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SRALL c149

Ch.149: Pressing Danger

We are at the Grandes Church located in Sunwest.

Once we finished greeting each other, I waited for Yuu and Ageha, two people who should not be hanging around here, to break the ice.

……….they had their hoods covering their faces and expressions, so it was hard to tell, but I betted that it was because of something troublesome.

Emily: “Mr. Henry, what’s the matter getting into a fight all of a sudden? Do you know those people over there?” And Emily suddenly asked me a question as I fell silent.

……..yeah, greetings like this that are common in Ligaleo would just look like a bar fight to anyone not used to the scene.

Henry: “Yeah, I know them. And that wasn’t a fight. It was a type of greeting.”

Emily: “Oh, I see! So that’s how Adventurers help keep each other’s skills sharp and refined!”

Train…….train? Well, I guess it could be considered something… that? We do start off the greeting with something like, “Hey man, you haven’t been relaxing on your training and getting weaker on me, have ya?” which is pretty much left unsaid most of the time.

Yuu: “Oh, Henry. Look at you with all your cute girlfriends. Even though you had no luck in Ligaleo, I guess you’ve began to spread your wings after you left.” Henry: “You know it’s not that, so cut it out.”

Yuu was laughing while she commented. And she knows better than anyone that I wouldn’t be able to pull off anything like that.

Fred: “Oh…….um. Mr. Henry. If these are your acquaintances, Emily and I can excuse ourselves.”

Henry: “No, that’s alright…….oh, that’s right. Yuu, Ageha. This is Alfred. He’s Owen’s younger brother apparently.”

The two of them have worked with the Black Dragon Knights Order many times, so they know Owen pretty well.

Ageha: “Ohhー so you’re related to that weird, rebel-looking guy. Yeah, your face reminds me of him.”

Fred: “FーFunny rebel……”

Ageha: “That guy would always go after the cute girls, but he’s never tried once talking to meー ya know? Oh man, just thinking about it makes me mad.”

There’s no man in Ligaleo who would ever talk to you with those intentions.

Going out with Ageha who has a habit of coming after your head while she sleeps would end up tragically if you miraculously get in the same bed as her. Your body would be ice cold by the morning.

Emily: “Hmmm? I can’t see your faces with your hoods on, but you’re Adventurers too, right? Then I’m going to go make my vows to the Grandes Church, so could you all watch?” Emily strikes the palm of her hand as she makes the suggestion.

When a new Adventurer is born, it is a common tradition throughout all Churches for every Adventurer inside the Church at the time to be a witness.

There are some superstitions that the stronger the Adventurers there are watching you become one, it increases the chances of your success. Because of that, they would travel to the Churches located closest to the frontlines to make their vows.

………..but, there’s not too many who would risk their lives coming to Ligaleo. They would be risking their lives just for that vow in that case.

Yuu: “Yes, of course. I pray that the Grandes God will bless the birth of a new Adventurer.” Ageha: “I’m good too. We were planning on looking for Henry, but now we have some extra time.” The two easily accepted Emily’s request……..but Ageha’s words bothered me. Look for me? …….why? I hope it’s something as casual as “Since we’re in the area, let’s just go see how Henry’s doing.” I really hope that’s the only reason!

Cyril: “?? Henry, you look like you’ve been deep in thought, but did something happen?”

Henry: “Nothing’s happened yet…..but something might be happening soon…..maybe….”

Cyril: “Henry, you’re being weird. Oh, Emily! Good luck!”

Emily proudly walked step by step towards the Church altar, and Cyril cheers her on. Emily responded back with a peace sign without turning around.

Fred: “Oh, by the way. I think Henry said your names were Yuu and Ageha, but by Ageha, do you mean….”

Ageha: “Oh, you know me? I guess I am quite famous after all. Yuu and old man Ezeal has constant fans chirping, but I never get that kind of attention.”

……..well, she did become a Hero of Legend by doing assassinations. Her record is solid, but public opinion takes a slightly different point of view on the matter.

Yuu: “Hey, Ageha. I told you to keep quiet about us to avoid stirring up the public.”

Ageha: “Oh, I forgot. Should we shut him up?”

Ageha tightens her fist into a ball.

…….don’t silence him by physical force. I’ll have to step in if she does.

Yuu: “Cut that out. You don’t need to go that far. Um, Mr. Alfred? Would you be kind enough to keep quiet about Ageha and myself?”

Fred: “YーYes. ……ummmm, if you’re Miss Yuu, then are you that…?”

Yuu: “Well, yes. It’s probably just as you imagined.”

Yuu placed one finger against her lips, and gestured to Fred to stay quiet.

……..well, Yuu’s fame as the Hero of Legend, the Saint of Salvation, is widely known across the continent. Even if we are using her nickname, if she’s with Ageha, I’m sure Fred caught on very quickly.

Fred: “Um, so… I’m a huge fan. Whenever I see your photograph on the Adventurers’ News, I have cut out every single one to store in a notebook.”

Yuu: “IーIs that so? ThーThank you…..” Fred: “If you like, could I invite you to dinner some time?” Fred, are you actually hitting on her? I mean, saying that you collect photographs of the girl right in front of her would usually creep her out, no?

Well, he is being a gentleman about the way he’s approaching her. Yuu is also trying to decide how to politely decline. If he was more forceful, her godly equipment, the [Star of Destruction] would make an appearance, but it looks like I won’t have to worry about that.

And Ageha suddenly appeared right in front of him.

Ageha: “Alright thenー if you do well with what we have to take care of later, I’ll allow it.” Yuu: “HーHey, what are you saying? Besides, why would I need your permission in the first place?” ……..[what we have to take care of later], huh.

Ughーー I don’t want to knowー but they’re going to tell me regardless.

