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SRALL c104

Chapter 104: The Flowtier City Tour Part 2

It was after we received our godly equipment from the Heaven’s Treasure Vault.

Cyril’s bracelet wouldn’t get it in our why, but Princess Eileen’s [Thunder Strike Axe] would definitely be a bother to carry around town, so we went back to the Governor’s mansion to store it away.

Now, it’s time to resume our tour.

Our first destination was the Flowtier Central Garden. During this time, people have made ice and snow sculptures everywhere with the shoveled, discarded snow from the path. And although it’s in the middle of winter, there are flowers blooming, and it’s one of the most popular places to take a stroll.

I am walking ahead of the group to make sure there are no troubles on the route, but even though I am focused on doing my job, I can still enjoy the scenery.

(Argh~ that visit to the Church wrecked my whole schedule~)

I hear a familiar voice inside my head.

Although she’s complaining with her words, her tone can’t hide her excitement.

(........I know you’re excited about this new godly equipment, but don’t use it so recklessly. You’ll get a headache if you’re not used to it.)

(Okay~ I understand. By the way, are there any dangers before you?)

Her wording is a little off, but I get what she’s trying to say.

(Yeah, it’s completely peaceful. How are things over there, Cyril?)

(We’re fine too. Okay, please stay alert.)

And with a <click>, I felt something like a [line] connecting my head to Cyril’s cut off.

This is the godly equipment Cyril received ー [The Link Ring]. It’s powers are [Communication] and [Shared Magic] and was an excellent godly equipment to receive.

The [Communication] ability can communicate via telepathy to an individual that’s pre-registered. We need to figure out the maximum distance we can be apart for communication to start failing, but as a few kilometers apart should be fine. It’s a really useful ability for the Guard Request we are currently doing.

Until you get used to it, it is a little surprising to suddenly hear a voice in your head, but it’s a very versatile ability.

There are many Magecraft Artifacts with similar effects, but they are more recent discoveries, much larger overall, and very expensive. It’s not something an average Adventurer can use for regular purposes.

She instantly flipped all of her bad luck up until now and traded it in with this one draw.

Henry: “....oh, we’re here.”

As I was thinking about her new tool, I arrived at the center of the garden. Here, a fountain was built, and there are more snow and ice sculptures on display. There is also a small stage, and if there was an event, they would perform plays or music concerts here.

This is where Princess Eileen’s group is heading.

I take a quick look around and see if there are any dangerous or suspicious individuals around.

There are many people, but there isn’t anyone who’s overly equipped with weapons, and most of them are with their family or on a date. In fact, I’m probably the most suspicious person here.

Henry: “Ohー it’s pretty chilly today…..”

I feel a slight shiver run through my body. I didn’t feel it when I was walking, but as soon as I stopped and stood still, I realized that the core of my body was pretty chilled.

I usually wear my battle gear daily so I’m used to the cold, but my face is bare so it’s not like I can completely block all the cold.

I can try using my {Physical Enhancement} or Magecraft Spell, but I don’t want to recklessly waste my Magic Power while on the job…..

Henry: “It’s going to be a bit before Princess Eileen’s group gets here…..”

As I mumbled an excuse to no one in particular, I head to one of the food stands that are here to cater to the crowd.

“Welcome, what would you like?” Henry: “Ohー please hold on for a moment.”

I was still looking through their menu. I wished the stand owner didn’t try and hurry me.

This stand caters to people like me who got chilled by the weather and sold a variety of warm drinks. They have hot wine, but I shouldn’t drink any alcohol at the moment…….soーー

Henry: “Okay, can I have the Hot Ginger? And please add honey.”

“Sure thing!”

He quickly picks up a single use wooden cup, fills it with the Hot Ginger, and I exchange it for 30 zeniths.

As I hold the cup, I can feel the warmth spread to my hands.

As I enjoy the warm feeling in my hands, I take a short <sip> and taste the Hot Ginger. The sweetness of honey and the sourness of the lemon spreads across my body. I swallow and feel the hot liquid pour down into my stomach, and I feel the chill leave my body. The Ginger tastes so good too.

Henry: “Fwew….”

I drink down a quarter of it and let out a deep satisfied sigh. My warmed breath whitened as I breathed out and disappeared into the air.

I follow it up and look at the sky. It was a cloudless day with the sky completely soaked in blue.

The sound of children playing in an open area reaches my ears. I don’t take walks in parks, but this is a very relaxing atmosphere.

(HENRYーー! We’re almost thereーー!)

My ears <RING>.

And a loud voice that wrecked the whole peaceful mood echoes inside my head.

(.........Cyril, you need to drop the volume a little.)

It’s not like they’re really making a sound, but it seems to be based on your imagination. The stronger you imagine the sound, it seems to increase in volume.

(Whatー? But I don’t even know if my voice is reaching you)

(I guess we should practice that too……..)

Sheesh. I let out a sigh and drink the rest of my Hot Ginger. I pass the cup back to the stand owner.

Looking back at the way I came, I see Cyril wave her hands wildly, and as I watch her with a little exasperation, she is followed by Princess Eileen and the rest of the group.

Henry: “(sigh).....”

I raise my hand to wave back casually, and stretch my back straight.


Eileen: “Oh! What beautiful snow sculptures!”

Princess Eileen looked admiringly at one of the larger Dragon sculptures, reached into her bag, and took out a photograph machine (camera).

Inside the Magecraft tool is a highly specialized paper where the image is burned upon. With that piece of paper, you can see an image as it would be reflected in a mirror ー a photograph. ….to be precise, it is not only using Magecraft but also utilizes some natural phenomenon, but I don’t quite understand how it all works.

