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SRALL c103

Chapter 103: The Flowtier Tour Part 1

Now, it’s time to start Princess Eileen’s tour of the city.

Cyril, who is a long time citizen here, is extremely knowledgeable about the area, and has dubbed many interesting locations as [If you come to Flowtier, you need to go here!], and has setup a schedule broken into half hour activities but…

Henry: “Hey, Ms. Felicia.”

Felicia: “Oh, Mr. Henry. Hello there. But why are you here? Aren’t you…..supposed to be on ‘that’ quest with ‘that’ person?”

Ms. Felicia was cleaning the area in front of the Grandes Church entrance. She is a Sister of the Grandes Church, and she’s also the receptionist in charge of the Adventurers, but I guess she doesn’t have much to do during this time.

And she is our go-to receptionist for our Party and knows about our Designated Request. Although it’s a Designated Request from the Governor himself, they still have to process the paperwork through the Church to maintain relationships maybe.

So we are hiding Princess Eileen’s status in general, but Ms. Felicia and the Head of the Church, Mr. Castello, is well aware of the situation.

Henry: “Wellー yes, you’re right. And ‘that’ person made a request to first visit the Grandes Church’s Heaven’s Treasure Vault and do some drawings.”

Felicia: “.........but really, why?”

According to Princess Eileen, “I get lucky when I use up what I saved at a town I visit for the first time!”

As I relay what I was told, Ms. Felicia lets out a deep, disappointed sigh.

Felicia: “Technically, the Grandes Church does not concern itself with the worldly statuses of individuals, but that is so bothersoー I mean, can make us weary.”

Henry: “Ms. Felicia, you aren’t hiding your feelings well.”

Of course, I understand how she feels. Inside the Church, there are those who are highly skilled with violent acts and they usually don’t have the best of personalities. If anything happens, the Church can be held responsible.

But Princess Eileen is known as the Adventurer Princess, so she must be used to these kinds of fools already……..but that still means that the us, her guards, will have to remain extra attentive and vigilante which is draining.

Henry: “So that’s the situation. I came here first to take a look around before everyone arrived. How is it going at the Church today?”

Felicia: “I see. Hmmm~ today is just like any other day. There hasn’t been any fights.”

Henry: “Anyone here that you don’t recognize?”

Felicia: “As far as I can tell, no. Ohh, there was a new Adventurer signing on 2 days ago, but that person is from here.”

Hm. I see. Of course, I’m still going to take a look around, but it’s reassuring to hear that everything is as usual from Ms. Felicia.

Henry: “Thank you for the information. I’ll take a look inside now.”

Felicia: “Of course. Welcomeー”

Ms. Felicia opened the Church doors for me. I bow politely to her and enter inside.

In front of me is the altar, and to the right is the reception desk and bulletin board. On my left is the tavern.

Yup, it’s the same ol’, usual scenery. There’s no one I don’t recognize or is acting strange. At the reception, there’s somebody else instead of Ms. Felicia, but it’s the other Sister from this Church. At the tavern, there are a few groups of Adventurers, the diligent observers of the Grandes Church teachings, who are drinking to their hearts’ content.

……, I know everyone in the tavern except one person. There’s a boy surrounded by the veterans, but it’s probably the newbie. Good, there’s no one trying to hide in the crowd that would be aiming at Her Highness.

One of the members who were drinking juice instead of ale was speaking with other Adventurers but looked up and saw me.

I raised my hand to wave, and that person ー Mr. Fregg ー came towards me.

Henry: “Hello Mr. Fregg. How are you?”

Fregg: “Yeah, hey Henry. What’s up? ……...oh, never mind the niceties. Aren’t you supposed to be guarding some Noble or something?”

We have hidden the fact that she’s from the Royal Family. But if you take any ordinary citizen, place guards around them, and it’s a Designated Quest from the Governor himself, it will look way too suspicious. So we just made up a cover story that a Noble who has ties with the Governor sent their daughter to Flowtier to tour the city and made that known to the public.

Henry: “Well, that daughter is a little troublesome. She worked as an Adventurer quite a bit and had a jinx about coming here as soon as she arrives at a new town.”

I explain the same thing I did with Ms. Felicia.

Fregg: “Huh, that’s odd for a daughter of a Noble. But I guess in this country, we have a princess that’s just like that. I’ve heard that other girls were inspired by her and took similar actions, and many of the Nobles were troubled by the trend.”

Henry: “Ha ha ha…..”

We have the original source of the problem right here. But of course, there’s no way I can tell him that. I just laughed awkwardly to get through the conversation.