Cyril: “Everyone, Emily is about to make her vows. Please be quiet.” “ “ ……….yes ” ”

Cyril scolded everyone, and we answered in unison.

Well, it is a once in a life experience. We need to respect that and watch in silence.

…….and the other Adventurers must have felt the same way too.

Emily stood at the altar and bent down onto her knees into a praying position. All the Adventurers fall quiet at the sight and watch as they watch the birth of a new comrade.

Emily speaks the words of the vow, and the Sister at the altar blesses her.

Slowly, a soft light begins overflowing from the altar, and the doors of Heaven’s Treasure Vault open with a slight creaking sound.

Her very first gift ー a Common Weapon comes out of the vault and lands on the altar. The Sister picks it up and……wait, what?!

“, fellow believer, Emily. This is the weapon that has been bestowed upon you.”

Emily: “Thank you very much.” Emily took the weapon and swung it once to test how it felt.


Emily’s [whip] sharply cut through the air.

Henry: “She used a whip as a main weapon…..?”

Cyril: “Ohー I remember her mentioning it briefly. Her grandmother apparently taught her to help protect herself.”

……….and the former Hero of Legend strikes again. What was she thinking raising Emily that way……, seriously….


Henry: “, why are you guys in Sunwest?” After Emily’s ceremonyーー

To celebrate her becoming an Adventurer, we all went to the second floor tavern to celebrate.

But Yuu and Ageha looked too suspicious, so Cyril, Emily, and Fred sat at a separate table, and I was having a private meeting with the two.

Yuu: “Pardon me, Henry. Before that.”


A hollow sound akin to a chess piece is placed on the table.

It’s the Magecraft Artifact, [Anti-Sound Barrier]. It’s similar to Teo’s Artifact that helps mitigate the sound of her voice or feet [Sound Killer] but a barrier version. It will erase the surrounding sounds for a few meters around.

We can’t make this meeting completely hidden from view……but it’s more than enough to keep the conversation private.

Yuu: “The official notice will come from the Grandes Church of Sunwest and the committee, so until then, please keep this information to yourself.”

Henry: “I have no intention of going around and gossiping about confidential information.”

Keeping a tight mouth is also one of the abilities needed to be an Adventurer. No matter how strong you are, if you are unable to do so, you can’t become a Heroic Warrior.

………well, in other words, I just need to take this seriously.

Henry: “But give me a moment to prepare myself. I know it’s something bad. But if you give me some time to mentally prepare, the impact will beーー”

Yuu: “A Demonic General has broken through Ligaleo.”

……………………..are you serious?

I would have rather heard about several Highest-Tiers appearing all over this area. That would have been much easier to handle. Without thinking, I cradle my head at the news.

Henry: “......that’s why I told you to let me prepare for the news first. What are we going to do?”

Yuu: “What are we going to do? We will have to face the threat. That is all. But we don’t know where the General is heading. The General has ignored Southgaia, so that only leaves the Alvenia Kingdom and the critical defense points.”

That would be the Capital and the Four Corner Cities. And the agricultural states in the north.

Of course, there are other locations that would be troublesome to lose, but if the General is prepared to [Deplete] with this invasion, he would probably attack these main areas.

Yuu: “That’s why Ageha and I were sent to Sunwest to assist with beating back the Demonic General. Sir Ezeal is covering the Capital with the Black Dragon Knights Order. Eastflair is guarded by Ms. Charlotte, who was coincidentally there for a live show, and she will be supported by her main fans.”

Her main fans…….ohhhh, the upper tiers of Heroic Warriors ー those guys.

Henry: “And the north?” Yuu: “The Demonic General, Gizehride, is currently wounded. We believe he would [Deplete] before reaching the north ーー hence, we are ignoring that option.”

Wounded…..which means….

Henry: “.........I’m assuming that the wounds aren’t from a suicidal charge then…”

Yuu: “Yes. Sir Ezeal and another Hero of Legend tag teamed, critically wounded the General, and cornered him…….but unfortunately, he decided to punch through the thinnest point of our defenses and fled towards the Alvenia Kingdom.”

Rather, even though he was wounded, he still managed to escape from the two? He’s that strong?

I want to grab Cyril and make a run for it, but…..

Ageha: “Yup, so that’s the story.” Ageha had been sipping her juice that she ordered quietly and brought out a single piece of paper with a contract written on it. She unraveled the scroll and………yup, just as I expected.

Ageha: “Henry, the Grandes Church has issued a request for your assistance in the matter. Well, I guess you’ll just have to give up and help us!”

Yuu: “The reason why I was sent out of Ligaleo was because of our ability to Tag Team. That’s how much faith they have placed in us. We can do this, Henry.” The victory against the Demonic General, Giverte, decided to hit me now!

With Yuu’s {Shimmering Rally}, I might be able to face a wounded Demonic General, but……..UGH! I don’t have a choice. I’ll just have to do it.

Henry: “, when is that General arriving here?” Yuu: “We used the Teleportation Gate to outrun him, so from the way he was fighting, it would at least be 2 days before he arrives. ………so, that’s why, in order for us to prepare for the battle, let’s drink to our hearts’ content tonight. In fact, because of this, I finally got a day off.”

Even though they sent a reinforcement of Healers, she’s busy as always.

Well, if I’m going to die in the next battle, I want to relax and enjoy myself tonight too.

…………now that we are done talking, we can regroup with Cyril and drink as much as we can.

As I thought about Cyril, I glanced towards where she sat with the others.

She was cheerfully chatting and drinking with the group.

Henry: “........I’ll just have to do this.”

I grip the handle of the Nyoiten Spear very tightly.

ーーat the very least, I need to fight, so that they can keep smiling.

Of course, that would be embarrassing to say aloud, so I kept the vow to myself as I rose out of my seat.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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