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SRALL c152

Ch. 152: The Battle Part 1

It took only a few minutes after the entire city was swallowed by Corrupted Magic when reports of sighting the Demon General Gizehride reached us.

We had several scouts on alerted patrol, but we could not risk creating any holes in our scouting lines, so naturally, the scouts were concentrated to a much smaller area, and we were not able to discover his whereabouts prior to him releasing the Corrupted Magic.

…………but this was according to our expectations, and we were swift to take action.

We had make-shift defensive fences ready to go, and we placed them in a location quite a bit further away from the city. From there, we split into 3 main formations.

Outside the fence. There, the Red Dragon Knights Order and the strongest among the Adventurers were on standby.

Inside the fence were the Magecraft and Magic specialists like Cyril and Emily. Archers and any other far range attack specialists and the Green Dragon Knights Order.

And in the furthest back was the Sunwest City Military and the Adventurers that would have a tough time facing Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures.

We planned to have the people who can face Upper-Tier and the long-range specialists reduce the numbers, and then have the stragglers who sneak by get pummeled by the regular soldiers and adventurers. It’s a simple but effective strategy. The Council meeting was only yesterday, so there was no way to prepare and arrange for any complicated military strategy.

And just in case the Demon General created Demonic Creatures ahead of him to flank the city, about 2 tenths of the Red Dragon Knights were guarding the City walls.

And Yuu, Ageha, and myself were with the group outside the fence, and standing at the forefront as well.

Zerato: “Hey, Henry. How’s your condition?” As I lightly stretched to prepare for the Demon General’s arrival, Captain Zerato came over after finishing all his instructions with his Knights for a friendly chat.

Henry: “My condition……… just normal. It’s no different than any other day.”

I am a little nervous having to fight a formidable enemy, but I’m not so nervous that it’ll impede my movement. It’s a nervousness that is just about right.

Zerato: “I see. And how about Miss Saint and Miss Head Chopper?”

Ageha: “Well, I’m about to take the head of a Demon General. Of course, I’m at my peak! This one is mine~”

Ageha was stretching her body and gave Zerato a confident thumbs up.

……….I wish this woman would……..I dunno…….take these things more seriously sometimes.

Yuu: “My condition is good as well. Thank you for your concern, Sir Captain.” Zerato: “Ha! It’s not that I’m worried. ……..but still, if anything happens, we got your back. If you notice anything wrong, make sure to call for help early.”

…………and by his words alone, I could tell that he was very worried. But I said nothing.

I scratched my cheek and looked towards the direction the Demon General was approaching us from. It’s quite an open field, but there’s no sight of him yet.

Ageha: “He’s late~~~......ugh……hey, Henry. Why don’t we go attack him now? We can, you know, get him by surprise as he walks up this way all slow.”

Henry: “No. Absolutely not. If we can’t finish him with the first strike, he’ll produce Demonic Creatures, and we’ll get swarmed.”

I immediately rejected Ageha’s idea. ……..well, it’s not like she was actually serious, I think. This is just one of the ways Ageha relaxed by bantering with me………or if I think of it that way, it all makes sense.

Ageha: “Fineー.....oh….hmm?”

I’m sure the Demon General really didn’t hear what Ageha was saying to show up just at the right time.

……….on one of the main roads that leads to the Four Corner Cities, we felt something absurdly abnormal approaching, and everyone was on alert.

As we waited, we saw one shadow appear in the distance along the road.

………..he’s huge. Definitely more than 2 meters (~6’ 6”). His armor was broken in many places, but his intimidating presence was not something you would expect from someone who just fled from the frontlines.

And even though we are still considerably far apart, there is Corrupted Magic pouring out of him that would make an ordinary person unconscious within minutes.

If he was in his best condition, a Knight would have trouble staying on his feet with the amount of Corrupted Magic…….so from that perspective, we should consider ourselves lucky. But even then, it was enough to make anyone think twice before stepping forward.

Zerato: “He’s here! Magecraft and Magic Divisions, begin your preparations! On my signal, fire with everything you got!”

Mr. Zerato yells his orders to everyone behind us.

Most Adventurers fight in small skirmishes, so they tend to prefer Magecraft Spells that are quick to cast, but the Mages of the Mages Tower typically use Spells that requires more time to prepare.

There are many who use incantations to help construct their Spell, and the backlines begins to rumble with the sound of people’s voices andーー

Cyril: “~~~~♪ ~~♪”

Even among all the noise, I hear a familiar singing voice from the crowd.

