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SRALL c148

Ch. 148: A Sudden Reunion

At the practice field of the Mages Tower.

Another sparring session with Fred, something that is now just a daily routine, comes into focus.

Fred: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac}+ [Wind] {Gale}!”

I was still one step away from being able to reach Fred with my spear when Fred cast a Spell.

It was a gale strong enough to blow away a mid-sized Demonic Creature. Should I go with the wind and increase the distance between us? Or should I stay put and resist?

It would be safer to put some distance between us, but that is exactly what Fred is aiming for. I strike the ground with my Nyoiten Spear to stand my ground, and force my body to remain where it is.

Fred: “?! Then how about this!”

Seeing that I did the opposite of what he expected, Fred charged forward. Because I forced myself against the wind, it took a few moments before I could regain my balance. At this rate, Fred is going to slide a good shot into me.

Henry: “......[Light Ledge] {Plateau}”

As Fred stepped forward, I cast [Light Ledge] {Plateau}.

He was meaning to step onto the ground, but he stepped onto a platform made of light appeared 10 cm (~4 in) above ground instead……and of course, with the unexpected obstacle suddenly appearing, proceeded to lose his balance.

Henry: “There, and it’s over.”

By the time Fred looked up, I had my spear pointed right at him.

We stared at one another for several moments longer and then Fred lifted his hand in surrender.

Fred: “.......I give up.” Henry: “Good match.”

We both relax as the match ends.

Henry: “Fred, what were you planning to do if I jumped backwards with the wind?” Fred: “Well, I wanted to try out that spear throw you showed me with [Strengthen] {Hazac}.”

Henry: “That’s quite a gamble.”

Yes, I did teach him how to spear throw, but Fred’s spear does not have the really useful [Return] ability that’s part of my godly equipment.

It’s true that a spear throw would be better than an ad-hoc spell, but it’s a little short-sighted.

Fred: “No, it won’t just be one spear. I was going to throw the stone spears laying on the ground.”

Henry: “OhーーI see…..”

I thought it was strange that he kept using [Stone] {Lapis} with [Spear] {Lancer} and [Launch] {Veros} to keep me back, but he was laying a foundation for this moment……..a stone foundation (of spears) for that matter!

………..(cough). Pardon me.

Well ,in actuality, being able to create weapons if you don’t have enough on hand is a very useful tactic. My Nyoiten Spear’s ability may seem bland, but the [Return] ability completely negates this need for me, but I never thought about supplementing what I lack by creating Magecraft tools.

Fred: “But Mr. Henry, that last [Light Ledge] {Plateau} was quite the timing. You’ve gotten really used to that Spell.” Henry: “Yeah, I was wondering if I could use like that or not, and kept looking for an opportunity to use it. It’s a trick that would only work once, but this would be effective against Demonic Creatures with legs, right?” Fred: “......but this rests all on the one condition that you can cast a Magecraft Spell as your opponent is stepping down onto the ground.” That’s right. That’s why I haven’t been able to use it until very recently.

One week ago, I finally had a Spellcall Stone with additionally [Light Ledge] {Plateau} and [Secure] {Isu} engraved with my other Spells.

Though I have a longer way to go with [Secure] {Isu}, most recently, I have been able to use [Light Ledge] {Plateau} as fast as any of my other Spells. It also helped that I practiced a lot prior to this match.

But yeah, I’ll just have to keep working on [Secure] {Isu}.

I was trying to decide on whether to choose a high tier [Launch] Spell, but this wasn’t a bad choice either.

………if I was a Solo Adventurer, I would have chosen [Barrage] {Volley} rather than [Secure] {Isu}.

But I had no intention of disbanding the Party with Cyril, and if it’s a long-range attack, then Cyril’s Spell or Teo’s arrows would be more than sufficient.

On the other hand, just like our fight with the Hanuman, what is most needed when we fight a strong enemy is how I can keep it at bay so Cyril can smash it down with her Spell.

In that case, just having [Restrain] {Katerno} is a little lacking. Jend also struggles when it comes to weakening or constraining the enemy, and Teo is good at setting traps, but she would be hard-pressed if she had to directly interfere with an enemy’s progress. We can’t afford to lose Ferris at any point either.

