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SRALL c147

Ch. 147: Jend and the Rest Around the Same Time

Among the country of Alvenia, the Four Corner Cities are the most developed. Among the four cities, the city east of the Capital is called Eastflair - the city of might and blood.

And though large and small Dojo’s are scattered across the city, the [Blazing Flame Arts] is known for being one of the strongest Dojos.

In this Single Blade of the Fire God Dojo, Jend applied as a short-term student, and currently, he swung his sword again and again without hesitation or thought at the edge of the outer yard.

Jend: “Fuh! Fuh! Fuh!”

With each swing, he concentrated every nerve in his body to completely control the movement.

“Jend, keep your arms more compact. Your swing back up is slow. It means you are too tense in the shoulders.”

Sparring with another student besides Jend, the Head of the Blazing Flame Arts Dojo pointed out his observations casually.

Jend: “Yes!”

Answering the criticism, Jend corrected his posture and continued to swing.

……….it has been one month since he became a student of the Dojo. Jend has spent all his time here doing practice swings alone.

When he first entered the Dojo, Gara told him up front, “You have good skills for your age, but you’re not used to the sword. For now, go over there and keep swinging your sword for a month or two.”

Jend has his doubts about Gara’s methods at first, but…….he no longer thought so.

Since doing this for a month, his strike has become faster.

Since doing this for a month, his strike has become more powerful.

ーーand above all else, since doing this for a month, now his consciousness seeped and reached into every part of his sword.


The weighted, wooden practice sword cuts through the air.

Jend: (.......that was a bad swing.)

He brought the sword up and down again.


The next swing cut the air sharper as he heard the ear slightly ring.

Jend: (That was good.)

He continued to whisper to himself without a sound and continued his swings.

He could feel his consciousness meld together with the sword. He felt no fatigue, and Jend continued to concentrate on the sword and his swings alone whenーー

“That’s enough for today! Wrap it up!”

ーーhe was abruptly brought back to the edge of the Dojo’s yard.

Gara signaled the end of practice, and Jend was now aware of the things and people around him.

All the Dojo’s students lined up side by side. Jend hurriedly stands next to a student at the edge of the line…….and almost feels himself lose his balance. He managed to keep himself from falling, but just barely. The fatigue he ignored all this time hit him like a boulder all at once.

He breathed deeply and slowly and waited for the signal.


“ “ Thank you very much! ” ”

With a signal from the Vice Leader of the Dojo, everyone bows their head in unison.

Even within the Single Blade of the Fire God, respect to the superiors is a must. Superiors…….meaning someone stronger than you. That’s why the Head of the Dojo is determined by a savage duel.

From what Jend heard, the Vice Leader and current Head of the Dojo, Gara, will duel every half year, and the Blazing Flame Arts Dojo would see a change in leadership.

Jend: (……I’m surprised that things run so smoothly with leadership changing so much.)

As a merchant’s son, Jend couldn’t imagine organizations continuously changing hands without chaos ensuing, but he kept his opinion to himself. As a temporary student at the Dojo, he would be overstepping the line to comment on how the Dojo should be run………plus it would be troublesome anyway.

Jend: “~~~!!”

In this season, the water was still icy cold, and he poured out a bucket of it over himself to wash off the sweat.

The steaming sweat was instantly cooled, and he felt comfortable fatigue wash over him at the same time.

Though he could just laze around and do nothing for a while, Jend let out a slow breath, and headed slowly towards the dressing room.

He had a friendly chat with another Dojo student that was close to his age, quickly got dressed, and finally felt the relief of reaching the end of the day.

“Alright, Jend. See you tomorrow.”

Jend: “Yeah, see you tomorrow.”

The Blazing Flame Arts Dojo was located south of town, but he headed even further south. As he walked alongside the border walls, the area where Demonic Creatures could still climb over and attack so the rent was that much cheaper, he saw a familiar shadow.