It was Cyril’s Magic Song. And as she sang, it was obvious that her Magic Power concentration was leagues above everyone else. ………and just feeling her presence like that, gave me more courage to step forward.

Yuu: “.......Miss Cyril has incredible Magic Power as always.”

Henry: “Yeah, she was able to take out a Highest-Tier with practically one Spell last time.” Ageha: “If it’s just about Magic Power, she’s got more than Grandpa Riol. ……well, not that I really care about any Spells that don’t chop off creatures’ heads….”

As Ageha was saying something stupid, I fall back into the Knights’ lines naturally.

……….and it’s my job to stand out in front.

Henry: “Yuu…” Yuu: “Yes.” As I call out to her, Yuu nodded with understanding, and cheerfully began her incantation.

Yuu: “{My Hero, show me your strength. Take my light and wipe away evil with thy sword}”

As she spoke the words of the Ningel’s Church, Yuu’s Spellcall Stone which was divided into several bracelets began glowingーー

Yuu: “{Shimmering Rally}”

And that light enveloped me.

I took firm control of the power that rose up inside me and threatened to throw me around.

………it’s been about a year since I left Ligaleo. Since leaving there, the last time I received this Spell was when I visited Yuu’s hometown.

And just in case, she cast this Spell on me yesterday just so I can get used to it again……but just like yesterday, I was able to handle the exponentially increasing power rising up within me.

I didn’t know if this was because I was able to handle more power than I used to, or if the hellish training Yuu and I did to master this Spell was still in effect.

Or ratherーー

………..this Spell requires diligent and rigorous adjustments, and thus, is one of the most difficult enhancement Magecraft Spells, and a certain Miss Saint hasn’t stopped training and refining it…..

Yuu: “.........what is it?” Henry: “It’s nothing…”

Up until recently, I had no intention of returning to the battle field, and yet she continued to work on the Enhancement Spell specifically catered for me.

Thanks to that, now I really don’t feel like I can lose……….or rather, the odds feel like a 30% chance of losing.

As I see the Demon General’s face clearly, I can feel literal fear well-up inside of me and poke its head out……..but this is pretty normal for me. I can’t be as overconfident as Ageha or Sir Ezeal, butーー

I take out the Nyoiten Spear, extend it to spear length, rotate it in my hand and ready it in front of meーー

ーーjust then, Demon General Gizehride got into our firing range.

Zerato: “Now! Fireeeeeeーーーー!”

With Captain Zerato’s signal, countless attacks fly forth from behind the defensive fences.

There was fire, ice, and lightning ー standard Magic Type Spells ー along with beams of pure destructive Magic Power. There were arrows and spears thrown, and I think I even saw rocks flying too.

As the attacks landed one by one, the Demon General evaded it without breaking stride, and sometimes, he used his fist to deflect one or two.

………the ground was being transformed all around him by the endless attacks, but the General did not slow or stop.

Emily: “[Gigantify] {Ultima} + [Gigantify] {Ultima} + [Destruction] {Heles} + [Boost] {Accela} + [Barrage] {Volley}!!”

………..and a clear voice rung through the explosive chaos as Emily began her Spell incantation, and her Magecraft Spell lurched forward with incredible power and speed as it pounded into the Demon General.

Among all of the attacks, he must have sensed some danger as he made a giant broadsword appear, and struck and deflected the Spell head on with it.

ーーand then he paused for just an instant.

Gizehride: “.........oh?”

He noticed the enormous amount of Magic Power concentrating directly above him, and he raised his voice for the first time to take a moment to stare at it.

ーーI’m not letting you get away.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Secure] {Isu} + [Restrain] {Katerno}!”

With my new Spell inscription in the mix, I combine 4 together and blast it with everything I have.

With Yuu’s enhancement boost, I throw my spear that could have taken out a Highest-Tier if I struck it well enough and sent it flying.

I split the Spear into clones in mid-air, and the Demon General swats every one of them down with full strength……..and as I hoped, the [Secure] {Isu} and [Restrain] {Katerno} tie him down to the ground.

Normally, this kind of trick would only work for a few seconds………but at that instant, a giant lightning bolt fell from the sky right onto the Demon General.

It was Cyril’s most powerful Spell - {Lightning Judgment}. ……’s a powerful, merciless Spell that has finished off two Highest-Tiers in the past.

Even if she cannot defeat him, he should still receive damage.

Gizehride: “That was quite the warm welcome. I must thank you for your hospitality.” And he rose and walked out.