So that’s why, for the team, I prioritized and chose this Spell. With [Restrain] {Katerno} + [Secure] {Isu} cast onto my spear, I would be able to hold the enemy in one place………is what I was basically aiming for.

Fred: “So, Mr. Henry. Around mid-fight, when we were fighting evenly, about the Spell I used.” Henry: “Oh yeah, from that point, you were at a disadvantage. You were too obvious.” And as I thought about the future, we discussed any faults or failures we noticed during the fight.

Typically, I would be doing most of the talking, but I like hearing Fred’s point of view.

And as we argued this and that about the fight, I noticed that it was rather noisy at the entrance of the Mages Tower.

Henry: “Hm? Is that……..the Red Dragon Knights’ Order?” As I turn my gaze to the Mages Tower’s entrance, I see Knights with their trademark scarlet decorations on their armor.

Though we see the Green Dragon Knights Order that protects the city, the Red Dragon Knights who venture outside of the cities to slay Demonic Creatures usually do not gather so much publicly.

……..well, the Mages Tower is one of the town’s most important facilities, and there are many gifted Magecraft Spellcasters always on standby. And it’s not unusual for the Red Dragon Knights to come by. Sometimes, they would just be temporary reinforcements, and their recruits would train their Magecraft here, so I can think of many reasons on why they’re here.

But it was the first time I saw the Red Dragon Knight’s Order at the Mages Tower. And there looked to be someone in incredibly fancy armor, someone of rank and status, was with them too…….

Fred: “Now that I think about it, wasn’t there more Knights on patrol than normal?” Henry: “Now that you mention it, yeah, it was strange.”

As Fred brought up what we saw this morning, we were both jogging together and passed by many Green Dragon Knights during our run.

It didn’t bother me then, but it was rare to see so many Knights on patrol that early in the morning.


Something nagged at my instincts somewhere inside of me.

Henry: “Oh— uhh, Fred. I’ll be going to the Church today instead of class this afternoon.”

Fred: “? Okay…..?”

Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I should drop by the Church on my way back. There might be some sort of strong Demonic Creature that appeared in this area. There’s no reason for me to go personally hunt down this creature, but I would rather be sure of any risks and not leave myself in the dark.

ーーwell, even if a Highest-Tier appeared here, the skill level of the Knights who protect the Four Corner Cities and with the help of the Magecraft Spellcasters at the Mages Tower, they would be able to take it down fairly easily. I won’t get to do much before it’s all over.

And that was all I thought about it.


It was the afternoon.

After eating lunch, I headed to the Grandes Church in Sunwest.

I wanted to go alone, but when I explained my plan to skip the afternoon class to go to the Church…….more people came along than I expected.

Cyril: “Oh, I don’t think we visited this city’s church yet.”

It was Cyril who spoke up first.

Emily: “Now that I think about it, I completely forgot to do my vows even though I want to be an Adventurer. It’s a good opportunity for me to go ahead and get that over with.”

And Emily, who just came up with a reason right now, was also tagging alone.

Fred: “I’m……..just curious.”

And Fred was with us too.

But there was no reason for me to refuse.

The Church was actually located pretty close to the Mages Tower, and we arrived shortly.

Cyril: “Wowー I know it’s my first time in this area, but this Church is so much bigger than the Church in Flowtier.” Henry: “Of course. There’s way more people here.”

The building looked to be newly constructed, and it was a brand new five story tall Church. As part of the Grandes Church network, its architecture was no different than a local business, but judging from the map, the training field behind the Church is several times bigger than the one in Flowtier.

…………and here, the entire 2nd floor was a dedicated pub.

They had food items on their menu that were better than the restaurants around, and even non-Adventurers had fond memories of this place…… what was written down in the Sunwest guide book.

I really want to go~ but I came to this city to train………and plus, I had no opportunities to come by here until now.

………yeah, I passed my First Class Kroseid test, and I finished getting my Spellcall Stone upgraded and finished most of my training, so maybe just to reward myself for all my hard effort, I’ll get a drink before we leave. The faithful Grandes Church believers were all scattered around the tavern as they drank and bickered with one another.

I just finished eating lunch, but if they let me swing my spear a bit in the practice field, I’ll be hungry soon enough.