Fregg: “Hmph, well, if that’s the case, just leave it to me to handle things here. If there’s any idiots who wants to pick a fight, I’ll take care of it.”

Henry: “Thank you very much. It’ll save me the trouble of threatening them myself.”

Fregg: “No worries. We’re drinking buddies after all. It won’t be that much trouble.”

……...I can’t see anyone who could be a suspected assassin in the group. I’m certain of it.

Around this time, there’s a few in the group of drunks who would subtly cause trouble. Maybe if they’re drunk enough, they might try to talk to a girl they haven’t seen around. I get a sense that they might at least do that.

If Mr. Fregg will stop those idiots, that would save me a lot of trouble.

I thank him and head out to the Church entrance to welcome Princess Eileen and her group.


I was chatting with Ms. Felicia who was still cleaning for a few minutes.

Finally, Princess Eileen came with all the women from my Party.

For the mission today, Teo was supposed to guard and be on watch from afar, but she is walking with the group right now. Of course, it was because Princess Eileen requested that she did. After this, apparently, they are going to go dress up Teo.

And about a pace behind is Ms. Beatriz without her full body armor and just with a sword at her side. And behind her is Jend.

Eileen: “Oh! Henry. Thank you so much for going ahead and scouting out for any possible trouble.”

Henry: “......of course, it’s my job to do so.”

As Princess Eileen arrives, she gently smiles and thanks me.

……….when I first saw her, it caught me by surprise, but Princess Eileen’s disguise is quite something.

When we first met, she originally had her hair braided, but she let it down, wore fake glasses, and with light makeup, she looked like a completely different person. I have learned some disguise techniques myself, but talking with her, she gave off a completely different aura.

As a member of the Royal Family, Princess Eileen’s picture will appear on newspapers occasionally, but with this, unless you know her personally, it would be hard to tell that it’s her.

Cyril: “Miss Ilia, this is Flowtier Grandes Church. It’s a wonderful place and has been extremely helpful for us in our journey as Adventurers.”

Eileen: “Yes, though it’s not as large, it’s well kempt and thoroughly maintained.”

Cyril brags about her hometown Church, and Princess Eileen cheerfully smiles and answers her.

And yes, Ilia is Princess Eileen’s fake name. We rearranged bits and pieces of her name, and though it’s simple, it only took 3 seconds for her to come up with it.

Felicia: “Hello there. How are you doing? We have been made aware of your arrival. I am a Sister at this Church, and my name is Felicia. Welcome. I will be happy to guide you inside.”

Eileen: “Yes, thank you, Sister.”

With Ms. Felicia guiding the way, Princess Eileen enters the Church.

Beatriz: “Henry, how was it inside? Are there going to be any punks we have to deal with?”

Henry: “Oh, no. Inside, one of my friends who is a veteran Adventurer will stop it if that happens. You can trust both his personality and ability.”

Beatriz: “I see. That’s very reassuring. Thank you.”

I spoke briefly with Ms. Beatriz as we all follow Princess Eileen inside.

Everyone knows Cyril and her Party members, so all the attention went to Princess Eileen at the center. The Adventurer crowd at the tavern seemed to take a liking to her, and some are whistling to themselves.

Well, Princess Eileen does look like one of those maidens sitting by a window sill, so I understand why they would want to come speak with her.

A few decided to make a move and started standing up out of their seats, but Mr. Fregg immediately stepped in and pushed them back down. I bow my head in gratitude his way.

Eileen: “If it was past dusk, I would first have an ale for extra luck…….but we have much to do after this. Let’s go straight to the God of Grandes.”

……...the lonely daughter of a Noble image was just that ー an image. The people who usually drink down an ale before drawing from Heaven’s Treasure Vault are usually middle-aged men or older.

Ferris: “Good luck, Ilia.”

Eileen: “Ferris, how about you draw too?”

Ferris: “We actually decided to draw together as a Party. Right now, we draw after defeating 50 Ogres.”

Eileen: “How brave. 50 Ogres. There’s not that many Party’s who can claim such deeds across all the Kingdom.”

Yeah, well, all the members in my Party are overflowing with talent at the moment. I don’t know when it will happen, but it’s easy to expect them all to receive a Heroic Warrior title in the near future. If they continue to train diligently, they would need just one big win on their record, and they might even make it to a Hero of Legend.

But achieving that kind of huge deed wouldn’t be that easy though. You’ll need real Hero of Legend Class strength like Sir Ezeal or have one extraordinary talent like Yuu or Ageha…….but on that note, Cyril may be able to make it.

Eileen: “If that’s the case, then I’ll challenge it myself. Then Sister, I am under your care!”