From the dust clouds swirling around wildly, an unfazed, undamaged Demon General appeared out of the shadow.

Zerato: “........I see. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Captain Zerato raised a hand to cease any further attacks from the backlines and began addressing the Demon General.

If they concentrated that much fire power, and if the Demon General barely took any damage, it would be more effective to point those Spells at the creatures the Demon General creates.

And the reason why Captain Zerato is engaging in conversation is because with each passing moment, the Demon General will near [Depletion], and we will be at a greater advantage.

………looking closely, we could see cracks in his skin around his chin. Though from his presence, it’s hard to believe it, but he should be nearing his limit.

Gizehride: “Yes, the last one especially took me by surprise. If that had connected, I wouldn’t be standing here in one piece. That warrior over there also supported that effort very well.”

Henry: “ got away so easily. It’s hard to accept compliments like that.” I thought that he couldn’t go unscathed after getting struck with Cyril’s Spell, but right before it hit, he must have gotten out of my restraint Spell.

Since the lightning flashed as he escaped, we couldn’t see it, but it must have been close. ……….whether it was with ease or out of desperation, it’s impossible to tell.

Henry: “And so? If you’re satisfied with our welcome party, we would appreciate it if you would just turn around and go back. Our people have other things to do, you know?”

Gizehride: “Now, now. I’m about to die of depletion. Whether I win or lose, this will be my last battle. Can you at least not entertain me until the end?” ……….there are many kinds of Demon Generals. The one Ageha took down was a calculating, conniving one ー Basillard. The one who destroyed my home country did not show much emotion and simply performed his work ー Gilverte.

Compared to the two I know, this one is more human-like and likable.

Henry: “From my perspective, I prefer it if you just go die somewhere alone.” Gizehride: “How sad. Besides, I need to do one more job for my liege and King.”

And Gizehride smiled as he spoke.

Gizehride: “I am the Demon General. The Demon General, Gizehride! My sympathies, all of you who have gathered to defend Sunwest! I ask that you die with me today!”

[Why don’t you die alone?]

As Gizehride lifted his giant broadsword into the air to make his announcement, he heard a voice echo from his <right> side.

Gizehride immediately turned towards the voice andーー

ーーfrom his <left side>, Ageha appeared with a knife posed to take the Demon General’s head.

<CLANG!!> (*sfx)

The awful sound of metal striking against metal ring out.

Ageha: “.........!! Urgh!!”

Gizehride had lifted his arm brace and deflected Ageha’s attack.

………I was hoping that the fight would end here, but I guess I was too optimistic. Ageha even used one of her secret tricks, {Sound Bouncing} to distract him too.

Ageha: “!! Dangit, dangit! You bastard! Just let me chop off your head!”

Ageha came flying back before the Demon General can counter attack and started spitting out a series of complaints.

Gizehride: “Apologies for inconvenience, but I cannot allow that! I am glad that I was on my guard. You really do go for the neck, Ageha Sagiri!”

Ageha: “Uh what? You know about me?” Gizehride nods to answer Ageha’s question.

Gizehride: “I would know about a Hero who struck down one of my comrades. You travel with that Saint of Salvation often, so when I did not see you around, I was waiting for you to strike. ……if not for that voice, I would have had a much easier time deflecting that blow too.”

Gizehride smiled victoriously, and I can hear Ageha grinding her teeth with anger.

……….she can use that anger and frustration as much as she wants during this battle.

Gizehride: “And the warrior who defeated Gilverte is here as well. As my final battlefield, this is not bad.”

……….and he remembers me even though I was just supporting Sir Ezeal during that fight.

Looks like the Demon Kingdom, who only puts forth Demonic Creatures and their Demon Generals to the frontlines, has some sort of information gathering network.

Though it’s important to remember this……..right now, I need to figure out a way to survive this fight.

Gizehride: “Now then, let’s go.” With Gizehride’s words, from behind, a black smoke-like mist appeared and climbed upwards. Each consolidated into small spheres.

And what came out were beasts, things with wings, and insects……..or things that resembled natural creatures ー they were all Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures.

From a glance, there must have been a few hundred. It was not as bad as our worst case scenario, but one mistake in the response could lead to the destruction of the city.

Zerato: “.......okay, you three. Leave the Demonic Creatures to us. We’ll leave the Demon General to you all.” Henry: “Yes, sir!”

I respond back to Captain Zerato andーー

I made a beeline towards Demon General Gizehride.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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