And as I start making plans inside my head, I push open the Church doors.

I guess it is to accommodate more people, but there are 3 altars to receive godly equipment from Heaven’s Treasure Vault. On my right is a Quest counter with many more rewards for Demonic Creature drops.

The left-side……oh, has a line of small stands and stores lined up. There are food and snack stands as well, and selling perishable goods to Adventurers. I even see a counter of a workshop accepting requests for on-site repairs.

I heard that large Churches have stores like this inside, but this was the first time for me to actually see it.

Cyril was also looking around curiously.

Cyril: “It’s so convenient.”

Henry: “And they’ll add a little to the price for it too.”

I look at the prices displayed, and the perishables are a little more expensive than usual. I guess, it’s to emphasize that you can get anything you forget easily here, but with a slight premium added to the cost.

Emily: “It’s my first time at a Church apart from the one in my hometown, but this is how it feels…….oh, look there! He’s about to draw from the Treasure Vault!”

Emily sees an Adventurer heading towards the altar and becomes excited.

The young Adventurer notices Emily’s gaze and gives her a confident thumbs up. I could read, “Just watch me!” all over his hopeful smile.

And a few minutes later, he walked away, shoulders sagging, with all Common-ranked godly equipment. Well, it’s not an uncommon sight.

But with Emily cheering him on with “Next time!”, he became energetic again. …… must be nice to be so young.

Henry: “Alright, I’m going to go speak to the person at the counter to see if anything showed up lately.”

Glancing around, I didn’t see anything unusual going on at the Church. If there really was something truly dangerous heading here, they haven’t broadcasted the news to anyone yet.

But this is when the Heroic Warrior rank comes in handy. Though the general population of Adventurers may not know, I would have a high chance of getting word about it first.

It’s difficult to climb up the ranks to become a Heroic Adventurer, but it also comes with its perks.

……….of course, it’s not all perks. If the Church decides to designate a Quest to you, unless you have a very good reason, you can’t turn it down.

But as I was able to withdraw from the frontlines, the Grandes Church will not force their will upon a Heroic Adventurer. In the end, I could always quit being an Adventurer altogether, and the Church wants to avoid that situation.

One of the reception counters already has two Adventurers there, so I look at……..the…….what?

Henry: “Oh.” “” I crossed gazes with one of the Adventurers who was standing at the counter.

The two had hoods deeply pulled over their head, and I couldn’t see their faces well……..but I knew that voice, and seeing the two with their height and size brought back some nostalgic memories.

The other Adventurer noticed their partner’s gaze towards me and…….<whoosh!> and with incredible speed, closed the distance between us.

“Hah!” (*exhale)

Henry: “.....!! ORA!!”

My body moved before I could think.

I deflected the hand aimed at my throat and kicked at my opponent.

They quickly dodged my leg and braced for another round of exchanging blows whenーー

“..........stop that.” Her partner stepped in to pause the fight quietlyーーbut with a swing of her staff that would have been impossible for an average Vanguard.

“Yuu, why did you stop us? I could’ve gotten hurt if that hit.”

Yuu: “Then get smacked. ……(cough) I mean, then maybe it would be better if it did?”

“Why don’t you try!”

The Adventurer turned her attention away from me to her partnerーーwell, it’s the idiot, Ageha, and I knocked my fist against the back of her head.

Maybe it was because I attacked her from behind, but it hit this time.

Ageha: “Ow! Hey, not fair ganging up on me like that! Cheaters!”

Henry: “.......who you callin’ a cheat….”

But I guess this was in a sense ganging up on her?

As I look at them baffled, they raise their hoods up slightly, and Ageha and Yuu both smile back at me.

Yuu: “Hello, Henry.” Henry: “..........hey, what’s up.” It’s…….it’s such an overly perfect smile on Yuu’s face, and my senses are tingling as I greet them both.

Cyril: “Huh~? Miss Yuu? Miss Ageha?” Yuu: “Miss Cyril, it’s been a while.” Cyril: “Oh, yes. It has been a whileー”

Cyril smiles casually back at them but………why would two Heroes of Legend who should be fighting on the frontlines be in a town like this?

I feel the wheels turn faster and faster.

And a bad feeling began churning quickly out of control.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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