Having this daughter of a Noble-like girl appear out of nowhere, Sister Leti, who was working at the Heaven’s Treasure Vault, was quite taken back by Princess Eileen’s presence.

Leti: “(cough).......then can I have your name please?”

Eileen: “It’s Ilia. It’s a pseudonym, but please excuse me.”

Leti: “IーI see. Well, the God of Grandes knows all things, so that is no problem for us.”

Really though. I wonder how they calculate all those achievement points. When you think about it, the sum calculation is so accurate, it’s scary.

But though there’s a lot of people like me who accept it as a given, there are a few researchers who are delving deep into this subject.

Leti: “.......Miss Ilia, today, you have two points that will be delivered to you as godly equipment.”

Eileen: “Yes, I beat up 30 wyverns just the other day, so I hoped that I would have at least 4.”

Leti: “AーA wyvern, you say?”

Eileen: “Yes, would you like to hear some of my epic stories?”

<poke poke>

Teo pokes at Princess Eileen’s back gently.

Teo: “Miss Ilia, you’re getting off topic.”

Eileen: “Oh yes. Excuse me. Then I would like to draw twice today if you would please?”

With a “What is with this girl?” kind of look, Miss Leti shoves her feelings down as she accesses the Heaven’s Treasure Vault.

All of Princess Eileen’s points from defeating Demonic Creatures are exchanged and the [gate] opened.

With light shining down, something thick lands on the altar with a loud <thud>.....

Leti: “Uhhhー it looks like you got shoes and an axe…….huh, an axe?”

Eileen: “Ha ha ha.”

With Princess Eileen’s skinny composure, it’s hard to imagine her swinging such a massive weapon. Well, it’s normal to see someone who is adept with handling Magic Power to be much more stronger than they look……...but I guess it’s still so off from her current image.

See? Even the men at the tavern are super surprised.

Leti: “YーYes, well…...the shoes are Common and the axe….OH!”

Eileen: “Oh, was it a good godly weapon?”

Leti: “The Thunder Strike Axe…….it has [Lightning] enchanted twice ー a Rare godly equipment!”

Whoa, that’s solid.

Lightning works almost on any Demonic Creature. That kind of enchantment is cast doubly, so it’s attack power will be quite high.

Eileen: “Hmmmmmm…….it is a good weapon, but it’s not so much that I would like to switch from my favorite halberd.”

Leti: “........oh, ummmmm, will you be returning it?”

Eileen: “No, I’ll take this is a replacement weapon. But I will need to clean up the things in my room…….”

Ohー, yeah. That happens a lot too.

Since coming to Flowtier, I received two decent Spears from Heaven’s Treasure Vault, but it’s not so good to switch out my Nyoiten Spear. So although it’s a bit of a disappointment for me……..just in case it’s useful somewhere, I have it stored in my inn’s room.

Living at an inn, it’ll be impossible to carry around so many, but for some Adventurers who owned homes in Ligaleo, they had rooms full of godly equipment swords like any other collection.

Cyril: “Ohー that’s amazing! Maybe it’ll be a good time to join in on the good luck?”

Ferris: “Cyril, will you draw too?”

Cyril: “Is there a better time to draw?! I can feel it! It’s definitely Miss Cyril timeー!!”

Ferris: “..........I see. Well, it’s your choice of course, but I don’t believe the Heaven’s Treasure Vault really has those kinds of flows of luck.”

But Cyril completely ignored Ferris and puts in an order, “Miss Leti! Let me have one draw!!” and goes forward.

Henry: “Well, let her do what she likes.”

I look exasperated at her as we all watch.

I’m not one to speak of lucky draws, but Cyril’s luck has been something that was much more underwhelming than mine.

If it was someone lucky, from the number of times Cyril drew, putting aside whether the abilities are useful or not, they would have at least achieved 5 or 6 Rare godly equipment. But up until now, Cyril has yet to draw anything that is a Rare or greater.

This time, we’re certain that she’ll get a common wand, a low-grade potion, or maybe something miscellaneous…….

Cyril: “.........oh?”


As if to answer Cyril’s prayer, the thing that came down onto the altar was……...what is that? A bracelet? It doesn’t look like a Common bracelet that a lot of people get.

Leti: “Oh, Miss Cyril! Congratulations! This is a Rare!”

Cyril: “Is it really?!”

……….is there something such as a lucky flow of events?

I mean, THAT Cyril drew a Rare.

And thus, with a certain “I think I’m feeling lucky too!” feeling, I jumped in and drew twice from the Heaven’s Treasure Vault.

I drew 2 Common Spears.

……...Princess Eileen had a good laugh about that.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 8: The Day of Decision

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