the lunch hour.

ーーaround Sunwest, an absurd amount of Corrupted Magic engulfed the entire area.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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