Jend: “Hey, Teo. Are you on your way back too?”

Teo: “Oh, Mr. Jend. Good evening. Yes, our Dojo session was over a little while ago. Today, they taught me an interesting moving method.”

Teo was going to the Speed Construction Society. It is a Dojo that is focused on all martial arts forms found in Rishu.

Her Cloudy Plains Style is unique to her family tradition, so no one else was an expert of her particular style, but other styles mirrored and overlapped with hers, and the Dojo suited her well. Here, her genius talents and senses shined as she incorporated skills of other styles into her own, and her style began to morph dramatically.

Jend: “Hey, Teo. Weren’t you a little concerned about how much Miss Ageha was changing the Cloud Plains Style? Are you okay with modifying your fighting style so much? I thought it was developed from a long line of traditions.”

Teo: “? Concerned? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just thought how amazing Sister Ageha was. That’s about it.” Jend: “IーI see. It was my misunderstanding then.” Jend still remembers about the Adventurer who is infatuated with cutting Demonic Creatures’ heads off. Even only meeting her a handful of times, she has made an unforgettable impression.

He does admire her title as a Hero of Legend, but he had a hard time understanding the allure of only beheading things………and tilted his head as he tried to see the point.


Ferris: “Hey, you two. Welcome back.” The two reached their home, and Ferris, with an apron on, greeted them as she was preparing dinner.

Jend: “Yeah, we’re back.” Teo: “Hi Miss Ferris.” Jend sniffed the air, and smelled the scent of cooking meat. ……..the strong garlic scent also filled the air up to the front door.

It was an odor that demanded that you focus on regaining your energy before making any complaints.

Jend: “Sorry to make you cook meals for us every day.”

Teo: “Yes, thank you so much.” Ferris: “Haha, don’t you worry about it. My Dojo starts early, but also ends earlier because of that too.”

Ferris goes to a place called the “Sword of the Loving Mother.” It is actually not a Dojo, but rather, a group within the only Ningel’s Church in town. It refers to the division that teaches combat to those who can use the Ningel’s Hand Magecraft.

ーーafter cutting down a Demonic Creature, they run across the battlefield to heal the injured. Known as the Assault Healer, the division aspires to train more. Because they are so rare and valuable, the instructors were more skilled than a low-ranked Heroic Warrior or a Knight.

Ferris: “Besides, you guys help me with the cleaning and laundry.” Of course, Jend took care of the cleaning while Teo did the laundry. Even if they are dating, Ferris was not comfortable with letting Jend handle her underwear. For Teo, “it doesn’t matter either way to me” and could care less about the situation.

Jend: “Haha, alright. Shall we eat?” Ferris: “Yeah, but make sure you wash your hands first.” Jend acknowledges Ferris’ request, and heads to the washing area with Teo.

……….looking back, Jend realizes how much they got used to this arrangement.

They were originally planning on staying at a inn, and they saved enough money for it……..but paying for Mr. Gordon’s fees, someone who became a Hero of Legend with his blacksmith skills alone, critically crippled Jend’s savings which was much larger than any of his peers.

Ferris, who just paid off her debt, and Teo, also lacked funds after that.

They sent Henry and Cyril off, and thought hard about where they would live.

………in the end, they realized that splitting rent and living together would be the cheapest option, and they found a house to rent together.

Well, living together would help them develop their teamwork, so that wasn’t a bad decision. …….it wasn’t, and with your teammates around, it was hard to slip into a lazy lifestyle.

They washed their hands, and the food meant for 7-8 people on the dining table was immediately consumed by the three.

They drank tea at the end of dinner, and Jend opened up a topic of discussion.

Teo: “That reminds me, wasn’t there a letter from Miss Cyril?” Ferris: “Yeah, it’s right there. I’ve already read it, so you can go ahead.” Ferris pointed to a letter on a shelf in the living room. Teo picked it up, and began quickly scanning through the contents.