It is quite expensive to purchase, and if you’re a successful Adventurer, you can actually get your hands on one.

Teo: “Oh, that photograph machine, it’s a Kasumi Factory brand, no?” Eileen: “Oh, Teo. Do you know a lot about photography machines?” Teo: “It’s one of the products my family handles in the store. ……..and that design in particular is a really expensive one, no? It should have cost you at least 500,000 zeniths….”

I take it back. It’s something you would have if you’re super rich.

Eileen: “Yes, when it comes to photography machines, the Rishu’s Kasumi Factory makes the best ones. They are quite expensive, but I put in all my earnings as an Adventurer to buy one.”

………….as a Princess, she should technically have her own money, but I guess she didn’t use that.

I’m sure most of the citizens wouldn’t mind her using her part of the tax money for her hobbies if it means for her to settle down more and take a break from Adventuring.

Eileen: “Then let’s take some photos with the Snow Sculptures as a background. Let’s line up with you three and…….Henry, can you handle taking the photo?” Henry: “Ummmm….”

After hearing the price, I really don’t want to handle something that expensive.

WーWell, the Rishu Magecraft Tools are well known for not only their high quality, but also for their ease of use, and also durability. It’s just one Magecraft Tool. I can handle it just fine.

Henry: “YーYes ma’am.”

Eileen: “Thank you very much. …….I’ll make sure to make the required adjustments and settings beforehand.”

She began manipulating the dials and switches that I didn’t understand, and when she was done, she said, “Here you go” and handed it to me.

Eileen: “Okay, I’ll leave the rest to you. To take the photo, you need to press here and look through here.”

Henry: “Okay….I see…..”

If you really wanted to learn how to use one, there are a lot of techniques to learn, but for now, I just need to look through the lens and press the button when the moment is right……...I think.

Eileen: “When you press down on the button, please make sure to not shake the photograph machine please.”

Henry: “Yes ma’am. I understand.”

Princess Eileen nods once, and quickly skips over to stand in front of the Dragon’s Statue.

With Ferris and Cyril by her side, she had Teo stand in front of her and smiled towards the photograph machine.

Eileen: “Okay, Henryー! We are ready whenever you are!”

Henry: “Okayー Then here we go. 3….2….1…”

I press the button.

I make sure to not shake the photograph machine…….it’s the same as when a heavy-class Demonic Creature charges at you, and you have to make sure your spear doesn’t move when receiving the charge. Compared to that, this was nothing. I think it went okay.

As I finish taking the Photo, Princess Eileen heads back to where I’m standing.

Henry: “Is that all? I did hear some sort of mechanism click inside it but….”

Eileen: “Yes, you did well. Oh, since we have the opportunity, I can take a picture of you and Jend.”

Henry: “What? Oh, no. I’m okay.”

I kindly refuse Princess Eileen’s offer.

Eileen: “Oh c’mon now. Don’t be like that. I like taking Photos too.”

Henry: “Ohー Jend, what do you want to do?” Jend: “If she’s willing to take one, I’d like to. I’ve always had an interest in photography.”

Jend, who was on guard, from a little distance away, agreed happily to the suggestion.

……...whatー.... so I’m going to take a picture with another guy in front of this fancy snow sculpture?

It’s like…...well, I had another hobbyist take plenty of photos on the frontlines, and from that experience, it’ll be a photo with too much testosterone.

Henry: “Ohー! Princess Eileen, if you’re going to take a photo of Jend, why not have Ferris stand next to him instead?” Eileen: “Oh, that’s a great idea!”

And Princess Eileen hits her fist against her palm at the thought.

Jend: “Whーwhat? With me and Ferris? WーWait, that’s a little embarrassing, you know?”

Henry: “Shut up and get going.”

Why feel embarrassed now? I look at him a little irritated as I push him towards the statue.

Caught off guard, Jend stumbles a few steps forward, and looks at me astonished. But after a moment’s of consideration, he begrudgingly heads to stand in front of the statue.

Cyril: “Oh, Teo. Let’s not get in the wayー”

Teo: “Yes, you’re absolutely right.”

And Cyril and Teo both step away and leave Jend and Ferris and the two there alone.

Ferris: “Ohー uh, yes. I guess it’s a good chance to get our photo taken, Jend.”

Jend: “........yeah.”

They’ve been going out for quite some time now, and they’ve done the deal, so why get embarrassed now?

Eileen: “Aww, they’re so innocent.”

Beatriz: “.......Princess Eileen, you’re not in a position to talk about others that way. You need to be making a boyfriend or two. Even if our Royal Family prefers marriage by romance, it won’t be too much longer before they revoke your privileges to choose.”

Ms. Beatriz speaks quietly into Princess Eileen’s ear.

As we were on guard and paying attention to our surroundings, Ms. Beatriz’ words were what directly stabbed Princess Eileen in the back.

Now that I think about it, I guess the Alvenia Kingdom had that kind of culture. At the very least, an equal or suitable status of the romantic partner will be required, but beyond that, the Nobles here enjoy some freedoms as far as romances go. …….then again, I’m surprised that there hasn’t been political uprisings or revolutions because of that.

Eileen: “Oh geesh! Beatriz, you promised not to bring that up!”

Beatriz: “I do not remember making any such promises.”

Ms. Beatriz smoothly disregards Princess Eileen’s protests. ……..these two really get along between master and servant.

I admire their relationship as I nod to Ms. Beatriz’ eye contact and go into guard duty in her stead.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 8: The Day of Decision

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