The Four Corner Cities and the Capital are all connected through teleport gates. Though it’s expensive to send people through the portal, letters can be sent relatively cheaply.

Because of that, they have been sending letters to each other every 1 to 2 weeks. It’s important to keep up with the Party, and it’s also very encouraging to hear from one another.

Teo: “.......looks like Miss Cyril and Mr. Henry are doing very well.” Jend: “Yeah, looks like it.”

Jend took the letter after Teo was done and quickly read it as well.

Jend: “.........Henry passed the Kroseid Style 1st Class test, huh…..”

Jend mumbled with a little jealousy mixed in.

In the winter, he tried to learn Magecraft, and he was able to pass the 6th Class……but in the end, he was not able to learn any Spells that would help him in combat. Gordon modified his godly equipment, and being able to use the Soaring Flame Strike now, he had a means of attacking long range and didn’t see any reason to try and learn more Spells.

But with a cheap Spellcall Stone, he was now able to use [Water] {Eedle}. Being able to create water during an expedition is a huge advantage, so Jend told himself that it was not all for nothing.

And as they talked about their friends training as hard as they were…….Ferris suddenly smirked as a curious thought crossed her mind.

Ferris: “Hey Jend. Do you think there has been some progress between the two?” Jend: “Hmmmm, I’m not sure…..”

Henry and Cyril were living under the same roof as they were.

But Teo was with them, so Jend and Ferris weren’t tempted to become too intimate……but over there, it’s just the two of them with no one else around.

But on the other hand, Cyril was incredibly shy in that aspect, and even with some experience under his belt, Henry wasn’t a guy who pushed hard in that area. Jend thought about it carefully for a while andーー

Jend: “I’d say it’s about 50/50.”

He couldn’t make up his mind either way and sipped his tea.

Jend: “Oh, really? I would give it about a 70% chance. What about you, Teo?” Teo: “Both of you are expecting way too much. I think a 20% chance would be even high between those two.”

And the three of them gossiped freely without the two around.

But whichever way it goes, Jend had been teased ceaselessly by Henry, so this would be a good chance to get him back the next time they see each other.

Jend made himself a promise quietly and then glanced at the clock.

Jend: “Oh, I better get going.” Ferris: “Oh, yes. Sorry to keep you. Have fun.” Jend: “Yup! I need to get ready!”

Jend picks up his sword and excitedly packs his things.

Teo: “........I’m surprised how you’re not bored doing this every single day. Are doing the matches that fun?” Jend: “Yeah, I mean, they’re hosting this locally. There’s no way I would miss out.”

Eastflair is a city of might. In each area of town, there are places where battle-hungry idiots gather together at night.

They would sharpen each others’ skills, gamble and earn some winnings, and overall, just have fun every single day. There are even times when regions challenge each other in a tournament.

Though Jend has been doing his training with practice swings, he still wanted to get a taste of live combat.

For someone like Jend, he was grateful for opportunities like these.

Teo: “(sigh).....Miss Ferris. Why don’t we head to the bath then?”

Ferris: “Yeah, let’s.” Jend’s rental house has no bathtub. Though they could get by with wiping off their sweat with a hot towel, sinking neck deep in hot water does wonders in removing fatigue. The public baths were only a 5 minute walk so the two have been using those facilities every single day.

Of course, Jend would swing by the public bath after meddling around with his fighting buddies.

Jend: “Alright, I’m off.”

Jend steps outside.

Jend: (Now then……what kind of opponent will I fight against today?)


Jend: “Fwewww~~~”

He fought 3 matches, and finished his bath at the public bath house.

Jend looked up at the night sky as he walked.

It was a cloudless night, and the stars shone brightly. The view made his blood pump with excitement.

Jend: “I’ll have to work even harder tomorrow.”

He mumbled to himself quietly.

And with a ravenous smirk on his face, Jend smiled confidently.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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